Gundren Rockseeker

Bald, thick, braided beard, left eye scarred


Gundren Rockseeker is one of the more famous names in the far North. Together with his brother Nundro, he has opened numerous prosperous mines, which he has used to fund the building of roads, the resettlement of migrants from the Callain Empire, and building up numerous towns and villages. There is hardly a hamlet in the North where he does not have at least one friend who owes him a favor. Gundren claims that he’s just looking out for his business interests.

Gundren is no stranger to the realms of man, and has spent many winters in the great cities of the south, always returning with scrolls, books, and maps and fielding expeditions to find caves, old mines, and other ruins deeper and deeper into the wilderness. He has shown a particular interest in the Whispering Hills, especially those which lie in the shadow of Icespire Peak. No one knows what he is searching for (or indeed if he is searching for anything more than lucrative ventures), but rumors abound.


Gundren Rockseeker

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