Session 37: Returning the Mask
Agatha is Happy

As we cross the Greensward, an eagle (under Animal Messenger – from Parsalien) lands and warns us (Caeside) that the druids are looking for us to stop our plan to give the mask to the banshee, Agatha.

Caeside casts Conjure Animal and sends eight animals in a different direction (toward the Wandering City) to distract the druids.

The party goes to the Willow Marsh to meet the druid, Neven. He’s the druid least happy to be ok with the druids.
Neven is about as powerful as Parsalien.
We arrive at the river that is the border of Neven’s Willow Marsh as night falls.
Each of the party takes a 2 hour watch.
Caeside casts a Pack a Good Berries.
Apr 8, 9:58 PM
About the midnight hour as Baylin and Silver Feather are on watch they are attacked by 8 giant owls about the size of horses.
Silver Feather is hit 3 out of 4 times for 24 HP. 35 HP left.
Baylin is hit 3 out of 4 times for 32 HP.

They are coming back for another pass.
Silver Feather casts Fire Bolt (first time) for 12 HP against one of them.
Baylin shots with his crossbow but misses.
They are circling back and there are 8 of them and they are spreading out.

Silver Feather casts Jump and lands on the biggest owl’s back and loops onto the back with a rope around the owl’s neck. The owl can’t support the weight and face plants into the ground for 13 HP.

Caeside casts Wind Wall in front of their path. It catches three of them for 13, 10, 14 damage. 2 failed in their saves and flutter down to the ground.

Madox attacks both of the ones on the ground. Flurry of Blows. 24 HP on the first owl and Nat 20 with the dagger and does 20 HP (10 of which was necro).

Aranel shots two arrows doing 8 and 15.

Madox is hit with a NAT 20 for 21 HP of damage (he had 10 extra to start with).
Baylin got 2 hits for 15 HP killing it.

Two swoop at Caeside for 12 HP. They stay on him.
Apr 8, 10:29 PM
2 unwounded giant owls and 2 wounded ones left.

Silver Feather shouts “Surrender” in Auran (Silver Feather’s people’s language) and it does. Silver gets it to send the other giant owls away.

“Parsalia sent us.” His flock is at Parsalia’s command. They are actually conjured fey turned into giant owls. We ask the owl about Parsalia. “She is close,” and then he bursts into blue sparkles.

Par-tsalian casts a spell causing hail. Does 9 and 12 damage or half on a save.

Save is 15.
Silver Feather – 12 – down to 14
Aranel – 20
Caeside – 21

Silver Feather downs all of his Good Berries (20). He is now at 34 HP.

Madox uses his amulet to cast Detect Thoughts.

Caeside thinks she disappears (using locate object).

Aranel spots a small crow or raven and she shoots it with her bow at extreme range for 10 HP.

She disappears from Caeside’s spell a second time when she takes another form.
Madox uses Wholeness of Body to regain HP (he’s down 3 overall).

Caeside does Detect Magic and finds a Divination magic about 10 feet away. It is following Caeside.

Caeside casts Dispell Magic. Caeside rolls a 14 and it disappears.
The Druidess is Par’Tsalia.

The party debates – chase Par-Tsalia or cross the river to Neven or flee to Agatha’s. In the night, the party decides to go to Neven to get him our side.
Under a half moon, the back of the party have torches while Aranel is in the front with her nightvision.
By dawn, the party has only made it a short distance thought the Willow Marsh. The party spots a house on stilts populated with animals.
There is a causeway built through the swamp to the house.
Caeside goes to meet the druid alone.
Apr 8, 11:27 PM
Caeside meets with the druid and, after they talk, he invites the rest of the party in.
We all talk.
About the druids, Phoenix, the Worm, Agatha, and assassinating a vampire lord.
Going back and forth about consequences until the discussion comes to the point that Silver Feather loses his mind and starts yelling at the druid because he keeps telling , calling him “swampman” for staying out of things while Silver Feather and his people are in danger and need to do things to help his people.

The Golden Horde is putting together an army and the Ossirri Lords can charge across Umbria.
Apr 8, 11:51 PM
John McGuire
2100 xp total divided by 5 = 420 xp each
John • 58 mins
John McGuire
… yelling at the druid because he keeps telling the party they are ruining the world. This upsets Silver Feather because he has to do a lot to survive and raise up his people. As he starts yelling, he calls him “swampman” for staying out of things and becomes insulting. While Silver Feather and his people are in danger, he is trying to help, and need to do things to help his people.
He storms off.

The druids talk and have a good conversation.

The Golden Horde is putting together an army and the Ossirri Lords can charge across Umbria.

While Neven does not take Caeside under his wing, he does offer this. A direct attack on Caeside is a direct attack on Neven.

At the end, Silver Feather (after being calmed down by Aranel) returns to the hut and apologizes for his outburst to the druid.
Neven is cool and gives Silver Feather a sack of worms.
50 mins
NOTE – Caeside carved Phoenixes for everyone as his symbol even before knowing of the Phoenix.

The party makes it to Phandalin where Baylin and Anya decide to stay. The town is good.

The party presses on to Connyberry. The town is good.

On to Agatha’s cave. Just Aranel and Silver Feather enter her lair, weaponless.

Agatha appears and Silver Feather and Aranel present her mask to her.

“My face! My face! My face!” She becomes beautiful again.

Silver Feather asks her if he can reach out to her again for help. She agrees.

He also warns her about the fact that the Ossirri may come for her (because he is distinct looking). As a result, she gives him a Ring of Alter Self (3 Charges and regains 1 per day. No time limit on how long a single use lasts (save for Concentration)).
Each of us get a 1,000 XP each for finishing the over arching quest.

NOTE – Agatha’s Mask is returned.

Session 36: Chateau de Vampire Part 2
Dungeons & Ambushes - On April Fool's Day 2017

The party plans out their attack.

After midnight, the vampire and men arrive. They opened the door, and Silver Feather called out (in a servant’s voice), “Help me!”
They rush in, the 5th man through is the vampire. Caeside drops the portcullis. Madox throws a fireball from his necklace. The fireball does 27 HP total against the 5 men.
Madox throws a second fireball (tries for past Valeric) and the fireball does 30 HP.
Three of the men are down but not dead. Two are trying to put themselves out. Valeric is charging at Madox with his great sword.

As Caeside leaves, he sees 30 or more horsemen charging down the road toward the chateau.

Among the men already there, he sees 2 women with the men.

Valeric gets initiative over Madox. Valeric hits Madox once and does 12 HP.
10:11 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Aranel attacks and hits twice (one a crit).
Valeric – “You fools, the horsemen are upon us all!”

Aranel laughs derisively – “You fools are the ones who are biting people and stealing their blood!”

We all laughed.

Silver Feather hits Valeric for 20 HP (magical damage) with the Long Sword.

One of the mercs attacked and missed.

Valeric attacks Madox for 12 HP and misses with his bite.

Two guards come up and attack Silver Feather and Aranel.

Aranel gets hit for 4 HP.

Silver Feather gets hit for 11 HP.
Next Round.

Aranel is at 41 of 45 HP.
Silver Feather is at 48 of 59 HP.

