Session 39: To Save a Unicorn Part 2

Egg 12ish ONEs out of 25ish rolls

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Apr 22, 9:17 PM
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The party arrives on the road and finds that the wizard is headed to Talleux.

The party follows after the wizard to study him at the town.

Wizard’s train is 4 wagons.
Wooly rhinoceroses pulls the main cart.
Orcs drive the other wagons.
Human guard, the Huntsman. Near legendary warrior in the Umbrian March.
Lee-Lore the Magnificent.
Apr 22, 10:04 PM
2 orcs (large… nearly ogre sized).
Unicorn is silvery-white. Some goat features.
Apr 22, 10:27 PM
NOTE – 3x Displacer Beast tentacles taken from the last battle.

Madox got bamboozled in his conversation with Lee-Lore.

The Huntsman was spying on the team at the inn. Decided to attack.

Order of Battle:
Huntsman (AC 18)/Madox
Silver Feather

Aranel and Silver Feather are on a skiff and try to get behind the Huntsman.

Caeside and Madox engage him.

Caeside bites the Huntsman for 10 HP.

Silver Feather and Aranel try to close but fail to do so stealthily.

Aranel shoots the Huntsman for 10 and 10 HP.

Silver Feather misses twice.

A whirlwind/waterspout comes at the party. Hits Madox and carries him away.

New round.

Caeside hits for 11 HP.

Huntsman hits Caeside. Misses first but does 16 HP of damage on second. 8 HP on third attack. Silver Feather takes 7 HP.

Aranel rolls two 1s leaving her prone.

Silver Feather hits for 15 and 5 HP.
Silver Feather and Aranel is paralyzed.
Caeside disspells Silver Feather’s condition.
12:11 AM
Caeside casts Lesser Restoration to remove Aranel’s paralysis.

She finds the Huntsman is holding back in the trees, with crossbow ready.

Lee-Lore was invisible. Caeside does cone of cold or the like.

Aranel shoots his for 18 and 14 HP
Silver hits once for 10 HP. Both against the mage.

Huntsman moves through the trees to rescue Lee-Lore.

Gen gets recalled.
Aranel aims for Lee-Lore for 11 and 12 HP.

Aranel and Silver Feather chase after the Huntsman.

Aranel takes 24 HP for around half her total.
Caeside – 25
Gen – ?
Aranel – 17
Huntsman – 16
Silver Feather – 1

Caeside casts Witch Bolt against Lee-Lore (11 HP) who is unconscious against a tree. His clothes start to smoke.

Huntsman points at Caeside with the gen ring. Caeside takes 10 HP and 4 HP from the gen.

Gen creates a stone wall between Caeside and Lee-Lore.

Whirlwind that carries Lee-Lore away. Aranel shots him one more time for 9 HP as he’s being whisked away. Shooting him in the face.

Huntsman hits Silver Feather for 13, 6, 5 HP.

Silver Feather hits for 10 HP.
Lee-Lore is dead (killed by Aranel).
2,300 XP for Lee-Lore.
Looted items.
Spellcasting component pouch.

Performance fails to convenience anyone that Lee-Lore is dead.

The Huntsman frees the gen.
900 CP
8,000 SP
2,100 GP
130 PP
2 x Jewelry 250 GP each
1 x Alteration Potion
1:29 AM
2,500 XP for Huntsman. Freeing Gen and Unicorn is 1,000 XP. 6,400 XP total per Mike.
1:48 AM

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