Session 27: Vela's Ambush WAY Backfires

Nat 20 Night!

Caeside and Silver Feather and kenku only tonight.

Madox is building up contacts among boatmen and training kenku.

Sara is likely going to drop out to better help with the kids. Arwen is around as an NPC now.

Mike bumps us to Wealthy Lifestyle cost-wise.

Discussed Kenku Wirelines to connect Kenku buildings and possibly setup wire traps because Mike was ok with Kenku easily walk and balance on wires like regular birds.

Discussed the anti-Worm Cult “agenda of the empire” and how we’re here to take them down. Vela is included in that group of people that follow the worm.

We have 1 or 2 Kenku guards in the inn. They slip in and out without creating a huge fuse going to our rooms (which are down the cliffside).

Spending the night at the kenku longhouse several weeks after the Worm Cult Raid. There is a fire outside of the long house in the middle of the night.

The kenku begin helping the locals with bucketing water onto the nearby houses.

The area on fire is roughly 30 ft by 30 ft. Caeside tries Windwall to block the sparks in. This works but it is not perfect. It requires 2 castings to mostly take down the blaze.

Our code of warning is “Oh, Shit! A Bear!” for the Kenku and the party.
Silver Feather, Caeside and the pack of kenku come back toward the long house.

Slick, slimey skin. Man height and broad shoulders. Eel with arms and legs. Wearing a few leather straps on its body. Throws a spear at Silver Feather for 3 HP.

Silver Feather wins initiative against Eel guy. Silver hits for 17 HP and 5 HP. It screams and 20 more pop out.

Surprise round.

Silver takes 7 HP with spears and then bites for 6 HP and 2 HP.

Silver has taken 18 HP so far.

Caeside is hit for 7 HP from spear. 2 HP from a bite. 6 HP from another spear.

We have 3 each of the Eels. 14 to the Kenku behind us.

Real Round 01.
Silver Feather

Caeside does Flaming Sphere on the 3 (set behind the Eels).
9:51 PM
Eels AC 12 with spears.

Silver Feather hits 16 HP and 6 HP killing one of the Eels.

Frenzy at the sight of blood.

For Silver Feather, the first Eel bites for 2 HP and second does 3 HP with spear and bites for 3 HP.

Silver Feather has taken 26 HP so far. 22 HP left.

Caeside is attacked for 9 HP with spear, 2nd for 5 HP (spear) and 3rd hits for 2 HP (bite).

Caeside gets an attack of opportunity against 2 and one for Flaming Sphere.

Does 9 HP from Flaming Sphere. Does 9 with staff and another 8 on the second opportunity attacks.

Mike allows the Flaming Sphere to damage one of the Eels Silver Feather for 6 HP.

Silver Feather goes first as Lee looked up a spell. Silver does 14 HP against the one that is already hurt. Doing 7 HP with dagger and killing it. He uses Action Surge to do 9 HP to the Eel that is facing Caeside.

Silver Feather has killed 3 so far, wounded one.
Caeside has wounded 4 so far.

Caeside becomes a jackrabbit to escape and then cast a spell next round.

Caeside moves the Flaming Sphere to act as Silver Feather’s shield to keep 2 off of him. The two that are blocked off decide to break off.

Silver Feather is facing the last 2 of the 6.

Eel hits for 4 HP (spear), 2 HP (bite), other one for 7 HP (spear).

Silver Feather 39 HP taken from the eels.
Caeside does Thunderwave against 3 Eels. 2d8 and pushed 10 feet. Does 9 to one and 5 for the other 2. It knocks one down. Caeside does an opportunity attack against the one down for 11 HP and cave in his skull.

Silver Feather. 15 HP 5 HP and kill one.

4 HP regained from Second Wind.

Eel hits Silver Feather with his bite for 5 HP (nat 20).

One Eel left versus Silver Feather and he’s almost down.

Kenku are down 5 of 16 from the fight and those 5 may not be dead.
Eel have lost 9 of 14 (5 left). Starting to retreat. They are doing a fighting withdraw.
Caeside. Wild Shapes into Dire Wolf.
He attacks the retreaters. Bite with Nat 20 for 15 HP and killing one. 4 eels left.

Silver Feather kills the last of eels facing him with a dagger.

Moonlight hits the eel and it turns out to be a naked human. Like average person, scrawny.

Silver Feather sends half of the kenku to the long house.

2 kenku die, Caeside saves the other 3 with non-magical healing.

