Mutant Year Zero Session 003


Session 3.
Tome was in the library and overcome with ecstasy.
Then he wakes in Virgil’s arms. He regains 1 STR. His pouch is gone.
He notices that Dava is nowhere to be found.
It is about an hour/hour-and-a-half until dark.
Tome tries to figure out what happened. Heal check or a Know the Zone check. Heal check it is. 9 dice for 1 success.
One of the stalkers encountered a box of powder that could cause these effects but it may or may not be the cause of Tome’s state.
There are tracks from the building heading north.
Virgil climbs to the top of the building (2 floor) and uses the spyglass to scope north. 3 + 1 + 1 (scout check plus device). Two 1s and no successes. Did not Push.
Discovered nothing.
Jan 20, 9:47 PM
The bag was full of batteries that Dava likely stole.
Tome produces another bag of batteries.
We return to the wagon and Tome wants to search the wagon for possible traps (bombs). Tome tries a straight wits roll (and gets 1 success). Should have been a jerry rig check (which only Dax has).
To pull the wagon takes 8 STR (5 from Virgil, 3 from Bomba).
Tome regains another point of STR.
We get moving a few blocks over (east… away from the school and ambush) and then south.
We leave the Ybor area (strange architecture) and get into the residential ruins. Looking for a place to hide the wagon.
This has taken 45 minutes to a hour. We find a semi-secure seeming building with a few garages.
We stick at the building with the wagon.
Not easily viewable from the street.
Building seems well picked over.
We make a fire and eat dog (cooking skill is not a common school).
Two individuals per watch.
Dax sleeps first to regain Wits.
Tome is back up to full.
Bomba is down 1 Wits.
First watch is Tome and Virgil.
Tome tries to find a place to see up and down the street as he hides in the shadow.
5 hours later, we change shifts.
Dax was down 4 Wits. He slept 5 hours and recovered all Wits damage.
Made it to the next day and nothing happened.
Tome suggests going up the 5-story

Move check to climb (4 dice and no successes so do a Mutant Point to finish the climb).
North (no successes on 5 dice)
East (no successes on 5 dice)
South (2 successes) – To the SE there’s a bit of movement. 2 humanoid shapes walking along a street using cover. They duck in for cover.
West (1 success) – See the same “bird” man. Way away. Virgil flips him off 3 times.
Bomba strips and “invisible” and heads out alone to try to find the 2 figures that Virgil saw.
Toward the southeast, near the broken spin, Bomba does a scout check.
4 dice – two 1s and pushed to get a 6.
2 points of Wit damage.
He finds two sets of tracks (like 3 people together) with a second set (two hanging back). Group of 3 and a pair of 2.
Jan 20, 10:27 PM
Bomba needs to make a Sneak check but his power allows him to automatically succeed on a Sneak roll.
Scout check and got 1 success.
Bomba tracked them through 3 different buildings but never found them. He returned to the party. Their trail is making a straight path toward The Blue.
Bomba wants to offer them some dog and, possibly, some wine and work this out.
Scrap that plan.
The idea is to distract the “bird” man (Tome will do that) and Virgil to take him up to the top of the roof to do the distraction.
A roaring sound and the ground shakes (from the west). No idea what it is.
The “bird” man building is gone.
Dax rolls jerry rig (9 dice and 2 successes) to hide/boobytrap the wagon.
While he’s working, another tall building crashes.
Tome tries to climb a building to see what’s happened to the 2 collapsed buildings.
A third tall building shakes and falls as Tome watches.
By the time the switching out of the “goods” on the wagon for “building materials”… oh, wait… the wagon is empty and we’ll load up the A/C units are, a 4th building has fallen.
Tome comes down and we go fast.
Tome goes ahead.
For the wagon and pulling it requires Endure check:
Virgil 5 + 3 = 1 success
Bomba ? + ? = No successes (taking a point of STR damage)
Bomba did a Push and got a success.
No 1s.
He got his 1 point of STR back for the Push.
Tome needs to do a Scout check and gets 1 success.
Tome has not found any indication of anyone ahead of us. Near the Blue. Mid-day and no additional explosions.
6 fillers and 19 cans of food in the Blue.
Tome is scouting ahead.
Bomba and Virgil are pulling the wagon.
Dax is near the wagon.
Tome does a scout check (no successes with one 1). He Pushes and fails and no successes and takes a Wits damage.
A rock comes out and just misses his head.
Behind the broken spine step 6 figures. One of them is Dava.
Empathy check – 3 successes. Something is wrong with Dava (she’s a complete blank slate). Another stalker is next to Dava and possibly controlling her.
Ball (a high ranking stalker that has had Tome) screams, “Where is it?”
He’s VERY pissed off.
Manipulate check – 2 successes. No effect on Ball but does have an effect on the other woman.
Ball is very mad! He wants “the key”.
Bomba strips and goes invisible.
Virgil goes back with Bomba and the boss says to try to sneak up but there’s nothing to hide behind.

