Adventures in Middle-Earth. Session 002

Notes by John McGuire for the 12/15 12/16 session

Kort and Finn use a Hit Dice (1 for Kort and +3 for Finn) – The plan is to head to an elven sanctuary roughly 1/2 day away come morning
Gwynn believes that either the Were-beast is afraid of the Elvish king or there may be magical wards protecting the wood in this area
We are healed by the elves for another 1d8
2 (Kort +3, Finn +10 – back to full)
The river has been thinning out and after 3 days we emerge from the Mirkwood to be able to see the Grey Mtns.
Backing up (Rebecca has joined) – Speaking with Negron (Gwynn’s cousin) – Orcs have been spotted just outside of bow range.
The group talks about Giant spiders and potentially taking on orcs which Gwyn and Kort seem higher on then Finn and Robb

Narhathel – Longsword, +1 to hit and damage, said to have absorbed Naegron’s hatred of the orcs.

Narhathel, magical elvish longsword
Glows when orcs are near
1d8 damage, or Versatile (1d10), Finesse
+Half Proficiency Bonus to Hit/Damage
Double the damage dice pool versus orcs, then add any damage bonuses

Finn as lookout spots a group of 6 (possible orcs) (rolled 13+3 Perception) – We opt to try and take a path that leads around the “bad” guys
Gwyn has opted to Scout ahead – rolled a 1 for Stealth – rolled a 20 for Perception
Her sword begins to thrum with a hate for orcs as she draws near – potentially though the orcs have spotted her
As Gwyn makes her way back to the rest of the group, Kort works his way towards the orcs and tries to find a spot to ambush them from. The rest have hidden away to await the pack
Kort spots an orc climbing above him, trying to spot him. He swings and hits the creature with his Mattic killing it. It appears to have been an advanced scout. Not satisfied with one kill, he continues on to quench his thirst.

Using the Hobbit as bait – he steps out along the ridge and sings to draw the orc’s attention. They begin to jog towards him. Robb ducks back under the ridge. They begin to sprint.
Battle engaged at 80 ft. Finn rolls nat 20 and 12 damage
Gywn rolls 19 (5 damage)
Robb nat 20 (8 damage
Dwarf runs after them, they break
Gwyn fires again and kills another orc.
Gwyn fires again, misses twice – Finn uses his Captain of Gondor Feat to turn that Frown upside down – 4 damage
Kort tracks down the Orc, who hits Kort with a spear for 2 damage. Kort responds 18 to hit (10 damage)
Kort has to Track the last Orc. The Orc attacks with a spear and hits nat 20 (8 damage). Kort rolls 21 (10 damage) to kill the last one

Finn finds an extra pair of tracks from two orcs that left before the battle. The group tracks them. As the sun is going down, Gwyn’s sword begins to thrum again. Probably a larger group coming. The group takes defensive positions. Robb heals Kort again
Robb and Finn fire (both 14 and miss)
Robb 22 to hit (8 dam) Finn misses with 7
Initiative – us 12, them… less
Gywn misses (9 to hit), Kort destroys an orc
a group of 4 split off to flank us. Finn and Robb kill two of them
Spears are thrown at the archers – Finn takes 5 damage
An orc hits Gwyn for 5 dam
Gwyn’s badass sword hits for 18 damage!
Kort – 21 to knockdown, 21 to strength check, intimidate check – nat 20 – All of them are a’ scared
Finn – 19 to hit (9 dam)
Robb – 17 to hit (6 dam)
two more dead
Gwyn strikes the orc beneath her (25 to hit, 22 dam) Big orc coming through to attack
Gywn attacks big orc (23 to hit, 22 dam)
He snarls but isn’t dead
He misses twice
Kort maneuvers so as to leap down onto the big orc (16 dam) and arrow misses Kort. Big orc is staggered
Finn scrambles up the slope and catch one unaware and kill it with 8 dam. the second one scrambles up (Finn misses him) but his shield blocks the oncoming blow
Robb shifts around the rock to take a shot at the two orcs behind Big Boss (24 to hit – 7 dam)
3 little orcs and 1 big orc left
1 little orc runs
Gwyn hits (25) and does (19 dam) and cuts his right leg off (apparently wanting a larger keepsake than Kort collects)
Finn finishes over the last orc
Huzzah. We win!
Everyone goes to 2nd level


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