Caeside casts Witch Bolt against Valeric and does 5 HP.

Valeric – “The Golden Bastards are upon us!”

Silver Feather does Green-Flame Blade for 25 HP on the first and 11 HP on the second.

Aranel does 6 HP on the first one and the second (she crits) and kills him via decapitation!
Aranel (to the dead men) – “Never mess with the elf, bastards!”
Madox attacks for 12 HP (magical dagger). Nearly dead.
Mercs both go. One hit does 4 HP.
The men trying to force up the portcullis succeed. 6 men come in.
Caeside does 6 HP with his Witch Bolt.
Valeric tries to break about but Silver Feather and Aranel stop him.

Madox does 18 HP (magical) to Valeric and kills him. Silver Feather grabs the mask. Caeside and Silver Feather stake and behead Valeric.

Madox does another Fireball against the 6 coming up the hall. 30 HP. It kills one outright (Mike rolled a 1) and 5 take 30.
They retreat.
Caeside – “Your master is dead!” He tosses in the lord’s head.

Aranel laughs. “Look what we got, monster mash.”

They surrender (Mike rolls a 1).
Girls. One is a Golden Riders female and one is Umbrian.

Valeric has a NICE great sword +2 of incredibly high quality and 50 GP and 60 PP.
40 mins
John McGuire
As the rest escape down the stairs, Silver Feather pulls the Golden Rider female to the side and asks if she wants to go back to her people. She is surprised by the offer. “Please, just give us time.” She consents.

Going to the dungeon, we get the rest of the men to go to the dungeon to free their allies. They do that and we decide to escape.

10,000 XP total. 2,500 XP apiece.

Mask. Formed in the face of a beautiful person. Neither male nor female. Caeside casts Detect Magic (Illusion, Enchantment and Necromancy).

The party (with the mercs) escape across the fields and rivers and travel at night to Rema’s Watch.

Caeside sends a message to Lady Silva thanking her for the advice. Caeside does not get to talk to her but leaves her a carved phoenix so she can reach out to him if she ever needs him.

The Eyes of Rema give the party advice. The Golden Riders are attacking all along the Greensward. The party decides to travel to the east side of the Whitefang Highlands.

Madox leaves a pouch of 50 GP for the Eyes of Rema.

Madox and Caeside (without Silver Feather and Aranel) discuss if something should be done about Agatha. Cause they’re evil.

Caeside asks Aranel if she has a way to contact the dark elves. Aranel has a magical whistle to contact the falcons that can deliver the dark elves.

Caeside writes a letter to Marada (to be sent via Aranel’s falcons via a magical whistle).

At Palin’s Field, the party angles east and – Perception (17) reveals to Madox and Aranel realize that they are being surrounded by kenku.

Kinnique of the kenku. He is from the Wastlelands of Cavala. 7 warriors and 8 women and hatchlings. They look ragged.

The party and the kenku talk. Silver Feather gives them information about Ravensgate and where it’s safe and then more about the Phoenix. Silver Feather gives 100 GP to the kenku. Silver Feather also sends a letter with them to Greywing. Caeside sends one to Ren.

Silver Feather pushes them to go to Ravensgate and settle there. Silver Feather Persuasion check 16.

Kinnique share this:

Renewed war between Ma-La-Kai-Tsu (Kenku’s original island) and Westernlin. Ma-La-Kai-Tsu are winning.
The humans there have pushed a lot of kenku out of their island to Ravensgate or Griffon’s Eyrie or Mimnir.
Galadan and Callain are warring. Galadan is winning.
Ancient forces coming out of the desert (home of the humans).
Migrations are happening.

Session 35: Chateau de Vampire Part 1

Return to the port town after the Phoenix/Worm Temple.

We spend two weeks there.

In town, Aranel recounts what happened to her – she was separated from the group and ended up in the library with a dark elf who gave her a book (The Reaving of the Eldane by O’Tommo the Sage written in common, originally in Calvalen) and recommended that she read it.

Dark elf (worm follower) we ran into in the temple, we let him go.

We found another book called The Fourth Prophecy of Nat-The-Nail.
The river port of Skjor.
Misfits – https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Misfits&*
Mar 18, 9:41 PM
Vistula suggests her brother may be at his chateau – Valarik’s Chateau. 3 floors and a dungeon. 20 standard guards and some vets and maybe a few sons of the Ossirri Lords. Staff of 20 standard servants.
Guards have a separate guard post.
Valarik is a very dark character who tortures virgins over the course of months. The towns around his chateau are his “hunting” grounds.
Vistula suggests that he uses the mask to travel about during the day. If it is removed during the day, it will hurt him. He removed it at night. Holy men can drive them away. They do not like running water. Silver hurts them.
The mask looks like an elven face and made of silver. No straps.
Mar 18, 9:58 PM
John McGuire
The chateau does not have magical defenses. No traps to speak of. She draws out a quick sketch of the chateau.
The party travels along the river from Skjor to Blackstone Keep.
Baylin and Anna join us. They are expecting good loot.
Silver Feather waits on the barge while the others pretend to be Vistula’s servants. Vistula slips into the city to find out that her brother will take a vacation to his chateau soon.
We decide to go ahead and try to take it before he arrives.
Half way between Blackstone Keep and Valui the party exits the barge to cross the orchards away from Braan (avoiding people) to the chateau.
During the day, we take a break and then start out that night.

We leave out about twilight. We are on foot.
Some people out in the orchards during the day.
Mar 18, 10:39 PM
Vistula is wearing a black velvet mask to be disguised.
We have a few days before he arrives.
We expect 5 to 10 servants and 2 and 5 guards and a vet commanding.

Raid of the Chateau.
From the Swan’s Nest as our hideout.
Aranel will wait outside of the bolthole to snipe escapees.
We come at dawn.
Silver Feather will be in one of the trees so he is not seen.
Caeside scouts the manor.
10 servants, 3 guards and 1 vet.
Caeside does Goodberry the night before. 90 created.
Aranel – 10
NPCs – 10 each
Caeside – 10
Madox, Silver Feather – 25 each
Madox bluffs his way to get them to open the door and Madox grabs him and knocks him out.
A child sees it and runs in and starts screaming. Anna tackles him to the ground.
Silver Feather joins them.
In one of the side rooms, Madox opens the door and encounters a guard who fires a crossbow at Madox. Madox pulls the bolt out of the air and charges the guard with his new magic dagger (hits twice for 21 HP).
Mar 18, 11:14 PM
We tie up the child and the old man into one of the side rooms.
There is a maid that is captured.
There are 3 guards dining in the dining hall.
Silver Feather kills a servant (accidentally).
In the room.
6 servants
1 vet
2 guards
Unbuckle their sword belts.
Perception checks.
The captain palmed a dagger and attacked Silver Feather.
Silver got initiative. Hit and disarmed the vet.
Silver and Madox grapple the vet down for 10 HP (Madox).
Caeside tries to intimidate the guard.
Captain rallies the other guards due to SOME FUCKING BULLSHIT AS HELL FUCKING ROLLS.
So, these mother fuckers were eating in full plate with facemasks and runes and dragons and fucking bullshit.
Silver Feather misses him.
Madox faces the captain.
The other two have weapons now, of course.
Caeside kills a guard.

