Adventures in Middle-Earth. Session 002
Notes by John McGuire for the 12/15 12/16 session

Kort and Finn use a Hit Dice (1 for Kort and +3 for Finn) – The plan is to head to an elven sanctuary roughly 1/2 day away come morning
Gwynn believes that either the Were-beast is afraid of the Elvish king or there may be magical wards protecting the wood in this area
We are healed by the elves for another 1d8
2 (Kort +3, Finn +10 – back to full)
The river has been thinning out and after 3 days we emerge from the Mirkwood to be able to see the Grey Mtns.
Backing up (Rebecca has joined) – Speaking with Negron (Gwynn’s cousin) – Orcs have been spotted just outside of bow range.
The group talks about Giant spiders and potentially taking on orcs which Gwyn and Kort seem higher on then Finn and Robb

Narhathel – Longsword, +1 to hit and damage, said to have absorbed Naegron’s hatred of the orcs.

Narhathel, magical elvish longsword
Glows when orcs are near
1d8 damage, or Versatile (1d10), Finesse
+Half Proficiency Bonus to Hit/Damage
Double the damage dice pool versus orcs, then add any damage bonuses

Finn as lookout spots a group of 6 (possible orcs) (rolled 13+3 Perception) – We opt to try and take a path that leads around the “bad” guys
Gwyn has opted to Scout ahead – rolled a 1 for Stealth – rolled a 20 for Perception
Her sword begins to thrum with a hate for orcs as she draws near – potentially though the orcs have spotted her
As Gwyn makes her way back to the rest of the group, Kort works his way towards the orcs and tries to find a spot to ambush them from. The rest have hidden away to await the pack
Kort spots an orc climbing above him, trying to spot him. He swings and hits the creature with his Mattic killing it. It appears to have been an advanced scout. Not satisfied with one kill, he continues on to quench his thirst.

Using the Hobbit as bait – he steps out along the ridge and sings to draw the orc’s attention. They begin to jog towards him. Robb ducks back under the ridge. They begin to sprint.
Battle engaged at 80 ft. Finn rolls nat 20 and 12 damage
Gywn rolls 19 (5 damage)
Robb nat 20 (8 damage
Dwarf runs after them, they break
Gwyn fires again and kills another orc.
Gwyn fires again, misses twice – Finn uses his Captain of Gondor Feat to turn that Frown upside down – 4 damage
Kort tracks down the Orc, who hits Kort with a spear for 2 damage. Kort responds 18 to hit (10 damage)
Kort has to Track the last Orc. The Orc attacks with a spear and hits nat 20 (8 damage). Kort rolls 21 (10 damage) to kill the last one

Finn finds an extra pair of tracks from two orcs that left before the battle. The group tracks them. As the sun is going down, Gwyn’s sword begins to thrum again. Probably a larger group coming. The group takes defensive positions. Robb heals Kort again
Robb and Finn fire (both 14 and miss)
Robb 22 to hit (8 dam) Finn misses with 7
Initiative – us 12, them… less
Gywn misses (9 to hit), Kort destroys an orc
a group of 4 split off to flank us. Finn and Robb kill two of them
Spears are thrown at the archers – Finn takes 5 damage
An orc hits Gwyn for 5 dam
Gwyn’s badass sword hits for 18 damage!
Kort – 21 to knockdown, 21 to strength check, intimidate check – nat 20 – All of them are a’ scared
Finn – 19 to hit (9 dam)
Robb – 17 to hit (6 dam)
two more dead
Gwyn strikes the orc beneath her (25 to hit, 22 dam) Big orc coming through to attack
Gywn attacks big orc (23 to hit, 22 dam)
He snarls but isn’t dead
He misses twice
Kort maneuvers so as to leap down onto the big orc (16 dam) and arrow misses Kort. Big orc is staggered
Finn scrambles up the slope and catch one unaware and kill it with 8 dam. the second one scrambles up (Finn misses him) but his shield blocks the oncoming blow
Robb shifts around the rock to take a shot at the two orcs behind Big Boss (24 to hit – 7 dam)
3 little orcs and 1 big orc left
1 little orc runs
Gwyn hits (25) and does (19 dam) and cuts his right leg off (apparently wanting a larger keepsake than Kort collects)
Finn finishes over the last orc
Huzzah. We win!
Everyone goes to 2nd level

Adventures in Middle-Earth. Session 001
First Journey

Starting at Lake-town.

Stephen – Kort, the Hushed, son of Korith son of Hoin. STR 17. Hunter
Rebecca – Gwynnestri of Mirkwood. STR 8. Scout
Egg – Robgud Clarfield, a Hobbit. STR 8. Guide
John – Finn of Gondor. A 17-year-old human. STR 10. Look-out

Chosen to go to Sadaphsan to search for the lord’s family (Haldeer) origins for 1,000 silver pennies each. A journey of 150 to 175 miles.
Month to a month-and-a-half’s worth of supplies.

First Journey is from Lake-town to Elven King’s Hall to gain the King’s permission to travel through the Mirkwood.
Embarkation Table. Guide = 16. Auspicious Beginnings granting a 2 on the next table.
1d12 results in 4
2 for a 6 on the Journey Events Table: The Wonders of Middle-Earth.
We travel along the river until we are challenged by an elf. Gwynnestri knows the elf, Adabeuond. He takes us to see the king deeper in the woods.

The fellowship meets with King Thranduil of the Mirkwood Elves to gain his permission to travel north through his woods.
Gwynnestri obtains permission to pass through for all of us, and agrees to report back what she learns to him.
We get to stay the night at the King’s Hall.
That night, Kort plays an ocarina (a haunting melody).
The next morning, we continue up the river.
A New Journey begins. Embarkation Table result was a 7, Feasts Fit for the Kings of Ancient Times.
+1 to all Skill Checks for the duration of this Journey.

A second d12 roll for 12 (plus bonuses). Journey Events Table = Many Meetings? Fly you Fools! Finn spots a 12’ wolf across the river.
Nature = 17. Not a worg, not a natural wolf of any kind.
Shadow-lore = 13. Werewolf of Mirkwood, an agent of the Necromancer. A spirit in wolf form. A foe far greater than the party could handle.
Gwynnestri runs up to Kort and talks him down from chasing down the werewolf.
The werewolf seems to summon more wolves that come back to the ford to try to attack us.
Kort tosses Robgud up a tree. The human and elf climb trees. Kort marches at the half dozen wolves that cross the ford.
We have Advantage on shooting from above.
Gwyn – 11 damage
Finn – ? damage
Robgud – 5 damage
Wolf misses
Kort – 9 damage (killing)
2 more wolves (both miss)

Giant wolf

Kort goes bezerk.

Gyw 15 damage
Finn Miss
Robgud 8 damage

Kort attacks doing 17 damage.
Kort NAT 20 + 5 to throw the dead wolf at the giant werewolf.
Combat continues.
Gwynnestri shots the last wolf for 7.
It attacks Kort for 4 damage.
Kort kills it with 15 damage.
The Werewolf of Mirkwood is glaring at Kort. Kort flings the corpse at the Werewolf of Mirkwood and then they growl at each other. 16 to 14 Intimidate and Kort is winning.
Finn looks to the south to see more wolves coming (6 more).

Finn does ? damage
Robgud for 5 damage (killing Finn’s)
Gwynn – 14 damage (kills another one)

Kort has 1 and 1 (Disadvantage) for Perception.
Wolves hits (2 of them) for 9 HP and 12 HP. He has 3 HP left.
Kort counterattacks for 14 damage (killing it).

Finn fails to distract the wolves
Robgud shoots for 6 damage
Gwynn did not hit the wolves when she landed

Wolf hits Kort for 8 (4).
Wolf hits Finn for 9 damage.
Wolf hits Gwyn for 9 damage.
4 wolves left (2 fine, 2 wounded)
Robgud 8 damage to let Finn climb a tree.
3 last wolves leave.
Manage to save Kort (Athelas) and Gwynn (Hands of a Healer).
Kort glares at the Werewolf. WW leaves.

We each get 200 XP.


Synthicide Session 02

Mike – Rigfiend Leader – Name: Mirric
Lee – Hardshell Thug – Name: Rune
Stephen – Skinbag Bulbhead – Name: Mim
Egg – Scarfed Scoundrel – Name: Rex Light Bill

At the end of the gunfight. We’re on the ground floor.

Rex Light Bill has 13 (of 35) HP left.

Rex loots the bodies while the others discuss it.
- 15 Luciens per body = 60 total
- 4x Fossil Pistols
- 1x Official Form – Thernaxus (?) Seal. Authorizes them to intercept packages between the Rail Riders and the TTMC.
Gives it to Mirric.
The party moves 3 of the bodies (with Church tats) into the elevator while leaving the last one (without the tats) on the street.
The party exits.
The party travels to the restaurant, Rodreys.
We get a meals and Mim gets cleaned up.
As we eat, a little kid enters the restaurant.
This is the kid:

In the restaurant, Mirric – 8 Awareness – to see if anyone is looking for us. No one is.
Mim – failed Awareness – to look for Church folk.
Mirric starts talking to Rodrey when Mim cuts in and uses a Resolve Point and gets a 14 Influence to ask for information and Taam’s Transport and Mining Company (owners of this planet).
Rodrey believes they have something on the church.
We leave to go to TTMC.
At the TTMC HQ, above the door –
Deliveries and Applicants.
Black envelop with the Rail Riders symbol in blue. Drop it off at Corporate Advancement.
Mim goes to deliver the letter. He goes up to the automatic doors. Awareness 9. He sees the lobby of the building, nothing threatening. On the left is a door that says Corporate Advancement.
Mim has Rune wait at the doorway for him as he goes across the lobby to Corporate Advancement.
With the receptionist, Mim leaves the envelope. Just… leaves the envelope.
Rune checks out everyone that enters the building. 8 Awareness. No one has weapons as far as he knows.
Mim comes back out.
As we’re walking away, Awareness Checks:
Mirric 12
Mim 6
Rune 9
Rex Light Bill 1
Feb 3, 10:19 PM
John McGuire
John • Feb 3, 10:27 PM
Mirric sees a small form dart around the alleyway and spots the pixie-cut child (girl) from the restaurant. She’s heading back to the rougher area (she’s a block away). Mirric and Mim want to pursue her while Rex is worried about following her. Mim says he could leave and split the party if he does not want to go along. So, Rex has to follow along. Rex looks back – Awareness 5 – nothing behind us.
Mim does a Speed check to get to the building (5).
Mim sees her take a left.
She might be headed toward the restaurant.
Speed checks to get back to the restaurant.
Mirric 4
3x at 10.
Mim orders 3 deserts for the table. 6 lumeins.
Mim asks Rodrey about pixie cut girl.
Mim pays him 5 more lorens (?) to Rodrey.
Mim stays to look for the girl while the other three head back to the Rail Riders. They take a wide route to take a different elevator.
Awareness checks as we approach the entrance to the rail riders.
Mirric – 12
Rune – 7
Rex Light Bill – 1
When they walk by the priest at the docks (near the entrance to the RRs), the preacher’s cadence changes. Very subtle.
His eyes are following them as they walk by.
Mirric returns eye contact.
The priest smirks at Mirric and then returns to his preaching.
Speed check to stealth to the platform entrance.
Mirric – 3
Rune – 6
Rex – 5
None are that stealthy.
Should have been a 7 for Speed for Rex (not 5).
Awareness (looking for church people)
Mirric – 13
Rune – 8
Rex – 2
3 or 4 folks out of 20 are church folks.
Mim passed us the pad/tablet before we set out.
Rune messages them that the delivery is done.
They arrive 10 minutes later.
Via tram.
Greerson and his 7 guys step out.
Feb 3, 11:00 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Stephen • Feb 3, 11:00 PM
Mim talks to the pixie cut girl after she arrives at Rodrey’s.
Mim asks her to be his tour guide. Mim 12 Influence check. She is interested.
15 for vegetables.
He orders a 2nd dessert for her.
Back to the other three.
Greerson arrives. 240 lorens is paid.
We hear some others coming down the stairs to the platform.
Three people come down the stairs. A tall, thin, balding guy and 2 guards (combat vest) with the TTMC logo above the left breast. The guys go to grab their guns.
The TTMC guys were invited here (is what they said based on the envelop). Greerson talks to them.
Feb 3, 11:19 PM
They swop information. There’s a 3D movie of a villa as blue tattooed individuals (parts of the same crew) drag a synth out and murdered. It’s a true crime.
Rail Riders’ guys were hired by the Church to kill a TTMC’s synth.
RR feel dooped in this.
TTMC needs one of Greerson’s guys’ cyber eyes to verify this kill.
Greerson offers the team the job of retrieving it. 100 a piece plus fuel and food to get where we need to go.
Want this pre-loaded onto the ship.
He shows us, on the pad, where the 3 guys are hiding. Greerson wants
Rune Influence check (fails). Spends a Resolve Point to get to 11 to get an extra 30 lorens per guy that we bring back alive.
He had us meet a doc.
Wants to meet at rail station in the southeast (same area as the hiding place).
The party splits.
Rex Light Bill goes to the doctor to get healed completely.

