Mutant Year Zero Session 002

And Mike splits the party!!!!

Session 2.
We debate staying the night in the rundown house (the best of the worst houses in the area). Dax convinces us the sleep rough OUTSIDE (cause Dax sucks, obviously).
After we go to sleep, there’s an odd flashing in the sky that wakes us. 3 or 4 lantern-like lights and they increase to 8 or 10. Then they dart off to the west past the horizon.
Tome is curious about them.
Bomba intimidates Dax into making a nothing to keep those flying things away.
Bomba wants to capture one. To demonstrate, he throws a rock at Tome.
Bomba rolls Agility + Shoot to thrown
Tome rolls Strength + Fight to defend against it
1 six each.
Dava does not know what those things are but they have been seen before and always follow the same pattern.
Bomba decides we need a watch now. Virgil volunteers Dava to be first watch.
Watch List:
Virgil (2nd watch)
Bomba (last 2 hours)
On his watch, Tome has to make an Endurance check. No successes and no failures.
Then he has to make a Scout check. 1 failure. Tome pushes it to get 1 success.
He hears a rustling sound coming from the bushes near the house. Tome gets up with his slingshot and investigates, ready to pop it with the slingshot. From the bushes, he sees glowing red eyes.
Agility + Shoot + Sling for 1 success. Sling does 1 Damage.
The bullet
Jan 13, 10:09 PM
comes back out of the bush and hits Tome who passes out and has a nightmare of a massively large, stark naked mutant… um, using him. And Tome wakes screaming which wakes everyone.

He warns something is in the bushes. Virgil checks – Scout check – Wits 3 + Scout 1 = 1 failure – and sees nothing. Bomba tries with no success/failures.
Then we all have to do an Endurance test and Virgil had 1 success so he and Dava are awake. (Bomba, Dax, and Tome get super tired and pass out). Virgil – Scout check and 2 successes. A small furry animal is messing with the security line and Virgil throws his spear at it. 1 success when throwing his spear kills the weird furry thing. He asks Dava if it’s edible and she says no. He flicks the carcass off of the spear. (Sleeper Skunk)
Virgil wakes Bomba for the final watch. Bomba makes canned peaches for breakfast.
We head northwest toward the sign that was seen yesterday.
3.5 hours later we reach a new style of architecture that indicates Ybor.
6 to 8 miles traveled so far (at a guess).
Tome sees a massive metal arch that says – “His tori Old Ybor” and other signs that say “Mag ritas” and “Beers” and “Mar tinis” and more. Tome leads us into the “Mar tinis” place but it’s all dark inside.
Jan 13, 10:35 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Leland Beauchamp
Leland • Jan 13, 10:36 PM
Dax spends a Mutant Point to light up (bio luminescence). Everything inside is boosted.
Dax, Tome, Dava, and Virgil go into the room. Virgil has a rope tied around him. Bomba stays at the door.
We go in and we find a small hallway area with 3 doors (2 bathrooms and a brass placard that only Tome can read).
Virgil tries to force through the barred door.
Force check – 3 Failures
Fight check – 3 Successes
Inside are glass bottles and 3 skeletons. Tome checks the bottles.
Tome tries some alcohol. Endurance check with 1 failure.
Goes straight to his head.
Know the Zone check.
Tome 3 successes
Dax 2 successes
Virgil 2 successes (on 3 dice)
Bomba ???
On the backside of the building is a worn out truck.
Bomba asks Dax to see what he can do to improve it.
Dax has to make a Jerry Rig check:
1 success on 9 dice.
As we work, Bomba goes scouting. Bomba 1 for Know the Zone. There’s a rail cart that could have the wheels striped.
Jan 13, 11:00 PM
Leland Beauchamp
brb, tambien
Leland • Jan 13, 11:08 PM
Jan 13, 11:11 PM
John McGuire
John • Jan 13, 11:13 PM
Tome goes solo and finds some batteries and other things happen… [I was away for a bit.]
There was a guy that Tome saw and he disappeared… stuff…
Tome also saw a sign that drew his interest “… ES SCHOOL” because they might have books.
Jan 13, 11:16 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Tome ransacks a place labeled “Electronics” and finds 43 batteries.
Michael • Jan 13, 11:16 PM
Tome goes to school and has to sneak in… Actions speak volumes about a person when they have to sneak into a school!
Sneak = 1 Success
With a sling ready, Tome enters the school.
Jan 13, 11:18 PM
John McGuire
John • Jan 13, 11:18 PM
Inside, Tome has to do a Scout check = no successes. Nothing but debris.
Jan 13, 11:20 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Leland • Jan 13, 11:23 PM
Tome goes deeper into the school.
Scout – No successes
Scout – 1 success (finding a map).
This has been 3 to 3.5 hours at this point.
Back to the main party.
About halfway through making the cart.
Bomba and Dax feel that Tome has been gone for too long.
Jan 13, 11:27 PM
Virgil with scrap spear
Bomba with bat
Going up the road looking for Tome while Dax and Dava remain behind.
Bomba checks out the store. Scout (1 success).
Virgil spends a Mutant Point to use Tracker to track Tome. Vigilant Virgil goes up the road with Bomba behind him. The tracks are getting stronger but Tome’s scent is getting weaker.
Virgil – Scout check = No successes, no failures on 4 dice.
Bomba – Scout check = same result
There’s a large brick building and bullet that bounces off the road ahead of them.
We feel it came from the upper floors of that brick building. (Tome sorta heard the shot.)
Bomba does his chameleon power.
As a distraction, Virgil throws 4 rocks. There’s a shot against the rubble pile.
Bomba looks for the figure. Scout check with 5 dice and all misses.
Virgil goes to move from pile to pile. Move check = No successes on 4 dice. Made the move but was exposed (missed with another shot).
[At this point, Egg gets on his I-HATE-ALWAYS-FAILING-AT-ROLLS soapbox and we lose focus. Egg’s bad.]
Bomba suggests going back for help.
Virgil succeeds on a Move check (1 success for 4 dice) to go through an abandoned building and get away from the sniper.

