Starting at Lake-town.

Stephen – Kort, the Hushed, son of Korith son of Hoin. STR 17. Hunter
Rebecca – Gwynnestri of Mirkwood. STR 8. Scout
Egg – Robgud Clarfield, a Hobbit. STR 8. Guide
John – Finn of Gondor. A 17-year-old human. STR 10. Look-out

Chosen to go to Sadaphsan to search for the lord’s family (Haldeer) origins for 1,000 silver pennies each. A journey of 150 to 175 miles.
Month to a month-and-a-half’s worth of supplies.

First Journey is from Lake-town to Elven King’s Hall to gain the King’s permission to travel through the Mirkwood.
Embarkation Table. Guide = 16. Auspicious Beginnings granting a 2 on the next table.
1d12 results in 4
2 for a 6 on the Journey Events Table: The Wonders of Middle-Earth.
We travel along the river until we are challenged by an elf. Gwynnestri knows the elf, Adabeuond. He takes us to see the king deeper in the woods.

The fellowship meets with King Thranduil of the Mirkwood Elves to gain his permission to travel north through his woods.
Gwynnestri obtains permission to pass through for all of us, and agrees to report back what she learns to him.
We get to stay the night at the King’s Hall.
That night, Kort plays an ocarina (a haunting melody).
The next morning, we continue up the river.
A New Journey begins. Embarkation Table result was a 7, Feasts Fit for the Kings of Ancient Times.
+1 to all Skill Checks for the duration of this Journey.

A second d12 roll for 12 (plus bonuses). Journey Events Table = Many Meetings? Fly you Fools! Finn spots a 12’ wolf across the river.
Nature = 17. Not a worg, not a natural wolf of any kind.
Shadow-lore = 13. Werewolf of Mirkwood, an agent of the Necromancer. A spirit in wolf form. A foe far greater than the party could handle.
Gwynnestri runs up to Kort and talks him down from chasing down the werewolf.
The werewolf seems to summon more wolves that come back to the ford to try to attack us.
Kort tosses Robgud up a tree. The human and elf climb trees. Kort marches at the half dozen wolves that cross the ford.
We have Advantage on shooting from above.
Gwyn – 11 damage
Finn – ? damage
Robgud – 5 damage
Wolf misses
Kort – 9 damage (killing)
2 more wolves (both miss)

Giant wolf

Kort goes bezerk.

Gyw 15 damage
Finn Miss
Robgud 8 damage

Kort attacks doing 17 damage.
Kort NAT 20 + 5 to throw the dead wolf at the giant werewolf.
Combat continues.
Gwynnestri shots the last wolf for 7.
It attacks Kort for 4 damage.
Kort kills it with 15 damage.
The Werewolf of Mirkwood is glaring at Kort. Kort flings the corpse at the Werewolf of Mirkwood and then they growl at each other. 16 to 14 Intimidate and Kort is winning.
Finn looks to the south to see more wolves coming (6 more).

Finn does ? damage
Robgud for 5 damage (killing Finn’s)
Gwynn – 14 damage (kills another one)

Kort has 1 and 1 (Disadvantage) for Perception.
Wolves hits (2 of them) for 9 HP and 12 HP. He has 3 HP left.
Kort counterattacks for 14 damage (killing it).

Finn fails to distract the wolves
Robgud shoots for 6 damage
Gwynn did not hit the wolves when she landed

Wolf hits Kort for 8 (4).
Wolf hits Finn for 9 damage.
Wolf hits Gwyn for 9 damage.
4 wolves left (2 fine, 2 wounded)
Robgud 8 damage to let Finn climb a tree.
3 last wolves leave.
Manage to save Kort (Athelas) and Gwynn (Hands of a Healer).
Kort glares at the Werewolf. WW leaves.

We each get 200 XP.



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