Mirric and Rune go to meet Mim and the girl. 15 lorens from Mim’s 75 for girl’s veggies.
Mirric hires her to watch the safe house. She wants 15 lorens. Mirric pays 7 now.
6 lorens on her phone and some ration bars for a day – 5 lorens.
She knows that Jammers has the lumenix that Mim needs.
Rex Light Bill gets 1 Resolve Point by this point.
Mim wants to go into the adult novelty store to get manacles (+3 to break). Mim also gets some ballgags.
Lorens – 10 each and 2 each
Influence roll – 14. 25 lorens is the deal he offers. Throws in some lube.
Reuniting the party.
Rex is fully healed.
Everyone else gets healed.
We load the cargo into the ship.
Then take shifts on the ship.
We sleep on the second level quarters.
Mirric searches the ship with a 12 Awareness.
Starting in the galley, unoccupied rooms and first floor.
Some unevenness where the bed fits against the wall in one of the unoccupied rooms.
Mirric’s second Awareness is a 9.
11 Awareness for Mim as Mirric’s banging around near the lavatory.
Mirric has pealed off a piece of the wall.
Mim does a Nerve check – 3 while trying to go into the inner walls of the ship.
Mim screams as Mirric pulls him out. This wakes everyone up.
Mim’s body temp as dropped 10 degrees.
Mim goes to bed.
Mirric refuses to play cards with Rune and Rex who are unable to immediately go back to sleep.
Mirric inspects the hollow and loses his shit and has to take drugs.
Rex and Rune fuck with Mirric’s sleep since he fucked with theirs.
Rex’s shift pass.
The next day. Mim calls the spy girl. She had a friend help her out so she could rest. Church activity has been heightened.
12:26 AM
Going back into the lavatory wall (Rex). Crawling in. Does a Nerve check 5.
There is a skeleton and the outfit has started to deteriorate.
Feeling uncomfortable.
Under its hand is a knife.
Rex pulls out the skeleton and knife.
The skull is talking to Mim and he stomps it.
Inside one of the pockets is a data stick.
Using the data stick, all encrypted. Rolled a 5 on the decrypting (Operations) for Rex Light Bill.
Mirric and Rune widen into the crawlspace. 10 Nerve Check
11 Nerve Check
They don’t know what Mim is talking about.
Where the body had been laying, there’s something etched in there – “KULGARI
Mim gets a call from the spy. One of the people just left. And another church person shows up. The guy who left was a RR.
12:56 AM
The plan is to take the 3 a letter from Greerson to the rogue RR. Greerson agrees to this.
We head out.
On the train car, there are 2 or 3 people with church symbols (everyone by Rex knows it).
Awareness Checks
Rex – 2
We get the letter.
Third guy returns with a heavy bag.
4 church setup perimeter.
Awareness checks for Church people.
Mirric 8
Mim 8
Rex 3
Rune 8
The 8s spot 2 of the Church People.
2 of the 4 Church people.
We plan to use the stun grenade against the visible 2 and then go.
Speed Check as Rex and Mirric move to the south side of the building to look for the other 2.
Rex 12
Mirric 5
Easy for Rex to get along. Awareness 10 for Mirric and he spots the other two.

PLAN – Mirric is going to drop a frag grenade on the 2 to the south. Rex will unload the shotgun on any left.

Rune is doing the drop for the stun. Influence check (3) as he approaches them to ask about the teachings. They yell at Rune to leave.
1:45 AM

Rune is driven off and he drops the stun grenade.

Battle Reflex
Mirric 14
Rune 13
Church Guy
2xChurch Guys/Mim 10
Rex Light Bill 9
Last Church Guy

Combat Check against Toughness Defense. d10 + Combat = 8 for Rune to hit. The guy who catches the bag and he’s blinded and huge explosion.

Mim’s readied action is a point blank and does 9 total (GM double damages that). Shoot him in the back of the head, he doesn’t die because he’s a scraphead. He took a good amount of damage.
Morale check.

Rune does his pistol attack = 10 (against a 9). Does 11 damage to the guy.

Rex Light Bill throws the frag grenade 11 / 11 against one of them. Then shoots with a shotgun for 7 (miss). Moved to a building for cover.

Mirric’s readied action is a Resolve Point to hit the undamaged guy for 14 HP.
Mirric. [Last round moved to cover.] Shoots at the guy he shot the first time (7). Misses. Second shot is a 5 (miss).

Rune. Shoots this guy twice. 13 damage and 15 damage. He crumples to the ground.

Church Guy. Misses his round (stunned).

Mim. Psy power for 8 damage. Second attack for 13 against his Nerve Defense and 14 damage.

Church Guy 2. Shoots at Mim (11) and does 13 damage. Fires a second time (7) and misses.

Church Guy 3 (Mirric’s). Shots for 12 and does 14 damage. Second attack (6). Miss.

Rex. Shoots at the guy on the ground that had been fragged. 10 to hit / 7 to damage. Second attach misses on a Nat 1. +1 Defense (1 AP).

Church jury 4. Hits Rex on a 9 for 11 damage (24 HP). Second attack misses on a Nat 1.

From the tower with the RR targets, the RRs start blowing out windows to take shots.

RR 1 misses fragged guy. Misses.

RR 2 misses Rune and Church Guy.

Mirric. Shoots twice and misses both times.

Rune. Tries to grapple. Rolls a 10 to knock him out. He’s out. Rune yells up to the tower that we are the good guys. Influence check 9. The RR lowers his gun. Come with us.

Mim. Resolve Point to Awareness Check. Once the guy is going to shoot, Mim will blink behind him to shoot him in the head again. 12/12. This kills the guy.

Church Guy 3. Hits Mirric for 14 Damage. Second shot against Mirric for 12 more Damage.

Rex. 1 Resolve Point for 10 and another Resolve Point for 10 (left arm is gone). +1 Defense.

Church Guy 4. 13 Damage (11 HP left) and miss with the second one.

RR guys miss Church Dude on ground.

Mirric. Shoots and misses.

Rune. Shoots at Church Guy 3 (Mirric’s). 12 to hit and does 14 HP. Second 7 and miss.

Mim. Psy. (9 for 6 damage). 16 to hit and 14 damage. Church Guy explodes.

Rex. Rolled a Nat 10 (13) and did 10 damage. Killing that Church Guy.

All Church Guys are down.
Rune and Mim start talking to the RRs.
“We get to go home? Greerson wants us to come home.” All three come out and are ready to leave.

Rex loots a body or two.

Awareness 12 for Mim looking for pixie-hair…. she’s nearly on top of this battle… child…

- 15 per body lorens (60 total)
- 2x phones
- 4x fossile pistols
- 1x combat vest
- 2x weird, long, metal rod for ocular extractor

We head toward the train platform with the three guys. We arrive and turn them over.
Greerson pays us.
490 Lorens paid.
5 mins
Stephen “Wolf” FisherLeland Beauchamp
For each character, we get 2 Trait Points each.
General Traits on Page 55.

Synthicide Session 01



John – GM
Egg – Rex Light Bill
Lee – Rune
Michael – Mirric
Stephen – Mim

Egg’s character is from a destroyed asteroid colony and was enslaved for the last year.
Mike’s character works for the pirates and
Lee’s character was the son of a priest. He was a test subject and made a slave of Deep Nova Corp.
Stephen’s character was from a barbarian world. He was taken from his primitive planet.

We escaped from slavery and got a ship and we’re going. The Knife’s Edge is the name of the ship. We took it through a stargate/wormhole/thingy trying to reach Corsis.

Rune if from this planet and we’re looking for SunRider City.

Used the generator character sheet:
http://www.synthiciderpg.com/g enerator/CharacterSheet.html
Jan 27, 9:54 PM

Our ship is a clipper ship – 2 level ship quarters and mess hall, the other cockpit, infirmary, workshop, cargo hold.
This is a hunk of junk from the scrapyard. Mim led us through the junk to this.

Mike – Rigfiend Leader – Name: Mirric
Lee – Hardshell Thug – Name: Rune
Stephen – Skinbag Bulbhead – Name: Mim
Egg – Scarfed Scoundrel – Name: Rex Light Bill

Adventure. On the ship, Mim and Rex Light Bill pilot the ship while Mirric and Rune search the ship. While searching the infirmary, they search using their Awareness. Got 8 each (rolled a 5 Mike and a 6 Lee).

Character creation complaint about Lee’ Hardshell because the character creation process for a level 01 did not include cybernetics yet gave him slots for.
Mim (Stephen)’s pilot Natural Talent was chosen because it was not redundant… Yet Egg and Lee both chose that type ability.

Some of the abilities/skills have similar names.
My headphones where bugging my ear so I tried to take them off… no joy. So had to call back in.]
Jan 27, 10:30 PM
Leland Beauchamp
[gotcha. You hadn’t said anything when you came back, so I was just making sure the sound was working again]
Leland • Jan 27, 10:31 PM
Awareness roll 10 for Mike/Mirric, 7 for Lee/Rune.
Rune finds screws and bolts.
Mirric finds, behind a table, is a secret panel with a box of some sort. Checks for traps (Awareness 9). Not trapped. An organized box of pills (2 packs), 2 syringes, and 4 veils of a blue liquid. Pills are feast pills (2 pack, 10 total pills). 1 pill equals a day’s meals.
Both make Awareness rolls to identify what the veils are. 6+2=8 which is not enough.

