Mutant Year Zero Session 001

Started learning the system

Mutant Year Zero Session 01

Stephen Fisher – GM
Leland Beauchamp
Michael Bugg
Egg Embry
John McGuire

None of us had 15 dice in 3 sets of 5 identical colors so we all had to download the Android app which is… meh so far.
Stephen explains the game. d6 dice pools (Attribute + Skill + Gear) and need to roll a radiation symbol or 6. Fumbles are getting no 6s.
Pushing a roll (getting to re-roll non-1s) and 1s cause damage to Attributes or Gear.
You sayin’ life goes on even when Virgil ain’t around? If Virgil didn’t see it, it ain’t happened!

Dec 2, 10:00 PM
We start off at dawn.
The assembly votes on the missions. Bomba (Lee), Dax (John), Tome (Mike), and Virgil (Egg) are sent to explore Ybor City (a part of Tampa, Florida where our GM lives… for me, I’ve been there once).
The Ark we live in is dying and only The Elder is an ancient (pre-apocalypse) individual on The Ark.
Bomba is our boss and worked with Tome, the chronicler, and they talk. Then they invite Virgil and Dax in to discuss the mission.
We’re moving from the Ark to The Blue in the north.
To get there, Bomba proposes we travel with another group from an opposed boss (Galef). To propose this, Bomba has to talk to Cleo and use his Manipulate (Empathy 4 + Manipulate 2 + 1) and Bomba got two 6s.
Dava is our Stalker (NPC) to guide and hunt for us.
It is the hot season.
Dec 2, 10:57 PM
Leland Beauchamp
As opposed to the hot season…
Leland • Dec 2, 11:03 PM
John McGuire

John • Dec 2, 11:06 PM
Picture of Dax (above).

Party Items from Bomba:
Binoculars, rope, boots (for Bomba).
Tome brings torches and means to make fire.
Dax inquires about making a flare gun (which will take a lot of gunpowder) and makes it.
Virgil has boots, scrap axe, scrap spear, and four arms.
Dec 2, 11:07 PM
Leland Beauchamp

Leland • Dec 2, 11:08 PM
The three groups meet outside and Alsik drags the first party up the western path while Galef’s group and Bomba’s group go up the eastern path (side of the peninsula).

Tome inspects and tries to get near the warehouses turned into sandpits. Dava discourages him and he’s too curious so Dava scoops up some warehouse sand that is full of not-quite-sand-mites (bright white grains of sand).

We reach the Spine Path (asphalt road) near the Lesser Ruins.

Bomba wants to inspect the Lesser Ruins. Dava and Coren (the stalkers) give us 2 hours to inspect the Lesser Ruins.
As we search, we each roll 3d6 and give the results.

To study what we find, Wits + Comprehend is needed.

Tome. 3 5 1 – Cardboard Box. No successes so he opens it and it’s a jigsaw puzzle (Tome discards it, Virgil takes it).
3 2 1 – A necklace of small white plastic beads.

Virgil. 6 6 5 – Yellowed copy of the Mutant Chronicles
4 5 1 – A small statue of some kind of lizard, stands on two legs, big head, purple (Barnie).

Dax. 1 2 5 – Collection of metal pipes in a rough triangle with missing parts. Two successes. It was a bike.
2 3 1 – Set of small cubes (d6).

Bomba. 2 2 5 – Rectangular piece of metal with a cord and a hollowed out cylinder. Two successes. A power cord and a light.
6 6 3 – A crowbar.
We arrive at The Blue and on it are laters.
Dec 2, 11:38 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Stephen • Dec 2, 11:38 PM
At The Blue, Galef’s party splits off to go east to follow the Broken Spine.

We do not know exactly where Ybor is. Bomba suggests we go to the top of the building and use the binoculars to look for Ybor.
The glass doors are busted out.
Through the southern door. It’s dark inside.
Blood stains on the floor.
We head toward the stairs. Virgil in the lead. Bomba in the rear. Dax then Tome then Dava.
We’re headed up a freestanding escalator but it starts to move.

Virgil – 1 Success (out of 4 Agility)
Dax – 2 Successes (out of 4 [3 Agility + 1 Move])
Tome – 0 Successes so he Pushed and got 2 Successes and no 1s.

The whole staircase collapses. Virgil leaps up and catches onto a balcony. Test the railing with a Force check [Str 5 + Force 1] for 1 success then secure the rope to it.

We all reach the second floor.
We head to the only area that is well-lit.
Bomba suggests we look at the signs that are hanging about (advertisements). Tome looks at the signs using Comprehend [Wits + Comprehend] to read the signs.
“Salmon Lasagna $9.95” “Line Starts Here” “Employees Only”

Bomba asks Tome what he thinks this used to be.
Tome – This was the keep of some boss. And this was a courtyard and the Employees Only area should lead up.

Virgil opens the door and comes face to face with a four legged furry beast and he looks angry. Virgil goes to stab it with the spear and he’s going forward and stops moving. The beast is not moving either. Str 5 + Fight 2 + Spear 1 for 1 Success (for no use after freezing).

Know the Zone 1 plus Wits for 1 Success for Dax (Tome too). Bomba at 0 Successes.
Tome tosses in a stone and sorta freezes through the air.
Tome punches a few holes in the wall and then on the lefthand side and throws a sling bullet straight back toward the back of the room. Near the beast’s head it slows down and then picks up speed again after it gets beyond it.