Because of BULLSHIT RULES, Silver Feather had to drop the magic long sword that the captain took.
Silver pulls his two rapiers but because the captain wears plate to eat porage. Captain takes 15 HP from Silver.
Guard killed by Madox.
With everyone dead, the captain asks for quarter.
The party captures everyone.
Puts them in the dungeon.
Pre-pillage of the chateau.
Large gold bracelet
Gold ring set with blood stones (x2)
Carved ivory statuette of a woman
Carved ivory statuette of a warrior
Bronze crown
Box of turquoises animal figurines
(250 GP each.)
Chest with 1,100 CP, and 5,000 SP
Some tapestries but they are too big
We disguise ourselves as servants and guards. to prepare for the ambush of the vamp lord.

Session 34: How Do You Say "Surrender" in Elvish? OR Ruins & Robots
Dungeon Part 3: We Get A Magic $#%&ing Spear! D@mnit!

Dungeon Part 3.

Caeside, Madox, Silver Feather, and 2 mercs.

The captain’s room with the treasure chest. The party decides to hide and leave it and lock the door. The mercs each take a handful.

The party decides to continue the crawl into a new area (as opposed to the original entrance). To a four-way intersection. Silver Feather goes down the hallway with doors on the left side for sleeping cells (5 × 10). One has a light under it. Idols in the room (phoenix and worm). With a curtain. No one there. Red and black robes. More than 70 sleeping cells on a hall that circles back to where the started. 30ish of the cells look lived in.
The party found 3 PP, 6 GP, 14 EP.
All of the lived in cells have those statues in them. A third have the phoenix on top (2/3rds have the worm on top).
The ones with the phoenix on top look older.
Agatha was a high elf who became a dark elf prior to becoming a banshee.
The party finds:
7 dead dragonborne, 1 dead dark elf in a wolf mask, and 4 dead thralls
Lots of blood. Werewolf and the thralls were human.
The party enters the room.
Altar in the room. Covered in inscriptions in an unknown language. It’s made of obsidian (possibly). Sacrifice altar with channels.

Double doors have blood running under door.

Silver Feather to Madox. “This room, for your vampyress, is like when I find a room with a giant worm god to eat. Yes.”

Werewolf elf has pale, gray skin.

To a new room with candles in it. Pool in the middle of the room. Murals of battles between Phoenix and a Worm. Sometimes they are lying dead at the hands of skeletal-skinny humanoid form.
If slender man appears, he is winning against them both.
Madox inspects the bath. Touches the water. It’s pure water.
The west hand wall has a slender man mural has a secret door. It slides open. We leave one behind to keep the door open.
Several trap floors fall away. Silver Feather avoids them.
Hallway to 30×30 room with a stairwell that goes down 20 ft.
Return and gather the party and head down the hall and to the stairs.
Madox shuts the secret door.
The party makes it down the stairs down 20 and then 20 into another 30×30 room.
Room has open doorways.
Down the hallway to the left that has a large hallway (30 ft wide).
Mining like mine.
The party hears metal grinding on metal. We move toward the grinding sound.
The metal grinding sound is coming closer. The party turns back from the sound to a smaller tunnel.
Something glowing as if with fire, grinding.
From the stairwell room the party sees a burning robot. Arms, chest, head, and tank treads. 15 feet wide.
It rolls past the party.
Its speed is 25 (per the DM).
Going where it came from.
The party hears it sounds ahead and hides from it again.
The party keeps ducking away from the robot.

There is a 50 by 40 room we enter. It has pillars and there is something clanking in the room. The party goes out to the large hall and comes around to sneak up on the thing behind the pillars.
We enter with weapons ready.
The dark elf knight is there and Silver Feather speaks to him. He is Marada. He works for Lord Drasha. He wants to fight so Silver tries to shoot him.

Marsha – 20
Silver Feather – 18

Silver Feather is shot with a short bow for 8 HP
Silver Feather misses twice.

Madox spots a wolf faced one.
Caeside produces flame on the wolf mask for 7 HP.

Madox lights the guy up for a combo of 4 hits for 29 dam, and then 15 more when he tries to get away

Madox hits the wolf 4 times. 29 HP total. He was knocked prone.

Madox gets an opportunity attack for 15 HP. #$%&s him up.

Madox pursues him.

Silver Feather ran out to the hallway but did not enter it. He shouts for the robot.

He attacks twice for 12 HP and 7 HP (19 + 8 HP).

Silver Feather hits him for 20 HP and 14 HP. He staggers back.

Caeside comes to help Silver Feather.

Mercs help Madox. Hit for 7 HP and kills the wolf mask.

He drops his sword and cries for quarter.

High elves are of the phoenix. The dark elves are the middle path between the phoenix and the worm. The slender man is the destructive force between them.

After Marada requests quarter, Silver Feather talks to him and disarms him and agrees to bring him along as Marada wants to talk to the worm. Marada says that you can speak to both Phoenix and the Worm.

Madox loots the wolf mask man. Spear magical +1. Caeside takes the spear. Wolf mask.
1,400 XP

The party and the elf travel westered.
Come to a set of double doors. One with a Phoenix and one Worm.
Silver Feather and the Elf open their respective doors.
Massive cave with crystals and a pond and a waterfall. Phoenix bronze or gold and Worm black iron statues on either side.
Small island with a white dragon with crimson eyes. She looks up and says, “Welcome.”
Silver Feather takes a half bow next to the dark elf while Caeside enters the room to speak.
Caeside has a DC 18 Wisdom save (he makes a 15). He is Frightened.
She asks us to come in and closes the door to keep the robot out.
She leaves her island and turns into a bleach white skin half-elf with red eyes.
She is friendly and the fright vanishes.
She leads us to the shore of the lake and feeds the party. Counts as a short rest.
HD 3d10/1d8 for 26 recovered for Silver Feather and used to recover.
She sat on a rock while the party ate.
Silver Feather is at 44 HP.

Madox is at 45 (has 1 HD left, 2 Luck points left, 6 KI)

The slender man is the third, he is trapped within the temple.
Lots of discussion around the cycle and the evils of the slender man and the need of the other two.
Caeside and Silver Feather go to meditate before the Phoenix while Marada meditates before the worm statue.
The dragon speaks to Madox while the rest commune.

The dragon tells Madox that the Order of the Phoenix may destroy the world.

Silver Feather feels at home where he should be. And has a vision of his people as they flew on the wind and they advised the One-Eyed King. He remembers lore that will help him to find his wings.

Caeside feels and the sees the powers of creation and he makes contact with a powerful intellect. The old orders have fallen to the worm.

Caeside becomes a warlock of the Phoenix.

The meditations takes several days.

The dragon’s name is Felicia. Madox asks about Aranel and the vampire. Aranel is in a library. The vamp won many battles and waits at the surface for our return.

The dragon is here because she was hurt and learned of the balance. She is not aware of the year (she’s been down here for a long time).

2,000 XP for each of us.

We stop here.