For the cargo hold. Awareness. 10 for Mike, 3+2=5 for Lee. Whatever ships Mirric had been on for the Chaos Rose (skeletons), they had the same hidden panels. Finds packs with goggles (1 infrared, 1 night vision), 5 or 6 flashlights, rope, manacles, and utility belts (empty). Mirric takes the night vision goggles and a flashlight.
Rune takes second dibs.

Second panel has weaponry.
2x frag grenades 3 to hit, +3 to damage.
2x stun grenades (steals a turn).
2x retrofit shotguns +3/
2x retrofit rifle class 1/3.
2x retrofit pistols. 1/1.
Lots of ammo.
Mim, as pilot, is flying and needs to make a Nerve check. 8 is what he got.
The whisper that led him to the ship feels like it creeps up, he felt that someone/thing was digging in his head for information. He stopped it with the 8.
Mim pilots us to the dock on the city of Sunrider. There is a docking fee of 10 Lorens (?… crystals) a day. Paid after the fact.
Jan 27, 10:52 PM
We broke the jump gate when we came in. We need to get enough money to get further away.

Rex Light Bill gets a shotgun.
Rune gets a rifle.
Mim has a pistol and nothing else.

For the blue veils, Mim (9) and Rex Light Bill (10) make Awareness. It’s not illuminex. Rex realizes this is Pedal. Really high high and no crash after. RLB suggests we should sell it and has Mim carry it.

A large ship crashed into the city and the city was built of the ship. TT LC. Tams Transport and Mining.
The church rules all. Worship the great Ranex – The AI that started it all, or a man that achieved a singularity. They love the synthetics.
Parked at D-7.
CORRECTION – Fee is 5 Lorens per day.
Mim closes and locks the door.
The docking station has two giant robots and a priest of the church preaching.
We go to a bulletin board (a virtual screen) to see what jobs there are.
TTMC. Sharpers and Wanders Welcome. Mim scrolls past it.

There’s another one.
Screw these proddie bastards, we own the rails now help us own the streets.
There’s a popular night life section where we can sell these drugs.
It’s after noon local time.
For the rail job, the highlights are:
- Come to the tram tunnels
- Seek us out
We go down the escalators/sliding sidewalks (some work, some don’t) toward the train way and the tram tunnels.
Awareness checks to see whose watching the entrances to the deeper tunnels.
Mim 4
Mirric 13 (sees this)
Rune 8
Rex Light Bill 3

Mirric spots a skin bag with some upgrades who is watching us.
Rune suggest that he’ll go on ahead while we go down the tunnel to see if he follows.
10 or 15 seconds later, the guy shifts to watch Rune.
Rune hides among a crowd as the guy tries to watch.
Rune has to do a Speed check (for Stealth). 7. GM rolls against him.
Spy is focused on Rune (where he might or might not be). Rune thinks he’s still hidden.
He looks back at Mim (he stayed up there). Mirric and Rex Light Bill gone down the tunnels.
Spy turns to go toward Mim. Rune waits to see how it goes. Suddenly is not there anymore as he teleports down the steps. Spy comes to a stop at this. He pulls out his pad and is talking to it when Rune comes up behind him.
Rune has Deft Grip – draw a striking weapons (no Action Point), +1 attack with 2-handed striking weapons. Rune pulls down his tablet and takes it out of his hand.
Rune moves him along, hand on the spy’s shoulder.
Mirric and Rex Light Bill are going down a VERY broken escalator. “RR” for Rail Riders. It’s dim down here. Maybe every third light is working.
Mim had teleported about 15 feet down the stairs. He waits long enough to see if he followed then walks up to see what Rune is doing.
Rune gets him in the tunnel.
Mim mentally nudges the spy (rolled a 14).
Mim takes the pad from him and inspects it before telling the spy to leave them alone and stay up here. The spies contact for the texting is “G”.
They come down and meet Mirric and Rex.

Taking the spy’s pad, Rex does an Operations roll (6+3=9). Gets in to see maps of the tram lines. We’re in the second level map. Watch schedule as well.

A tram is coming so we go to hide.
Mim separates himself from the other three and hides behind a pillar. Speed check (stealth) for a 9.
The tram is covered in graffiti and modified. It’s 2 cars worth. In the first car there are 5 to 10 figures.
The doors open and a small, 5’ cyborg. He motions the others out. He wants to talk to us 3.
Greirson is 2Tall. He has been here for 15 years. We talk. He has an ax to grind with the church and corps. They need us to go topside to make a delivery. To the TTMC. Can’t open the package.
The compensation is 60 a piece. Mim blinks in. And some food before we go. Ruttrey’s Restaurant. Topside and on our way. There will be vegetables.
Envelope has bright blue “RR”. Letter sized. Maybe a disc/chips.
We go to Ruttrey’s Restaurant.

As we leave, we are looking for others. Awareness.
Mirric 8
Rune 12
Mim 6
Rex Light Bill 2
As the lifts are starting to close, Rune notices that some random guys are watching us. They look more put together.
12:52 AM
Doors open on street level at the edge of the docks. Rune and Mirric are in the front of Rex and Mim.

Rune 12
Mirric 9
Mim 8
Rex Light Bill 10

Two guys coming at us from the East. Weapons ready. Ditto West. They’re spreading out.

Battle Reflex (Initiative)
Mim 12
Mirric 12
Rune 8
Bad guys 8
Rex Light Bill 3

Mirric’s Assist – Takes 2 Action Points. Does not use it.

Round 1

Mirric opens with a shooting a guy coming from the West. Combat + Weapon + d10 = 7 (needs a 6 to hit their Toughness). The die + combat + weapon damage = 8 damage. 1 AP
Then moves to cover. 1 AP
And then Defends (1 AP). +2 to defense (1 for the Defend, 1 for Cover)

Mim presses lifts for door hold button. 1 AP.
Psychic Power (1 AP) for Mind Blast. 8 vs his Nerve. He takes 9 damage. This against the one that just got shot. The guy grabs his head and starts screaming out.
Last AP used to boost his Defend (cover). +1 Defend.

Rune moves to cover 1 AP.
Takes shot. 1 AP. Roll combat + weapons attack + d10 = 11 (against 6). Die + Combat + Weapon Damage = 13 against the other guy from the west.
Final AP is used for Defend.

Bad guys use 1 AP each to take cover. The wounded one does not get a shot off.
The other three will shoot. Mim is hidden.
One shot from the west shoots at Rune (against Armor Defense 9). The one hits with a 12 for 12 points of damage. 8+2+2.
One taking a potshot at Mirric against a 9. He misses.
One against Rex (against 7). He hits for 12 points. 35 originally and now 23 left.

Rex moves (1 AP).
11 to hit, 8 to damage. (1 AP)
2 AP for a second attack that missed.
1:18 AM
1 guy to the South is uninjured. Every other bad guy is injured.

Mirric goes after the guy to the semi-injured guy to the West. Gives Advantage – Forces them to move away or overpower them (if close enough) or +2 on next attack against target. Instead Mirric shoots twice for a 4 (miss) and a 8 for 11 damage.

Mim has the door open button (free action). Psychic Attack against the guy not the ground (8 vs his Nerve) for 9 damage. Blood coming from the ears. A second mind burst to the guy next to him for 8 vs Nerve for 9 points to him.

Rune decides to shoot the uninjured guy from the South. 1 AP. Rolls a 7 to hit (misses. Needs 8). Other 2 AP to shoot him again. He missed with an 8.

Bad Guys.
One hit with second mind blast is trying to crawl away.
One of them shoots against Rune and hits with a 13 to do 15 HP to Rune.
One will Defend and help out the downed dude.
One against Rex (misses). On his second attack he hits for 10 HP (13 HP left).
Last one shoots at Mirric. Misses. Tries a second shot and hits for 16 HP.

Rex Light Bill. Shoots the guy that shot him, twice (3 AP). 13 to hit and 10 damage. 7 (hits for 4).
1 AP to Defend (+1)

Round 3

Mirric shoots the guy that’s down for 11 HP, killing him.
Shoots to the South and shoots Rex’s guy for 10 HP… he’s not quite dead.

Mim mind blasts 8 against Nerve and has a Scanner-style moment and his head explodes.
Mind Blasts for 12 and does 13 HP and kills him (blood oozes out of his head).

Rune and other guy. 9 to hit but he defends. He shoots a second time and does 9 again.

Bad guy shoots at Rune but misses twice (once on a 9).

Rex does 9 HP on the first blast but misses with the second one. Defends with final AP.

Bad Guy has church symbols on his face.

Mirric misses him twice.

Mim. Techless Will. 16 vs his nerve. Does 14 damage. For his second attack, Mind Blast for 13 damage. This kills the final guy.


Mutant Year Zero Session 003

Session 3.
Tome was in the library and overcome with ecstasy.
Then he wakes in Virgil’s arms. He regains 1 STR. His pouch is gone.
He notices that Dava is nowhere to be found.
It is about an hour/hour-and-a-half until dark.
Tome tries to figure out what happened. Heal check or a Know the Zone check. Heal check it is. 9 dice for 1 success.
One of the stalkers encountered a box of powder that could cause these effects but it may or may not be the cause of Tome’s state.
There are tracks from the building heading north.
Virgil climbs to the top of the building (2 floor) and uses the spyglass to scope north. 3 + 1 + 1 (scout check plus device). Two 1s and no successes. Did not Push.
Discovered nothing.
Jan 20, 9:47 PM
The bag was full of batteries that Dava likely stole.
Tome produces another bag of batteries.
We return to the wagon and Tome wants to search the wagon for possible traps (bombs). Tome tries a straight wits roll (and gets 1 success). Should have been a jerry rig check (which only Dax has).
To pull the wagon takes 8 STR (5 from Virgil, 3 from Bomba).
Tome regains another point of STR.
We get moving a few blocks over (east… away from the school and ambush) and then south.
We leave the Ybor area (strange architecture) and get into the residential ruins. Looking for a place to hide the wagon.
This has taken 45 minutes to a hour. We find a semi-secure seeming building with a few garages.
We stick at the building with the wagon.
Not easily viewable from the street.
Building seems well picked over.
We make a fire and eat dog (cooking skill is not a common school).
Two individuals per watch.
Dax sleeps first to regain Wits.
Tome is back up to full.
Bomba is down 1 Wits.
First watch is Tome and Virgil.
Tome tries to find a place to see up and down the street as he hides in the shadow.
5 hours later, we change shifts.
Dax was down 4 Wits. He slept 5 hours and recovered all Wits damage.
Made it to the next day and nothing happened.
Tome suggests going up the 5-story