Tome hears the shot and investigates.
Tome Scout Check – No successes. Four dice each time he rolls.
Tome Scout Check – 1 success.
He spots Virgil moving between piles of debris.
Tome is running up the street to get to Virgil/Bomba and he looks up to see who is shooting and Tome Scout Check – No successes, so he sees nothing.
Tome pushes his last Scout check:
1 Success and 1 Failure on his push. He has strained his Wits for one point of damage.
The Wits damage results from some sunlight blindness.

Tome tries to get around and Scout check with damaged Wits for one success. Tome sees a figure emerge from the building with a rifle running away from Tome.
Tome sees a set of metal stairs.

Stealth check for 1 success as Tome goes up the metal stairs. Another success for floors 2 and 3. Tome tests the metal door and it creaks as it opens.

Tome moves along the hallway and then hears some clicking and then hears a growl.

As Tome moves through a hall, the floor caves in (Move check, no successes) so he falls to the third floor. He takes one point of Agility Damage (sprained ankle). [To fix, drink a ration of water and rest for 4 hours.]
Tome finds a place to holdup and then tries to heal himself. 10 dice and he gets ONE success.
He binds and immobilizes it (can move up to a jog).
Main party.

Bomba and Virgil make it back to Dax and Dava.

Dax – “Did you find him?”
Virgil – “Yeah, he’s right here [Jackass]!”

Bomba wants to hurry forward with this and the FOUR of us return to Ark. We will risk leaving Tome behind.

Bomba wants to get to the roof of this 4-story building and 1 Success on a Scout check.
He uses his binoculars to look at the building where he and Virgil were shot from.
2 successes on a Scout check.
He sees several metal cages with dogs in them (going crazy).
2 dogs that might be meals on wheels.
After preparing the truck, and loading it, we decide to try to go back and save Tome. We can try to make our way through the rubble to get back to the school.
Tome limps back to the stairwell and works his way down.

Main party. We’re coming up on the building we took fire from. We decide to go into the building.

Scout checks to look for Tome (successes):
1 Dax
2 Bomba
0 Virgil
1 Dava
In the building we hear some scraping sounds off to the right, up the hallway.
Bomba goes forward with a Sneak and gets one success (on 3 dice).
12:48 AM
John McGuire
WHOOOOO!!!! (Ric Flair style)

John • 12:50 AM
A humanoid figure comes out of the hallway and it is Tome.
We go to get the dogs and Tome goes to get some books.
Dava goes with Tome.
Bomba, Virgil, and Dax go up the stairs using Dax’s bio luminescence.
Virgil > Dax > Bomba.
The stairwell creaks and Virgil leaps to the fourth floor balcony.
Move checks
Virgil – 1
Dax – 2
Bomba – Because of Dax’s critical success, Bomba gets up.
On the fourth floor, Virgil forces open the door in a huge creak that causes the dogs to start barking. Virgil salivates.
55 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
After Dax gets across the rotted floor.
Virgil takes the lead. Peers around the corner and sees 2 dogs.
Scout check (no successes).
No mutants, just cages, and dogs.
Virgil steps out and on a mechanical click beneath the carpets.
Dax asks what Virgil stepped on.
“Motherf#cker, how would I know?”
Dax cuts it away and sees he’s standing on something dull, gray, and metal.
It’s a landmine.
Dax goes to jerry rig check that is half the party living and dying. Bomba helps Dax’s roll [Help = 1 additional die].
No successes on 10 dice and two 1s.
Dax pushes and gets 2 successes and FOUR 1s!
Dax succeeds but goes into a panic attack and takes 4 Wits damage (of 5).
35 mins
Leland BeauchampJohn McGuire
Virgil reassembles his spear and then goes up to the ceiling and 1 MP to auto-climb to the dogs. Scout check 1 Success to find a wadded up piece of paper with writing on it. With strips of carpet, he ties the freshly killed dog carcasses to himself, and climbs back across the ceiling.

On the far side, they leave and climb down the stairs.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

While we wait, Tome and Dava do not show. We go to find them. Virgil rolled 2 successes on a scout check. Tome is laying on the floor and Tome is at zero Str.

Virgil does the mutant Tracker (1 MP). Sense of smell.

Dava went off to the north, alone.

Scout. Bomba gets one success while Virgil fails. No additional footprints so Dava went off alone.

It is 6 to 6:30 in the evening and we’re going to move on from here to find Dava (look for her for the next hour or so).


WyrdKalamar eggembry

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