Session 41: Enter The Goat Men!

We Skipped 3 Sessions to do Playtesting

After 3 playtest sessions, we return to the regular campaign.

Less Aranel, the party heads north to the old fort. Caeside, Madox, Silver Feather, Wren, Skybreacher, and 2 other kenku form the party.

Due to a malases, Madox and one of the kenku gets disadvantage on Wis and Cha checks.
The old fort is a ruin. A path leads down the cliff face (leads to an open . When looking down, we feel anxiety as we approach.

Caeside provides:
Good berries PCs x20
NPCs x10
The party goes to the fortress gates we hear wolf-like howls from the ruins.
Wisdom Saves:
Silver Feather – 4 (failed)
Skybreacher – 16

Because of the Fright, Silver Feather insists on leaving the ruined fort.
Instead, they go down the path to a cave (above the ocean).
The party enters into the cave. There are artificial columns in the cave and stairs.

Silver Feather acrobats up the ledge. A set of double doors of wrought iron with imagery of the goat and young girls. Nothing else in the room.

Silver Feather tries to lift the bar using his magic sword but can’t. Caeside transforms into a chameleon and goes under the door to lift the bar. Caeside hears voices and sees light on the other side.
Caeside lifts the bar and is not noticed. The voices continue. Caeside opens the door. They begin chanting.

This is Caeside with the party http://files.elderscrollsonline.com/cms/2017/02/5c0aa27b836b1c526d3e9a78bae10015.jpg

7 distinct voices. Not a known language.

Hall has 4 alcoves that used to have statues. Some have feet that might have been kenku.

Silver Feather and kenku nok bows.
Maddox does hiding in shadows.
Caeside and Wren…

Into a diamond-shaped room with a dais in the middle and pillars and doors at the points of the diamond on the walls. In the center we see seven figures in robes facing each other. Light is coming from fungus on the doors and pillars.

Silver Feather uses his Web Wand (takes concentration). Silver Feather will concentrate and use magic longsword.

Caeside wildshapes to a spider and crawls around the ceiling.
That IS Caeside!


The ceiling is a mosaic made of stones. Spider-Caeside sees two rooms cut off by bars with one figure in each room (far wall to the sides). They are staring at the room. They are in robes that are more ornate than the 7 in the room.

Caeside communicates through Wren what he saw.

Caeside (right one – waiting above him) and Madox (left one – directly under him) to go after the 2 “barred” guys.
Silver Feather and the kenku will web wand and then do bows against the 7.
3 are webbed into place, 2 get away and 2 were not in the area of effect.
Skybreacher hits for 10 (killing one) and 9 (not dead).
Other kenku hit for 7 and 6 (both on the same and killing one) and other kenku hits for 11 (killing one).
No action for Wren.
Madox tosses a Fireball necklace on one of the caged ones because it appeared he was about to cast a spell. Against a DC 15 against 8d6 (37 and he took half). He retreats down a stairwell.
Caeside tries to hit his guy with a spider’s web (NAT 20). To restrain him against the bars and he cannot breakfree against it in the first round.

Madox goes to the straight back of the room door and opens it hoping to chase his guy. He flings it open. Half-circle room with pillars and another dais with an enormous black cracked crystal. With doors on the far end are open and it is magically black.
Madox breaks to the left and that door (wooden and locked). Madox kicks it in (with a 27 to hit and does 12 to it). It goes flying inward. Madox feels like the guy closed a door and locked it.
Skybreacher catches up.
The door blows out and a goat headed creature pops out and hits Madox for 13 HP.
Skybreacher misses, misses, hits with a dagger for 8 HP.
Goat makes a snarl and several more are coming. Skybreacher had to save against Wis 15 save. Made it.
Madox hits 4 times for 30 HP total.
Humanoid goat men.
Skybreacher is hit with a crit for 17 HP (66-17=49 HP). Saved against STR.
Skybreacher Disengages and Dash (powers).
Madox gets hit for 17 HP.

“It’s actually my dice that are evil… I’m actually pretty good.” Should be a 1 panel comic in Knights of the Dinner Table
Madox initiative – 12

Silver Feather leaps up and tries to intimidate the caged robbed one (no avail) and does 16 and 14.

The restrained figure aims at Caeside with sacred flame. He takes 3 HP (resistant to Radiant).

Caeside goes for the guy to bite and does 11 HP before poison. Killing him.

The kenku deal with the others that are webbed up (killing humans no problem).
Wren attacks a restrained one (quarter staff). But it’s blocked. He tries to hit and does for a few HP. The kenku kills all but one.

Skybreacher comes in and Silver Feather pulls him up.

Madox is leading the goat men around the room.

Madox 12
Wren 12
3rd Goat Man arrives
Skybreacher 11
2x Kenku 9
Silver Feather 8

Skybreacher wants to shoot one with 2x arrows.
The 2x kenku plan step off the dais level with the goat’s head.
Silver Feather wants to use the web wand.

Caeside webs one but it tears through.

Madox gets bitten for 10 HP.

Madox tries to stab one and then ride him down. Does 8 HP but not much else goes as planned.

Wren casts Entangle and only gets 1.

3rd Goat Man is going after Madox but the goat is at disadvantage and misses.

Skybreacher hits twice for 12 and 11.

Kenku 1 hits twice for 7 and 8.

Silver Feather rolls 1 and 2.
Final goat man misses both kenku.
4th goat man at both kenku (1 of them) for 7 HP.

Caeside goes first and he leaps down on the entangled one and hits and does 11 HP and the goat man does a Con DC 11 for poison and 16 (he takes half for 8 HP).

The goat man headbutts the spider but misses. It is not entangled.

Madox and Wren are next.
Madox attacks the one that Skybreacher is on. Hits twice for 18 HP.
Wren does Poison Spray at one of the goat men but it fails.

Goat Man goes next against a kenku and does 10 HP (.

Skybreacher hits for 6 HP and 10 HP and a NAT 1 to lose his sword.

NPC Kenku x2 attack one on the dais. NAT 20 on first swing for 14 HP and kills it. They advance on the other. Two more hits for 12 HP killing another. Other kenku tries to kill the unwounded one but he misses with 3 hits.

Silver Feather crits for 9 HP and misses… fucking worthless dice…

Wren fails her perception check and fails.

Goat man on dais misses Silver Feather.

Goat man head butts Skybreacher (66-49-32=17).

775 xp each

New round.

Caeside tries to bite the one that pounded on Skybreacher. Misses.

Madox tries to hit the goat man for 8 HP and hits again for 7 HP and hits for 7 HP (killing it).

Last Goat Man runs. Silver Feather tries to web him to no effect.

Madox heals up completely.

Skybreacher eats his and Caeside’s Good Berries. At 47 out of 66 HP.

Battle so far: 3,875 XP / 775 XP per PC.

With this it puts Silver Feather at 26,276 XP.


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