Synthicide Session 02

Mike – Rigfiend Leader – Name: Mirric
Lee – Hardshell Thug – Name: Rune
Stephen – Skinbag Bulbhead – Name: Mim
Egg – Scarfed Scoundrel – Name: Rex Light Bill

At the end of the gunfight. We’re on the ground floor.

Rex Light Bill has 13 (of 35) HP left.

Rex loots the bodies while the others discuss it.
- 15 Luciens per body = 60 total
- 4x Fossil Pistols
- 1x Official Form – Thernaxus (?) Seal. Authorizes them to intercept packages between the Rail Riders and the TTMC.
Gives it to Mirric.
The party moves 3 of the bodies (with Church tats) into the elevator while leaving the last one (without the tats) on the street.
The party exits.
The party travels to the restaurant, Rodreys.
We get a meals and Mim gets cleaned up.
As we eat, a little kid enters the restaurant.
This is the kid:

In the restaurant, Mirric – 8 Awareness – to see if anyone is looking for us. No one is.
Mim – failed Awareness – to look for Church folk.
Mirric starts talking to Rodrey when Mim cuts in and uses a Resolve Point and gets a 14 Influence to ask for information and Taam’s Transport and Mining Company (owners of this planet).
Rodrey believes they have something on the church.
We leave to go to TTMC.
At the TTMC HQ, above the door –
Deliveries and Applicants.
Black envelop with the Rail Riders symbol in blue. Drop it off at Corporate Advancement.
Mim goes to deliver the letter. He goes up to the automatic doors. Awareness 9. He sees the lobby of the building, nothing threatening. On the left is a door that says Corporate Advancement.
Mim has Rune wait at the doorway for him as he goes across the lobby to Corporate Advancement.
With the receptionist, Mim leaves the envelope. Just… leaves the envelope.
Rune checks out everyone that enters the building. 8 Awareness. No one has weapons as far as he knows.
Mim comes back out.
As we’re walking away, Awareness Checks:
Mirric 12
Mim 6
Rune 9
Rex Light Bill 1
Feb 3, 10:19 PM
John McGuire
John • Feb 3, 10:27 PM
Mirric sees a small form dart around the alleyway and spots the pixie-cut child (girl) from the restaurant. She’s heading back to the rougher area (she’s a block away). Mirric and Mim want to pursue her while Rex is worried about following her. Mim says he could leave and split the party if he does not want to go along. So, Rex has to follow along. Rex looks back – Awareness 5 – nothing behind us.
Mim does a Speed check to get to the building (5).
Mim sees her take a left.
She might be headed toward the restaurant.
Speed checks to get back to the restaurant.
Mirric 4
3x at 10.
Mim orders 3 deserts for the table. 6 lumeins.
Mim asks Rodrey about pixie cut girl.
Mim pays him 5 more lorens (?) to Rodrey.
Mim stays to look for the girl while the other three head back to the Rail Riders. They take a wide route to take a different elevator.
Awareness checks as we approach the entrance to the rail riders.
Mirric – 12
Rune – 7
Rex Light Bill – 1
When they walk by the priest at the docks (near the entrance to the RRs), the preacher’s cadence changes. Very subtle.
His eyes are following them as they walk by.
Mirric returns eye contact.
The priest smirks at Mirric and then returns to his preaching.
Speed check to stealth to the platform entrance.
Mirric – 3
Rune – 6
Rex – 5
None are that stealthy.
Should have been a 7 for Speed for Rex (not 5).
Awareness (looking for church people)
Mirric – 13
Rune – 8
Rex – 2
3 or 4 folks out of 20 are church folks.
Mim passed us the pad/tablet before we set out.
Rune messages them that the delivery is done.
They arrive 10 minutes later.
Via tram.
Greerson and his 7 guys step out.
Feb 3, 11:00 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Stephen • Feb 3, 11:00 PM
Mim talks to the pixie cut girl after she arrives at Rodrey’s.
Mim asks her to be his tour guide. Mim 12 Influence check. She is interested.
15 for vegetables.
He orders a 2nd dessert for her.
Back to the other three.
Greerson arrives. 240 lorens is paid.
We hear some others coming down the stairs to the platform.
Three people come down the stairs. A tall, thin, balding guy and 2 guards (combat vest) with the TTMC logo above the left breast. The guys go to grab their guns.
The TTMC guys were invited here (is what they said based on the envelop). Greerson talks to them.
Feb 3, 11:19 PM
They swop information. There’s a 3D movie of a villa as blue tattooed individuals (parts of the same crew) drag a synth out and murdered. It’s a true crime.
Rail Riders’ guys were hired by the Church to kill a TTMC’s synth.
RR feel dooped in this.
TTMC needs one of Greerson’s guys’ cyber eyes to verify this kill.
Greerson offers the team the job of retrieving it. 100 a piece plus fuel and food to get where we need to go.
Want this pre-loaded onto the ship.
He shows us, on the pad, where the 3 guys are hiding. Greerson wants
Rune Influence check (fails). Spends a Resolve Point to get to 11 to get an extra 30 lorens per guy that we bring back alive.
He had us meet a doc.
Wants to meet at rail station in the southeast (same area as the hiding place).
The party splits.
Rex Light Bill goes to the doctor to get healed completely.