Tome does an Empathy check – 1 success to convince the one woman and causes her power on Dava to waver.

Tome – “What do you want the key for?”
Ball may no longer be sane and can’t be calmed down.
4 of the stalkers charge Tome.
Instead of targeting them, Tome targets the woman controlling Dava. One success to hit with the sling (1 damage). He pushes and rolls 2 additional successes. Opens up tricks – Tome wants to break the woman’s concentration.
[GM tries to convince Mike to NOT attack the only individual not against us… and focus on the other 4… He REALLY tries and gets through to Mike! SUCCESS!!!!!!!]
Tome changes his focus to attack the 4 attackers (and hits Ball in the knee for 1 physical damage and 1 point attribute damage).
Virgil charges out there.
Dax – 9
Virgil – 7
Bomba – 6
Tome – 4
Jan 20, 11:23 PM
Dax shoots at one of the chargers. Shoot + Agility + Pistol. 4 dice/no successes (he’d been minus
Virgil attacks with the spear 5 + 2 + 1 = 3 successes. Stabs for 2 damage and then picks up the dude and throws him into another.
Baseball bat man does 3 STR damage to Virgil (2 STR left).
Tome gets shot with a gun for 2 STR and 1 to AGILITY damage.
Bomba goes up and attacks a dude from behind with surprise. Attacks. Pushes. 1 success and one 1. This was with 6 dice.
An arrow comes flying past Bomba’s head and kills the rifleman that Bomba had engaged.

New Round.

Tome is down (his turn is missed).
Dax gets a (1) hit against one of the guys that was getting up.
Virgil misses after switching to the ax.
Baseball Bat hits Virgil for 1 STR damage (1 left). He had to Push to do it (and his Push did 4 damage to him).
Bomba goes after insane guy and has surprise (+1). 2 successes. Trick is a sweep to knock him down.
Dava and other woman are arguing.

New Round.

Dax. Runs over to a stalker and breaths fire on him. Doing 4 MP of damage (4 damage).
The four men are down.
Dava and the other female scout have come to some agreement.

Dax scavenges the down men for bullets and guns.
Virgil and Bomba check on Tome.
Injuries are thigh wound is -1 to Move/Sneak for the next 13 days. He rolled 4 insta-deaths but GM bypassed them for this.
Tome does a Heal check on himself. Halving the damage he took.
Tome does a Heal on Virgil (3), and Tome (2). They’re fully healed.

