Sword and Amulet Inn

On West Rosebell Way, next to a colossal oak tree.

The inn is a two-story timber and brick building above the cliffs, and extends three floors down the side of the cliff. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.

The innkeeper is Aldref, who is basically Jeremy Irons’ version of Alfred.

Roasted Crab and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Wine (1 sp)
Baked Phoenix and Artichoke, Glass of Port (1 sp)
Boiled Lamb and Dried Asparagus, Tankard of Cider (9 cp)
Roasted Mutton and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Stout (8 cp)
Braised Duck and Dried Lemon, Glass of Wine (2 sp)
Boiled Sausage and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Mead (11 cp)
Salted Pork and Buckwheat Biscuits, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)

Sword and Amulet Inn

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