Session 18: Someone Saw Rockseeker!

The party led by Aranel leaves Thundertree.
Headed for Aranel’s elven homeland in the woods not many days away.
Half-day into the journey we see a valley.
About 10 miles from her village an arrow strikes the ground. From an elf, Darish.
Queen Raheshia is the elf queen. Few hundred years old.
Co-ta-ho-tun is the elvish village. Crafted around trees.
Aranel’s best friend in the elvish village is…

In the center of the village is a small lake and on the lake is a tall, thin castle. All party members can feel that the castle radiates magic. The guards challenge us.

Elder of the Wood Elves. Sassafrass.
He is a powerful sorcerer. He was a hunter before that.
The high elves are ruling the wood elves.

Sassafrass lives in a house. Aranel goes to his house. He’s Billy Crystal.
She introduces us to him.
He invites us in.

Caeside asks Sassafrass about removing a curse to remove Geas from Aranel and Silver Feather. Aranel is aware of the Geas. Sassafrass is not interested in helping. He does not support breaking her word.
Aranel thinks it’ll better to go back on her word because it’s Agatha.
Only Caeside and Aranel are in on this conversation.

Agatha has not bothered the elves in 500 years. The elves see her as a balance.

Worms. Are available in elvish lands. This is important.

Agatha was a member of the wood elves clan that lived in this forest. Her clan was destroyed by the orcs.

Agatha, in life, fought the orcs until her arm was destroyed and she refused to die. She became a banshee.
Her people wore masks into combat. The one we are seeking.

He has no new news about Agatha.

He has heard of Rockseeker. That Rockseeker has been taken by goblins. They are in a castle in the Arrowfell Woods.
Three weeks ago. A week ago goblins took into the castle.

The elves are not interested in fighting the goblins but Sassafrass would be interested in helping us.

He offers, as reward, a composite bow and an audience with the queen.

He also asks us about the Green Dragon.
He talks to Ambrosia about the green dragon.
The elves and Caeside discuss making an armor out of the novic (?)
For a shapeshifting armor.
The party stocks up and Darash leads us to the castle.
Nothing encounters us overnight.
We make it to the castle. Several concentric towers and they have crumbled. It is mid-morning.
Ask Darash about it. It was a human outpost a few hundred years ago. It was destroyed by the goblins.
Elves have used it as a way station from time to time.

Caeside asks an animal about what is in the ruins. A fox. It says there are some arrow slits (2) that face into the front doors (smashed in as well). Guards at the front doors. Side entrance on the south side of the castle (not smashed in). Two arrow slits over the direct path to that door. But their is an option of going through the woods. He feels they are not totally engaged in watching.
Part of the northwestern tower has collapsed and we could squeeze in holes.
We move around to the back of the castle and spot a place where there is a hole in the ruble in the north wall. A hole in the rubble and tunneled through it. It is covered in canvas a bit back.
Northwestern tower remains our goal.
Maddox looks into the tower and hears snoring. There are 4 beds inside. Beds on opposite wall. 4 fingers asleep.
At least 4 in that room.
Silver Feather suggested that Caeside use Thunderclap in there against the sleeping goblins.

Instead, Caeside, in spider form, re-cons the castle.

First room: They were four hobogoblins in the room asleep. The bedroom is 15 × 20. They have the door set close to one of their beds that will be hit if anyone opens the door.

From the front door, there’s a hallway 5 feet in and another 30 feet long. Doors on both ends (6 doors and 3 halls).

Caeside goes to the door to the right and listens at the door and hears muttered goblin. In another door he hears snoring.

At the last set of doors, he listens and sees a tripwire on the backmost door (center most door). It will have stuff fall from the ceiling. On the other door, he hears dishes and the like.

Checks doors we are more aware of but it does not have the hobogoblin sleeping sounds behind either.

Caeside goes back to the arrow slits. He checks to see if they can be webbed up.
Decide to attack the hobogoblin bedroom.
Caeside comes in as spider then transforms and casts thunderwave.
Maddox in next.
Silver Feather in next.
Aranel in next.

Thunderwave does 17 HP of damage to all of the hobogoblin. Only one hobogoblin gets up.
Maddox hits the hobogoblin for 6 HP.
All of them are dead.
We set up two of the beds as barricades for Aranel and Silver Feather to hide behind. For half-cover.
Maddox is to the left of the door as crowd control.
Caeside is going to…

We will continue next week.


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