Treasure from the treasure chest:
600 CP
10,000 SP
1,500 GP
80 PP
Potion of Vitality (was found earlier)

The mercs get a share of the treasure.

Silver Feather Notes

Fire Bolt
Green-Flame Blade

1st Level:
Burning Hands (maybe)
Feather Fall
Searing Smite (maybe)

Session 33: Scared of Bears!
The Temple Part 2

Dungeon continued.

In another room. More corpses. More broken bones. Broken ribs. Tortured bodies.

“Purple worms!
Purple worms!”

“Who misses with my toys?” A humanoid, vines, tail, wings, crocodile head. Pulls a pitchfork from the shadows.

Initiative. Silver Feather – 10
Croc Head – 6

Silver Feather misses the first time and WASTES action surge to do 15 HP.

Croc Head misses with pitchfork but bites for 5 HP against Silver Feather.

Caeside hits for 7 HP down to 1 HP.

Madox hits croc head for 3 times killing it.
Aranel talking to Vistala. They are talking before descending on the elves and draconians.
Aranel – “Cause you know how we females are.”
Aranel and Vistula face 20 or so creatures.
Aranel takes 9 HP from a claw. 45 HP – 9 HP = 36 HP

Aranel does a nat 20.

It bites Aranel for 5 HP (31 HP left). She has to make a Con save (+4). She got an 11. No update.

“Ok, wolfman, you’re mine!”

Aranel hits for 9 HP and her second attack hits for 11 HP.

He disengages since she’s shredded him. He’s around the corner from her (where the battle is).

Vistula is in the middle of the battle.

Aranel peers around the corner to see where he went.

Vistula has killed one werewolf. She is beset by an elven knight and several others.

The elven knight shoots fire from his hand. And she cries out and flees.

Aranel backs away from the battle. She wants to sneak away. She tries to be stealthy (d20 plus 8 for 15). They do not notice her and the enemies pursue Vistula down another hallway.
Aranel sneaks after the enemy party to help Vistula.

As she sneaks she hears draconic.

“I don’t understand your language!”

She uses her elven bow against 3 draconians.
They have plate (AC 18).
Aranel flees out onto the porch.
She jumps over the edge and crosses the bridge.


Cut back to Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Explore the dungeon room and an ironbound chest. 18 by 9 by 9. Check for traps. Try to pick the lock. Fail Con Save for 5 HP and 1 level of exhaustion. Silver Feather is at 49 HP in total. Silver Feather eats his last two Good Berries for 51 HP total.

Caeside casts Lesser Restoration on Silver Feather.

Chest had 300 CP, 700 SP, 90 GP, 6 gems for 60 GP each.

Caeside casts Detect Magic as a ritual (10 mins) while Madox and Silver Feather go check out more of the dungeon.

Find a 20 by 20 room. On each wall are dark stains. The floors have grooves that make it seem like the walls move and squish what steps out.


Back to Aranel.

She is in a river valley. Three draconians chase her.

She is going to scramble up and shoot at the draconians.
Aranel climbs up and shoots at the draconians.
She hits them but they spit acid back at her.

She takes 9 damage from the acid

22 HP left for Aranel.
Aranel is climbing up the cliff/hill to put more distance between them and her.
She is waiting for them to go away.
They hunt for her for a hour before they give up and depart completely.
She goes back to the temple.


Back to Caeside, Madox and Silver Feather.

Caeside sees a magical aura coming from just outside of the trapdoor where the main bones of the dragon/phoenix are.
All types of magical forms.

Caeside rejoins Madox and Silver Feather.


Back to Aranel.

She heads back to the temple. Coming from the high ground.

Aranel tries to sneak back into the temple.

She follows along to the waterfall and she detects a secret door. She searches around to find a way to open it. She gets a 21 and finds a way to open the stone door.

She reenters the dungeon. She makes it to the second level of the dungeon.

She travels and comes to a door and listens at it. She does not hear anything and opens the door into a arched ceiling room. In the middle of the room is a stone sar-cough-a-cuss.

She checks it out. It’s intricate.

She goes to the opposite side and opens the door.

She continues to bare right. She enters a library.


Back to the Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Alteration Magic from the switch across the room (Caeside). The right hand wall also exudes alteration magic.

Silver Feather runs back to get the banded metal box and copper to put into the room.

Big fight with 4 Dragonborn. Fairy fire lights up all 4, giving us disadvantage
The NPCs are beaten and battered. Baelin is injured badly. but we managed to take down the bad guys.
2800 from the Dragonborne

450 xp for Lurker

Madox enters the room at a full dash – 90 move.
Nothing happens when he runs in.
He touches the button and the wall comes crashing over. It bends the iron banded box.
We hear something. Two figures coming down the stairs with torches. To ambush them, we put out our torches and let them come. Silver Feather has bow, Caeside has a bow. Baylin and Anna are with us. They ready heavy crossbows.
Caeside casts Fairie Fire on them. They are all lit up.

Silver Feather does 16 HP.
Madox does 7 HP.
Baylin does 11 HP.
Anna misses.

The draconian on the right is bleeding badly.
They are 2×2 in the hall.
Armed with great swords.

Mercs attacked (they were the first rank on a knee). Baylin parries and Anna takes two blows for 19 HP.

Silver Feather does 14 HP with his bow.
Madox does two darts for 13 HP.
Baylin and Anna – Misses for Baylin and Anna hits twice (one Nat 20) for 8 and 19 HP (27 HP total).
Caeside hits with a Nat 20 for 2 HP.

Front rank draconians try to switch places using disengage.

New draconians come in. They hit Baylin twice for 18 HP (down to 12 HP). Anna does not get hit.
Baylin disengages and trades spots with Madox.
Madox uses a ki for 3 hits (of 4) for 27 HP.
Anna hits twice does 18 HP.
Silver Feather shoots for 15 HP at Anna’s.
Caeside shoots for 4 HP.

The draconians miss everything for the round.

Madox burns another ki. Does 8 and takes down that one. He hits on the next one (does 6)… he’s bad. Does 8 more and he’s down. Madox goes for his 4th attack (Nat 20) for 14 HP.
Madox kills 3 in one round.
One left this round.
Anna and Baylin does
Silver Feather does 24 HP (Nat 20)
Baylin does 14 to wipe out the 1 HP

2,800 XP for Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Croc Head (Lurker/Canopy Dragon) was 450 XP for Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.


700 XP for Aranel (11,033 now but will be 11,733 XP when added).

A figure in dark armor smiles and sits down next to Aranel and says, “Well, this is entirely civilized.”


Weird howling hissing sound from behind the draconians.
Caeside checks to see if he knows the sounds but he does not know it.

Search the draconians for 23 CP, 8 SP, 7 GP, 16 coins the likes of which you’ve not seen before (electrum). Great swords and plate armor. The NPCs take the great swords.
Madox gives Baylin a potion of healing and 20 Good Berries.
Then we move on to the door and use the draconian’s body to block it.
We continue past the door and up some stairs.
We enter a 20 by 20 room with no exits and a secret door to an odd shaped room.30 by 40 L-shaped room and we’re at the bottom. There is a door in the opposite wall. Cots and tables and dicing tables.
We find 33 GP and a barrel with liquid inside.
Only one other door out of here.
Brandy in barrel.

