Session 40: Shadow Bears!

First Battle of the Displacer Beast Cloaks! DM vs Caeside!

NOTE – The party has three Displacer Beast skins to make three Cloaks of Displacement. 5,000 GP each and the skins already covers 3k of additional costs.

The party approaches Ravensgate.
The party enters town but everyone is oppressed and down. No energy.
Checked the Bazaar but everyone is down.
They pass corpse carts but most of the bodies of children.
They go see the Sisters of Solace. She says theres a plague killing the young and elderly.
It’s been going for three weeks.
Started in the docks.
Has a lesser impact on the kenku.

At the kenku area, the party meets Wren who is trying to save the children. Wren is exhausted and runs up to Silverfeather and passes out in his arms.

Caeside realizes the disease is a poison (he saw it during his early days as a apprentice). Poison and he tells them as much.
Caeside provides Goodberry from that point.
10:09 PM
Kenku ritually boil water before they consume it. This reduces the poison among the kenku.

Sunset shadows are longer than normal. Wren says that something comes out at night unless a flame is present.

Aranel, with her darkvision, and the rest will go out to see if we find what’s going on. And we’ll go to see Stanicek’s second, Marcus around 11 (they leave at 9).
10:25 PM
Caeside shares with the Sisters that boiling the water (the exact Kenku Ritual).

Aranel spots a party of several figures pouring stuff into a well. She tries to make them out and sees – Shadow only.

One-story buildings make an alley. Madox jumps up on a building and closes across the roof.

Aranel attacks with her bow and CRITS on the first shot and does 11 HP and kills him. The rest charge Aranel.

Aranel – 22
Shadows – 15
Silver Feather – 13
Madox – 10

For her second attack, she hits a second one and does 10 HP. It does not die.

It attacks her back and does 8 HP of Necrotic Damage and STR is reduced by 1.

Madox drops among them and does Flurry of Blows – 17 on the wounded one for 9 HP and kills it. Madox hits the second one for 11 HP and it only hurts it. Hits a third time for 8 HP and kills it (the wounded). Misses on the 4th blow.

Silverfeather misses twice and it misses Silverfeather when it counters.

Madox gets hit for 11 Necrotic and 3 points of STR.

9 left that can be seen.

Caeside casts Create Bonfire among the Shadows (3 of them). They take 7 HP (on 2) and one half that. One minute of the bonfire. All of the Shadows are moving away from the bonfire.
Perception Checks about the Shadows are faded back into the shadows.
Madox – 21
Aranel – 14
Madox – 12
Silverfeather – 1 (no idea)
Aranel says the Shadows are trying to flank the party.
Caeside has a 14 initiative.

Round Two.
Aranel hits again for 8 HP and misses with the second attack.

Shadows miss everyone.

Caeside cancels and moves and casts Create Bonfire to get any flankers.

Silverfeather hits once and kills one and does Red-Flame Blade damage (5) on the second. Misses with the second attack.

Madox kills the other one that Silverfeather damaged.
With the Shadows on the run for the flank,

Silverfeather shoots arrows down the alley from the main road (16 for 7 HP and 19 for 6 HP) and it staggers it back.

Aranel hits it for 16 HP and the second one misses.

The rest run.
Aranel – “These things will give you a cold in a heartbeat.”
1,225 XP – 307 XP each.
26 mins
The party tries to work through the issue where they took STR 3 and STR 1 penalties.

Caeside gives them 10 Goodberries each. It fixes the HP but not the STR.

The party finds the flask of poison (Caeside) and the Shadow corpse has a amulet of a thousand goat heads.
The party heads off to see the Sisters to get the Greater Restoration (but it turns out that a Short Rest cures it all).

Silverfeather asks if it could be Vela. The Sisters are not sure. Madox suggests sharing the amulet. They recognize it. The Goat of the Blackwoods with a Thousand Young.
Ancient cult associated with fertility and the end of the world.
They were housed in an ancient fort centuries ago.

The Sisters do not feel that any of the bosses is involved in this.
A few miles north of the city (3 hours).
The party meets with Marcus. Toward 10 at night. He is drinking and talking to a wench.
Madox suggests showing the amulet.
Marcus will convey this to Stanicek.

We also need an alchemist/ herbalist/ poisoner.

Silverfeather will send a kenku to teach Marcus, and through him Stanicek, the kenku water purification ritual.

Madox’s question for Marcus about Dead Dalric’s stuff? Dimitri (on the bazaar) is holding his house. Waiting for an heir. Dimitri would likely allow entry to the house. The other bosses are worried about what the magic items.

NOTE – Mermaid is in a lake near Ravensgate waiting on us.
Plan is to go to the fort in the morning and meet Dimitri the next morning.

Charisma Save (DC 10):
Madox and Caeside – 10
Silverfeather and Aranel – 7 (Failed)

RESULT: Disadvantage against Saves, Checks for WIS CHA against a non-Shadow’ed creatures.


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