Move check to climb (4 dice and no successes so do a Mutant Point to finish the climb).
North (no successes on 5 dice)
East (no successes on 5 dice)
South (2 successes) – To the SE there’s a bit of movement. 2 humanoid shapes walking along a street using cover. They duck in for cover.
West (1 success) – See the same “bird” man. Way away. Virgil flips him off 3 times.
Bomba strips and “invisible” and heads out alone to try to find the 2 figures that Virgil saw.
Toward the southeast, near the broken spin, Bomba does a scout check.
4 dice – two 1s and pushed to get a 6.
2 points of Wit damage.
He finds two sets of tracks (like 3 people together) with a second set (two hanging back). Group of 3 and a pair of 2.
Jan 20, 10:27 PM
Bomba needs to make a Sneak check but his power allows him to automatically succeed on a Sneak roll.
Scout check and got 1 success.
Bomba tracked them through 3 different buildings but never found them. He returned to the party. Their trail is making a straight path toward The Blue.
Bomba wants to offer them some dog and, possibly, some wine and work this out.
Scrap that plan.
The idea is to distract the “bird” man (Tome will do that) and Virgil to take him up to the top of the roof to do the distraction.
A roaring sound and the ground shakes (from the west). No idea what it is.
The “bird” man building is gone.
Dax rolls jerry rig (9 dice and 2 successes) to hide/boobytrap the wagon.
While he’s working, another tall building crashes.
Tome tries to climb a building to see what’s happened to the 2 collapsed buildings.
A third tall building shakes and falls as Tome watches.
By the time the switching out of the “goods” on the wagon for “building materials”… oh, wait… the wagon is empty and we’ll load up the A/C units are, a 4th building has fallen.
Tome comes down and we go fast.
Tome goes ahead.
For the wagon and pulling it requires Endure check:
Virgil 5 + 3 = 1 success
Bomba ? + ? = No successes (taking a point of STR damage)
Bomba did a Push and got a success.
No 1s.
He got his 1 point of STR back for the Push.
Tome needs to do a Scout check and gets 1 success.
Tome has not found any indication of anyone ahead of us. Near the Blue. Mid-day and no additional explosions.
6 fillers and 19 cans of food in the Blue.
Tome is scouting ahead.
Bomba and Virgil are pulling the wagon.
Dax is near the wagon.
Tome does a scout check (no successes with one 1). He Pushes and fails and no successes and takes a Wits damage.
A rock comes out and just misses his head.
Behind the broken spine step 6 figures. One of them is Dava.
Empathy check – 3 successes. Something is wrong with Dava (she’s a complete blank slate). Another stalker is next to Dava and possibly controlling her.
Ball (a high ranking stalker that has had Tome) screams, “Where is it?”
He’s VERY pissed off.
Manipulate check – 2 successes. No effect on Ball but does have an effect on the other woman.
Ball is very mad! He wants “the key”.
Bomba strips and goes invisible.
Virgil goes back with Bomba and the boss says to try to sneak up but there’s nothing to hide behind.

Tome does an Empathy check – 1 success to convince the one woman and causes her power on Dava to waver.

Tome – “What do you want the key for?”
Ball may no longer be sane and can’t be calmed down.
4 of the stalkers charge Tome.
Instead of targeting them, Tome targets the woman controlling Dava. One success to hit with the sling (1 damage). He pushes and rolls 2 additional successes. Opens up tricks – Tome wants to break the woman’s concentration.
[GM tries to convince Mike to NOT attack the only individual not against us… and focus on the other 4… He REALLY tries and gets through to Mike! SUCCESS!!!!!!!]
Tome changes his focus to attack the 4 attackers (and hits Ball in the knee for 1 physical damage and 1 point attribute damage).
Virgil charges out there.
Dax – 9
Virgil – 7
Bomba – 6
Tome – 4
Jan 20, 11:23 PM
Dax shoots at one of the chargers. Shoot + Agility + Pistol. 4 dice/no successes (he’d been minus
Virgil attacks with the spear 5 + 2 + 1 = 3 successes. Stabs for 2 damage and then picks up the dude and throws him into another.
Baseball bat man does 3 STR damage to Virgil (2 STR left).
Tome gets shot with a gun for 2 STR and 1 to AGILITY damage.
Bomba goes up and attacks a dude from behind with surprise. Attacks. Pushes. 1 success and one 1. This was with 6 dice.
An arrow comes flying past Bomba’s head and kills the rifleman that Bomba had engaged.

New Round.

Tome is down (his turn is missed).
Dax gets a (1) hit against one of the guys that was getting up.
Virgil misses after switching to the ax.
Baseball Bat hits Virgil for 1 STR damage (1 left). He had to Push to do it (and his Push did 4 damage to him).
Bomba goes after insane guy and has surprise (+1). 2 successes. Trick is a sweep to knock him down.
Dava and other woman are arguing.

New Round.

Dax. Runs over to a stalker and breaths fire on him. Doing 4 MP of damage (4 damage).
The four men are down.
Dava and the other female scout have come to some agreement.

Dax scavenges the down men for bullets and guns.
Virgil and Bomba check on Tome.
Injuries are thigh wound is -1 to Move/Sneak for the next 13 days. He rolled 4 insta-deaths but GM bypassed them for this.
Tome does a Heal check on himself. Halving the damage he took.
Tome does a Heal on Virgil (3), and Tome (2). They’re fully healed.

Body One:
5 Bullets
2 Grub
1 Water
1 Scrap Rifle

Body Two:
2 Grub
2 Water
1 Baseball Bat
1 Scrap Dagger

Bodies Three and Four are burned slag. We eat the bodies! Huzzah post-apocalypse!
The last woman tells them that this was a rebellion against Talon. He has the key and they thought Tome had taken it when it came up missing because he was in Talon’s chambers so much.
The woman, Farama, is able to manipulate minds. She was NOT able to pull back Ball and she should have been able to.
Farma thought she was joining a rebellion against Talon who has the key to get into the vault.
Ball was one of Talon’s Lt. Ball had disappeared 3 months prior.
Talon is the second-in-command.
Farama does not know why the buildings were falling.
She said that Ball said the buildings falling were part of the plan.
The ark has lost 80% to 85% of its stalkers. Like Talon is mustering those loyal to him and offing those that are not.
Dava is a parasite, she can absorb STR or other abilities.
Tome examines Dava and she’s fine.
12:17 AM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
We hide the 4 dead bodies in an upside down dumpster.
Virgil – “Any last words?”
Tome – “May you rot in Hell.”
As they leave, Virgil shouts, “May you rot in Hell!” And with that, the harness falls off… coincidence?
The harness falls off the wagon.
We go to the Big Blue to find a part to fix the harness (if possible).
Tome gives Farama a drink from one of the bottles.
Farama needs half of a 5th bottle before she’s feeling the effects.
Tome – 2 successes to fain that he’s drinking while Farama gets loaded.
As Tome questions Farama about why she’s joining the rebellion… which she realizes is stupid now… Then she starts seizing up. He tries a Heal check – 1 Success. Stabilizes her.
We’re in the shopping area of the Big Blue.
Dax is sitting near Dava.
“What does Talon have on you?”
“What does he need the rifle for? What’s special about this rifle?”
Dava – “It’s a fully intact ancient rifle.”

Dax goes over toward Bomba and Virgil. Bomba and Virgil are by the door.
2 in the afternoon.
Bomba, Dax, Dava, and Virgil are going back to the Ark.
Tome and Farama stay behind.
Actually, it is Bomba, Dax, and Virgil go back to the Ark.
1) 3 XP (2 now, 1 later)
2) 0 XP
3) 1 XP
4) 2 XP (Dax), 2 XP (Tome), 1 XP (Bomba)
5) 1 XP (Tome)
6) 0 XP
7) 0 XP

Bomba – 4 XP
Dax – 5 XP
Tome – 6 XP
Virgil – 3 XP

5 XP to bump a stat.
Add one more XP for Bomba (for the “I Hate” section). So, 5 XP.
Bomba, Dax, and Virgil head south. About a hour from the Ark, we see figures coming. Cleo and 3 of her retainers (enforcers). They are coming toward us.
They are followed by 12 to 15 with rifles and chasing Cleo and 3 others. This is a lot of rifles.
We decide to run… then Bomba wants to fight to save Cleo.
Bomba turns invisible and will attack from the rear.
Virgil and Dax head back to the ruins to set up the ambush.
Toward the shore in the residential ruins, we wait for them in the dense houses. With the ten minutes that we have, Dax tries a jerry rig check to get a wall to fall when tripped (1 success).
Dax gives Virgil a:
1 Scrap Rifle
4 Bullets
2 scavengers are fallen behind.
Bomba attacks them both. Knocked both down.
2 more. Same results.

The remaining stalkers are:
5 are ahead.
6 are behind.

Virgil shoots for 1
Lead group of 4.
Virgil shoots again (miss).
On the stalkers turn, 6 dice with six 1s. Causing the gun to explode (killing 2).
Lead group is down to 2.
The leading trips the tripwire wall, dropping it on them.
Cleo plus Virgil shots. Virgil fails to hit but some of Cleo’s do and that causes the remaining 8 to stop and take cover.
We split and run for Big Blue.

Back with Tome and Dava and Farama…
Tome is watching Farama and her condition.
Dava is watching the door.
There is a clicking sound coming from the second floor.
Tome makes a makeshift torch and FURTHER DIVIDES THE PARTY!!!!!
Someone needs to TAPE him to another party member… Like, Jeremy Neill!!!!!!
Oh, it turns out he brought Dava… Wonders!!!!!!
Tome discovers the tapping is coming from Freezing Time Monster.
The both shoot.
Tome got a success to hit. The snout.
Dava. Arrow through one of its eyes via a push that snapped her bow and sprained its wrist.
It retreats back up the hallway it came from.
He tries to rouse Farama.
Heal check. No successes.
Drawing from Tome about what is going on in the building (fighting the time beast) and then they leave the building because… CORAL!!!!!!

Back to REAL party.

Cleo shares this:
Talon killed the elder and staged a coup. His stalkers are back and killed the enforcers. Cleo is the only boss that got away. He kept swearing that Tome was dead.
Cleo can’t make sense of this.

We’re heading back to the Big Blue.
Dax tries a Comprehend check to understand the picture by Tome.
2 successes. So Dax figures it out.
Virgil uses a MP to track Tome.
5 mins
Leland Beauchamp
END OF SESSION [Last of Stephen’s material]

Mutant Year Zero Session 002
And Mike splits the party!!!!

Session 2.
We debate staying the night in the rundown house (the best of the worst houses in the area). Dax convinces us the sleep rough OUTSIDE (cause Dax sucks, obviously).
After we go to sleep, there’s an odd flashing in the sky that wakes us. 3 or 4 lantern-like lights and they increase to 8 or 10. Then they dart off to the west past the horizon.
Tome is curious about them.
Bomba intimidates Dax into making a nothing to keep those flying things away.
Bomba wants to capture one. To demonstrate, he throws a rock at Tome.
Bomba rolls Agility + Shoot to thrown
Tome rolls Strength + Fight to defend against it
1 six each.
Dava does not know what those things are but they have been seen before and always follow the same pattern.
Bomba decides we need a watch now. Virgil volunteers Dava to be first watch.
Watch List:
Virgil (2nd watch)
Bomba (last 2 hours)
On his watch, Tome has to make an Endurance check. No successes and no failures.
Then he has to make a Scout check. 1 failure. Tome pushes it to get 1 success.
He hears a rustling sound coming from the bushes near the house. Tome gets up with his slingshot and investigates, ready to pop it with the slingshot. From the bushes, he sees glowing red eyes.
Agility + Shoot + Sling for 1 success. Sling does 1 Damage.
The bullet
Jan 13, 10:09 PM
comes back out of the bush and hits Tome who passes out and has a nightmare of a massively large, stark naked mutant… um, using him. And Tome wakes screaming which wakes everyone.

