Session 50: The Long Pause

Closing Out Phase 1

Silver Feather goes to see Stanicek’s forces fighting at a choke point. SF knocks the enemy leader into the river (he survives in full plate). From the fall, they take 5 HP to SF and 8 HP to enemy leader (General of the Lord Mayor Superior’s forces).

As SF tries to get out of the river, crossbows hit for 8 HP (13 HP) and 2 more 10 HP (23 HP).

The enemy leader is trying to get back out of the water and into the fight. This is not destroying his force’s moral but it’s some slow down.

Back to Madox and Caeside at the LMS’s fortress where Madox’s “brother” meets him. The assassin was able to grab the LMS’s daughter (some of the children) who has a claim to the throne of Umbra. She’s been taken out of the city south to be raised at the emperor’s court (and will lead the city then).

More wars are happening as the emperor moves to assist others against the Golden Horde.

The assassin effectively “forgives” Madox of his crimes because of his “help” here.

Madox’s backstory-lady is further south near the sea.

The assassin wants to know who should run the city until the daughter returns and Madox suggests Stanicek.

The assassin from the Brotherhood asks how the kenku will react to the daughter when she returns.

One of the LMS’s sons was not in the city and they may escape (there’s another daughter as well).

The brotherhood leaves and he’ll not return until the next spring. He’ll leave word at the Silver Finch Inn in Calain. He shakes Madox’s hand and palms a bone scroll tube (merchant’s documents) to Madox.

The assassin leaves to deliver the daughter to the emperor.
Nov 11, 10:08 PM
John McGuire
Madox’s background lady – was in Aramore and last seen somewhere in the Aleena Sea
Madox can always leave word in the Silver Finch Inn in Callain if he needs to get in contact with Aerik
John • Nov 11, 10:17 PM
Silver Feather gets above the army and shouts that they are defeated because the LMS is dead and their General is in the river.

To keep the general from returning to the battle, SF gets some clay pots from Stanicek and drops them on the building above the general and Fire Bolts them.

With that advantage, Stanicek’s men press Vaclav’s men. SF spots an assassin coming for Stanicek and yells at him and engages. The assassin shoots at SF (after SF has alerted Stanicek). SF takes 12 HP. He does 8 more to SF.

SF hits the assassin for 13, 11, 12
SF takes 16 HP.

SF does 8 HP, NAT 1, 8 HP.
Assassin does 18 HP.
SF does 18 but misses twice more.
Assassin decides to to try and escape and he does.
SF longbow does NAT 1, 5 HP.
The assassin runs and gets away.

SF is now at 5+8+10+12+8+16+18 = 77 (4 HP left). FUCK GARY’S SYSTEM!!!!!!

50 of Alexi’s men are coming to the LMS’s fortress.
Nov 11, 10:40 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Sorry. The computer rebooted (pushed am update) and the phone decided to only let me stay on for a few minutes
Leland • Nov 11, 10:41 PM
SF downs another 30 Good Berries (34 HP left). Will need to see Wren about the rest.
Madox and Caeside have had a short rest at this point.
For one of the NAT 1s, SF lost his BRAND NEW magical sword that he has not had any FUCKING time to Weapons Bond with so he can recall it… So, SF goes to retrieve it.
While adding this ridiculous amount of damage and writing the happenings, I missed the overall battle status for the city.
Madox and Caeside are looting the LMS’s palace and using Detect Magic to look for magic items.
Caeside is not always seeing magical powers but he feels like something is obscuring his spell (like magic is everywhere but nowhere).
After Caeside tells Madox, Madox tries Detect Thoughts and feels something is watching him. It feels like the feeling of the Owl Woman (close to it but not who or what it is).
Something has them on edge.
Monk’s Stillness of Mind allows Madox to look toward the core of the fortress and there is a section at the center of the compound with no hallways going into it and whatever is worrying them is coming from there.
They look for a secret way to the center of the compound.
In the throne, Madox finds a jewel in the throne (overhangs the throne) and the jewel looks like an eye. Madox touches the jeweled eye and has a vision.
Nov 11, 10:57 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside casts Resistance on Maddox (1d4 to save of choice)
Leland • Nov 11, 11:00 PM
John McGuire
Madox sees a dark being/god/something tied to a dock as the sea rages against it. As Madox begins describing what he sees the Veiled-eyed face turns to “look” directly at Madox, freezing him in place. The Being attempts to penetrate his mind.
Caeside casts Resistence on himself and then pries Madox away from the chair and gem.
The being is angry and wishes to be free to visit destruction upon everyone.
When Caeside touched his staff to Madox and the gem he also saw the Being
John • Nov 11, 11:18 PM
Wren (who is happy to see SF and tells him that ) heals SF for 25 HP (59 HP) and then SF participates in Stanicek’s massive counterattack which breaks Vaclav’s forces, reconquers Vela’s territory, joins Alexi’s forces, and presses into Ljudevit’s territory. Has Ljudevit suing for peace.
Gradimir, Dimtri, and Dobrica are the neutral territories and not in the war.
SF went ahead and broke any attempt to resist.

