Session 45: 5th Session...

Two cultists have strange books with strange writing. The Sisters don’t recognize them. Caeside recognizes some parts about the planes of existance and some of the symbols is of the Outer Dark (possibly the 3rd figure we’ve seen with the Phoenix and the Wyrm).

After clearing the stage, Caeside messengers:
The few on the boat
The Sisters

The Sisters and the boaters arrive. Giving us Sister Nanya and 5 other Sisters.

Bonfires around the cities start as night falls. A mass of people moving throw the dark toward the amphitheater.

The EVIL altar is on a wooden stage. Caeside tries Dispel Magic on the altar.

Madox touches his silver blade to the altar. It sparks and causes a tiny crack on the altar.
We have 477 pieces of silver on us (20 lbs).
We see 20 owls around and as Silver Feather and the kenku move to deal with them, Silver Feather notices The Lady of Owls.

Silver Feather hears whispering and fails his Wisdom Save and is in Fear Condition and takes 11 HP. 25 – 11 = 14 HP left.
Silver Feather takes a Potion of Heroism. 24 HP now.

4x Kenku hit and kill 2 owls and hurt a third.

She has the owls attack him and 66 – 17 = 49 HP

Silver Feather tries the Web Wand to no real effect. It doesn’t really web them up.
Madox throws a Fireball at her. She takes 16 HP then goes to attack Madox.
Caeside casts Daylight on the altar. It starts to break the power

Silver Feather is no longer in the Fear Condition. He charges up the seat toward the Lady. It’ll be a round. Owls miss him but he misses them.

Kenku x4 keep attacking owls. They kill one and wound 3 others.
Madox and her can’t hit each other for a round.
Caeside does Thunderwave while holding silver coins onto the evil altar.
The Silver Coins are now embedded into the altar and cracks form.
Silver Feather hits the Lady for 18 HP. Impales her. On his second attack, he rolls fourth 1 of the evening. She fades away… naturally.

The people outside have stopped.
With the Lady and the owls are gone (they fly up high)

Silver Feather and Madox go see the Sisters to get healed. Silver Feather gets 35 back (59 HP).
59 mins
From the top of the amphitheater, the Lady is seen by the kenku appearing and taking a human and draining him.
Madox tries Amulet of Thoughts to find The Lady. She is 10 feet behind Caeside.
The Lady appears out of nowhere and grabs Madox for 8 + 12 and drains Madox of 19 HP of Necrotic Damage. This heals her.
Leaving 2x Kenku to shoot at the expected owls.
Silver Feather and the other 2x Kenku race down to join the fray.

Madox attacks her back for 12, 12, and 8 HP and she has to make a DC 14 Dex Save.

2x Kenku shoot several owls and it breaks up the incoming owl swarm headed for Lee. 4 hits total (one Nat 20).
Caeside does Witch Bolt on the Lady.
She dodges it.
She goes flying up at Silver Feather.
Silver Feather attacks for 12 HP and misses with the second one.
The 2x Kenku hit for 17 HP, 8 HP, and 8 HP.

She hits 9 HP on Silver Feather.

Next round there’s no point. 5 misses against her.
All Silver Feather and Egg rolling for Kenku x2 misses…


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