Session 46: THE FINISH!

The next morning, each of the three bosses send 50 guards each. Collectively they move to the altar/statue in a box. Coat the box/crate in silver. This happens and it cries as that’s done. Then put onto a boat and sail back to the fort/castle.
Aug 5, 10:01 PM
Leland Beauchamp
egg you there?
Leland • Aug 5, 10:01 PM
On the ships, a terrible storm is rolling in. The party has to roll into shore.
Detect Magic shows that the magical storm in originating in caves from the north.
Using spells and Madox’s good navigation skills, the party gets to the cave minutes before the storm front lands. The thugs muscle the box off of the ship.
At the cave, a storm surge takes many of the thugs out to sea leaving:

The party
6x Sisters
4x Kenku
1x Mermaid (ha! She goes to save some taken by the storm surge)
2x Stanisic
6x Demetri
4x Alexi
Aug 5, 10:25 PM
In the first major chamber there are 12 undead mouthing chants and aware that they are undead. They are dispatched by the party (no fight).
Silver Feather tries a deeper door to the crystal chamber.

Of the silver bars, Sister Tamara recognizes it as Abyssal but the text is wrong.
Undead Goatmen bang on the door.
Web Wand’s DC is 15 for Dex and Str Saves.
Caeside does Call Lightning on them (the 6 undead Goatman). They are insnared by the Web. 4xKenku hit each of them once each.
Madox and some thugs attack.
Silver Feather attacks with his magic longsword with Green Flame Blade. Does 22 and 8 spillover.
Two undead goatman charge up the stairs at Caeside.
Madox and Silver Feather and the kenku/thugs continue
Silver Feather attacks and misses and attacks for 15 points.
Silver Feather takes 16 HP and 7 HP (23 all told). A sister heals Silver for 12 HP (

2x Kenku attack for 10 and 8.
Silver Feather started this session at 50 HP. 50-23+12=39)
Silver Feather attacks and does 23 and 5 as spillover.
It hits Silver Feather for 15 HP (24 HP).
Silver Feather makes his save.
Finished them off.
Aug 5, 11:42 PM
The Goat God is in the box gets freed in the box. Its roaring.
Madox stabs it with his silver bar from the blocking bars (stabs as a staff). It throws the bar into the crystal.
Silver Feather stabs into the box for 7 HP.
Madox attacks the crystal with the staff/rod.
It does a lot to break the crystal up until it shatters.
Silver Feather takes 5 HP (19 HP).
Silver Feather stabs in again and bloods it.
Black blood.
Until the screaming of the goats disappears.
The shadows in the next room have gone still.
Everything is destroyed.
We use the silvered box to carve in runes and put it in place of the missing bar.
45 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
300 cp, 4000 sp, 2400 gp, 130 pp, Ivory Scroll Case inlaid with Bronze (250 gp), Small Carpet (250 gp), Ornate Silver Mirror set with Eye agate (250 gp), Platinum Pendant set with Citrine (250 gp), Lacquered Wooden Urn (250 gp)
Michael • 45 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
The red priest had magic evil robes. Yippie!
Robes (require attunement) gives the wearer:
3 charges 1d3 regained at dusk
Shifting pattern of shadows
Dim light
15 DC Wisdom Save or Stunned.
Page 194.
Caeside gets it.
XP 1600 each.
+100 XP for story.
Everyone reaches 8th level.


WyrdKalamar eggembry

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