Session 28: Another Boss Ally

Another Vela Plan Thwarted... that's, like, four of'em...

The party arranges to meet with Stanisic.
Stanisic invites Madox, Caeside, and Silver Feather to his house to get the details of the Emperor’s plans.
Stanisic warns of enemies among the bosses that may want to keep the emperor out.

Madox discusses who could run the city for the empire.
Stanisic feels that the city could be run by someone other than himself. Dimitri, Dobrica, and Alexi (too young in his opinion) would be good choices.
Kvetoslav and Vela are the enemies.
The others are just fighting for territories.
Stanisic asks what is needed to deal with Vela.
Vela arrived from the south 7 or 8 winters ago. She killed a boss and convinced the Lord Mayor to give her his land. No idea what threat or reward she promised.
She originally came from Dar Sum A Tear, the nearest port to the Golden Riders. They have often clashed with the Osarri Marches.
Rumor is that she’s a witch of the Golden Riders.
She prefers liters and carriages.
A few merchants that passed through the
Golden Rider lands are in a inn in Gradimir’s territory.
Omar has been to the Golden Rider Lands.
Vela has some thug tax collectors. She relies on her dark magic.
Madox asks about ways into her territory that are not watched. There’s a tunnel that she has blocked with guardians that would be our best option.
Caeside asks about her magic. Mostly fiendish and demonic allies and summoning. She turns enemies into foes and beasts.

Madox asks Stanisic about creating a citizen’s patrol. Stanisic will train a citizen’s patrol. He approves it within his territory.
Stanisic is also ok with an upgrade to the kenku longhouse. Two crow’s nest tower and wires/ropes between. 20 GP per tower. Upgrades to the longhouse (better doors and thickened wooden walls). Carpenter’s Tools – 8 GP. 100 GP for that upgrade.
10 GP per story (buildings tend to be 2 to 3 stories tall). We purchased two 3-story buildings. Humans in first two floors and kenku in 3rd with the wires.
Stanicek gets 10% of our cut from the Cult of the Worm (475 GP) as a gift.
Jasen Volinin is opposed to Stanicek Romanic due to boating contracts.
Caeside is planning to boost the new religion by preaching it (once we know what it is).
Ren is the main acolyte (kenku druid).
Potential NPCs to join us after we leave the city was discussed.
Ren, a Sister of Solace, and Omar are discussed.
The Sisters of Solace brought back a deceased bum as a Cadaver Lord (Fifth Edition Foes).
Mike named him C. A. Daver.

Meeting with Alexi. Young, impulsive, proud, arrogant, touchy about his honor. He does not believe in an honorable.
Stanicek guarantees the meeting.
Each side brings 5 men.
Madox, Caeside, Silver Feather, Aranel (NPC), and Ren (kenku stats and druid cantrips).
Meeting at the Kite.
Alexi has 3 guys with mail and swords and his 5th guy has a hammer and holy symbol – Church of Law, Lord of the Tempests. Caliner looking cleric.
Alexi is in his early 20s.
The Emperor Onteius Kikarios.
The Cult of the Worm is the enemy and they are on Alexi’s land. Alexi wants to protect all on his land (including the Worm Cultists).
Silver Feather overplays his hand talking to an arrogant Alexi telling him he cannot protect the Worm Cultists.

Cleric is Donavan, lately of Calaine. He sides with Madox over Alexi (his boss).

Alexi accepts a kenku messager to work through any misunderstanding. (Probably do that via email.)

A creature that is blacker than the night emerges behind Alexi and all but rends him limb from limb. It has blue-black skin, no hair, no pupils, long tongue. It grins at Madox as he does that.

Caeside does Moonbeam right on top of that creature.

Silver Feather draws weapons and charges the 10 to 15 feet.

Aranel (NPC) pulls her bow and shoots.

Madox is charging and will save Alexi if possible. Madox hits it to get it to let Alexi go. It lets go.

Silver Feather hits it twice for 20 HP and 7 HP.

Aranel (NPC) misses twice with arrows.

Shadow Thing is in the moonbeam for 7 HP.

It attacks Silver Feather and Aranel. Silver Feather takes 8 HP. 4 HP of radiant.

Madox gives a healing potion to Alexi.

SF – 1 Lose the rapier and misses with dagger. Grabs rapier back and gets ready to attack it from behind.

Aranel attacks it with her +1 Longsword three times for 11 HP, 14 HP, 6 HP (action surge).

Caeside turns into a bear and charges it for 6 HP (bite) and 12 HP (claw).

Donavan the cleric. Sanctuary cast on Alexi. Attacks with a mace for 4 HP.
Ren’s attack does 2 HP with her Poison Spray spell.
New Round.

Caeside Moonbeam’s it for 9 HP.

It decides to move back toward Silver Feather to get through him and to Alexi.

It claws SF for 11 HP and 10 HP and 24 HP. Silver Feather is at 57 HP taken (he’s dead now).

Aranel goes to her bow and hits twice for 12 HP and 7 HP.

Caeside hits it once (misses the other) for 15 HP. He is trying to get it away from Silver Feather so Ren can do Heal (proficiency).

Madox does fury of blows. Three hits for 20 HP total. Madox staggers it away Silver Feather.

Donavan heals Silver for 4 HP (saving his life). He also casts Spiritual Weapon against the creature.

It misses Madox completely.
New Round.
Caeside’s Moonbeam does 9 (but it saved for half).

Caeside hit with the claw for 6 HP.
Aranel hits it with the magic longsword for 6 HP.

Madox uses a Ki to do Stunning Strike. 7 HP and Con Save Against 14 (it made it). 6 HP on another hit.

Donavan Spiritual Weapon misses and he does Sacred Flame for 4 HP.

Silver Feather does Second Wind for 12 (16 total).

Ren does 6 HP from the Poison Spray.

Moonbeam does 11 HP which kills it.
The creature disappears when it dies.

1800 XP for defeating the thing and saving Alexi.

Alexi dislikes Vela.
He agrees to take a kenku messenger.

Donavan heals Silver Feather (17 for 33) and Alexi.
Caeside heals Silver Feather for 11 (44 total). Caeside also heals Alexi.

Alexi takes the party into his house once we get back to his territory.

Alexi asks what is the plan to deal with Vela? Silver Feather says, “Death.”

Ren, due to the fight, is now 1st level druid.

This session ends in a propaganda win – Vela failed to kill a boss.

Assault on Vela’s liar next session.

500 XP for Stanicek talks. (2300 XP total.)

Mike will consider what Alexi may provide for this.


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