Synthicide Session 01



John – GM
Egg – Rex Light Bill
Lee – Rune
Michael – Mirric
Stephen – Mim

Egg’s character is from a destroyed asteroid colony and was enslaved for the last year.
Mike’s character works for the pirates and
Lee’s character was the son of a priest. He was a test subject and made a slave of Deep Nova Corp.
Stephen’s character was from a barbarian world. He was taken from his primitive planet.

We escaped from slavery and got a ship and we’re going. The Knife’s Edge is the name of the ship. We took it through a stargate/wormhole/thingy trying to reach Corsis.

Rune if from this planet and we’re looking for SunRider City.

Used the generator character sheet:
http://www.synthiciderpg.com/g enerator/CharacterSheet.html
Jan 27, 9:54 PM

Our ship is a clipper ship – 2 level ship quarters and mess hall, the other cockpit, infirmary, workshop, cargo hold.
This is a hunk of junk from the scrapyard. Mim led us through the junk to this.

Mike – Rigfiend Leader – Name: Mirric
Lee – Hardshell Thug – Name: Rune
Stephen – Skinbag Bulbhead – Name: Mim
Egg – Scarfed Scoundrel – Name: Rex Light Bill

Adventure. On the ship, Mim and Rex Light Bill pilot the ship while Mirric and Rune search the ship. While searching the infirmary, they search using their Awareness. Got 8 each (rolled a 5 Mike and a 6 Lee).

Character creation complaint about Lee’ Hardshell because the character creation process for a level 01 did not include cybernetics yet gave him slots for.
Mim (Stephen)’s pilot Natural Talent was chosen because it was not redundant… Yet Egg and Lee both chose that type ability.

Some of the abilities/skills have similar names.
My headphones where bugging my ear so I tried to take them off… no joy. So had to call back in.]
Jan 27, 10:30 PM
Leland Beauchamp
[gotcha. You hadn’t said anything when you came back, so I was just making sure the sound was working again]
Leland • Jan 27, 10:31 PM
Awareness roll 10 for Mike/Mirric, 7 for Lee/Rune.
Rune finds screws and bolts.
Mirric finds, behind a table, is a secret panel with a box of some sort. Checks for traps (Awareness 9). Not trapped. An organized box of pills (2 packs), 2 syringes, and 4 veils of a blue liquid. Pills are feast pills (2 pack, 10 total pills). 1 pill equals a day’s meals.
Both make Awareness rolls to identify what the veils are. 6+2=8 which is not enough.

For the cargo hold. Awareness. 10 for Mike, 3+2=5 for Lee. Whatever ships Mirric had been on for the Chaos Rose (skeletons), they had the same hidden panels. Finds packs with goggles (1 infrared, 1 night vision), 5 or 6 flashlights, rope, manacles, and utility belts (empty). Mirric takes the night vision goggles and a flashlight.
Rune takes second dibs.

Second panel has weaponry.
2x frag grenades 3 to hit, +3 to damage.
2x stun grenades (steals a turn).
2x retrofit shotguns +3/
2x retrofit rifle class 1/3.
2x retrofit pistols. 1/1.
Lots of ammo.
Mim, as pilot, is flying and needs to make a Nerve check. 8 is what he got.
The whisper that led him to the ship feels like it creeps up, he felt that someone/thing was digging in his head for information. He stopped it with the 8.
Mim pilots us to the dock on the city of Sunrider. There is a docking fee of 10 Lorens (?… crystals) a day. Paid after the fact.
Jan 27, 10:52 PM
We broke the jump gate when we came in. We need to get enough money to get further away.

Rex Light Bill gets a shotgun.
Rune gets a rifle.
Mim has a pistol and nothing else.

For the blue veils, Mim (9) and Rex Light Bill (10) make Awareness. It’s not illuminex. Rex realizes this is Pedal. Really high high and no crash after. RLB suggests we should sell it and has Mim carry it.

A large ship crashed into the city and the city was built of the ship. TT LC. Tams Transport and Mining.
The church rules all. Worship the great Ranex – The AI that started it all, or a man that achieved a singularity. They love the synthetics.
Parked at D-7.
CORRECTION – Fee is 5 Lorens per day.
Mim closes and locks the door.
The docking station has two giant robots and a priest of the church preaching.
We go to a bulletin board (a virtual screen) to see what jobs there are.
TTMC. Sharpers and Wanders Welcome. Mim scrolls past it.

There’s another one.
Screw these proddie bastards, we own the rails now help us own the streets.
There’s a popular night life section where we can sell these drugs.
It’s after noon local time.
For the rail job, the highlights are:
- Come to the tram tunnels
- Seek us out
We go down the escalators/sliding sidewalks (some work, some don’t) toward the train way and the tram tunnels.
Awareness checks to see whose watching the entrances to the deeper tunnels.
Mim 4
Mirric 13 (sees this)
Rune 8
Rex Light Bill 3

Mirric spots a skin bag with some upgrades who is watching us.
Rune suggest that he’ll go on ahead while we go down the tunnel to see if he follows.
10 or 15 seconds later, the guy shifts to watch Rune.
Rune hides among a crowd as the guy tries to watch.
Rune has to do a Speed check (for Stealth). 7. GM rolls against him.
Spy is focused on Rune (where he might or might not be). Rune thinks he’s still hidden.
He looks back at Mim (he stayed up there). Mirric and Rex Light Bill gone down the tunnels.
Spy turns to go toward Mim. Rune waits to see how it goes. Suddenly is not there anymore as he teleports down the steps. Spy comes to a stop at this. He pulls out his pad and is talking to it when Rune comes up behind him.
Rune has Deft Grip – draw a striking weapons (no Action Point), +1 attack with 2-handed striking weapons. Rune pulls down his tablet and takes it out of his hand.
Rune moves him along, hand on the spy’s shoulder.
Mirric and Rex Light Bill are going down a VERY broken escalator. “RR” for Rail Riders. It’s dim down here. Maybe every third light is working.
Mim had teleported about 15 feet down the stairs. He waits long enough to see if he followed then walks up to see what Rune is doing.
Rune gets him in the tunnel.
Mim mentally nudges the spy (rolled a 14).
Mim takes the pad from him and inspects it before telling the spy to leave them alone and stay up here. The spies contact for the texting is “G”.
They come down and meet Mirric and Rex.