He warns something is in the bushes. Virgil checks – Scout check – Wits 3 + Scout 1 = 1 failure – and sees nothing. Bomba tries with no success/failures.
Then we all have to do an Endurance test and Virgil had 1 success so he and Dava are awake. (Bomba, Dax, and Tome get super tired and pass out). Virgil – Scout check and 2 successes. A small furry animal is messing with the security line and Virgil throws his spear at it. 1 success when throwing his spear kills the weird furry thing. He asks Dava if it’s edible and she says no. He flicks the carcass off of the spear. (Sleeper Skunk)
Virgil wakes Bomba for the final watch. Bomba makes canned peaches for breakfast.
We head northwest toward the sign that was seen yesterday.
3.5 hours later we reach a new style of architecture that indicates Ybor.
6 to 8 miles traveled so far (at a guess).
Tome sees a massive metal arch that says – “His tori Old Ybor” and other signs that say “Mag ritas” and “Beers” and “Mar tinis” and more. Tome leads us into the “Mar tinis” place but it’s all dark inside.
Jan 13, 10:35 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Leland Beauchamp
Leland • Jan 13, 10:36 PM
Dax spends a Mutant Point to light up (bio luminescence). Everything inside is boosted.
Dax, Tome, Dava, and Virgil go into the room. Virgil has a rope tied around him. Bomba stays at the door.
We go in and we find a small hallway area with 3 doors (2 bathrooms and a brass placard that only Tome can read).
Virgil tries to force through the barred door.
Force check – 3 Failures
Fight check – 3 Successes
Inside are glass bottles and 3 skeletons. Tome checks the bottles.
Tome tries some alcohol. Endurance check with 1 failure.
Goes straight to his head.
Know the Zone check.
Tome 3 successes
Dax 2 successes
Virgil 2 successes (on 3 dice)
Bomba ???
On the backside of the building is a worn out truck.
Bomba asks Dax to see what he can do to improve it.
Dax has to make a Jerry Rig check:
1 success on 9 dice.
As we work, Bomba goes scouting. Bomba 1 for Know the Zone. There’s a rail cart that could have the wheels striped.
Jan 13, 11:00 PM
Leland Beauchamp
brb, tambien
Leland • Jan 13, 11:08 PM
Jan 13, 11:11 PM
John McGuire
John • Jan 13, 11:13 PM
Tome goes solo and finds some batteries and other things happen… [I was away for a bit.]
There was a guy that Tome saw and he disappeared… stuff…
Tome also saw a sign that drew his interest “… ES SCHOOL” because they might have books.
Jan 13, 11:16 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Tome ransacks a place labeled “Electronics” and finds 43 batteries.
Michael • Jan 13, 11:16 PM
Tome goes to school and has to sneak in… Actions speak volumes about a person when they have to sneak into a school!
Sneak = 1 Success
With a sling ready, Tome enters the school.
Jan 13, 11:18 PM
John McGuire
John • Jan 13, 11:18 PM
Inside, Tome has to do a Scout check = no successes. Nothing but debris.
Jan 13, 11:20 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Leland • Jan 13, 11:23 PM
Tome goes deeper into the school.
Scout – No successes
Scout – 1 success (finding a map).
This has been 3 to 3.5 hours at this point.
Back to the main party.
About halfway through making the cart.
Bomba and Dax feel that Tome has been gone for too long.
Jan 13, 11:27 PM
Virgil with scrap spear
Bomba with bat
Going up the road looking for Tome while Dax and Dava remain behind.
Bomba checks out the store. Scout (1 success).
Virgil spends a Mutant Point to use Tracker to track Tome. Vigilant Virgil goes up the road with Bomba behind him. The tracks are getting stronger but Tome’s scent is getting weaker.
Virgil – Scout check = No successes, no failures on 4 dice.
Bomba – Scout check = same result
There’s a large brick building and bullet that bounces off the road ahead of them.
We feel it came from the upper floors of that brick building. (Tome sorta heard the shot.)
Bomba does his chameleon power.
As a distraction, Virgil throws 4 rocks. There’s a shot against the rubble pile.
Bomba looks for the figure. Scout check with 5 dice and all misses.
Virgil goes to move from pile to pile. Move check = No successes on 4 dice. Made the move but was exposed (missed with another shot).
[At this point, Egg gets on his I-HATE-ALWAYS-FAILING-AT-ROLLS soapbox and we lose focus. Egg’s bad.]
Bomba suggests going back for help.
Virgil succeeds on a Move check (1 success for 4 dice) to go through an abandoned building and get away from the sniper.

Tome hears the shot and investigates.
Tome Scout Check – No successes. Four dice each time he rolls.
Tome Scout Check – 1 success.
He spots Virgil moving between piles of debris.
Tome is running up the street to get to Virgil/Bomba and he looks up to see who is shooting and Tome Scout Check – No successes, so he sees nothing.
Tome pushes his last Scout check:
1 Success and 1 Failure on his push. He has strained his Wits for one point of damage.
The Wits damage results from some sunlight blindness.

Tome tries to get around and Scout check with damaged Wits for one success. Tome sees a figure emerge from the building with a rifle running away from Tome.
Tome sees a set of metal stairs.

Stealth check for 1 success as Tome goes up the metal stairs. Another success for floors 2 and 3. Tome tests the metal door and it creaks as it opens.

Tome moves along the hallway and then hears some clicking and then hears a growl.

As Tome moves through a hall, the floor caves in (Move check, no successes) so he falls to the third floor. He takes one point of Agility Damage (sprained ankle). [To fix, drink a ration of water and rest for 4 hours.]
Tome finds a place to holdup and then tries to heal himself. 10 dice and he gets ONE success.
He binds and immobilizes it (can move up to a jog).
Main party.

Bomba and Virgil make it back to Dax and Dava.

Dax – “Did you find him?”
Virgil – “Yeah, he’s right here [Jackass]!”

Bomba wants to hurry forward with this and the FOUR of us return to Ark. We will risk leaving Tome behind.

Bomba wants to get to the roof of this 4-story building and 1 Success on a Scout check.
He uses his binoculars to look at the building where he and Virgil were shot from.
2 successes on a Scout check.
He sees several metal cages with dogs in them (going crazy).
2 dogs that might be meals on wheels.
After preparing the truck, and loading it, we decide to try to go back and save Tome. We can try to make our way through the rubble to get back to the school.
Tome limps back to the stairwell and works his way down.

Main party. We’re coming up on the building we took fire from. We decide to go into the building.

Scout checks to look for Tome (successes):
1 Dax
2 Bomba
0 Virgil
1 Dava
In the building we hear some scraping sounds off to the right, up the hallway.
Bomba goes forward with a Sneak and gets one success (on 3 dice).
12:48 AM
John McGuire
WHOOOOO!!!! (Ric Flair style)

John • 12:50 AM
A humanoid figure comes out of the hallway and it is Tome.
We go to get the dogs and Tome goes to get some books.
Dava goes with Tome.
Bomba, Virgil, and Dax go up the stairs using Dax’s bio luminescence.
Virgil > Dax > Bomba.
The stairwell creaks and Virgil leaps to the fourth floor balcony.
Move checks
Virgil – 1
Dax – 2
Bomba – Because of Dax’s critical success, Bomba gets up.
On the fourth floor, Virgil forces open the door in a huge creak that causes the dogs to start barking. Virgil salivates.
55 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
After Dax gets across the rotted floor.
Virgil takes the lead. Peers around the corner and sees 2 dogs.
Scout check (no successes).
No mutants, just cages, and dogs.
Virgil steps out and on a mechanical click beneath the carpets.
Dax asks what Virgil stepped on.
“Motherf#cker, how would I know?”
Dax cuts it away and sees he’s standing on something dull, gray, and metal.
It’s a landmine.
Dax goes to jerry rig check that is half the party living and dying. Bomba helps Dax’s roll [Help = 1 additional die].
No successes on 10 dice and two 1s.
Dax pushes and gets 2 successes and FOUR 1s!
Dax succeeds but goes into a panic attack and takes 4 Wits damage (of 5).
35 mins
Leland BeauchampJohn McGuire
Virgil reassembles his spear and then goes up to the ceiling and 1 MP to auto-climb to the dogs. Scout check 1 Success to find a wadded up piece of paper with writing on it. With strips of carpet, he ties the freshly killed dog carcasses to himself, and climbs back across the ceiling.

On the far side, they leave and climb down the stairs.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

While we wait, Tome and Dava do not show. We go to find them. Virgil rolled 2 successes on a scout check. Tome is laying on the floor and Tome is at zero Str.

Virgil does the mutant Tracker (1 MP). Sense of smell.

Dava went off to the north, alone.

Scout. Bomba gets one success while Virgil fails. No additional footprints so Dava went off alone.

It is 6 to 6:30 in the evening and we’re going to move on from here to find Dava (look for her for the next hour or so).

Mutant Year Zero Session 001
Started learning the system

Mutant Year Zero Session 01

Stephen Fisher – GM
Leland Beauchamp
Michael Bugg
Egg Embry
John McGuire

None of us had 15 dice in 3 sets of 5 identical colors so we all had to download the Android app which is… meh so far.
Stephen explains the game. d6 dice pools (Attribute + Skill + Gear) and need to roll a radiation symbol or 6. Fumbles are getting no 6s.
Pushing a roll (getting to re-roll non-1s) and 1s cause damage to Attributes or Gear.
You sayin’ life goes on even when Virgil ain’t around? If Virgil didn’t see it, it ain’t happened!

Dec 2, 10:00 PM
We start off at dawn.
The assembly votes on the missions. Bomba (Lee), Dax (John), Tome (Mike), and Virgil (Egg) are sent to explore Ybor City (a part of Tampa, Florida where our GM lives… for me, I’ve been there once).
The Ark we live in is dying and only The Elder is an ancient (pre-apocalypse) individual on The Ark.
Bomba is our boss and worked with Tome, the chronicler, and they talk. Then they invite Virgil and Dax in to discuss the mission.
We’re moving from the Ark to The Blue in the north.
To get there, Bomba proposes we travel with another group from an opposed boss (Galef). To propose this, Bomba has to talk to Cleo and use his Manipulate (Empathy 4 + Manipulate 2 + 1) and Bomba got two 6s.
Dava is our Stalker (NPC) to guide and hunt for us.
It is the hot season.
Dec 2, 10:57 PM
Leland Beauchamp
As opposed to the hot season…
Leland • Dec 2, 11:03 PM
John McGuire

John • Dec 2, 11:06 PM
Picture of Dax (above).