We go through the door into a hallway. Torchlit now but could be some natural light further on.
There are two doors and we listen to the one on the right first. One on the right is a sleeping chamber. But it does not look lived in for a while.
At the other door, we hear two draconic voices. We could ambush them or move passed them.
We decide to ambush them. Mercs in the side sleeping chamber, Madox and Caeside in the L-shaped room. Silver Feather will make noise to draw them in.
We did a short rest when the party did a short rest.

Start. Red and black draconian come in and…

Surprise for the party.
Madox burns a ki and attacks the red one. Hits four times for 29 HP.
Caeside comes in on the black one with staff/shileghie for 12 HP.
Red attacks with a fire breath attack (con saves). Caeside takes 5 HP and Madox nothing. He strikes with his spear and hits Madox for 9 HP.
Black attacks Caeside for 8 HP.
The red shouts at the top of his lungs.
Silver Feather hits for 16 HP.
Baylin and Anna come in and shut the door behind them. Baylin does 4 HP on the red. Anna does 14 HP.
Party first

Madox uses a ki for patient defense. He hits 2 of 3 times for 14 and 5 (19 HP) on the red.
Caeside attacks and misses.
Silver Feather misses.
Baylin hits twice on the red for 8 and 6 (14HP).
Anna misses twice.

Red attacks Madox twice at disadvantage. Hits once for 14 HP.
Black attacks Silver Feather for 6 HP (down to 45 HP).

Anna slams herself against the door as more things come at us. Silver Feather gets Baylin to help her hold the door.
Caeside assumed bear form at the end of the previous round.
The bear’s eyes are glowing.
Madox and Silver Feather are frightened of Caeside (black is too but not red).

Caeside charges the red. The red salutes with his spear to Caeside.
Caeside hits twice and does 8 (bite) and 12 (claw).
Red ramps his spear up and does 19 HP to Caeside bear.
Madox, Silver Feather stare at the black before attacking.
Caeside uses a bonus action to heal up.
Caeside attacks and claw (only) hits for 12 HP. Ripping out his throat.
Madox saves against the fright.
Madox hits 2 times for 12 HP to the black one.
Black attacks Madox takes 19 HP.

The next round, the door shutters, the mercs open it so the two dragonborne will see the bear, frightened and run.
Silver Feather does 13 HP to the black leaving him with one. POS! Silver Feather tries to shoot him but misses. The Black gets away and unlocks the door to release the world’s ugliest chicken shows up. Fortunately, Silver Feather had set a number of things in the hall and some brandy and lit it on fire.

Madox regains 18 HP using his ability.

Caeside chased down the two dragonborne. They got away after he let them go. ;-)

Capt’s room:
Strong box (3ft by 2 ft by 2ft) with thousands (10,000) of coins (mostly silver and then gold in second), silver jug, open gold locket with a painting of a young dragonborne, carved bone statuette of a six-winged kenku, cloth of gold vestments, potion, Capt’s body has a small gold braclet and a pair of bone dice. Each is worth about 25 GP apiece.

2,500 XP

Ending on figuring out what to do with the coins.

1438 xp a piece for Caeside, Madox, and Silverfeather

Session 32: The Temple of the Phoenix and the Worm, Part 1
Full Party Split (Twice) / Caeside and Madox Reach 6th Level

The party starts in Skjor. An ancient temple to the Phoenix. Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather tonight (Miyah is out).
Baylin and his wife, Anna. Viking mercenaries. NPC Veterans with survival and stealth. 20 GP plus shares of the treasure.
The full party plus vampire plus mercs head several days moving through a rough terrain to the valley.
North end of the valley is a pair of waterfalls with a huge bridge crosses a deep chasm. There are statues of a Pheonix and Dragon.
40 feet wide. Same stonework and style as the ones from the Worm Cult.
Each of us get 20 Good Berries, NPCs get 10 each.
Feb 18, 9:47 PM
Aranel spots people following us. 5 miles back. At least 20 of them. 5 are mounted.

Baylin does not know of any parties that have been hiring to follow.

Caeside transforms into a frog to go spy on the party.

Silver Feather asks Baylin and Anna about the statues and bridge. HIs wife says many OLD ones are in Umbrea.

Closest settlement is in the Blackhawk Barony.

We set up on the other side of the bridge. Vamp takes Aranel up a cliff to a statue and sets up to have the high ground. Vamp will leap down on one. The rest of the party (Silver, NPCs) setup on a high spot on the far side of the bridge. Madox will wait with the party.
Caeside sees:

6 on horseback and heavily armored, rest on foot. 4 have woodsmen cloaks with wolf masks. The wolf in woodsmen cloaks are tracking. 10 who are human thralls. 2 of the faceless ones. 1 tall guy. Wearing various forms of metal masks.
Caeside spies. They are speaking elvish.

The party finds they are within 100 feet of the temple.
3 Dragonborne are in the temple.
1 red flanked by 2 black ones. Heavily armored.
Feb 18, 10:22 PM
Leader wearing elven mask.

The figure in the cloak is made of a patchwork of bodies.
6 HP from Caeside’s spell. 6 more and 6 more. 18 total from the spell to the large creature.

From Aranel two hits twice for 10 HP and 7 HP but does no damage.
We enter the temple.
Silver Feather, Madox
NPCs with torches
Go into the room and see that the waterfall flows into the room.
NPCs have ropes as well.
The party enters a giant room.
Humanoid from the waist up, snake for the lower part, made of fire come out of a fire pit in the giant room.
Fire Snake

It misses Sil but hits Madox for 15 HP and 8 HP for fire damage.
Silver Feather misses with the magic Longsword.

Caeside misses with his target.

Its AC is 15.

Madox does two attacks with a sword (1) for the first one and 26 for the second. Does 9 HP.
Madox takes 4 HP of heat damage.
NPCs attack. 6 attacks for 5 HP 10 HP and 4 HP.
Baylin takes 7 HP and Anna takes 4 HP from heat.
It hits Baylin for 11 HP and 6 HP (heat).
Anna avoids the hit.
Silver Feather hits with a Nat 20 for 21 HP.
Can no longer use its spear two-handed.
Silver Feather took 2 HP of heat damage.

Caeside hits for 8 HP.
Madox does 8 HP.
Caeside and Madox take 6 HP a piece.
NPCs go in. Hits for 6 HP and 11 HP.
Baylin takes 5 HP of heat and Anna 9 HP
Silver Feather shoots it with his bow for 5 HP.
The fire snake disengages.
Caeside does 8 HP.
Caeside takes 9 HP of heat.
NPCs shoot it for 13 HP total.
Madox eats a bunch of good berries.
It takes the dash.
Caesides gets an opportunity attack 8 HP
Caeside takes 11 HP in heat.
Sil and NPCs chase and pop out and shoot at it.
Silver Feather misses with a 1.
Salamander. Baylin hits for 4 HP with a bolt.
Madox throws two darts at it. Hits twice for 5 HP and 6 HP.
Madox killed him.
1,800 XP split 4 ways.
450 XP each.
Library is on fire by the salamander. Put it out. Grabbed several scrolls that were in common poetry.
On the dais, there are large bones (dragons and phoenix) 10 foot tall kenku statues with 6 wings surround it.
All of the statues are the same and made of the same material as the small one we have.
Silver Feather hides among the bones.
4 of the black dragonborne appear.
They are angry.
Perception check from Silver Feather spots a trapdoor beneath him. Slips into a trapdoor (Silver Feather only).
Silver Feather goes down 10 feet and is in a room that is 40 × 40.
Exit to the right.
The room is covered in humanoid bones and 290 SP and 30 GP. Rusty armor and weapons. No signs of violence on the bodies. They may have starved to death.

