Session 43: The Escort

Caeside speaks to the Sisters of Solace while Silver Feather and Madox take the Red Priest and cultist back to the kenku area.

4 sisters of the 16 sisters are missing.
2 of the sisters are in Devorcen’s territory.
One near bazaar.
One near Stanisic.
Jul 8, 9:37 PM
Owls are out watching Silver Feather. Owls are the eyes of death. One pops up and a half-dozen townsfolk pop out from an alley and attack. Because of a CRAZY number of Nat 20s, Silver defeats them all in a single round because Mike felt it’d be cinematic. Good call.

Silver Feather threatens the owl as it flies off – “If you attack again, I will kill the Red Priest.”

Caeside becomes a Giant Spider to catch up with the party.

At the kenku territory. Walked the Red Priest into a house that overlooks a well. Silver Feather is in disguise in there with the Red Priest and tries to interrogate him. He reveals very little (plans in place, the well water will take months to take over someone, the Strega Form of the Lady of the Owls does not care if the party lives).

Glances toward the well and thinks.
“Fools stopped me from saving the children.”
“Shrine in this city.”
He does not care if he lives.

For the children? Don’t know.

Silver Feather is pulled out and replaced with the real cultist (later). Gag the Red Priest.

The main characters pow wow.
For the kenku mythology, The Lady of Owls is the personification of Death itself. A trickster that causes death. She sees through the eyes of owls. She is a demon.
Red Priest. Children were something that he pities when talks about them.
Looking for the shrine.
Two owls are inspecting the kenku quarter. Silver Feather wounds one and it flies back toward Alexi’s territory.
The party sends 4 kenku with Caeside GPS to track another owl to Alexi’s territory.
Jul 8, 10:25 PM
Silver Feather checks with the kenku while Madox talks to the Cultist.

Everything is ok with the kenku lands.

Madox finds out:
These guys are dedicated asshats. The Lady of Owls is assisting but not in charge.
Kenku messengers are sent to Alexi and Stanasic about what we’ve captured.
And Demetri.
The party gets a long rest.
Before the long rest, Caeside heals Madox for 14 and 11 (25 HP).
4 Good Berries for Madox and 26 for Silver Feather.
Silver Feather is at 36 plus 26 Good Berries (62 HP). Plus 5 HP more from a HD (67 total).

The bosses all want to meet. All of the kenku return (messengers and hunters). Owl went down on the western edge of Alexi near the bridge and into a cave there.

Demetri has one of the sisters from last night.

Caeside and Madox go meet Stanisic while Silver Feather remains with his people to insure that the Red Priest does not escape or is liberated.
Jul 8, 11:18 PM
The prisoners are taken to Alexi. In Vela’s old territory, at least 2 men (2 more show up) come to attack.
Party order:
3 Kenku and Madox
Prisoners and Silver Feather
1 Kenku and Caeside
Caeside and Kenku drop back to stop the 4 men.
Caeside starts preaching to the crowd.
The preacher offers the cycle as his sermon.

This stops the thugs ability to easily follow.

The four circle around and march on. One remains behind and he becomes the subject of the speech and ends up driving the one off.
Madox sends one of the kenku back (to be a pair).

Area has textiles and few allies.

Silver Feather falls back and hires the mercenaries. Lead by Eck-fin.
Silver Feather gives Eck-fin 100 GP. Wants 500 GP plus information bonus.
12:00 AM
Leland Beauchamp
Silver Feather and Madox go to meet the thugs. One is killed by the priest while the other three take. Silver Feather and Madox take the priest back to Alexi.
Eck-fin met with the cultists at the Grey Shadow Inn near the docks. Madox has been there.
They met Rud-a-veer, older guy. In good shape. A fighter with a holy symbol. Red hair going to gray. Pale blue eyes. Likes ladies.
23 mins
Alexi wants to meet with Stanisic to reduce the number of bosses. We agree to convey

Demetri is having trouble with Gradimir and Dobrica. Alexi is willing to help.

Silver Feather gets Alexi to employee the 3 new thugs and cover the 400 GP in exchange for his services in the future.

Cave that it flew into is too small for animals. Caeside suggested smoking them out.

The Lady of the Owls is vulnerable to silver. Is capable of of summoning a parliament of owls. She is terrifying and can disappear into the shadows and is a powerful sorcerer. Weak against bright lights and holy powers.

XP = 1,600 XP each for all of the RP.


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