Session 08: Orc Songs & Ambushes

Ambush & Dragons

Five days after the run-in with Ambrosia’s brother, the parties reunite and reach a position to see Wyrern Tor 25 miles distant. From that position the party can also see Ice Spire Peak, a mountain, 10 miles to the south. Caeside, Maddox, Sildar and Silver Feather. Ambrosia is there as well (and Arnel as an NPC). Our two NPC henchpeople and mules are there as well.
The next day Caeside speaks to a bird that speaks of pigfaced creatures that are toward Wyvern Tor. It mentioned 2 talons of claws of pigfaces and a big one (double their size). They are a day and a half away. They are in a cave on the evening sun side of a hill… on the right hand side (south side) of the hill is a creek near the cave. There is a human settlement between the hill and mountain in a wide valley (they are a day out of our way). The orcs only come out of the cave at night.
We decide to go straight for the orc’s hill/cave. Want to arrive at night to scout them as they leave and then decide then what our plan is.
We spot the cave about a mile away from a copse of trees. It is late afternoon.
Silver Feather scouts toward the cave in the day. He spots an orc (500 yards away) under a canopy 50 yards from the cave. No traps spotted so far.
Silver Feather returns to the party to report the orc.
The plan is to get the party within 500 yards, Arnel and Silver Feather climb a tree near him in case things go south. Ambrosia approaches the orc to use her charm person. The orc is nearly asleep. She is wearing a special occasion black dress to impress the orc and she casts charm person. The spell works and Ambrosia talks to him.
The orc boss is “Broogar”.
Ambrosia follows the orc into the cave. Silver Feather approaches the cave (following her).
SIDE NOTE – Caeside suggests to Maddox that the party should try to collect more of the white dragon’s scales.

After Ambrosia enters the cave (20 minutes later). And singing starts. 6 to 10 voices singing in orcish. They party/sing for another 40 minutes. The voices are getting ready for battle.
Plan for the ambush of the orcs. Arnel and Silver Feather climb up some trees to shoot the orcs as they come out, Caeside turns into a brown bear, Sildar (with his crossbow) and Maddox on the ground (hit and runs).

Round One of Orc Battle (at twilight). We attack from the trees when the orcs are 50 ft away.

Ambrosia (who is in the cave with the orcs [that are emerging]) – Uses her breath weapon against 2 orcs for 6 pts each.
Arnel (played by Sara and then Lee) – Hits an orc for 11 pts (did not kill it). An orc javelin hits her for 4 pts.
Caeside (wild shapes as a Brown Bear and gets 9 extra hit points due to Enhanced Ability) – Attacks the ogre (2 hits) for 11 pts and 8 pts.
Maddox – Short sword and punch attacks against an orc for 9 pts and 4 pts. (same orc that Sildar hit)
Sildar (played by Lee) – Hits an orc with a crossbow for 8 pts.
Silver Feather – Hits an orc for 13 pts (did not kill it). An orc javelin hits him for 6 pts. The ogre’s javelin for 12 pts.

Orcs x6 – 1 orc killed
Ogre – Engaged with CaesideBear

Round Two

Ambrosia (who is in the cave with the orcs [that are emerging]) – 8
Arnel (played by Sara and then Lee) –
Caeside (wild shapes as a Brown Bear and gets 9 extra hit points due to Enhanced Ability) –
Maddox – 21
Sildar (played by Lee) –
Silver Feather -12

Orcs – 18
Ogre -

Maddox – Hit twice for 10 points against a burning orc (killing it).
Orcs – Most figure out where the archers are. Missile fire will incur disadvantage due to Maddox and Ambrosia being among the orcs. 2 orcs target Maddox.
Throws another javelin as Silver Feather for 6 pts.
Ambrosia takes an ax hit and is bleeding badly.
Sildar – Hits an orc for 3 pts.
Arnel – Does 5 pts to an orc via an arrow.
Caeside – Two attacks against the ogre. One hit for 7 pts.
Silver Feather – Climbs down the tree for the round.
Ambrosia – She hits twice against an orc for 12 pts. killing an orc
Ogre – Club attack against CaesideBear for 22 pts. (many of which were from his Enhanced Ability).

Round 3:

Maddox – Hit twice for 15 points against a wounded orc (killing it).
Orcs – Maddox gets hit for 6 pts of damage. Sildar parries the leaders attack.
Sildar – Hits the orc for 8 pts. (misses with other)
Arnel – Shoots into melee at the least wounded orc for 7 pts.
Caeside – Two attacks and hits with both against the ogre for 6 pts and 9 pts.
Silver Feather – Kills the leader orc with 13 pts from the rapier
Ambrosia – Attacks twice and hits with the dagger (only) for 1 pt damage
Ogre – Attacks Caeside with great club for 9 pts

Only 1 orc and the ogre left.

Round 4:

Maddox – Charges the last orc. Hit twice for 11 points (killing it).
Orcs – All Dead.
Sildar – Misses the ogre twice
Arnel – Her bow string snaps
Caeside – Hits twice (one a natural 20) for 7 pts and then 24 pts and kills the ogre

All are dead. XP is 225 after caving in to the McGuire.

750 CP
180 SP
62 EP
30 GP
3 vials of perfume (10 GP)

We are a day away from Old Owl Well.
We take the ogre head and the orc heads as proof to the miners of what we did. For 100 GP in bounty for the orcs for when we get back to Phandalin.
We are going to check the area miners and learn of any other attacks.


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