Hall to the right 30’ hall. Silver Feather is using a torch.
A side corridor to the left with another body whose legs appear to be broken.
Caeside and Madox and the NPCs encounter a few dragonborne and they demand a fight for the test.
Two dragonborne. AC 18 for the dragonborne due to wearing plate.
Madox misses.
Caeside casts flaming sphere.
Anna hits for 20 HP (Nat 20 and non-nat 20).
Dragonborne use Greatswords
Slowly wearing the dragonborne down with flaming sphere and Madox. NPCs missed.
Dragonborne spits acid to do 3 HP each (they both saved) to Madox and Caeside.
49 mins
Leland Beauchamp
They kill the two Dragonborne.
1,400 XP for the party (for Madox, Caeside and 2 NPCs).
41 mins
John McGuire
467xp for each
John • 40 mins
John McGuire
Left is 40’ ft ahead to the a T.
Went ahead straight to the hall and there was a door and behind it and growling with hiss at the door.

At T, to the right 20’ into a wider room.
30 by 30 room with a door and another 30×30 and bodies and a trapdoor.

Up ahead it ends at 60 feet. Inspect and get trapped by a portcolius. 10 × 10′ room now that the portcolius . Try to remove the trigger stone… nothing else Silver can do.
28 mins
The rest of the party finds the trapdoor and come down to find Silver Feather.
When they find Silver Feather, it’s by his torchlight and the hissing growl he’s doing to scare any potential attackers off. But it was the party so it all worked out.

From the body room, 160 GP and a dagger made of not-steel. A human woman wearing some silk. Ruined remains of a book

16 HP worth of Good Berries given from Silver Feather to Madox. Silver has 2 left.

Session 31: Silvia, Lady of the Wolves
363 Days Since Our First Adventure (1 Year Anniversary)

First full party gathering since early December.

The party – Aranel, Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather – has left Ravensgate now that spring is coming and are traveling down the Silfrost River via barge. They are near Elfwatch. They are traveling with the vampire, Vistula. She is feeding off of Madox because he can take it. No rumors of Vela in town.
They will be passing the Blackhawk Barony where there are taxes and looters who are working for the baron.
9:33 PM
Tomorrow it will be foggy. So we should be aware.
“Did you say… be a bear?”
Silvia, Lady of the Woods. She lives in the Whitefang Highlands (often on Rema’s Watch). She was kicked of the druid order for interfering with man’s politics.
Silvia gave the Order of Rema the ability to bond with wolves (Beastmaster style).
We decide to get off the barge at a bend of the river, head straight south to Rema’s Watch (we’ll get info then head due west to hook back up with the barge at Skjor). Vistula will stay on the barge.
Barge is 20′×80′. Stealth on barge (rolled 14+3=17) through the fog to avoid paying taxes.
The barge drops the party off at night.
Vistula feeds from Madox again.
Madox takes 13 HP of damage from the feeding.
9:51 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside feeds Madox Goodberrys to heal him.
Caeside provides each party member has 10 Goodberrys each (good for 24 hours). 1 HP per berry and cover hunger.
Caeside is leading the party through the woods. It is foggy through the woods (Lee rolls a 7 to navigate us through the woods). Moving at a normal pace despite the fog.
We see several four legged deer (Aranel spots them). Mike gave Aranel Inspiration for spotting the deer. Caeside uses Speak with Animals to talk to the deer. Deer are terrified at the mention of her name. They have not seen her since before winter. The party continues south.

As the fog disperses, the party realizes they have drifted east.

Humans ahead, lower in a valley. They have swords and have been hunting (2-legs) through this area. 8 to 12 of them. The party is on foot and avoids the hunters as best as possible.
10:08 PM
John McGuireHello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
The party sees several figures on horse (6 miles distant) coming from Lake Rybnik. They work to avoid the being seen by the riders.
The party camps in the highlands.

[Miyah leaves at this point.]
The party spots something tarnish/brass or bronze.
Madox digs around it a bit. It is a bronze box buried in the damp soil. No wood. It has rivets.

Caeside casts Detect Magic on it. It is magical. Conjuration magic.
Madox suggests looking around for a body. Silver Feather finds a human femur.
We decide to take it with us.
Box is bronze and 9″ × 3″ × 4″. Caeside ties a rope around it.
Caeside replaces the Goodberrys for everyone.
Nothing attacks the party that night.
The next mid-to-late afternoon, the party arrives at the base of the mountain.
Madox hears bickering from up ahead of you. Caeside goes out to speak to the bickers since he is Silvia’s order and would be known. He circles wide around the guys to come out on the other side (the rest of the party is behind them still).
The two humans have two gray wolves, loose, with collars – leather with gold spikes around them.
Caeside steps out and speaks to them.
Roric and Dagget, the Eyes of Rema.
They are respectful of Caeside because of his order.
They dress the deer that they are dressing dressily.
10:40 PM
They take the party back to their camp.
The party meets the Eyes of Rema’s captain Lysar at their camp. He’s a full-blooded Calavalin.
Silvia will appear when she chooses to.
The Eyes are aware that Boss Vela fled to the west. Possibly at Dorn or beyond. If she reaches the Fallen North, she will be dealt with.
They ask for news of Ravensgate. Silver Feather shares it omitting everything Madox related and other secrets.
Vela has a 500 GP bounty on her head.
Vampires – Ossirri Pikelords. They know the details of them. The Ossirri destroyed a trading town years ago. No one is sure what they are about or why did they do that.
Ask them about:
Emperor – What has he done for us lately.
Kenku – No major problems. They don’t like their petty thefts.
The Magic Box – Saricin (?) in design. Something like what comes out of the Poliola Hills.
Urine, the old man cleric with mace, detects no evil from it.
The party decides to open the box at another time.
The Ossirri March Lords. The Blackstone Clan.
They hate the brother. He hunts and kills women.
Vistila is considered, by them, guilt by association.
Killing him may lead to open war.
Who would lead if he died? Could be a succession crisis.
25 mins
Other Renegade Druids – The order normally deals with renegades.
Phoenix – They are part of the Great Cycle. Calavalin lore about this from the far south and east. Force of… Rebirth? The Phoenix must come after the worm. It’s the Great Cycle.
Silvia rebelled against the druid order after learning about the Phoenix.
Worm – Force of Entropy and Destruction.

