42 Session: Kill the Red Priest

Start out with a Short Rest as we contemplate a hallway of darkness.

Caeside gives 10, Madox gives 1, and one of the Kenku gives 3 Good Berries to Silver Feather. Silver Feather is now at 61 of 66 HP.

There is a release mechanism (Madox spots it). Silver Feather is able to jimmy them out with his thieves tools. Remove on bar allows 9" to get through. Then pop out one more. These silver bars have Eldritch Runes carved in them. Save the bars for later (on the far side of the room). 11 bars are still in place.

Madox checks the darkness with his torch. It turns to black flame. Some experimentation finds that the black flame spreads. The silver bars dissipate the darkness and turn it back to light.

Caeside casts Daylight cast on a stone. And we see hundreds and hundreds of black shades. They might be the shadow creatures from the city.

As they come, we replace the bars. They approach the bars and that stops them.
Caeside had to make a DC 10 Chr save against touching the darkness. He rolled a 17. The stone is only lightly glowing and Caeside’s skin is grayish. Caeside touches his hand to the silvered part of the staff and it feels like ice but then clears up.

Because of a large sound that is coming from the darkness, we back to the northern door. Silver Feather waited behind (and is hiding) to see what is coming.

In the hallway to the north, the party hears, from the western door, has babbling in shear terror or religious ecstasy. Madox and Caeside find the door is barred.

Silver Feather waits and hears and feels before he sees as something enormous comes and lays down before the bars. Silver can’t see anything about it but waits and listens.
A few of the shadow beings are on the far side of the bars.
Silver Feather tries a coin toss, they followed it. He tries a chant and it spreads to them and they react to it with prayer like chanting.

Silver Feather returns to them and finds that there’s someone on the far side of the western door. They believe that maybe the darkness changes beings into shadows.

We use the chant as a distraction and get through the door. Door opened, Madox charges in at who ever is in there. It’s a person praying to be delivered in old Calanier that Madox recognizes.
Madox grabs the person. He calls for Caeside and Silver. We all come in and Caeside throws the doors closed and bars them.

Captured is pale/gray skinned. Irises and eyes are messed up. He’s afraid of the light and screams.

He is Darius. Wren gives him a Good Berry. He is from Ravensgate. 5 full moons ago. Wren may know him.

He follows the Black Goat and the Red Priest. Tall and shaved head and dark eyes and thin and eats a lot and red and black highlights (inverse of the robes he’s wearing).

Madox asks what the shadows are. They are her young and they want warmth and skin.

Darius warns that night is coming and that will unleash the smoke. Silver Feather wants to leave, now.

Caeside touches him with the silver of the staff. He screams and breaks free and runs until Wren casts entangle.
It restrains him.
As the smoke comes, the party runs as the smoke comes out of the cave and heads out toward Ravensgate (invisibily). This is the source of the malaise.
Jul 1, 11:05 PM
The party heads back to Ravensgate. They make it back to

At one of the wells, a figure is about to drop poison in. Silver Feather shoots him for 13 HP and kills him. His last words were “But it’s for the children…”
We collect the poison and his holy symbol and robes and body (sling it across a horse). Wren is in charge of the body.

As we move through the town we see more and more allies of eyes staring. They appear to be townsfolk.

Caeside suggests that Silver Feather polymorph into the dead man. Silver then follows the party far behind. He may be able to draw out those enemies.
Jul 1, 11:40 PM
As Silver Feather steps through the ally, he is surrounded by dark taken townies. The green flame blade startles them but when it goes away, they attack.

Caeside casts Entangle on half of the townies.

The non-Silver Feather party is overcome in fear.

Townies – Higher
Silver Feather – 13

Silver Feather gets away from the townie attacks and then uses the flat of the blade to flat for 8 and 13 HP. Taking out 2 townies. Then Cunning Action to Dash to Caeside.
Caeside and Silver Feather lead the party back to the the kenku.
Jul 1, 11:58 PM
The kenku section of town are under siege and they offer some information. In the bazar yesterday during daylight hours.

The three party members race to find the Sisters of Solace. There, they find the red priest amid a riotous crowd.

Silver Feather does Potion of Heroism to add 10 HP and Bless for a hour.

Caeside will cast Long Strider and then Entangle on the crowd, then yell to pull the crowd and run away.

About a sixth of the crowd follows

Then Silver Feather will do the Web Wand and Madox will attack. The web seals off an ally.

Madox is off the roof and running straight at the Red Priest.

Next to the Red Priest is a form with a scyth that hits Madox for 10 HP.

Red Priest tries to Hold Person Madox. Madox makes his save. Madox burns a ki to Fury of Blows.

Red Priest is AC 17. He has a spear.

Attacks – 19 for 8 HP, 20 for 8 HP, 21 for 9 HP (magical and make a Dex save or be knocked prone against DC 14). Crowd tries to save him as he falls into them.
Madox attacks the shadow thing and does 10 HP to it.
Silver Feather casts Fire Bolt and aims for the Red Priest but at Disadvantage and a Nat 1, he sets a woman on fire and it does nothing useful. The crowd does not break and the Red Priest is instantly able to turn it to his advantage (of course cause he’s been knocked down and still winning). As a result of not getting anything positive, Silver Feather gets hit by insta-hit rocks for 6 HP (3 hits).

The Sisters light up the temple and the crowd breaks and runs.

Red Priest and followers run. Madox follows and tries to get at him.
Silver Feather is 55 HP.

Madox is attacked by shadow creatures that are summoned by the Red Priest who is waiting to get at him with his spear.
Crowd behind Madox – Higher
Madox – 13

The crowd tries to grapple Madox down.
Madox stabs him once and does 7 HP, and kicks twice for 7 HP (Dex Save that he makes) and misses with the last kick.
Caeside is crossing roofs and about to get into the fight.
Madox is hit by the spear for 10 and 5 HP.
Silver Feather and Caeside arrive to help Madox at the same time.

Silver Feather hits the Red Priest for 24 HP and 5 (spill over to a commoner) and 10 HP on the second attack.

The Red Priest does a horrible face and everyone takes 9 HP.

Madox is grappled beneath them.

The crowd tries to seize Silver Feather but misses.
Two rocks hit Caeside for 5 HP.
Cultist fails at Hold Person on Caeside because he is a spider.

The Red Priest spins around and attacks Silver Feather.

Silver Feather hits him once for 15 HP and 9 HP spill over (onto a townie on Madox’s chest).

Silver Feather takes 10 HP from the Red Priest’s evil look (Horrifying Vestige).

Silver Feather is at 36 HP.

Madox gets free of the crowd. The Red Priest misses his opportunity attack against Madox.

Cultist tries to hit Caeside with a floating shadow scythe for 4 HP (and a rock for 3 HP).
Crowd tries to grapple Madox but he avoids it. Madox gets to attack the guy. Ki to Flurry of Blows. Hits for 11 HP, 8 HP, and 8 HP (and a Dex Save) and misses with one. He goes down and the civilians run.

Silver Feather leaves Madox to deal with the dying Red Priest while he cuts the cultist out of the crowd and brings him back.

Madox does Amulet of Thoughts on the Red Priest.
That does not work so well.
9 mins
Leland BeauchampMichael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Caeside heals Madox from 12 to 20 HP.

XP total is 7,300. 2,433 XP each.


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