Session 35: Chateau de Vampire Part 1

Return to the port town after the Phoenix/Worm Temple.

We spend two weeks there.

In town, Aranel recounts what happened to her – she was separated from the group and ended up in the library with a dark elf who gave her a book (The Reaving of the Eldane by O’Tommo the Sage written in common, originally in Calvalen) and recommended that she read it.

Dark elf (worm follower) we ran into in the temple, we let him go.

We found another book called The Fourth Prophecy of Nat-The-Nail.
The river port of Skjor.
Misfits – https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Misfits&*
Mar 18, 9:41 PM
Vistula suggests her brother may be at his chateau – Valarik’s Chateau. 3 floors and a dungeon. 20 standard guards and some vets and maybe a few sons of the Ossirri Lords. Staff of 20 standard servants.
Guards have a separate guard post.
Valarik is a very dark character who tortures virgins over the course of months. The towns around his chateau are his “hunting” grounds.
Vistula suggests that he uses the mask to travel about during the day. If it is removed during the day, it will hurt him. He removed it at night. Holy men can drive them away. They do not like running water. Silver hurts them.
The mask looks like an elven face and made of silver. No straps.
Mar 18, 9:58 PM
John McGuire
The chateau does not have magical defenses. No traps to speak of. She draws out a quick sketch of the chateau.
The party travels along the river from Skjor to Blackstone Keep.
Baylin and Anna join us. They are expecting good loot.
Silver Feather waits on the barge while the others pretend to be Vistula’s servants. Vistula slips into the city to find out that her brother will take a vacation to his chateau soon.
We decide to go ahead and try to take it before he arrives.
Half way between Blackstone Keep and Valui the party exits the barge to cross the orchards away from Braan (avoiding people) to the chateau.
During the day, we take a break and then start out that night.

We leave out about twilight. We are on foot.
Some people out in the orchards during the day.
Mar 18, 10:39 PM
Vistula is wearing a black velvet mask to be disguised.
We have a few days before he arrives.
We expect 5 to 10 servants and 2 and 5 guards and a vet commanding.

Raid of the Chateau.
From the Swan’s Nest as our hideout.
Aranel will wait outside of the bolthole to snipe escapees.
We come at dawn.
Silver Feather will be in one of the trees so he is not seen.
Caeside scouts the manor.
10 servants, 3 guards and 1 vet.
Caeside does Goodberry the night before. 90 created.
Aranel – 10
NPCs – 10 each
Caeside – 10
Madox, Silver Feather – 25 each
Madox bluffs his way to get them to open the door and Madox grabs him and knocks him out.
A child sees it and runs in and starts screaming. Anna tackles him to the ground.
Silver Feather joins them.
In one of the side rooms, Madox opens the door and encounters a guard who fires a crossbow at Madox. Madox pulls the bolt out of the air and charges the guard with his new magic dagger (hits twice for 21 HP).
Mar 18, 11:14 PM
We tie up the child and the old man into one of the side rooms.
There is a maid that is captured.
There are 3 guards dining in the dining hall.
Silver Feather kills a servant (accidentally).
In the room.
6 servants
1 vet
2 guards
Unbuckle their sword belts.
Perception checks.
The captain palmed a dagger and attacked Silver Feather.
Silver got initiative. Hit and disarmed the vet.
Silver and Madox grapple the vet down for 10 HP (Madox).
Caeside tries to intimidate the guard.
Captain rallies the other guards due to SOME FUCKING BULLSHIT AS HELL FUCKING ROLLS.
So, these mother fuckers were eating in full plate with facemasks and runes and dragons and fucking bullshit.
Silver Feather misses him.
Madox faces the captain.
The other two have weapons now, of course.
Caeside kills a guard.

Because of BULLSHIT RULES, Silver Feather had to drop the magic long sword that the captain took.
Silver pulls his two rapiers but because the captain wears plate to eat porage. Captain takes 15 HP from Silver.
Guard killed by Madox.
With everyone dead, the captain asks for quarter.
The party captures everyone.
Puts them in the dungeon.
Pre-pillage of the chateau.
Large gold bracelet
Gold ring set with blood stones (x2)
Carved ivory statuette of a woman
Carved ivory statuette of a warrior
Bronze crown
Box of turquoises animal figurines
(250 GP each.)
Chest with 1,100 CP, and 5,000 SP
Some tapestries but they are too big
We disguise ourselves as servants and guards. to prepare for the ambush of the vamp lord.


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