Party Items from Bomba:
Binoculars, rope, boots (for Bomba).
Tome brings torches and means to make fire.
Dax inquires about making a flare gun (which will take a lot of gunpowder) and makes it.
Virgil has boots, scrap axe, scrap spear, and four arms.
Dec 2, 11:07 PM
Leland Beauchamp

Leland • Dec 2, 11:08 PM
The three groups meet outside and Alsik drags the first party up the western path while Galef’s group and Bomba’s group go up the eastern path (side of the peninsula).

Tome inspects and tries to get near the warehouses turned into sandpits. Dava discourages him and he’s too curious so Dava scoops up some warehouse sand that is full of not-quite-sand-mites (bright white grains of sand).

We reach the Spine Path (asphalt road) near the Lesser Ruins.

Bomba wants to inspect the Lesser Ruins. Dava and Coren (the stalkers) give us 2 hours to inspect the Lesser Ruins.
As we search, we each roll 3d6 and give the results.

To study what we find, Wits + Comprehend is needed.

Tome. 3 5 1 – Cardboard Box. No successes so he opens it and it’s a jigsaw puzzle (Tome discards it, Virgil takes it).
3 2 1 – A necklace of small white plastic beads.

Virgil. 6 6 5 – Yellowed copy of the Mutant Chronicles
4 5 1 – A small statue of some kind of lizard, stands on two legs, big head, purple (Barnie).

Dax. 1 2 5 – Collection of metal pipes in a rough triangle with missing parts. Two successes. It was a bike.
2 3 1 – Set of small cubes (d6).

Bomba. 2 2 5 – Rectangular piece of metal with a cord and a hollowed out cylinder. Two successes. A power cord and a light.
6 6 3 – A crowbar.
We arrive at The Blue and on it are laters.
Dec 2, 11:38 PM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
Stephen • Dec 2, 11:38 PM
At The Blue, Galef’s party splits off to go east to follow the Broken Spine.

We do not know exactly where Ybor is. Bomba suggests we go to the top of the building and use the binoculars to look for Ybor.
The glass doors are busted out.
Through the southern door. It’s dark inside.
Blood stains on the floor.
We head toward the stairs. Virgil in the lead. Bomba in the rear. Dax then Tome then Dava.
We’re headed up a freestanding escalator but it starts to move.

Virgil – 1 Success (out of 4 Agility)
Dax – 2 Successes (out of 4 [3 Agility + 1 Move])
Tome – 0 Successes so he Pushed and got 2 Successes and no 1s.

The whole staircase collapses. Virgil leaps up and catches onto a balcony. Test the railing with a Force check [Str 5 + Force 1] for 1 success then secure the rope to it.

We all reach the second floor.
We head to the only area that is well-lit.
Bomba suggests we look at the signs that are hanging about (advertisements). Tome looks at the signs using Comprehend [Wits + Comprehend] to read the signs.
“Salmon Lasagna $9.95” “Line Starts Here” “Employees Only”

Bomba asks Tome what he thinks this used to be.
Tome – This was the keep of some boss. And this was a courtyard and the Employees Only area should lead up.

Virgil opens the door and comes face to face with a four legged furry beast and he looks angry. Virgil goes to stab it with the spear and he’s going forward and stops moving. The beast is not moving either. Str 5 + Fight 2 + Spear 1 for 1 Success (for no use after freezing).

Know the Zone 1 plus Wits for 1 Success for Dax (Tome too). Bomba at 0 Successes.
Tome tosses in a stone and sorta freezes through the air.
Tome punches a few holes in the wall and then on the lefthand side and throws a sling bullet straight back toward the back of the room. Near the beast’s head it slows down and then picks up speed again after it gets beyond it.

After entering the room through the holes, Dax turns on his mutant luminance and the light seems to get lost on the journey.

Bomba tries to touch the field and finds it’s slow field is centered about the beast (and 2 to 3 paces around it). Dax circles behind the beast requiring a Move check (Agility + Move) for 1 Success. Dax inspects the cabinets with a terrible smell coming from them. Dax finds 7 random cans that could be food (potentially).
Wits checks all around to find a poll but all 3 of them fail. Bomba pushes it for one 6 and one 1.
“Line Forms Here” was at the top of a metal pole.
Bomba has taken one point of Wits damage for the push and got one MP.
It’s an adjustable pole.
12:27 AM
Tome has to make a Wits check and he fails and he pushes it and still no successes (though no 1s).
Dax makes a Wits check (2).
Bomba had no successes.
Dax realizes that an arrow it could be shot through the field in front of Virgil.
Dava ties and puts all of the boot laces together and ties one end to the pole and one to an arrow and shoots it through the slow field.
Str 3 for Bomba. Assist – So, +2 per extra person. No successes. Bomba and everyone pushes for no successes and three 1s (Bomba), two 1s for Dax, and one 1 for Tome. Everyone takes damage from the push. This leaves Dax broken as he reaches 0 Str due to the push.
These lead to an equal number of MPs.
The Stalker comes over and she pulls it straight on through with tons of 6s and pulls the other end of the pole and pulls him out ever so slowly.
This pulls Virgil free.
Dax is in paralyzing pain and Stephen rolls on a limited critical damage table.
Broken several fingers on one of his hands (left). -1 to shoot and fight skills and they’ll take 7 weeks to heal.
Party is going to have to rest for 4 hours and take a grub to heal.
Tome makes a Heal check [Empath + Heal]. 3 Successes. And splints the fingers and reduces the healing down to 3.5 weeks.
4 hours and a grub will heal the rest.
Everyone save for Virgil is down 1 grub.
We rest in the large lit area with chairs.
12:49 AM
Stephen “Wolf” Fisher
After the rest, it’s been 4 hours of travel and scavenging (noon), 45 minutes of exploring, 4 hours of rest (so 4:45). 2 hours back to the Ark or camping out.

Tome gets plastic forks for splints.

It’s a two-story building so Virgil climbs up on the roof and Force check to jump 5 Str + 1 Force for 1 success.

Using the binoculars, to Scout 1 + Wits 3 + Gear 1 for 1 success.

Greater Ruin is large and then north of it is largely small buildings that are still intact.
Movement – dogs. Birds burst out to east and something was shifting around there.

East for 2 successes and at the edge of the broken spine. Galef’s team is all laying prone. Mad path where it meets the broken spine.

West is the setting sun (no successes).

Northwest got a 6. North of that is different architecture.

Towers on the edge of the old city is looking back at me with binoculars. 8 stories tall and he was on the fifth story.

3 successes to look south.

Perimeter search in the local area to the south are the paw prints of the beast. West is nothing. NW is the Demar Path you see a few signs. North to the path is a building with some things there. East is tracks.

Hut check to open it.

Move check (Agility 4) to get back down. 1 success.
1:22 AM
After telling them what Virgil saw, Bomba and Tome discuss what the next move is.

Tome wants to get on the roof so Virgil shoves the binocular into his chest, points toward the side of the building where the hut/stairs would be and says, “You go find it.” Dax and Tome leave to go find the stairs.
It’s largely dark. They find another sign that reads “Employees Only”.
They find a hallway and go into it.
They go left and find a metal door.
They can’t pick the lock (Dax had no successes).
Dax tries to Force the wall but no successes.
Tome Wits check but no successes. Then a Comprehend check with 1 success.
Tome tries to Force the door with Dax’s bat and they batter their way through.
42 mins
Leland Beauchamp
Once they get to the roof, they check the machines (Dax) and Tome does a Scout check for 1 success for to see a sign that reads “Historic Ybor” to the northwest.

Dax scours 3 bits out of the machines on the roof (he got 3 successes). 5 for Wits + 3 for Jury-rig (3 more successes).

So, they decide to leave the roof and return to Bomba, Virgil, and Dava. Tome wants to head back to the Ark with the parts that Dax secured.
31 mins
LONG discussion about what to do next. Tome wants to leave the parts behind and mark them. Dax wants to go back.

Bomba and Virgil want to keep exploring (tomorrow).

Dava suggest we leave it at the end of the spine path which we can get to easily.

Virgil ties off the rope and everyone climbs down. However, Dax has a broken hand and has to be lowered down with the rope but (Force no successes from Virgil) dropped Dax.

Force checks for 3 successes (between Dava, Tome, and Bomba). They catch Dax (no injury).

We go to the building to the north that Virgil saw.

Through the windows we see a pile of cans. Scout checks (0 from Dax, 2 from Tome) for traps (none). Dava hops through the window and checks it out. Cans are safe. She goes on to check the backyard and sees a corpse and cries. Tome tries to console her. Tome Manipulate check (1 success).

Virgil and Dax go back to the cans. Cans are full. Dozen cans (found goods).

Bomba checks the rest of the house.
3 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Decide to pause (2:30am).

Session 50: The Long Pause
Closing Out Phase 1

Silver Feather goes to see Stanicek’s forces fighting at a choke point. SF knocks the enemy leader into the river (he survives in full plate). From the fall, they take 5 HP to SF and 8 HP to enemy leader (General of the Lord Mayor Superior’s forces).

As SF tries to get out of the river, crossbows hit for 8 HP (13 HP) and 2 more 10 HP (23 HP).

The enemy leader is trying to get back out of the water and into the fight. This is not destroying his force’s moral but it’s some slow down.

Back to Madox and Caeside at the LMS’s fortress where Madox’s “brother” meets him. The assassin was able to grab the LMS’s daughter (some of the children) who has a claim to the throne of Umbra. She’s been taken out of the city south to be raised at the emperor’s court (and will lead the city then).

More wars are happening as the emperor moves to assist others against the Golden Horde.

The assassin effectively “forgives” Madox of his crimes because of his “help” here.

Madox’s backstory-lady is further south near the sea.

The assassin wants to know who should run the city until the daughter returns and Madox suggests Stanicek.

The assassin from the Brotherhood asks how the kenku will react to the daughter when she returns.

One of the LMS’s sons was not in the city and they may escape (there’s another daughter as well).

The brotherhood leaves and he’ll not return until the next spring. He’ll leave word at the Silver Finch Inn in Calain. He shakes Madox’s hand and palms a bone scroll tube (merchant’s documents) to Madox.

The assassin leaves to deliver the daughter to the emperor.
Nov 11, 10:08 PM
John McGuire
Madox’s background lady – was in Aramore and last seen somewhere in the Aleena Sea
Madox can always leave word in the Silver Finch Inn in Callain if he needs to get in contact with Aerik
John • Nov 11, 10:17 PM
Silver Feather gets above the army and shouts that they are defeated because the LMS is dead and their General is in the river.

To keep the general from returning to the battle, SF gets some clay pots from Stanicek and drops them on the building above the general and Fire Bolts them.

With that advantage, Stanicek’s men press Vaclav’s men. SF spots an assassin coming for Stanicek and yells at him and engages. The assassin shoots at SF (after SF has alerted Stanicek). SF takes 12 HP. He does 8 more to SF.

SF hits the assassin for 13, 11, 12
SF takes 16 HP.

