Session 44: Fourth Session of Fighting the Black Goat

Silver Feather is to go see Demetri. Drop off Alexi’s offer, update him on the evil cults, and check the sage’s workshop.

Caeside it to go to the Sisters and see if any of them or the revenant (he is too far west of the city… very far west) will join. Sister Nanya.

Madox go to the dock bar to look for the evil brotherhood guy. Grey Shadow Inn to find Radiveer.

Meet back with the kenku.
Silver Feather – Sage’s workshop has been taken over by Arwin. Blast from the past. The place has been neatened up. She has a man servant.
Black God of the Woods with a Thousand Young.
The cult was old and fought the druids.
An anchor that is holding the rope of shadow evil. An alter of the Black Goat. Something hideous. Crystal or obsidian. Could be old or new. Could be very large (twice the height of a man). They think it could be brought in recently. Be wary if its been sanctified to the Black Goat and it could have defenses.
Jul 15, 9:38 PM
The party hops on a barge to look for the place to get the alter off of a barge.
Along the canal.
Jul 15, 9:55 PM
Gradimir Volinskaya is a mage.

Sava Durnovo is the head of an old family (older than the Lord Superior Mayor).
Controls the largest thieves guild in the city.
Runs an assassins guild out of the thieves guild (all on the down low).

Alexi’s territory was granted to his father from Sava’s land. He wants to take down Sava.

Before we get on the barge. We need the clothes of the cultists and to track down the guy that Madox put the marked coin on (using Locate Object). The coin is in Njegovan’s territory (Southeast of the city) possibly at the amphitheater.
Jul 15, 10:22 PM
Toward the amphitheater. There we are stopped by guards. Boss Njegovan has closed the amphitheater.

Silver Feather wastes a polymorph charge and is barely able to get past the guards.

In the amphitheater they find the target, Rudiveer.
Jul 15, 10:57 PM
A dozen voices chanting behind the curtain.

One of the guards tells them that they working for Lord Mayor Superiors.
Jul 15, 11:14 PM
On the stage are the cultists and the alter (a woman with a goats head with goats sprouting from her).
There are a dozen cultists and six goatmen.
We send messages to the kenku on the barge, Stanisic, and Alexi to get them to send reinforcements.
Kenku and Sister Nadia.
A veteran and 6 guards from Alexi.
2x Cultists killed in a single round.
The party charges the stage.
Sister Nanya casts Spirit Guardians.
Caeside will cast Thunderwave.
Caeside is a rat. One of the Goatmen spots the rat and stomps it NAT 20 (for 16 HP). This pops Caeside into human form underneath the goatman’s hoof.
Madox hits a goatman for 27 HP in the first flurry of blows. He attacks the one on Caeside.
Silver Feather tries an attack (hits once of three times) for 14 and spillover of 7.
2x Kenku are climbing up the scaffolding.
2x Kenku are shooting at further away Goatmen for 13 and the other for 5 and 7.
Silver Feather gets bitten for 8 HP (71 to 63).

Our guard’s AC is 16.

Goatmen kill two of the good guards in the first round.

Half of the cultists join in.
Madox kills a goatman.
Silver Feather hits a new goatman for 19 (9 for spill over), second attack for 11 and final one for 12.
2x Kenku on the scaffolding climb away from the goatman that’s chasing them.
2x Kenku on the ground shoot the goatman climbing up the scaffolding 3 times.
Goatman misses Madox.
Silver Feather gets bitten for 9 HP (63 to 54).
The goatman misses the 2x Kenku scaffolding (they moved to the 3rd level).
Madox kills another goatman.
Silver Feather hits one goatman for 17 (kills it) and does 10 spill-over. Second does 10 and 12.
A guard joins Silver Feather and does 2 HP to the goatman.
2nd and 6th Cultists are shot by Kenku on the ground for 5 HP each.
Sister Nanya moves near Silver Feather to use her Spirit Guardian next round.

Silver Feather is held by Hold Person cast by a Cultist.
Silver Feather (locked) takes 16 HP and 6 HP from the Goatman. (54 to 32). I disagree with the timing based on the rules “starts its turn there”.

It takes Spirit Guardian damage and dies.

Sister Nanya casts lesser restoration to fix Silver Feather.

4x Kenku kill 2 x Cultists

Silver Feather was freed by Lesser Restoration and got to attack. Killed one cultist and injured 2 more.
Madox kills another cultist.
Silver Feather begins chanting in reverse which throws off the cultists to no avail.

Silver Feather does 19 HP to a cultist but did not kill him. Silver Feather runs past and gets to the inner circle of cultists.

Cultist grabs Silver Feather 19 HP (32 to 13) and failed Con Save so HP is permanently reduced by 19 until a Long Rest.

Silver Feather hits for 6 HP and spill-over of 12.

Caeside kills a cultist.

Veteran kills a cultist (after being unheld).

The kenku arrows hit for 8, 8, 7, 6, and 9 but do either no or reduced damage.
The cultists have stopped chanting.
Silver Feather is hit for zero HP.
He is down.
48 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Michael • 48 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
We used Mike’s new rules.
Silver Feather will be dead in one round.

She uses Channel Divinity and heals Silver Feather for 25 HP.

Silver Feather is at 25 HP.
Several characters are over Silver Feather to save him.

4x Kenku attack and hit for 10, 8, 7, 9, 9, 9, and 12.
Another guard was killed.
30 mins
Leland Beauchamp
5 shadows left. 2 hurt and 3 pristine.
Madox kills the one that downed Silver Feather.
Silver Feather attacks. Misses with the first. Second does 18 and spill-over of 7 (killing one). Last attack kills the first target with 14. 2 dead.

Sister Nanya does Destroy Undead to get rid of the shadows.

The statue is leaking green tinged shadows.

Who is left:
All PCs
Sister Nanya
3x Guards
1x Vet
4x Kenku
2,360 XP per PC.


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