Session 22: Ravensgate - Demetres' Bizarre

FailedAmbush & Diplomacy. Madox Reaches 5th Level!

After some economics discussion that threatened to drive Silverfeather to act VERY lawful good to everyone around him… we decided to go to see the Priest at the temple – he believes that the Black Orc sword isn’t “evil”, but there is a “sorrow” associated with it. We decide to go to see a Wizard about Identifying a bunch of magic items we own. However, on the way there a bunch of thugs decide that we didn’t pay the fee. The chase us in an alley, but they pause at Caeside shifting into BEAR form. Three crossbow bolts rain down on us from the rooftop above hitting Silver and Caeside. When Caeside tries to give Madox a boost up to the roof. One of the thugs charges, takes an arrow from Silver (11 dam from an arrow). He hits Caeside for 3 dam). Arnel fires an arrow at one for 10 dam. Madox finally scrambles up and takes 16 damage. Madox uses Flurry of blows to try and stuns one of them (5 dam).
Arnel decides to drop some elvish f-bombs
John • Oct 15, 10:33 PM
Demetres’ thugs attack us for a cross territory tax. As we ask them about it, they attack first with crossbows from the roof.

Silver Feather takes 4 HP from a crossbow.
Caeside (bear) takes 11 HP from two crossbows.

Silver Feather hits the thug with the composite bow for 11 HP.

The wounded thug hits the bear for XX HP.

Aranel shots a thug and does 10 HP.

The two on the top are trying to prevent Maddox from climbing to the top of the wall (bear pushing him up).

He is hit 3 out of 4 times with clubs. Maddox takes 16 HP in damage.

Maddox pulls himself up. He hits several of them for XX HP.

Thug shoots at Aranel but misses.

3 of the 6 that are in the alley depart to try to outflank us.

Aranel misses with her long bow (natural 1). And the string snaps on her.
Oct 15, 10:34 PM
John McGuire
She’s tries to fire another arrow, but the string snaps (nat. 1). Caeside attacks with tooth (6 dam) and claw (11 dam) – guy is badly bleeding, but not quite dead – he attacks for 6 damage on Caeside.
John • Oct 15, 10:35 PM
Caeside attacks the thug in front of him. Does 11 HP with his claw. With the bite he does 6 HP.

Thug takes a swing at Caeside for 6 HP.

The one behind the thug steps up and swings but misses.

Silver Feather tosses Aranel his composite bow. He leaps off of the bear’s back and strikes one thug with the rapier (mid-air) for 16 and lands in front of the other and hits with a dagger for 6.

Two thugs hit Silver Feather each for 11 HP.
Maddox is facing the thugs on the roof alone.

A thug clips Maddox for 4 HP.

Maddox counters and tosses the thug off the roof for 5 HP (hit) and does 6 points from the fall.

Maddox hits a thug with a Nat 20 for 14 HP (short sword). Last attack is a punch (Nat 20) for 8 HP (fist).

Thug swings back and misses.

Aranel shoots with Silver Feather’s bow but misses. The thugs shoots back for 3 HP.
Maddox and Aranel have to do perception checks. Aranel rolled a 1. Maddox got a 9.
Oct 15, 10:48 PM
John McGuire
Apparently we like to randomly look up at the sky Arnel and Madox keep failing Perception checks
John • Oct 15, 10:49 PM
Hello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
Aranel is hit by the 3 thugs around the back. They hit her for 3 and 4 HP.
Caeside hits for 10 HP on the thug beneath him (bite).
Caeside strikes another with his claw for 8 HP.

Two down. One left.

Silver Feather hits him for 13 HP.

Thug hits twice for 9 HP against Silver Feather.
Oct 15, 10:53 PM
John McGuire
Arnel is soaked in the blood of her enemies!
John • Oct 15, 10:59 PM
Maddox did 9 HP with his sword and misses with the second attack.

Thug swings back but misses twice (one with a one). Maddox grapples with him.

Thug that fell off of the roof and attacks Caeside and does 6 HP to Caeside.

Aranel uses her rapier and attacks a thug for 4 HP. For her hand ax, she tries to attack and does 7 HP.

The two thugs attack Aranel and she is only hit once for 3 HP.

Crossbow man shoots at the bear. He misses.
Next Round

Caeside first. Claw then bite. Misses with claw. Hits with the bite for 5 HP. Takes him down.

Silver Feather takes out the final “front” thug with 17 HP.

Maddox hits for 9 HP and 8 HP against a thug. Taking him out.

Crossbow guy drops his crossbow and pulls out a club.

Aranel goes for another attack and gets a 9 (misses).

Thug takes two swings at her for 8 HP.

The last thugs take off.

Aranel gets an opportunity attack against the thug. She crits for 5 HP.

Maddox intimidates the last one on the roof to surrender.
Silver Feather, Direwolf and Aranel chases the last 3 thugs. Caeside casts long strider on Silver Feather.

Aranel is trying to keep them in sight (she’s chasing the disarmed guy). She is closing on him.
Silver Feather grabs his composite bow as he’s giving chase.
Aranel hits the thug with her dagger for 7 HP.

Thug keeps runnings for the quote “scary elf”. Aranel says.
He hits Silver Feather for 5 HP.
Silver Feather hits him for 11 HP. Killing him.

Direwolf runs past Silver at a move of freaking 50 and we’re looking for the last thugs who are out of sight.
Silver, Caeside, and Aranel lose the final thugs.
Maddox interrogates his thug.

Demetres is in-charge of the gangs around here. He says that Demetres will be glad to figure out the message.
The thugs (far away) that was killed had some tattoos but nothing meaningful. 16 SP on him.

Using Caeside’s Wander feature we get back.

“We didn’t know you were bringing a bear to a sword fight.”
Oct 15, 11:24 PM
John McGuire
They didn’t know we were bringing a bear to a sword fight.
John • Oct 15, 11:24 PM
Bizarre sector is Demetres’ sector.
Maddox slips one of Caeside’s tracers on him (Nat 20).

The party decides to trace the loosed thug at a 1,000 feet. From the far side of the bizarre.
Oct 15, 11:35 PM
John McGuire
The thug stops at one of the large manor houses that overlooks one of the canals.
The party waits at the tea house.
After an hour, there is no activity going in or out of the manor house.
Healing up to 47 HP for HD recoup.

Maddox changes into his crimson gear and a sword and the Calaine (?) holy symbol. As Maddox puts it on, he feels right wearing it.

Black casock (?) with thread of gold and a sash. He looks made to where it.

Nobody messes with Maddox on his trip back to the tea room.

This is his uniform from his past.

Crimson Brotherhood. Emperor’s personal bodyguard and assassin core. “My Lord” is the honorific.
Oct 15, 11:53 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside is a mouse in Maddox’s pocket as we approach the manor. We go to the front door and knock.
A woman in her mid-40s answers the door. We merely ask to speak to Demetres about taxes.
After a few minutes an older gentlemen, portly Russian.
We offer to pay a tax.
He offers friendship for a silver.
Demetres used to sail when he was younger. Caline is Maddox’s homeland.

Demetres gives them a gift, Laric’s head.

We part as “friends”.
XP for defeating the thugs (9 total) we get 475 each.
16 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
We upped the tax to a gold to make a point that we are worth more than a silver.
Thugs had (on top of the 16 SP), 10 GP and 36 SP.

Madox reaches 5th level.


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