Warlock Patrons of Newold

Gleefully stolen from http://talesofthegrotesqueanddungeonesque.blogspot.com/

Warlocks make pacts with otherworldly beings to gain their powers, which opens up a good place to do some world-building. Plus, any of these can double as antagonists or allies, depending on how the players situate their characters in the world.

I’m not sure it’s obvious from the terse descriptions below, but I’ve tried to craft each set of otherworldly beings (Demons, Devils, Great Old Ones, Archfey) with a different “theme.” Demons are all about inspiring destructive and chaotic impulses that undermine civilization, Devils seduce mortals into seeking personal power, Great Old Ones inspire their agents to unravel cosmic mysteries and seek unknowable truths, and Archfey embolden the connection between mortals and the natural world.


Aleyus – The Butcher
Inspires mortals to wantonly shed the blood of their fellow men
Portrayed as a hulking beast with a horned, animalistic head

Beldamus – The Bringer of Madness
Inspires mortals to drive others into the arms of insanity and nihilism
Portrayed as a many-headed monstrosity that screams and whispers from its many mouths

Ozoga – The One Who Slithers
Inspires mortals to spread illness and disease to the innocent
Portrayed as a monstrous snake or worm whose mouth is lined with venom-dripping fangs

Pyoric – The Child of Flesh
Inspires mortals to commit carnal excesses and breed demoniac progeny
Portrayed as a slavering, wanton beast of ambiguous gender

Yanakus – The Father of Undeath
Inspires mortals to reanimate the dead as creatures of darkness
Portrayed as a grave-bloated and pale man with the head of a rotten goat


Abzula – The Sweet Seducer
Inspires mortals to use lustful means to gain power and influence over others
Portrayed as a beautiful woman clad in the furs and diadem of a wealthy noblewoman

Agrazus – The Iron Hand
Inspires mortals to take power by martial means and force of arms
Portrayed as a soldier wreathed in flames and holding an impossibly-heavy hammer

Damazu – First Among Hell
Inspires mortals to bend others to their will through guile, stratagem, and intricate scheming
Portrayed as an imperious man with cloven hooves who holds a bloodied scepter

Malistrad – The Infernal Sage
Inspires mortals to seek knowledge hidden by the Church
Portrayed as an old man bound by stout iron chains to a ponderous book of lore

Menoch – The Apostate Minstrel
Inspires mortals to use religion to enrich or empower themselves at the expense of others
Portrayed as a young man or woman holding an ornate musical instrument

Great Old Ones

The Envoy of the Black Stars
Associated with planar communion and otherworldly contact
Portrayed as a luminescent, fungal abomination

The Maiden of Dust
Associated with prophecy and despair
Portrayed as a ravening maw

The Bloodletting Beast
Associated with nightmares, doom, and unnatural births
Portrayed as an empty shroud laden with chains

The Pallid Emergence
Associated with dreams and the moon
Portrayed as an impossible thin and pale figure with writhing hair

The Elder Scholar
Associated with forbidden knowledge
Portrayed as a mass of unblinking eyes

The Inchoate Presence
Associated with mystery, chaos, and unfathomable plans
Never Portrayed directly

The Hunger of the Void
Associated with senseless violence and ceaseless propagation
Portrayed as a monstrous, spider-like thing


The Foolish Maiden
Emboldens mortals to abandon themselves in dreams and reverie
Portrayed as a laughing woman crowned with wildflowers

The Lover of Midnight
Emboldens mortals to seek dark pleasures in the deep woods
Portrayed as a cruel woman clad in cobweb and frost

The Mountain Lord
Emboldens mortals to join the Wild Hunt against those who have offended the fey
Portrayed as an arboreal man with antlers wearing furs

The Tempest Princeling
Emboldens mortals to give in to their destructive and impetuous impulses
Portrayed as an angry young man wearing a raiment of dark clouds

The Verdant Knight
Emboldens mortals to make war against civilization
Portrayed as a towering knight clad in green armor and bearing a greataxe

The Wild Queen
Emboldens mortals to protect the natural world
Portrayed as a shining woman gowned in waves of spring water and fallen leaves

Warlock Patrons of Newold

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