NOTE – Ren is the female kenku apprentice.
10:24 PM
Silver Feather goes to the long house. The warriors saved the long house.

The fire is under control and the humans that were fighting it come to see what’s happening and see the dead human bodies. That starts the crowd shouting that the kenku killed the humans.

Silver Feather hears and takes several kenku mimic-ers to start counter shouts in female voices saying that these were monsters the turned into humans after they died.

Silver Feather and the kenku Nat 20 on the Deception check to say they saw what happened.

Caeside Nat 20 on his Persuasion check to tell them what happened.

Gets the crowd to chant “Death to the Worm Cult!” after we seeded that idea into the crowd.

Caeside does Detect Magic and finds transmutation magic caused them to transformed them.

We killed 18 of the 21 of the eel/humans.
400 XP each for the Eels we killed personally and 550 XP each for turning the propaganda attack to our advantage.

Kenku are now blooded so they can be more powerful.
10:39 PM
36 spears taken for the kenku.

Caeside, Silver Feather and 2 kenku go to the Sisters of the Solace in the middle of the night to get Sister Nanya to help identify who was forced to attack us. Sister Nanya is out so another sister will help.

Three sisters comes to see those that fell.

We traveled via canal.

Caeside heals Silver Feather for 14 HP.

Sister Nanya arrives after getting a message. They heal the wounded. Sisters heal everyone for 25 HP.

13 total sisters arrive. They take one of the bodies with them. The kenku are asked to bury the rest.

Caeside accuses Vela to Sister Nanya. Missing for weeks and months ago.

Silver Feather and Caeside are going to give them a funeral pyre due to the frozen ground. Wake with food offered before burning them on the Kite to be seen by all including Vela.
53 mins
Banquet would be 2 SP per person. 20 GP per 100 people.
Pay for 500 people (100 GP) to eat.

The kenku and local poor bearing the dead on liters marching them through Stanisic and Vela’s territory on the way to the Kite. Caeside is leading the march and calling out prayers. 500 mourners.

As we get toward the south end of the territory and Stanisic and Marcus and their men take the lead of the procession.

No one bothers us in Vela’s territory.

Baclavs territory is ok with us.

Food and wine. Stanisic’s men bring even more food and wine. Silver horns with rich red wine. He is Stannis from GoT.

Stanicis does not like Vela. He is descended from the River’s Men (Russians). A longstanding legend of a worm that bores into the bowels of the earth. Worm of Death.
Stanisic knows about a certain mask we are looking for and he offers to put us in touch

He asks about the Emperor’s army moving north. Silver Feather sidesteps the question.

Stanisic asks for a meeting between him and Madox. Get in touch Marcus to set up the meeting.

Silver Feather offers to help Stanisic if he ever needs it because he has been good to the kenku.

He asks Caeside if the druids are coming back to the city.

He feels any assault on the kenku or his favorite druid is an assault on him.

As the pyre goes up, Caeside sends the stench to Vela’s territory.

At the end of the night, 300 people return to their homes (200 had already returned home).
28 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Lee, did you ditch on purpose?
Michael • 11 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Leland Beauchamp
Nope. Screen went crazy
Leland • 10 mins
Leland Beauchamp
NOTES. The party owes Alexi money (likely next session).
Talk to Marcus about setting up a meeting with Madox and Stanisic.

Bowblade for Aranel.

We are looking for Worm Cult and looking for other missing poor people and blaming ALL missing on Vela and the Worm Cult.

Mike asks us to consider bringing in mercenary help. Lizardfolk are in the swamps to the south of the city. Some dwarves in the city. City is mostly human.

Try to recruit dwarves and get local humans to act as a patrol of their own neighborhood. Citizens on Patrol. In-exchange for weapons.

Hire some out of work veterans and class-less adventurers. To hire for protection. We hire one within a week to help train the kenku. We are looking for a second veteran.

Ancient Treasures of Saracan (a race of wizards) lived in the hills around here. There are ruins up there with stuff and things!

We have 18 blooded kenku left and starting in on the second batch of 20.
30 GP per month for two veterans. One is a captain (Omar) and one is a Lt.

The party is likely going to leave the inn due to it being in Ljuderit’s territory.

We need to meet with the bosses.

Vela has a small human force but it’s her supernatural forces that keep her in power. No one knows why she has not taken over more territory.

Kenku Messenger Service will help the Sisters of Solace as their first real contract.


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