Session 49: A MAGICAL RAPIER!!!!!

Only 49 sessions to get a MAGICAL RAPIER!!!!!!

Silver Feather is disguised as the messenger, Venteer, from the Lord Mayor’s Army looking wounded.
Madox looks wounded.
Caeside is a mouse in Madox’s pocket.

3 fires are burning in the city as they approach.
They enter the Lord Mayor Superior’s keep escorted by 2 of the guards to the sichal (?) to the Lord Mayor Superior with several guards, robes, and a priest.
In the tower itself.

- Lord Mayor Superior
- Individual in robes
- Armored Cleric or Paladin Veteran (general)
- 3x men in armor (breastplates with shields). At each corner of the room.

Distances. Tight tower room (everyone in melee range).
- Armored Cleric or Paladin
- Veteran (general)
Nov 4, 10:28 PM
Venteer has a confused look on his face about the situation (Madox being accused by the Lord Mayor while Venteer/Silver Feather).
Silver Feather/Venteer distracts the room as Caeside/Rat moves next to the priest.
The dice did AMAZING for Egg for once! Silver Feather surprises the Lord Mayor Superior for 29 and to the general 11 (spillover). Next 3 attacks do 17, 13, and 14 due to Action Surge.
Caeside does Witch Bolt for the LMS for 24.

This takes the Lord Mayor Superior down in one round.

Madox to the cleric (robed) for 12, 19, 9, and 8 and he’s now prone.
A gleaming angel appears and deals 10 HP of radiant damage to SF and Caeside made saves.

For the second round.

18 – Robed Cleric
16 – Caeside
16 – Madox
13 – General Veteran
11 – 3x Armored Men
7 (NAT 1) – Silver Feather/Venteer
5 – Armored Cleric or Paladin (facing Madox)
n/a – ??? Gleaming angelic requiring a Dex save DC 14
Silver Feather fails his perception check (Madox and Caeside make their’s).
Robed Wizard throws a Lightning Bolt (DC 13) against the General, SF, and Caeside take 15 HP (we all made our saves) or 30 HP.
Madox goes after his guy who is down for 8 HP and kills him.
Madox goes after the wizard in robes.
(He used Flurry of Blows)
Madox goes after the wizard and the wizard casts Shield as a reaction and causes Madox to miss. He’s not AC 20 (the wizard). Madox hits him for 11 HP (once) and knocks him prone.
Caeside casts Witch Bolt on the wizard (hits) for 17 HP (frying the magician).
LMS uses his power to Command the General to attack (giving 4 attacks) against SF (3 hits for 29 HP… 54 HP)
SF takes another 7 HP from the guard. Silver Feather is down to 20 HP.
Last guard comes after Caeside and stabs at him under the table for 5 HP.
Unexpectedly, the LMS jumps up and runs and a guard goes with him.

Silver Feather attacks the General 14 and the guard 9 and uses Cunning Action to disengage and run after the LMS and his bodyguard as the bolt.

10 HP of damage from the Angel for Caeside
20 HP of damage from the Angel for Madox who lowers it to 10 using an ability

General and two guards left as Caeside yells at Madox to go after SF and the LMS. Caeside casts Summon Fairie Brown Bears (Conjure Animal) and attacks a guard for 10 and 6 (bear eats his face).
Bear 2 against the General does a NAT 20 for 18 HP and the second attack misses.
Then Caeside goes direwolf so he’s no longer prone (and under a table that adds extra cover).
General attacks the bear twice for 20 HP and attacks the Caeside Direwolf for 6 HP (Con check to keep control of bear… made it).
Madox follows into the winding stairway at 90 ft (Silver Feather is behind him due to the 60 ft).
3x (and three more behind) Guards block the stairs.
Madox wades into them.
They have AC 16. Madox hits for 12 HP.
Silver Feather downs 30x Good Berries for his action (51 HP).
They attack Madox for 9 HP (after many misses).
New Round.
Caeside Direwolf and bears versus General (AC 20).
Caeside misses and Bear 1 hits for 9 HP and Bear 2 hits for 10 HP and 19 HP. Bloodies the General.
General decides to jumps off of the wall for 18 HP (from 3d6). The General sprained or broke a leg.
30 feet down.
General misses with his crossbow.
Caeside and the bears come barreling down the stairs.
Madox does flurry against the 5 guys in front of him (AC 16).
Hits for 9 HP, miss, 11 HP (killing a guy), 8 HP and he makes his Dex save.
4x guards left.
Silver Feather attacks the guards and kills 3 in a row with 18, 12, 12.

