House Rules

“Gritty Realism”

Due to a) the DM and most of the players still having 1st Edition reflexes, b) the players being very skilled and cautious, and c) the campaign rarely having the six encounters per “adventuring day” suggested in the DMG, the players and the DM are agreed that the rules of 5th Edition are a bit too forgiving for their campaign style. In addition, the easy access to spells by PCs and NPCs alike tends to make a campaign more magical than Newold traditionally is. (Newold isn’t “low magic” so much as “rare magic.”) To address these issues, we will employ the “Gritty Realism” rule from p. 267 in the DMG.

A short rest is now defined as lasting 8 hours and a long rest is 7 days, which must be spent resting in one general area without suffering an attack; e.g., a city, an encampment. A character cannot carouse (if a magic-user), craft, pursue work, a profession or business, engage in crime, pit fight, or train during a long rest. Carousing (for non-magic-using classes, and as long as serious conflict is avoided), brewing potions of healing, gambling (provided that it doesn’t result in a fight), relaxing, taking part in a religious service, doing research, scribing a spell scroll, and selling a magic item (again, if they can avoid conflict) are all permissible. See the Unearthed Arcana article for details on these activities. Time spent in a long rest also allows a character to recuperate from injuries, disease, or poison as described on p.87 of the PHB.

This affects not only hit point recovery, but spell and ability recovery as follows:

  • Characters who take a “breather” can use hit dice to recover hit points at a rate of 1 hit die per hour spent resting. (This is to keep low-level characters in the game.) They can use as many as they wish, up to their maximum, during a short rest (8 hours). A long rest recovers all hit points and hit dice.
  • Class abilities that require a short rest to recover now take an 8 hour rest, and those which require a long rest require 5 days, unless otherwise stated.
  • Wizards can partially recover their expended spell slots during a short rest (8 hours) by using their Arcane Recovery ability. They fully recover all expended spell slots and can change their prepared spells during a long rest, and then only if they have access to their spell books.
    • Bards, Clerics, Druids, and Sorcerers can recover expended spell slots during a short rest exactly like a wizard. Clerics and Druids can only change their prepared spells during a long rest (preferably on holy ground).
    • Rangers, Paladins, and Arcane Knights recover a single spell slot per short rest. All spells are of course recovered during a long rest.
    • Warlocks regain a single spell slot with an hour’s “breather,” and all spell slots in an 8 hour short rest.

House Rules

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