We’ll stay one day to see if she shows and then have them escort us to Skjor.
After talking with them, we sleep.
Caeside wakes from a dream after hearing the howling of a thousand wolves. All the rest sleep. One of the wolves is staring at Caeside. The wolf directs Caeside to Silvia outside.
Silvia has yellow eyes like a wolf.
Caeside and Silvia talk about the order and their differences with it.

Vision that Caeside had – Phoenix and Worm fighting and the world being destroyed.

There are some ruins/dungeons she says the party should go to. Her yellow eyes glow and tells Caeside the Phoenix will have a large impact on his life.
To get there, go to Skjor to a tributary of the Silfrost River to the canyon with the ruins/dungeons.

Silvia gives him a necklace. For 2 full moons, the necklace will keep the party from being scryed.
We had slept in the tower.
A temple dedicated to the phoenix. We agree to go there.
The party arrives at Skjor. It’s where two rivers meet with a waterfall to the south.
This are a viking city. To the northeast is Skjor’s Rift.

400 XP per PC.

Session 30: Leaving Ravensgate
No Silver Feather So It Was A Meaningless Session!!!!! MEANINGLESS!!!!!

Sage’s placed locked up. No one has seen him in a couple of days (since the riots at least). No forced entry, the Kenku statue with 6 wings gone, he’s torn apart, no footprints in the blood – makes us wonder if an animal might have done it, but something is off… scraps of paper that have been thrown in the fire – it was a book at some point.

Caeside casts Detect Magic – potions, books, some other things that are buried. At the center of the carnage is a strong lingering of Necromancy. Caeside sees a grouping of the books that appears to be pointing away… to the Kenku statue

Caeside pockets the statue. Madox gets Dimitri’s guards and after a slightly tense minute they declare it a crime scene.

Dalric was the sage’s name

We show the statue to Grey Wing and Skybreacher. Grey Wing recalls the old legend of 6 wings – their 2 current wings, the 2 that could fly, and the other 2 was for travel between worlds. Caeside tries to study it, but can’t tell who might have crafted it.

Omar is sought out…

Omar knows about the random masks – used by females to attend events they are not supposed to. We end up showing him the Faceless Man’s Mask which he had heard of but never seen up close.

With the Kenku statue it seems that it might have been an Idol crafted by Maeliki, they arrived a couple of hundred years ago, sailing across the seas and took over a island.
Madox is going to get Silver’d Brass Knuckles

The next night we meet with Vistula, an envoy from Ossiri, who is unhappy that we have somewhat destabilized Ravensgate. After some back and forth – Madox is a TERRIBLE LIAR, but really good at telling the TRUTH… Vistula is bored and her father is a noble and basically we make the deal to let us travel with us south (better to keep her close than not – plus she might be able to open some doors – before her sudden and inevitable betrayal!)
Elfwatch, just west of Grey Mountain, where we’ll meet them on the way down south

We gather up the goods we’ll need (off-line) – we’ll figure out what exactly gets silver’d, and all of that as well.

We do a time jump through the end of winter.

Madox leaves a message for Arrakai giving him the highlights of what happened in Ravensgate, let him know we MUST travel south to Blackstone Gate

Meet up on the barge 1 1/2 weeks later. Vistula is waiting. Stay at the Old Bridge Inn the 1st night. Then on through the Black Alder Swamp for the next couple of days. Fairly peaceful. Ruins of a village on our left (slowly sinking into the swamp)… apparently undead live in the sinking houses. Caeside definitely detects some Necro-magic from within. After another day, we reach Elf Watch – walled town, we stop to stretch our legs and resupply. The swamp lands have become farm lands. about 1000 people, stone castle, well built road to the south-west. Elfwatch is getting a bit of elvish bows showing up for sale. Even the druids will get involved in the upcoming war/battle.

Vistula appears to use her “boredom” and “drinking problem” as a way to put others at ease and listen in on conversations.

After many drinks with Vistula, find out her brother has the mask. Seem’s like he’s a stand-up fellow… flaying, killing, maiming, then draining them, possibly eating them.

Vistula apparently needs to feed and looks to Madox to fill that need… Madox ends up agreeing as it seems like a random villager might just die.

600 XP

Session 29: Vela Takedown - First Attempt
Silver Feather Hits 6th Level

We upped Aranel’s level to 5 and put her character sheet on the ObsidianPortal.


Jan 7, 9:27 PM
Our sage for hire found:
The kenku were once the people of the Phoenix.
He found a kenku statue with 6 wings (2 are arms). He does not want to part with it save for a high price.

Prep for the dungeon crawl. The bosses offer:
Stanasic offers 2 NPC veterans.
Sky Breacher – NPC veteran stats with Kenku extras.
4x Potions of Healing (2d4+2)
1x Potion of Heroism (+10HP temp and Bless for an hour)
Divide up the magical potions.
Silver Feather gets one of Aranel’s magic longswords.

Aranel is more interested in a bow and she does not like magic.
In the cave/tunnel toward Vela’s place.
Behind a bookcase (?) is the entrance.

Party Order:
Silver Feather / Madox
Dalris, a veteran / Toman, halberd man
Caeside / Sky Breacher
Sky Breacher has a short bow and 2x shortsword.
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Light source is torches.
Jan 7, 10:09 PM
Run into a door that is heavy oak banded by iron.

In a 10 foot tunnel in water (difficult terrain).

Something mansized in the light is a blackscaled black dragon horse sized.

17 and 22 saves for spittal 11 HP of damage to Silver and Madox.

Silver Feather shoots an arrow and does nothing because 16 does not hit.

Madox runs and attacks and spends a Ki to get extra attacks.

Madox hits it for 15 HP.

Dalris and Toman run up with their halberds and attack the black dragon. They both hit for 13 HP.

Caeside casts Flaming Sphere on the far side of the black dragon.

Aranel sees the door open.

Sky Breacher has a torch and is watching their rear.

Door opens and we see worm cultists (12ish). Caeside and Sky Breacher are up to the door. Short hallway full of cultists with mail shirts and halberds and crossbows.

Sky Breacher is hit by a scimitar for 7 HP.

Flaming Sphere does damage 4 HP.
Jan 7, 10:31 PM
For last round, Aranel attacks with her bow. She misses twice. They take 14 to hit.

Round 2.

Black Dragon disengage to swim away. Ducks beneath the water. Moves 30 feet away out of the torchlight.

Madox chases the black dragon into darkness.

Caeside casts faere fire on the black dragon.

Madox attacks the black dragon after spending a Ki for 4 attacks. Hits 3 times. For 27 HP and slays the black dragon.

Black Dragon = 450 XP total for the party.

Back to the cultists. They only hit twice. Aranel hit for 6 and Sky Breacher for 4.

Sky Breacher hits once of 3 times for 8 HP and drops a shortsword (1).

Aranel hits with the bow for 12 HP (dead) and attacks the second one (wounded) for 6 HP (dead).

Caeside casts entangle to keep the cultists in the hallway. Entangling 8 of them. They get a Str Save 14. Restrained. 2 of the 6 are free.

Silver Feather leaps up into the doorway, kills the first one and kills a second one he sees, shouts “You’re all going to die!” Tried intimidation at 15 and 3 that were in back run.