SF does 8 HP, NAT 1, 8 HP.
Assassin does 18 HP.
SF does 18 but misses twice more.
Assassin decides to to try and escape and he does.
SF longbow does NAT 1, 5 HP.
The assassin runs and gets away.

SF is now at 5+8+10+12+8+16+18 = 77 (4 HP left). FUCK GARY’S SYSTEM!!!!!!

50 of Alexi’s men are coming to the LMS’s fortress.
Nov 11, 10:40 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Sorry. The computer rebooted (pushed am update) and the phone decided to only let me stay on for a few minutes
Leland • Nov 11, 10:41 PM
SF downs another 30 Good Berries (34 HP left). Will need to see Wren about the rest.
Madox and Caeside have had a short rest at this point.
For one of the NAT 1s, SF lost his BRAND NEW magical sword that he has not had any FUCKING time to Weapons Bond with so he can recall it… So, SF goes to retrieve it.
While adding this ridiculous amount of damage and writing the happenings, I missed the overall battle status for the city.
Madox and Caeside are looting the LMS’s palace and using Detect Magic to look for magic items.
Caeside is not always seeing magical powers but he feels like something is obscuring his spell (like magic is everywhere but nowhere).
After Caeside tells Madox, Madox tries Detect Thoughts and feels something is watching him. It feels like the feeling of the Owl Woman (close to it but not who or what it is).
Something has them on edge.
Monk’s Stillness of Mind allows Madox to look toward the core of the fortress and there is a section at the center of the compound with no hallways going into it and whatever is worrying them is coming from there.
They look for a secret way to the center of the compound.
In the throne, Madox finds a jewel in the throne (overhangs the throne) and the jewel looks like an eye. Madox touches the jeweled eye and has a vision.
Nov 11, 10:57 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside casts Resistance on Maddox (1d4 to save of choice)
Leland • Nov 11, 11:00 PM
John McGuire
Madox sees a dark being/god/something tied to a dock as the sea rages against it. As Madox begins describing what he sees the Veiled-eyed face turns to “look” directly at Madox, freezing him in place. The Being attempts to penetrate his mind.
Caeside casts Resistence on himself and then pries Madox away from the chair and gem.
The being is angry and wishes to be free to visit destruction upon everyone.
When Caeside touched his staff to Madox and the gem he also saw the Being
John • Nov 11, 11:18 PM
Wren (who is happy to see SF and tells him that ) heals SF for 25 HP (59 HP) and then SF participates in Stanicek’s massive counterattack which breaks Vaclav’s forces, reconquers Vela’s territory, joins Alexi’s forces, and presses into Ljudevit’s territory. Has Ljudevit suing for peace.
Gradimir, Dimtri, and Dobrica are the neutral territories and not in the war.
SF went ahead and broke any attempt to resist.

Jasen Volinin is facing the kenku at the north across a bridge. SF talks to Jasen and sets a truce before heading to the LMS’s palace.

Jasen was a mercenary and captained a few companies and is not a boss. He’s a reasonable neighbor.

Madox’s vision is of a pic (attached, I hope). It is really, really angry. It turns a veiled gaze on Madox and the god invades Madox’s mind and Madox tries to tell Caeside but then the god’s mind attack his. Madox is frozen in horror. Caeside uses his staff and tries to knock Madox out of the throne. Madox has a seizure on the floor for several minutes.

The throne is bronze and not gold and cannot be moved.

SF walks in to see Madox on the floor and Caeside over him.
Silver Feather has 5 servants bring blankets and tie it over the throne’s eye. [We put a sign up on it that reads “Wet Paint!”]

Sister Naya and two other Sisters arrive and cast spells to find that something evil is in the gem. She wants to seal this all off.
Whatever this evil is, it’s in the middle of the fortress.
Stanicek arrives at the palace and is told he can’t take the throne because it’s evil. Sister Naya and Caeside warns Stanicek about the creature/god/presence.
Stanicek is tempted by the voice but Madox, Silver Feather, Caeside all stop him and get him to think about the future. Dimitri, as a neutral, sets up a meeting of all of the bosses (all bosses, two bodyguards, the Sisters, and kenku – GreyWing with SF at his righthand at the table and Alexi as his lefthand, Sisters next to the Kenku, and Dimitri next to them). Stanicek is at the head of the table.

Caeside brings in dirt and thrones to fill the palace throne room to enspell with Plant Growth.

Stanicek talks of enemies in Aramore and elsewhere will try to take advantage in the city and bringing the fight to an end.
Talks of the new power structure and the evil in the palace.

Stanicek wants the kenku to have a place in the city. Njegovan is worried about the kenku.

Dimitri wants to worry about the external enemy and elect a leader and make the kenku a part of the city. SF backs this.

Vaclav is dismissive of Dimitri and the kenku’s desires and brings up LMS’s kids. Caeside debates with him.
12:01 AM
John McGuire

John • 37 mins
After long speeches, Stanicek became the Lord Mayor Superior and GreyWing and Skybreacher were given territory from Stanicek’s land and everyone felt the end of the wars and fighting but good with growing peace starting the next day. The palace is sealed and, with the city secured, Mike gives a nice close to the campaign.

Silver Feather helps his people to build up their brand new territory under GreyWing and Skybreacher. It’s the peninsula, south bank of the river up to the unclaimed mines. These mines yield iron, copper, gold (which we will contract with the dwarf to use). Wren’s temple is built at the tip of the peninsula on the cliffs. It’s a flame temple for the Phoenix so anyone coming into the city sees the flames as they roll in every night after fishing/ shipping.

Caeside brings Wren into the Phoenix religion.

Madox goes through the sage’s stuff. [Mike will detail the results later.]
Madox – What is the thing/god that he saw?
Looking for ocean maps.

Others to pick up:

- Dwarven Magic Items
- Displacer Cloak
We have a contact at Blackstone Keep (the vampiress), the letter of merchant, and we take the mermaid.

Ship is what we’re looking for is the caravel for us to get. Something like a 10k GP ship and some spent on the kenku.

Headed to Malik Island to reach out to the historic kenku. We’ll head to Callain to get a Privateer License from the Emperor of Callain.
Potential NPCs to bring:
Mermaid, Sister, a Kenku.

We’ll make new low-level characters for one ship and one for the main characters… maybe?

A new set of first level characters for us.
10 mins
Leland Beauchamp
Probably pick up 2 to 3 years from now for the new campaign. We have a ship and crew and established contacts, etc and now we’re headed to Callain and then the kenku are setting up. When Caeside is ready to spread the word (he’s been communing with the Phoenix) and when he’s ready, we all meet in Callain to go , go , go.
Treasure –
900 CP
6,000 SP
2,000 GP
100 PP
3 art objects at 25 GP each

Wand of Secrets (Silver Feather)
- 3 charges. Spots secret doors/traps
1d3 charges expended at dawn.

2x Elemental Gems (1x Fire, 1x Water) – Caeside
- Action breaks the gem and summons an elemental (CR 5).

XP – 3,000 XP each

Mike will send what SF learns from attuning to the rapier.

Session 49: A MAGICAL RAPIER!!!!!
Only 49 sessions to get a MAGICAL RAPIER!!!!!!

Silver Feather is disguised as the messenger, Venteer, from the Lord Mayor’s Army looking wounded.
Madox looks wounded.
Caeside is a mouse in Madox’s pocket.

3 fires are burning in the city as they approach.
They enter the Lord Mayor Superior’s keep escorted by 2 of the guards to the sichal (?) to the Lord Mayor Superior with several guards, robes, and a priest.
In the tower itself.

- Lord Mayor Superior
- Individual in robes
- Armored Cleric or Paladin Veteran (general)
- 3x men in armor (breastplates with shields). At each corner of the room.

Distances. Tight tower room (everyone in melee range).
- Armored Cleric or Paladin
- Veteran (general)
Nov 4, 10:28 PM
Venteer has a confused look on his face about the situation (Madox being accused by the Lord Mayor while Venteer/Silver Feather).
Silver Feather/Venteer distracts the room as Caeside/Rat moves next to the priest.
The dice did AMAZING for Egg for once! Silver Feather surprises the Lord Mayor Superior for 29 and to the general 11 (spillover). Next 3 attacks do 17, 13, and 14 due to Action Surge.
Caeside does Witch Bolt for the LMS for 24.

This takes the Lord Mayor Superior down in one round.

Madox to the cleric (robed) for 12, 19, 9, and 8 and he’s now prone.
A gleaming angel appears and deals 10 HP of radiant damage to SF and Caeside made saves.

For the second round.

18 – Robed Cleric
16 – Caeside
16 – Madox
13 – General Veteran
11 – 3x Armored Men
7 (NAT 1) – Silver Feather/Venteer
5 – Armored Cleric or Paladin (facing Madox)
n/a – ??? Gleaming angelic requiring a Dex save DC 14
Silver Feather fails his perception check (Madox and Caeside make their’s).
Robed Wizard throws a Lightning Bolt (DC 13) against the General, SF, and Caeside take 15 HP (we all made our saves) or 30 HP.
Madox goes after his guy who is down for 8 HP and kills him.
Madox goes after the wizard in robes.
(He used Flurry of Blows)
Madox goes after the wizard and the wizard casts Shield as a reaction and causes Madox to miss. He’s not AC 20 (the wizard). Madox hits him for 11 HP (once) and knocks him prone.
Caeside casts Witch Bolt on the wizard (hits) for 17 HP (frying the magician).
LMS uses his power to Command the General to attack (giving 4 attacks) against SF (3 hits for 29 HP… 54 HP)
SF takes another 7 HP from the guard. Silver Feather is down to 20 HP.
Last guard comes after Caeside and stabs at him under the table for 5 HP.
Unexpectedly, the LMS jumps up and runs and a guard goes with him.

Silver Feather attacks the General 14 and the guard 9 and uses Cunning Action to disengage and run after the LMS and his bodyguard as the bolt.

10 HP of damage from the Angel for Caeside
20 HP of damage from the Angel for Madox who lowers it to 10 using an ability

General and two guards left as Caeside yells at Madox to go after SF and the LMS. Caeside casts Summon Fairie Brown Bears (Conjure Animal) and attacks a guard for 10 and 6 (bear eats his face).
Bear 2 against the General does a NAT 20 for 18 HP and the second attack misses.
Then Caeside goes direwolf so he’s no longer prone (and under a table that adds extra cover).
General attacks the bear twice for 20 HP and attacks the Caeside Direwolf for 6 HP (Con check to keep control of bear… made it).
Madox follows into the winding stairway at 90 ft (Silver Feather is behind him due to the 60 ft).
3x (and three more behind) Guards block the stairs.
Madox wades into them.
They have AC 16. Madox hits for 12 HP.
Silver Feather downs 30x Good Berries for his action (51 HP).
They attack Madox for 9 HP (after many misses).
New Round.
Caeside Direwolf and bears versus General (AC 20).
Caeside misses and Bear 1 hits for 9 HP and Bear 2 hits for 10 HP and 19 HP. Bloodies the General.
General decides to jumps off of the wall for 18 HP (from 3d6). The General sprained or broke a leg.
30 feet down.
General misses with his crossbow.
Caeside and the bears come barreling down the stairs.
Madox does flurry against the 5 guys in front of him (AC 16).
Hits for 9 HP, miss, 11 HP (killing a guy), 8 HP and he makes his Dex save.
4x guards left.
Silver Feather attacks the guards and kills 3 in a row with 18, 12, 12.