Body One:
5 Bullets
2 Grub
1 Water
1 Scrap Rifle

Body Two:
2 Grub
2 Water
1 Baseball Bat
1 Scrap Dagger

Bodies Three and Four are burned slag. We eat the bodies! Huzzah post-apocalypse!
The last woman tells them that this was a rebellion against Talon. He has the key and they thought Tome had taken it when it came up missing because he was in Talon’s chambers so much.
The woman, Farama, is able to manipulate minds. She was NOT able to pull back Ball and she should have been able to.
Farma thought she was joining a rebellion against Talon who has the key to get into the vault.
Ball was one of Talon’s Lt. Ball had disappeared 3 months prior.
Talon is the second-in-command.
Farama does not know why the buildings were falling.
She said that Ball said the buildings falling were part of the plan.
The ark has lost 80% to 85% of its stalkers. Like Talon is mustering those loyal to him and offing those that are not.
Dava is a parasite, she can absorb STR or other abilities.
Tome examines Dava and she’s fine.
12:17 AM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
We hide the 4 dead bodies in an upside down dumpster.
Virgil – “Any last words?”
Tome – “May you rot in Hell.”
As they leave, Virgil shouts, “May you rot in Hell!” And with that, the harness falls off… coincidence?
The harness falls off the wagon.
We go to the Big Blue to find a part to fix the harness (if possible).
Tome gives Farama a drink from one of the bottles.
Farama needs half of a 5th bottle before she’s feeling the effects.
Tome – 2 successes to fain that he’s drinking while Farama gets loaded.
As Tome questions Farama about why she’s joining the rebellion… which she realizes is stupid now… Then she starts seizing up. He tries a Heal check – 1 Success. Stabilizes her.
We’re in the shopping area of the Big Blue.
Dax is sitting near Dava.
“What does Talon have on you?”
“What does he need the rifle for? What’s special about this rifle?”
Dava – “It’s a fully intact ancient rifle.”

Dax goes over toward Bomba and Virgil. Bomba and Virgil are by the door.
2 in the afternoon.
Bomba, Dax, Dava, and Virgil are going back to the Ark.
Tome and Farama stay behind.
Actually, it is Bomba, Dax, and Virgil go back to the Ark.
1) 3 XP (2 now, 1 later)
2) 0 XP
3) 1 XP
4) 2 XP (Dax), 2 XP (Tome), 1 XP (Bomba)
5) 1 XP (Tome)
6) 0 XP
7) 0 XP

Bomba – 4 XP
Dax – 5 XP
Tome – 6 XP
Virgil – 3 XP

5 XP to bump a stat.
Add one more XP for Bomba (for the “I Hate” section). So, 5 XP.
Bomba, Dax, and Virgil head south. About a hour from the Ark, we see figures coming. Cleo and 3 of her retainers (enforcers). They are coming toward us.
They are followed by 12 to 15 with rifles and chasing Cleo and 3 others. This is a lot of rifles.
We decide to run… then Bomba wants to fight to save Cleo.
Bomba turns invisible and will attack from the rear.
Virgil and Dax head back to the ruins to set up the ambush.
Toward the shore in the residential ruins, we wait for them in the dense houses. With the ten minutes that we have, Dax tries a jerry rig check to get a wall to fall when tripped (1 success).
Dax gives Virgil a:
1 Scrap Rifle
4 Bullets
2 scavengers are fallen behind.
Bomba attacks them both. Knocked both down.
2 more. Same results.

The remaining stalkers are:
5 are ahead.
6 are behind.

Virgil shoots for 1
Lead group of 4.
Virgil shoots again (miss).
On the stalkers turn, 6 dice with six 1s. Causing the gun to explode (killing 2).
Lead group is down to 2.
The leading trips the tripwire wall, dropping it on them.
Cleo plus Virgil shots. Virgil fails to hit but some of Cleo’s do and that causes the remaining 8 to stop and take cover.
We split and run for Big Blue.

Back with Tome and Dava and Farama…
Tome is watching Farama and her condition.
Dava is watching the door.
There is a clicking sound coming from the second floor.
Tome makes a makeshift torch and FURTHER DIVIDES THE PARTY!!!!!
Someone needs to TAPE him to another party member… Like, Jeremy Neill!!!!!!
Oh, it turns out he brought Dava… Wonders!!!!!!
Tome discovers the tapping is coming from Freezing Time Monster.
The both shoot.
Tome got a success to hit. The snout.
Dava. Arrow through one of its eyes via a push that snapped her bow and sprained its wrist.
It retreats back up the hallway it came from.
He tries to rouse Farama.
Heal check. No successes.
Drawing from Tome about what is going on in the building (fighting the time beast) and then they leave the building because… CORAL!!!!!!

Back to REAL party.

Cleo shares this:
Talon killed the elder and staged a coup. His stalkers are back and killed the enforcers. Cleo is the only boss that got away. He kept swearing that Tome was dead.
Cleo can’t make sense of this.

We’re heading back to the Big Blue.
Dax tries a Comprehend check to understand the picture by Tome.
2 successes. So Dax figures it out.
Virgil uses a MP to track Tome.
5 mins
Leland Beauchamp
END OF SESSION [Last of Stephen’s material]


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