From the Journal of Urmon

(Discovered in Glasstaff’s library):

Untold ages ago, the Dwarrow race was divided into two great clans: The Durin, from which the dwarf tribes known to Man today descend, and the Modsognor, a people of such unparalleled skill in all crafts and smithing that their apprentices created artifacts far beyond the skill of the greatest Durin master today. To our great sorrow, the Modsognor vanished in a great occultation wilst their Durin kin waged war against the Jotun and Niphali in the frozen wastes of the North.

Some five hundred years ago, a marvelous artifact of the Modsognor, the Makho’Tankosho, was discovered in Wave Echo Cave. The dwarves and gnomes who discovered it made an agreement known as the Phandelver’s Pact to share the device’s power. (That the Durin should share the remnant of their kin with the gnomes is a miracle indeed, and doubtless the circumstances are their own story.) Both races prospered, creating many wonderous things upon the Makho’Tankosho, as did the humans in the nearby city of Phandanlin.

But the children of the Morrigan which spawn from beneath the Pohjola Hills burst forth to destroy Kalavala of old and lay the North waste. When Phandalin was torn down to its foundations, the Phandelver Pact knew that its time was short. They collapsed the walls of Wave Echo Cave when Morrigu scouts discovered its location, giving up their lives to slay the intruders and forever seal the Makho’Tankosho away.

Well, not quite forever . . . My master Gundren believes he has found the cave at last. And if he is right, may the gods have mercy on all the peoples around Lake Umbra . . .

From the Journal of Urmon

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