Caeside catches up and tries to track the LMS. There are three hallways as options.
We go left.
Silver Feather tries to track by blood (17) and SF goes down the straight corridor. He gets to the throne room where there are a bunch of guards forming up. SF (as a guard) goes through the ranks where he’s checked for wounds.
Caeside and Madox go through the servant’s quarters and Madox probes their minds and they have not seen the Lord Mayor.
Silver Feather finds out that the LMS is in the courtyard.
They turn around and come back the way Silver Feather was.
SF takes 2 other guards and run into the courtyard and SF gets the guards to kill the ones with SF.
In the courtyard, in the LMS’ stables as he’s going to leave.
30 people out there.
12:16 AM
John McGuire
it says my mic is on
i hear you
John • 12:19 AM
Leland Beauchamp
yes it does
Leland • 12:19 AM
Leland Beauchamp
SF is 50 feet from the LMS. SF has stood down but the LMS has gestured at one of his men in robes and at SF.
Caeside turns himself and Madox invisible. (Ending the bears).
Madox is going after the LMS on a horse.
Caeside will try Thunderwave on the mass.
Horses are arrayed to leave into the city.
15’ cube (9 soldiers) from Thunderwave (killing them all).
Roughly a third in a blow.
SF is hit twice for 13 HP with spears after he takes off (after his spell is dropped).
Silver Feather shoots at the LMS for 8 and 6 blooding him again.
“You are not getting out of here!”
Caeside ports over to another group and moves to another group.
From the 20 foot wall, the crossbows shot SF four times for 19 HP (19 HP left).
Madox sneaks up to the LMS and makes his attack and does a Flurry from Invisible (plus a Luck). Madox is at Advantage. Does 13 HP for the first attack. Miss. Punch with a NAT 20 for 10 HP. And last one is 9 HP.
LMS attacks back for one hit, one CRIT. 16 and 9 against Madox.
So far, LMS has taken an extra:
8+6+13+10+9 = 46 HP.

The LMS says that this is a ruse and plan to kill him.
Madox – “I’m not getting paid for this!”
Madox is Patient Defense as he’ll face 6 attacks a round.
Robbed guys do Fire Bolts. 19 HP against Madox.
Caeside does Thunderwave on the robed guys (one of them and 3 x guards) for 14 HP and he gets pushed 10 ft.
Silver Feather tries a dive attack for no good effect. Two misses.
LMS attacks SF for 11 HP.
SF has 8 HP left.
All attacks against Madox fail.
Madox attacks the LMS for 12, 9, misses (67 HP). This kills the LMS.
New Round.

Robed guys turn. He sees the LMS is down and he teleports 30 ft and takes off running.
Other mage does not see that the LMS is down. He shoots with Magic Missile against Caeside for 16 HP.

And now there are soldiers between Caeside and the robed guy.

Soldiers attack Madox with Patient Defense (all misses).

Silver Feather is dead after taking 12 HP and then Mike asks for a Save for 9, a d4 for 3, and a d20 for 4 (spear in the side and fall to the ground).

Madox steps over SF’s body to defend it.
Madox drives off 2 guards.

Caeside does Healing Word to Silver Feather for 22 HP reviving him.
37 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Silver Feather grabs the LMS and flies his body up into the air above the courtyard and declares, “The Lord Mayor Superior is dead!” The last 10 or 12 guys break and run save for a kid with a crossbow hits SF for 3 HP. SF takes the crossbow from him and drags the kid down as he MIGHT be the LMS’s kid.

Madox does Wholeness of Body for 24 HP.

Silver Feather eats 30x Good Berries from Caeside for 52 HP for SF.

The Lord Mayor Superior had a Jeweled Rapier. +2 and needs attunement. 1x potion left. Breastplate was +1 (likely for a henchman).

5,000 XP each.

MIke’s new idea. An Animated Sword and an Animated Pen.

Session 48: VELA!

Caeside casts Animal Friendship and Speak with Animals to get a bird to scout Thundertree. The bird saw a dragon, druid, cultists, but did not see zombie plants.

Our mission is to find out what’s at Thundertree and if we can cause a fight between our force and the dragon.
Oct 14, 9:35 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Michael • Oct 14, 9:49 PM
Caeside goes ahead of the army to Thundertree in animal form (direwolf) to deliver the Sword of Emo Arcade Fire (1d6 damage) to the dragon and warn them that the Lord Mayor is taking this land (and we’re trying to forewarn him).
AND mooooooorrrrrreeeeeeee cats!!!!!
Caeside approaches the dragon (as a direwolf) and scopes out the minions and then switches to a spider to appear before the green dragon and then turns into a human.

The dragon is Venomfang.
Oct 14, 10:05 PM
The party is led into town and the dragon springs the trap. Many die and the force is scattered.

The party leads the leaders (and the one that Silver Feather needs to impersonate) into a zombie plant house.

Silver Feather shoots twice at the lead knight from the trees and hits for 6 and 9.

Caeside does Conjure Animal (2x bears) to scare off the mounted knights to keep them from running off.

Cultists fire more arrows at the troops. Bears go after the horses.
Silver Feather hits the knight for 12 and 11. He bolts on the horse and Silver Feather shots the horse and hits for 7 and 9 downing the horse.

The bear eats the scout that Silver Feather wants to impersonate.

The knight fights back against the bear.
Oct 14, 10:49 PM
The dragon, Venomfang, lands near Madox and says, “I said if you ran” [that was the agreement with Caeside] and proceeds to attack Madox.

Silver Feather moves toward the knight and shoots at the knight but misses and the knight misses Silver Feather.

Silver Feather and the knight lock up and Silver Feather hits 6 points of damage.

Knight swings back and misses once and hits the second for 10 HP on Silver Feather.

20 points to the dragon from Caeside’s Call Lightning.

Madox and Venomfang lock up.
Silver Feather hits the knight for 11 and 8 and kills him.
Caeside and Madox kill and zap the last of the cultists.

The dragon swings around and breaths on Madox and Caeside. Silver Feather flies up to attack and hits once for 23 HP.

But it breaths for 25 HP.

Caeside does a fireball necklace. Silver Feather gets a 25 save against 14 HP (Silver Feather takes 7 HP).

Fireball necklace for 35 HP against the dragon. The dragon face plants.
Madox attacks the dragon for a lot.
Madox kills it.
It roars out, “Shandrith!”
Caeside kills some of the last cultists with Call Lightning.
1,600 XP Each for the battle.
Madox is down 14 HP.
Silver Feather is down 17 HP.
Oct 14, 11:27 PM
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
700cp, 10000 sp, 2300 gp, 100 pp, Gems (8 @ 100): – Garnet, Garnet, Amethyst, Coral, Coral, Chrysoberyl, Garnet, Coral., Potion of Clairvoyance
Michael • Oct 14, 11:35 PM
40 of the soldiers bodies are found but not 10 (7 more are found… 3 left and one went into swamp). The druid checks the rest.

After talking with the druid, the party raids the tower and gets the above. The party recovers some horses.
Silver Feather morphs into the messenger, takes a remount and tries to get the 3 survivors to step out and come to him.

Caeside conjures animals and tries to catch’em.

Madox will… monk…
Silver Feather’s polymorph looks like its hurt from the encounter.
Caeside heals Silver Feather up (and gives us each 30 Good Berries).
“I am Venteer” the messenger.
Oct 14, 11:58 PM
The three split up.
Silver Feather gets ahead to the rendezvous. Madox meets up.
Caeside finds a hag that killed the three soldiers and sends a message that there’s danger. Silver Feather flies off to find and save Caeside. He has melded into stone and we miss each other for a good bit.

Finds one of the soldiers dead.
No crickets around Silver Feather.
Find another soldier dead.

Silver Feather hears a bow and dives for cover. Gets hit twice for 9 and 10 HP (19 total).

We’re trying to sneak up on each other.

Silver arrows him for 7 HP.

He fires back 3x times for 8 HP (27 HP).

Silver hits with a sword for 12 HP and miss and 6 HP.

He strikes back and hits twice for 8 and 4 (39 HP).

Tuvote, one of the soldiers covered, looks at him. He describes the hag. Black night skin, red eyes.

At the cave, Silver Feather webs up the entrance and calls in for Caeside (expecting it’s him). Instead, it’s Vela.

She has a reddish aura and does 4 HP to Silver Feather.
The soldier runs away and screams and it alerts Caeside who comes out of the rock to see Silver Feather fighting Vela. She wins initiative.
The roots start reaching up and Silver Feather is restrained. Fucking awesome since it’s just Silver Feather versus Vela.
Vela slashes Silver Feather for 21 HP.
Silver Feather is already down 30 HP.
Silver Feather can’t get unrestrained because it takes a fucking 17 to get out and Silver is plus 1… Caeside casts a spell to break her concentration and freeing Silver Feather.

Silver Feather uses his Action Surge and hits 3 times for 12 HP 8 HP 10 HP.
She slashes back with her claws for 15 HP.
Silver Feather is down 45 HP.
Caeside casts Witch Bolt does 8 HP.

Silver Feather hits her for 20 HP.

She hits Silver Feather for 17 HP (leaving him at 19 HP).

She retreats further into the cave. There’s a large pool of water in the cave that she’s headed for.

Witch Bolt does 15 HP.

Silver Feather’s Scroll of Fireball does 19 HP and she saves… cause my dice SUCK!
She summons 4x crocodiles.

Witch Bolt does a lot.
Silver Feather hits her for 5 HP 10 HP 7 HP. Putting her on her last leg.

She misses Silver Feather.

Caeside faces off against 4x crocs. They try to grapple him.
37 mins
John McGuire
Madox dreams of the ship he’s going to buy once they deal with the Super-Mayor. He turns over and pulls the blanket tighter.
John • 37 mins
Caeside’s Witch Bolt takes her down.
She is unconscious but still breathing.
Silver Feather puts his foot on Vela’s throat and pulls out his bow to shoot one for 12 HP 9 HP and kills it.
Caeside is still facing 3 crocs. He charms the three.
He sends them after the last fighter.
Caeside gives Silver 30 Good Berries from Caeside to 49 HP.

They take Vela out of the cave and tie her up and put a HEAVY rock on her legs so there’s no way to escape.

Caeside searches her lair.
27 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
1900 cp, 800 sp, 70gp, 6 10gp gems.
Michael • 27 mins
John McGuire
The fire is dying down so I grab a couple other pieces of wood. Maybe eat a little hard tack I found in the saddle bags.
The stars have a different look to them tonight. I guess that’s what happens when you kill a dragon, everything smells and tastes better.
John • 24 mins
The Lord Mayor Superior wants the kenku dead because it was a deal he made with her.

She did not reveal much and had to be killed.
Each of us (Madox included) got 1,000 XP for Vela.


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