Jasen Volinin is facing the kenku at the north across a bridge. SF talks to Jasen and sets a truce before heading to the LMS’s palace.

Jasen was a mercenary and captained a few companies and is not a boss. He’s a reasonable neighbor.

Madox’s vision is of a pic (attached, I hope). It is really, really angry. It turns a veiled gaze on Madox and the god invades Madox’s mind and Madox tries to tell Caeside but then the god’s mind attack his. Madox is frozen in horror. Caeside uses his staff and tries to knock Madox out of the throne. Madox has a seizure on the floor for several minutes.

The throne is bronze and not gold and cannot be moved.

SF walks in to see Madox on the floor and Caeside over him.
Silver Feather has 5 servants bring blankets and tie it over the throne’s eye. [We put a sign up on it that reads “Wet Paint!”]

Sister Naya and two other Sisters arrive and cast spells to find that something evil is in the gem. She wants to seal this all off.
Whatever this evil is, it’s in the middle of the fortress.
Stanicek arrives at the palace and is told he can’t take the throne because it’s evil. Sister Naya and Caeside warns Stanicek about the creature/god/presence.
Stanicek is tempted by the voice but Madox, Silver Feather, Caeside all stop him and get him to think about the future. Dimitri, as a neutral, sets up a meeting of all of the bosses (all bosses, two bodyguards, the Sisters, and kenku – GreyWing with SF at his righthand at the table and Alexi as his lefthand, Sisters next to the Kenku, and Dimitri next to them). Stanicek is at the head of the table.

Caeside brings in dirt and thrones to fill the palace throne room to enspell with Plant Growth.

Stanicek talks of enemies in Aramore and elsewhere will try to take advantage in the city and bringing the fight to an end.
Talks of the new power structure and the evil in the palace.

Stanicek wants the kenku to have a place in the city. Njegovan is worried about the kenku.

Dimitri wants to worry about the external enemy and elect a leader and make the kenku a part of the city. SF backs this.

Vaclav is dismissive of Dimitri and the kenku’s desires and brings up LMS’s kids. Caeside debates with him.
12:01 AM
John McGuire

John • 37 mins
After long speeches, Stanicek became the Lord Mayor Superior and GreyWing and Skybreacher were given territory from Stanicek’s land and everyone felt the end of the wars and fighting but good with growing peace starting the next day. The palace is sealed and, with the city secured, Mike gives a nice close to the campaign.

Silver Feather helps his people to build up their brand new territory under GreyWing and Skybreacher. It’s the peninsula, south bank of the river up to the unclaimed mines. These mines yield iron, copper, gold (which we will contract with the dwarf to use). Wren’s temple is built at the tip of the peninsula on the cliffs. It’s a flame temple for the Phoenix so anyone coming into the city sees the flames as they roll in every night after fishing/ shipping.

Caeside brings Wren into the Phoenix religion.

Madox goes through the sage’s stuff. [Mike will detail the results later.]
Madox – What is the thing/god that he saw?
Looking for ocean maps.

Others to pick up:

- Dwarven Magic Items
- Displacer Cloak
We have a contact at Blackstone Keep (the vampiress), the letter of merchant, and we take the mermaid.

Ship is what we’re looking for is the caravel for us to get. Something like a 10k GP ship and some spent on the kenku.

Headed to Malik Island to reach out to the historic kenku. We’ll head to Callain to get a Privateer License from the Emperor of Callain.
Potential NPCs to bring:
Mermaid, Sister, a Kenku.

We’ll make new low-level characters for one ship and one for the main characters… maybe?

A new set of first level characters for us.
10 mins
Leland Beauchamp
Probably pick up 2 to 3 years from now for the new campaign. We have a ship and crew and established contacts, etc and now we’re headed to Callain and then the kenku are setting up. When Caeside is ready to spread the word (he’s been communing with the Phoenix) and when he’s ready, we all meet in Callain to go , go , go.
Treasure –
900 CP
6,000 SP
2,000 GP
100 PP
3 art objects at 25 GP each

Wand of Secrets (Silver Feather)
- 3 charges. Spots secret doors/traps
1d3 charges expended at dawn.

2x Elemental Gems (1x Fire, 1x Water) – Caeside
- Action breaks the gem and summons an elemental (CR 5).

XP – 3,000 XP each

Mike will send what SF learns from attuning to the rapier.


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