Mirric and Rune go to meet Mim and the girl. 15 lorens from Mim’s 75 for girl’s veggies.
Mirric hires her to watch the safe house. She wants 15 lorens. Mirric pays 7 now.
6 lorens on her phone and some ration bars for a day – 5 lorens.
She knows that Jammers has the lumenix that Mim needs.
Rex Light Bill gets 1 Resolve Point by this point.
Mim wants to go into the adult novelty store to get manacles (+3 to break). Mim also gets some ballgags.
Lorens – 10 each and 2 each
Influence roll – 14. 25 lorens is the deal he offers. Throws in some lube.
Reuniting the party.
Rex is fully healed.
Everyone else gets healed.
We load the cargo into the ship.
Then take shifts on the ship.
We sleep on the second level quarters.
Mirric searches the ship with a 12 Awareness.
Starting in the galley, unoccupied rooms and first floor.
Some unevenness where the bed fits against the wall in one of the unoccupied rooms.
Mirric’s second Awareness is a 9.
11 Awareness for Mim as Mirric’s banging around near the lavatory.
Mirric has pealed off a piece of the wall.
Mim does a Nerve check – 3 while trying to go into the inner walls of the ship.
Mim screams as Mirric pulls him out. This wakes everyone up.
Mim’s body temp as dropped 10 degrees.
Mim goes to bed.
Mirric refuses to play cards with Rune and Rex who are unable to immediately go back to sleep.
Mirric inspects the hollow and loses his shit and has to take drugs.
Rex and Rune fuck with Mirric’s sleep since he fucked with theirs.
Rex’s shift pass.
The next day. Mim calls the spy girl. She had a friend help her out so she could rest. Church activity has been heightened.
12:26 AM
Going back into the lavatory wall (Rex). Crawling in. Does a Nerve check 5.
There is a skeleton and the outfit has started to deteriorate.
Feeling uncomfortable.
Under its hand is a knife.
Rex pulls out the skeleton and knife.
The skull is talking to Mim and he stomps it.
Inside one of the pockets is a data stick.
Using the data stick, all encrypted. Rolled a 5 on the decrypting (Operations) for Rex Light Bill.
Mirric and Rune widen into the crawlspace. 10 Nerve Check
11 Nerve Check
They don’t know what Mim is talking about.
Where the body had been laying, there’s something etched in there – “KULGARI
Mim gets a call from the spy. One of the people just left. And another church person shows up. The guy who left was a RR.
12:56 AM
The plan is to take the 3 a letter from Greerson to the rogue RR. Greerson agrees to this.
We head out.
On the train car, there are 2 or 3 people with church symbols (everyone by Rex knows it).
Awareness Checks
Rex – 2
We get the letter.
Third guy returns with a heavy bag.
4 church setup perimeter.
Awareness checks for Church people.
Mirric 8
Mim 8
Rex 3
Rune 8
The 8s spot 2 of the Church People.
2 of the 4 Church people.
We plan to use the stun grenade against the visible 2 and then go.
Speed Check as Rex and Mirric move to the south side of the building to look for the other 2.
Rex 12
Mirric 5
Easy for Rex to get along. Awareness 10 for Mirric and he spots the other two.

