Session 37: Returning the Mask

Agatha is Happy

As we cross the Greensward, an eagle (under Animal Messenger – from Parsalien) lands and warns us (Caeside) that the druids are looking for us to stop our plan to give the mask to the banshee, Agatha.

Caeside casts Conjure Animal and sends eight animals in a different direction (toward the Wandering City) to distract the druids.

The party goes to the Willow Marsh to meet the druid, Neven. He’s the druid least happy to be ok with the druids.
Neven is about as powerful as Parsalien.
We arrive at the river that is the border of Neven’s Willow Marsh as night falls.
Each of the party takes a 2 hour watch.
Caeside casts a Pack a Good Berries.
Apr 8, 9:58 PM
About the midnight hour as Baylin and Silver Feather are on watch they are attacked by 8 giant owls about the size of horses.
Silver Feather is hit 3 out of 4 times for 24 HP. 35 HP left.
Baylin is hit 3 out of 4 times for 32 HP.

They are coming back for another pass.
Silver Feather casts Fire Bolt (first time) for 12 HP against one of them.
Baylin shots with his crossbow but misses.
They are circling back and there are 8 of them and they are spreading out.

Silver Feather casts Jump and lands on the biggest owl’s back and loops onto the back with a rope around the owl’s neck. The owl can’t support the weight and face plants into the ground for 13 HP.

Caeside casts Wind Wall in front of their path. It catches three of them for 13, 10, 14 damage. 2 failed in their saves and flutter down to the ground.

Madox attacks both of the ones on the ground. Flurry of Blows. 24 HP on the first owl and Nat 20 with the dagger and does 20 HP (10 of which was necro).

Aranel shots two arrows doing 8 and 15.

Madox is hit with a NAT 20 for 21 HP of damage (he had 10 extra to start with).
Baylin got 2 hits for 15 HP killing it.

Two swoop at Caeside for 12 HP. They stay on him.
Apr 8, 10:29 PM
2 unwounded giant owls and 2 wounded ones left.

Silver Feather shouts “Surrender” in Auran (Silver Feather’s people’s language) and it does. Silver gets it to send the other giant owls away.

“Parsalia sent us.” His flock is at Parsalia’s command. They are actually conjured fey turned into giant owls. We ask the owl about Parsalia. “She is close,” and then he bursts into blue sparkles.

Par-tsalian casts a spell causing hail. Does 9 and 12 damage or half on a save.

Save is 15.
Silver Feather – 12 – down to 14
Aranel – 20
Caeside – 21

Silver Feather downs all of his Good Berries (20). He is now at 34 HP.

Madox uses his amulet to cast Detect Thoughts.

Caeside thinks she disappears (using locate object).

Aranel spots a small crow or raven and she shoots it with her bow at extreme range for 10 HP.

She disappears from Caeside’s spell a second time when she takes another form.
Madox uses Wholeness of Body to regain HP (he’s down 3 overall).

Caeside does Detect Magic and finds a Divination magic about 10 feet away. It is following Caeside.

Caeside casts Dispell Magic. Caeside rolls a 14 and it disappears.
The Druidess is Par’Tsalia.

The party debates – chase Par-Tsalia or cross the river to Neven or flee to Agatha’s. In the night, the party decides to go to Neven to get him our side.
Under a half moon, the back of the party have torches while Aranel is in the front with her nightvision.
By dawn, the party has only made it a short distance thought the Willow Marsh. The party spots a house on stilts populated with animals.
There is a causeway built through the swamp to the house.
Caeside goes to meet the druid alone.
Apr 8, 11:27 PM
Caeside meets with the druid and, after they talk, he invites the rest of the party in.
We all talk.
About the druids, Phoenix, the Worm, Agatha, and assassinating a vampire lord.
Going back and forth about consequences until the discussion comes to the point that Silver Feather loses his mind and starts yelling at the druid because he keeps telling , calling him “swampman” for staying out of things while Silver Feather and his people are in danger and need to do things to help his people.

The Golden Horde is putting together an army and the Ossirri Lords can charge across Umbria.
Apr 8, 11:51 PM
John McGuire
2100 xp total divided by 5 = 420 xp each
John • 58 mins
John McGuire
… yelling at the druid because he keeps telling the party they are ruining the world. This upsets Silver Feather because he has to do a lot to survive and raise up his people. As he starts yelling, he calls him “swampman” for staying out of things and becomes insulting. While Silver Feather and his people are in danger, he is trying to help, and need to do things to help his people.
He storms off.

The druids talk and have a good conversation.

The Golden Horde is putting together an army and the Ossirri Lords can charge across Umbria.

While Neven does not take Caeside under his wing, he does offer this. A direct attack on Caeside is a direct attack on Neven.

At the end, Silver Feather (after being calmed down by Aranel) returns to the hut and apologizes for his outburst to the druid.
Neven is cool and gives Silver Feather a sack of worms.
50 mins
NOTE – Caeside carved Phoenixes for everyone as his symbol even before knowing of the Phoenix.

The party makes it to Phandalin where Baylin and Anya decide to stay. The town is good.

The party presses on to Connyberry. The town is good.

On to Agatha’s cave. Just Aranel and Silver Feather enter her lair, weaponless.

Agatha appears and Silver Feather and Aranel present her mask to her.

“My face! My face! My face!” She becomes beautiful again.

Silver Feather asks her if he can reach out to her again for help. She agrees.

He also warns her about the fact that the Ossirri may come for her (because he is distinct looking). As a result, she gives him a Ring of Alter Self (3 Charges and regains 1 per day. No time limit on how long a single use lasts (save for Concentration)).
Each of us get a 1,000 XP each for finishing the over arching quest.

NOTE – Agatha’s Mask is returned.


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