The Bane-Sidhe
Session 01 Side Quest - A Deal with the Devil

Adventurers Involved:

  1. Valifor

Locations Involved:

Sister Gareille, the local cleric of the Church of Law and adherent of Tyche, has requested Valifor’s aid as a paladin to retrieve information from Agatha, an elf twisted by dark magic into a mockery of her former self.

The Church is seeking an ancient tome formerly owned by an individual named Bogentle and believes Agatha to have information about its present location. The sister provided Valifor with a jeweled, silver comb to present to Agatha in exchange, a sop to the demon’s vanity. She further advised Valifor to treat the bain-sidhe as he would any noble at court, politely but without guile or flattery. She further warned him that approaching this task in any state short of absolute purity risked losing the Divines’ blessings in this task.

The Redbrands
Session 01 Side Quest - Learning of Troubles

Adventurers Involved:

Locations Involved:

Numerous residents of Phandalin report troubles with a group of local toughs calling themselves the Redbrands.

From all reports, these thugs originally arrived as caravan escorts and bodyguards but, having spent their coin on food and other indulgences, demanded more for free. Without a strong town guard or local leader to dissuade them, they soon settled in at the top of the village’s food chain.

Their leader is a mysterious figure known only as “Glasstaff,” a shadowy presence spoken of but never seen. He is speculated to be a magic user of some form.

Their base of operations is the local manor of House Tressendar. Valifor explains that Tressendar is a minor house, ambitious in the way typical of unentrenched noble families, with only a small amount of interbreeding with the Ten Great Houses. They have a reputation with the Church as being associated with deviltry and demon worship.

Harbin Wester is the town’s rightful sheriff, but he lacks both the manpower and force of will necessary to stand up to the brigands.

Session 01: Gundren's Delivery
The Road to Phandalin

Adventurers Involved:

  1. Ambrosia
  2. Caiside
  3. Silver Feather
  4. Valifor

Location(s) Involved
The road through the Whispering Woods to Phandalin

Gundren Rockseeker hires four adventurers to escort a shipment to a new settlement.

Along the road the adventurers discover the bodies of two horses slain by black-fletched arrows. Ambrosia and Valinor move forward to investigate and nearly die in a goblin ambush before Caiside and Silver Feather move forward and the recombined party slays the goblins.

Looking around, Silver Feather discovers well-used tree stands and piles of old bones, indicating the goblins have been using this tactic for some time. From the uppermost stand, he sees a hill to the northeast.

Exploring the other side of the path, Caiside locates a purpose-cut trail leading to the hill.

In examining the goblins’ corpses, Valifor finds one of the goblins to have an insignia carved into its chest: a mountain with a toothed mouth.

One of the slain horses bears saddlepacks with Gundren’s mark upon them indicating the animal belonged to him, though whether the beast was his mount or another’s is uncertain.

After dismantling the stands and lashing the goblins’ corpses to the trees, the party elects to continue on and arrives at Phandalin just as the sun sets and a full moon lights the village. The presence of a half-dragon and bird-man elicits some reaction from the locals, though not the furor one would expect in the more “civilized” regions of Callain.

Elmar Barthen takes receipt of the shipment and provides payment in full. He seems somewhat agitated that Gundren did not arrive ahead of the shipment and confirms that Phandalin faces numerous troubles.

In putting together various clues, it seems possible the goblins captured Gundren and took him back to their hideout, either at the aforementioned hill or at a location known to Caiside.

After a brief discussion, the party splits apart to see to their individual needs.


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