After entering the room through the holes, Dax turns on his mutant luminance and the light seems to get lost on the journey.

Bomba tries to touch the field and finds it’s slow field is centered about the beast (and 2 to 3 paces around it). Dax circles behind the beast requiring a Move check (Agility + Move) for 1 Success. Dax inspects the cabinets with a terrible smell coming from them. Dax finds 7 random cans that could be food (potentially).
Wits checks all around to find a poll but all 3 of them fail. Bomba pushes it for one 6 and one 1.
“Line Forms Here” was at the top of a metal pole.
Bomba has taken one point of Wits damage for the push and got one MP.
It’s an adjustable pole.
12:27 AM
Tome has to make a Wits check and he fails and he pushes it and still no successes (though no 1s).
Dax makes a Wits check (2).
Bomba had no successes.
Dax realizes that an arrow it could be shot through the field in front of Virgil.
Dava ties and puts all of the boot laces together and ties one end to the pole and one to an arrow and shoots it through the slow field.
Str 3 for Bomba. Assist – So, +2 per extra person. No successes. Bomba and everyone pushes for no successes and three 1s (Bomba), two 1s for Dax, and one 1 for Tome. Everyone takes damage from the push. This leaves Dax broken as he reaches 0 Str due to the push.
These lead to an equal number of MPs.
The Stalker comes over and she pulls it straight on through with tons of 6s and pulls the other end of the pole and pulls him out ever so slowly.
This pulls Virgil free.
Dax is in paralyzing pain and Stephen rolls on a limited critical damage table.
Broken several fingers on one of his hands (left). -1 to shoot and fight skills and they’ll take 7 weeks to heal.
Party is going to have to rest for 4 hours and take a grub to heal.
Tome makes a Heal check [Empath + Heal]. 3 Successes. And splints the fingers and reduces the healing down to 3.5 weeks.
4 hours and a grub will heal the rest.
Everyone save for Virgil is down 1 grub.
We rest in the large lit area with chairs.
12:49 AM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
After the rest, it’s been 4 hours of travel and scavenging (noon), 45 minutes of exploring, 4 hours of rest (so 4:45). 2 hours back to the Ark or camping out.

Tome gets plastic forks for splints.

It’s a two-story building so Virgil climbs up on the roof and Force check to jump 5 Str + 1 Force for 1 success.

Using the binoculars, to Scout 1 + Wits 3 + Gear 1 for 1 success.

Greater Ruin is large and then north of it is largely small buildings that are still intact.
Movement – dogs. Birds burst out to east and something was shifting around there.

East for 2 successes and at the edge of the broken spine. Galef’s team is all laying prone. Mad path where it meets the broken spine.

West is the setting sun (no successes).

Northwest got a 6. North of that is different architecture.

Towers on the edge of the old city is looking back at me with binoculars. 8 stories tall and he was on the fifth story.

3 successes to look south.

Perimeter search in the local area to the south are the paw prints of the beast. West is nothing. NW is the Demar Path you see a few signs. North to the path is a building with some things there. East is tracks.

Hut check to open it.

Move check (Agility 4) to get back down. 1 success.
1:22 AM
After telling them what Virgil saw, Bomba and Tome discuss what the next move is.

Tome wants to get on the roof so Virgil shoves the binocular into his chest, points toward the side of the building where the hut/stairs would be and says, “You go find it.” Dax and Tome leave to go find the stairs.
It’s largely dark. They find another sign that reads “Employees Only”.
They find a hallway and go into it.
They go left and find a metal door.
They can’t pick the lock (Dax had no successes).
Dax tries to Force the wall but no successes.
Tome Wits check but no successes. Then a Comprehend check with 1 success.
Tome tries to Force the door with Dax’s bat and they batter their way through.
42 mins
Leland Beauchamp
Once they get to the roof, they check the machines (Dax) and Tome does a Scout check for 1 success for to see a sign that reads “Historic Ybor” to the northwest.

Dax scours 3 bits out of the machines on the roof (he got 3 successes). 5 for Wits + 3 for Jury-rig (3 more successes).

So, they decide to leave the roof and return to Bomba, Virgil, and Dava. Tome wants to head back to the Ark with the parts that Dax secured.
31 mins
LONG discussion about what to do next. Tome wants to leave the parts behind and mark them. Dax wants to go back.

Bomba and Virgil want to keep exploring (tomorrow).

Dava suggest we leave it at the end of the spine path which we can get to easily.

Virgil ties off the rope and everyone climbs down. However, Dax has a broken hand and has to be lowered down with the rope but (Force no successes from Virgil) dropped Dax.

Force checks for 3 successes (between Dava, Tome, and Bomba). They catch Dax (no injury).

We go to the building to the north that Virgil saw.

Through the windows we see a pile of cans. Scout checks (0 from Dax, 2 from Tome) for traps (none). Dava hops through the window and checks it out. Cans are safe. She goes on to check the backyard and sees a corpse and cries. Tome tries to console her. Tome Manipulate check (1 success).

Virgil and Dax go back to the cans. Cans are full. Dozen cans (found goods).

Bomba checks the rest of the house.
3 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Decide to pause (2:30am).


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