PLAN – Mirric is going to drop a frag grenade on the 2 to the south. Rex will unload the shotgun on any left.

Rune is doing the drop for the stun. Influence check (3) as he approaches them to ask about the teachings. They yell at Rune to leave.
1:45 AM

Rune is driven off and he drops the stun grenade.

Battle Reflex
Mirric 14
Rune 13
Church Guy
2xChurch Guys/Mim 10
Rex Light Bill 9
Last Church Guy

Combat Check against Toughness Defense. d10 + Combat = 8 for Rune to hit. The guy who catches the bag and he’s blinded and huge explosion.

Mim’s readied action is a point blank and does 9 total (GM double damages that). Shoot him in the back of the head, he doesn’t die because he’s a scraphead. He took a good amount of damage.
Morale check.

Rune does his pistol attack = 10 (against a 9). Does 11 damage to the guy.

Rex Light Bill throws the frag grenade 11 / 11 against one of them. Then shoots with a shotgun for 7 (miss). Moved to a building for cover.

Mirric’s readied action is a Resolve Point to hit the undamaged guy for 14 HP.
Mirric. [Last round moved to cover.] Shoots at the guy he shot the first time (7). Misses. Second shot is a 5 (miss).

Rune. Shoots this guy twice. 13 damage and 15 damage. He crumples to the ground.

Church Guy. Misses his round (stunned).

Mim. Psy power for 8 damage. Second attack for 13 against his Nerve Defense and 14 damage.

Church Guy 2. Shoots at Mim (11) and does 13 damage. Fires a second time (7) and misses.

Church Guy 3 (Mirric’s). Shots for 12 and does 14 damage. Second attack (6). Miss.

Rex. Shoots at the guy on the ground that had been fragged. 10 to hit / 7 to damage. Second attach misses on a Nat 1. +1 Defense (1 AP).

Church jury 4. Hits Rex on a 9 for 11 damage (24 HP). Second attack misses on a Nat 1.

From the tower with the RR targets, the RRs start blowing out windows to take shots.

RR 1 misses fragged guy. Misses.

RR 2 misses Rune and Church Guy.

Mirric. Shoots twice and misses both times.

Rune. Tries to grapple. Rolls a 10 to knock him out. He’s out. Rune yells up to the tower that we are the good guys. Influence check 9. The RR lowers his gun. Come with us.

Mim. Resolve Point to Awareness Check. Once the guy is going to shoot, Mim will blink behind him to shoot him in the head again. 12/12. This kills the guy.

Church Guy 3. Hits Mirric for 14 Damage. Second shot against Mirric for 12 more Damage.

Rex. 1 Resolve Point for 10 and another Resolve Point for 10 (left arm is gone). +1 Defense.

Church Guy 4. 13 Damage (11 HP left) and miss with the second one.

RR guys miss Church Dude on ground.

Mirric. Shoots and misses.

Rune. Shoots at Church Guy 3 (Mirric’s). 12 to hit and does 14 HP. Second 7 and miss.

Mim. Psy. (9 for 6 damage). 16 to hit and 14 damage. Church Guy explodes.

Rex. Rolled a Nat 10 (13) and did 10 damage. Killing that Church Guy.

All Church Guys are down.
Rune and Mim start talking to the RRs.
“We get to go home? Greerson wants us to come home.” All three come out and are ready to leave.

Rex loots a body or two.

Awareness 12 for Mim looking for pixie-hair…. she’s nearly on top of this battle… child…

- 15 per body lorens (60 total)
- 2x phones
- 4x fossile pistols
- 1x combat vest
- 2x weird, long, metal rod for ocular extractor

We head toward the train platform with the three guys. We arrive and turn them over.
Greerson pays us.
490 Lorens paid.
5 mins
Stephen “Wolf” FisherLeland Beauchamp
For each character, we get 2 Trait Points each.
General Traits on Page 55.


WyrdKalamar eggembry

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