Taking the spy’s pad, Rex does an Operations roll (6+3=9). Gets in to see maps of the tram lines. We’re in the second level map. Watch schedule as well.

A tram is coming so we go to hide.
Mim separates himself from the other three and hides behind a pillar. Speed check (stealth) for a 9.
The tram is covered in graffiti and modified. It’s 2 cars worth. In the first car there are 5 to 10 figures.
The doors open and a small, 5’ cyborg. He motions the others out. He wants to talk to us 3.
Greirson is 2Tall. He has been here for 15 years. We talk. He has an ax to grind with the church and corps. They need us to go topside to make a delivery. To the TTMC. Can’t open the package.
The compensation is 60 a piece. Mim blinks in. And some food before we go. Ruttrey’s Restaurant. Topside and on our way. There will be vegetables.
Envelope has bright blue “RR”. Letter sized. Maybe a disc/chips.
We go to Ruttrey’s Restaurant.

As we leave, we are looking for others. Awareness.
Mirric 8
Rune 12
Mim 6
Rex Light Bill 2
As the lifts are starting to close, Rune notices that some random guys are watching us. They look more put together.
12:52 AM
Doors open on street level at the edge of the docks. Rune and Mirric are in the front of Rex and Mim.

Rune 12
Mirric 9
Mim 8
Rex Light Bill 10

Two guys coming at us from the East. Weapons ready. Ditto West. They’re spreading out.

Battle Reflex (Initiative)
Mim 12
Mirric 12
Rune 8
Bad guys 8
Rex Light Bill 3

Mirric’s Assist – Takes 2 Action Points. Does not use it.

Round 1

Mirric opens with a shooting a guy coming from the West. Combat + Weapon + d10 = 7 (needs a 6 to hit their Toughness). The die + combat + weapon damage = 8 damage. 1 AP
Then moves to cover. 1 AP
And then Defends (1 AP). +2 to defense (1 for the Defend, 1 for Cover)

Mim presses lifts for door hold button. 1 AP.
Psychic Power (1 AP) for Mind Blast. 8 vs his Nerve. He takes 9 damage. This against the one that just got shot. The guy grabs his head and starts screaming out.
Last AP used to boost his Defend (cover). +1 Defend.

Rune moves to cover 1 AP.
Takes shot. 1 AP. Roll combat + weapons attack + d10 = 11 (against 6). Die + Combat + Weapon Damage = 13 against the other guy from the west.
Final AP is used for Defend.

Bad guys use 1 AP each to take cover. The wounded one does not get a shot off.
The other three will shoot. Mim is hidden.
One shot from the west shoots at Rune (against Armor Defense 9). The one hits with a 12 for 12 points of damage. 8+2+2.
One taking a potshot at Mirric against a 9. He misses.
One against Rex (against 7). He hits for 12 points. 35 originally and now 23 left.

Rex moves (1 AP).
11 to hit, 8 to damage. (1 AP)
2 AP for a second attack that missed.
1:18 AM
1 guy to the South is uninjured. Every other bad guy is injured.

Mirric goes after the guy to the semi-injured guy to the West. Gives Advantage – Forces them to move away or overpower them (if close enough) or +2 on next attack against target. Instead Mirric shoots twice for a 4 (miss) and a 8 for 11 damage.

Mim has the door open button (free action). Psychic Attack against the guy not the ground (8 vs his Nerve) for 9 damage. Blood coming from the ears. A second mind burst to the guy next to him for 8 vs Nerve for 9 points to him.

Rune decides to shoot the uninjured guy from the South. 1 AP. Rolls a 7 to hit (misses. Needs 8). Other 2 AP to shoot him again. He missed with an 8.

Bad Guys.
One hit with second mind blast is trying to crawl away.
One of them shoots against Rune and hits with a 13 to do 15 HP to Rune.
One will Defend and help out the downed dude.
One against Rex (misses). On his second attack he hits for 10 HP (13 HP left).
Last one shoots at Mirric. Misses. Tries a second shot and hits for 16 HP.

Rex Light Bill. Shoots the guy that shot him, twice (3 AP). 13 to hit and 10 damage. 7 (hits for 4).
1 AP to Defend (+1)

Round 3

Mirric shoots the guy that’s down for 11 HP, killing him.
Shoots to the South and shoots Rex’s guy for 10 HP… he’s not quite dead.

Mim mind blasts 8 against Nerve and has a Scanner-style moment and his head explodes.
Mind Blasts for 12 and does 13 HP and kills him (blood oozes out of his head).

Rune and other guy. 9 to hit but he defends. He shoots a second time and does 9 again.

Bad guy shoots at Rune but misses twice (once on a 9).

Rex does 9 HP on the first blast but misses with the second one. Defends with final AP.

Bad Guy has church symbols on his face.

Mirric misses him twice.

Mim. Techless Will. 16 vs his nerve. Does 14 damage. For his second attack, Mind Blast for 13 damage. This kills the final guy.



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