Caeside catches up and tries to track the LMS. There are three hallways as options.
We go left.
Silver Feather tries to track by blood (17) and SF goes down the straight corridor. He gets to the throne room where there are a bunch of guards forming up. SF (as a guard) goes through the ranks where he’s checked for wounds.
Caeside and Madox go through the servant’s quarters and Madox probes their minds and they have not seen the Lord Mayor.
Silver Feather finds out that the LMS is in the courtyard.
They turn around and come back the way Silver Feather was.
SF takes 2 other guards and run into the courtyard and SF gets the guards to kill the ones with SF.
In the courtyard, in the LMS’ stables as he’s going to leave.
30 people out there.
12:16 AM
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Leland Beauchamp
SF is 50 feet from the LMS. SF has stood down but the LMS has gestured at one of his men in robes and at SF.
Caeside turns himself and Madox invisible. (Ending the bears).
Madox is going after the LMS on a horse.
Caeside will try Thunderwave on the mass.
Horses are arrayed to leave into the city.
15’ cube (9 soldiers) from Thunderwave (killing them all).
Roughly a third in a blow.
SF is hit twice for 13 HP with spears after he takes off (after his spell is dropped).
Silver Feather shoots at the LMS for 8 and 6 blooding him again.
“You are not getting out of here!”
Caeside ports over to another group and moves to another group.
From the 20 foot wall, the crossbows shot SF four times for 19 HP (19 HP left).
Madox sneaks up to the LMS and makes his attack and does a Flurry from Invisible (plus a Luck). Madox is at Advantage. Does 13 HP for the first attack. Miss. Punch with a NAT 20 for 10 HP. And last one is 9 HP.
LMS attacks back for one hit, one CRIT. 16 and 9 against Madox.
So far, LMS has taken an extra:
8+6+13+10+9 = 46 HP.

The LMS says that this is a ruse and plan to kill him.
Madox – “I’m not getting paid for this!”
Madox is Patient Defense as he’ll face 6 attacks a round.
Robbed guys do Fire Bolts. 19 HP against Madox.
Caeside does Thunderwave on the robed guys (one of them and 3 x guards) for 14 HP and he gets pushed 10 ft.
Silver Feather tries a dive attack for no good effect. Two misses.
LMS attacks SF for 11 HP.
SF has 8 HP left.
All attacks against Madox fail.
Madox attacks the LMS for 12, 9, misses (67 HP). This kills the LMS.
New Round.

Robed guys turn. He sees the LMS is down and he teleports 30 ft and takes off running.
Other mage does not see that the LMS is down. He shoots with Magic Missile against Caeside for 16 HP.

And now there are soldiers between Caeside and the robed guy.

Soldiers attack Madox with Patient Defense (all misses).

Silver Feather is dead after taking 12 HP and then Mike asks for a Save for 9, a d4 for 3, and a d20 for 4 (spear in the side and fall to the ground).

Madox steps over SF’s body to defend it.
Madox drives off 2 guards.

Caeside does Healing Word to Silver Feather for 22 HP reviving him.
37 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Silver Feather grabs the LMS and flies his body up into the air above the courtyard and declares, “The Lord Mayor Superior is dead!” The last 10 or 12 guys break and run save for a kid with a crossbow hits SF for 3 HP. SF takes the crossbow from him and drags the kid down as he MIGHT be the LMS’s kid.

Madox does Wholeness of Body for 24 HP.

Silver Feather eats 30x Good Berries from Caeside for 52 HP for SF.

The Lord Mayor Superior had a Jeweled Rapier. +2 and needs attunement. 1x potion left. Breastplate was +1 (likely for a henchman).

5,000 XP each.

MIke’s new idea. An Animated Sword and an Animated Pen.


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