Session 48: VELA!

Caeside casts Animal Friendship and Speak with Animals to get a bird to scout Thundertree. The bird saw a dragon, druid, cultists, but did not see zombie plants.

Our mission is to find out what’s at Thundertree and if we can cause a fight between our force and the dragon.
Oct 14, 9:35 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Michael • Oct 14, 9:49 PM
Caeside goes ahead of the army to Thundertree in animal form (direwolf) to deliver the Sword of Emo Arcade Fire (1d6 damage) to the dragon and warn them that the Lord Mayor is taking this land (and we’re trying to forewarn him).
AND mooooooorrrrrreeeeeeee cats!!!!!
Caeside approaches the dragon (as a direwolf) and scopes out the minions and then switches to a spider to appear before the green dragon and then turns into a human.

The dragon is Venomfang.
Oct 14, 10:05 PM
The party is led into town and the dragon springs the trap. Many die and the force is scattered.

The party leads the leaders (and the one that Silver Feather needs to impersonate) into a zombie plant house.

Silver Feather shoots twice at the lead knight from the trees and hits for 6 and 9.

Caeside does Conjure Animal (2x bears) to scare off the mounted knights to keep them from running off.

Cultists fire more arrows at the troops. Bears go after the horses.
Silver Feather hits the knight for 12 and 11. He bolts on the horse and Silver Feather shots the horse and hits for 7 and 9 downing the horse.

The bear eats the scout that Silver Feather wants to impersonate.

The knight fights back against the bear.
Oct 14, 10:49 PM
The dragon, Venomfang, lands near Madox and says, “I said if you ran” [that was the agreement with Caeside] and proceeds to attack Madox.

Silver Feather moves toward the knight and shoots at the knight but misses and the knight misses Silver Feather.

Silver Feather and the knight lock up and Silver Feather hits 6 points of damage.

Knight swings back and misses once and hits the second for 10 HP on Silver Feather.

20 points to the dragon from Caeside’s Call Lightning.

Madox and Venomfang lock up.
Silver Feather hits the knight for 11 and 8 and kills him.
Caeside and Madox kill and zap the last of the cultists.

The dragon swings around and breaths on Madox and Caeside. Silver Feather flies up to attack and hits once for 23 HP.

But it breaths for 25 HP.

Caeside does a fireball necklace. Silver Feather gets a 25 save against 14 HP (Silver Feather takes 7 HP).

Fireball necklace for 35 HP against the dragon. The dragon face plants.
Madox attacks the dragon for a lot.
Madox kills it.
It roars out, “Shandrith!”
Caeside kills some of the last cultists with Call Lightning.
1,600 XP Each for the battle.
Madox is down 14 HP.
Silver Feather is down 17 HP.
Oct 14, 11:27 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
700cp, 10000 sp, 2300 gp, 100 pp, Gems (8 @ 100): – Garnet, Garnet, Amethyst, Coral, Coral, Chrysoberyl, Garnet, Coral., Potion of Clairvoyance
Michael • Oct 14, 11:35 PM
40 of the soldiers bodies are found but not 10 (7 more are found… 3 left and one went into swamp). The druid checks the rest.

After talking with the druid, the party raids the tower and gets the above. The party recovers some horses.
Silver Feather morphs into the messenger, takes a remount and tries to get the 3 survivors to step out and come to him.

Caeside conjures animals and tries to catch’em.

Madox will… monk…
Silver Feather’s polymorph looks like its hurt from the encounter.
Caeside heals Silver Feather up (and gives us each 30 Good Berries).
“I am Venteer” the messenger.
Oct 14, 11:58 PM
The three split up.
Silver Feather gets ahead to the rendezvous. Madox meets up.
Caeside finds a hag that killed the three soldiers and sends a message that there’s danger. Silver Feather flies off to find and save Caeside. He has melded into stone and we miss each other for a good bit.

Finds one of the soldiers dead.
No crickets around Silver Feather.
Find another soldier dead.

Silver Feather hears a bow and dives for cover. Gets hit twice for 9 and 10 HP (19 total).

We’re trying to sneak up on each other.

Silver arrows him for 7 HP.

He fires back 3x times for 8 HP (27 HP).

Silver hits with a sword for 12 HP and miss and 6 HP.

He strikes back and hits twice for 8 and 4 (39 HP).

Tuvote, one of the soldiers covered, looks at him. He describes the hag. Black night skin, red eyes.

At the cave, Silver Feather webs up the entrance and calls in for Caeside (expecting it’s him). Instead, it’s Vela.

She has a reddish aura and does 4 HP to Silver Feather.
The soldier runs away and screams and it alerts Caeside who comes out of the rock to see Silver Feather fighting Vela. She wins initiative.
The roots start reaching up and Silver Feather is restrained. Fucking awesome since it’s just Silver Feather versus Vela.
Vela slashes Silver Feather for 21 HP.
Silver Feather is already down 30 HP.
Silver Feather can’t get unrestrained because it takes a fucking 17 to get out and Silver is plus 1… Caeside casts a spell to break her concentration and freeing Silver Feather.

Silver Feather uses his Action Surge and hits 3 times for 12 HP 8 HP 10 HP.
She slashes back with her claws for 15 HP.
Silver Feather is down 45 HP.
Caeside casts Witch Bolt does 8 HP.

Silver Feather hits her for 20 HP.

She hits Silver Feather for 17 HP (leaving him at 19 HP).

She retreats further into the cave. There’s a large pool of water in the cave that she’s headed for.

Witch Bolt does 15 HP.

Silver Feather’s Scroll of Fireball does 19 HP and she saves… cause my dice SUCK!
She summons 4x crocodiles.

Witch Bolt does a lot.
Silver Feather hits her for 5 HP 10 HP 7 HP. Putting her on her last leg.

She misses Silver Feather.

Caeside faces off against 4x crocs. They try to grapple him.
37 mins
John McGuire
Madox dreams of the ship he’s going to buy once they deal with the Super-Mayor. He turns over and pulls the blanket tighter.
John • 37 mins
Caeside’s Witch Bolt takes her down.
She is unconscious but still breathing.
Silver Feather puts his foot on Vela’s throat and pulls out his bow to shoot one for 12 HP 9 HP and kills it.
Caeside is still facing 3 crocs. He charms the three.
He sends them after the last fighter.
Caeside gives Silver 30 Good Berries from Caeside to 49 HP.

They take Vela out of the cave and tie her up and put a HEAVY rock on her legs so there’s no way to escape.

Caeside searches her lair.
27 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
1900 cp, 800 sp, 70gp, 6 10gp gems.
Michael • 27 mins
John McGuire
The fire is dying down so I grab a couple other pieces of wood. Maybe eat a little hard tack I found in the saddle bags.
The stars have a different look to them tonight. I guess that’s what happens when you kill a dragon, everything smells and tastes better.
John • 24 mins
The Lord Mayor Superior wants the kenku dead because it was a deal he made with her.

She did not reveal much and had to be killed.
Each of us (Madox included) got 1,000 XP for Vela.


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