One of the cultists slams the door shut leaving Silver Feather on the other side and

Aranel attacks the door, hacking at it.

Silver Feather gets hit twice.

3 cultists get free.

All scimitars.

Silver Feather attacked the cultists. 10 HP 11 HP. They died. Silver Feather intimidated the rest to surrender. 4 cultists surrender.

Caeside asks how many are here? 30 more and 2 masters.
A worm god Executioner man.

Wrapped in dark clothes. If it touches you it can turn you into one like it.
Sister Nania
And the Cadaver Lord.
Jan 7, 11:05 PM
Hello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
John McGuire
wow, gone for a second and everyone is gone
John • Jan 7, 11:06 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Cadaver Lord
Sister Nania
Cadaver Lord
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Sister Nania
Cultists reveal:

Vela made them carry treasure to another dragon for its service. 2nd dragon that is bigger than the first one. From the swamps to the south. It’s black.

Trap ahead. Portcullis trap with arrow slits.

Other strategy is to lead north to the worm executioner.

A second team roaming in the dungeon. A dozen cultists with a master.

Lady Vela has a monster (troll thing).

She leaked the information.

Vela is down here participating in the defense.

“Death is coming for you.”
– Eric is the Cadaver Lord.
Jan 7, 11:36 PM
A sanctuary with a flaming bird with feathers and
Beyond the crypts.

Wis Save (14):
Silver Feather – 10
Cadaver Lord – 20
Sky Breacher – 3

Only Nania and Caeside and Cadaver Lord made their saves.

A dread presence is beyond the door. The worm executioner arrives.

Cadaver Lord rises to face the Worm Executioner.

Worm Executioner does 7 to the Cadaver Lord.

Sister Nania tries to Turn Undead. It resists.

With bows:

Silver Feather hits for 14 HP into the Worm Executioner.
Sky Breacher misses.
Aranel hits for 11 and 6.
Veterans use crossbows for 4 HP.

Caeside casts entangle but it does not work.

Cadaver Lord attacks twice for 11 and 9 HP and an opportunity attack for 11 HP.

Caeside is attacked for 5 HP.
Silver Feather hits it for 15 HP. The killing blow. Silver Feather only eats 4.
Cultists 225 XP (9 of them total).
Worm Executioner 1,800 XP.

Caeside does a spell to track the cultist and send him with a message.
“We’re coming for her.”
We wait a short rest before we dispatch him.
12:03 AM
After the rest, we release the cultist with the message.

The party puts on the cultist’s robes.

We are heading down the path to the portcullis trap. Cross a bridge and enter a room, check the door and Silver Feather unlocks the door. Enter a room


The cultists let down the ladder after Silver Feather tricks them.

3 cultists.

Up the ladder.
Cadaver Lord
Silver Feather

Cadaver Lord
Bite 7 HP
Claw attack (1)

CL gets hit for 2.

Madox attacks kills the first.

Silver Feather shoots the 3rd one and kills him.

Cadaver Lord finishes and raises the cultist as a cadaver.

Back down the ladder (ladder leads to a slum) the door opens and a cultist sticks his head out and asks what’s going on. Miss and does 12 with the second one.

They miss her and she gets a nat 20 to hit him and she hits him badly with 8 HP. She does her second attack and does 6 HP. Killing him.

“Who needs a saving throw to tell you to fuck off?”
– Mike
Quote relates to Speak with Dead.
12:31 AM
We reach an intersection and look down one way to see that there’s something large and dragon there.
Fireball necklace: 8d6 in a 20’ radius.

Faere Fire
Enlarged Bear
12:50 AM
Silver Feather downs his Potion of Heroism.

Caeside casts Faere Fire and black dragon saves.

Caeside 20
Silver Feather 19
Madox 18
Black Dragon 17
Sky Breacher 15
Vets 14
Aranel 8
Sister Nania 2

Silver Feather shoots his bow and hits for 20 HP.
Madox throws a fireball and hits for 8d6 (22 HP).

Dragon spits and hits Caeside and Silver Feather and Madox for 24 HP each.

Sky Breacher and both vets miss.

Aranel hits for 9 and 11.

The Black Dragon recharges to hit.

Silver Feather does 9 HP on his Action Surge attack.

DC 14
Dalris – 24
Tomlan – 49
Sky Breacher – 24
Silver Feather – 24
Aranel – 24

Dragon spits and backs around a corner.
Silver Feather is healed by Sister Nania and then drinks a healing potion.

Black Dragon moves out and is seen by Aranel. Aranel attacks and hits for 13 HP.

He spits back for 24 on Aranel.

She is down, then healed, then drinks a potion of healing.
Behind Caeside, we follow and charge toward the dragon.
This is a long chase.
Through a door into a vast circular room. This is the worm and phoenix statue room.
Silver Feather sees the ancient script of his people and is filled with rage at the loss of the statue.

Dragon spits acid at CaesideBear for 24 HP. Heals for +15

Arrow fire:
Aranel (x2) – 22 HP
Vet – 7 HP
Silver Feather nat 20 – 19 HP

Sky Breacher missed.

Caeside – 10
Black Dragon – 9
Everyone else has to charge up.
The dragon is in a doorway.

New initiative:
Caeside – 15
Black Dragon – 15 (AC 18)

Caeside hits for 9 HP.
It hits Caeside with bite 11 and claw 13. Leaving Caeside at 9 HP.

The dragon died.
Caeside Bear attacks a statue (the worm statue).
Silver Feather stops Caeside from destroying the statue.
2,900 XP for the dragon.
Back in human form, Caeside casts locate object to find the tagged cultist. He is located…
Down the stairs beyond the dragon is a door that is locked. This room has a huge treasure. Caeside detects magic and finds 3x potions, a medallion, a wand and a set of pan pipes.
Silver Feather, Caeside and Madox each take one of each.
We back track to find Vela.
Aranel hears a weird clattering noise from behind us.
2 skeletons and 3 walking corpses.
Sister Nania turns them (the skeletons collapse and the corpses flee).
1:52 AM
We go through a door and both are

AC 14
Silver Feather 6 HP
Vets misses
Aranel 25 HP
Sky Breacher 2 HP

Left side Cadaver Lord and Cadaver
Right side Madox and Caeside

Madox hits twice for 14 HP killing the damaged one.

The one on the left is still upright:
Cadaver Lord 13 HP
Cadaver 9 HP bite and 7 HP claw

Caeside does 8 HP against the one on the left.
Madox – does 14 HP
Cadaver Lord – does 5 HP and kills it.
They have a purse with 9 electrum pieces.
Cadaver is reduced to 0. It regenerates and will follow later.
We hear a moaning and creaking wood sounds.
Silver Feather, Aranel and the Cadaver Lord go to check it out but don’t figure it out. But we leave it behind.
We come up some stairs and are in the abandoned manor of Vela’s.

Cast speak with dead on dead Chatty Cathy Ghost and he suggests she went into the Realm of Ghosts.
The Etheral Plane may be the Realm of Ghosts.
Vela is GONE.
2,500 CP
8,300 SP
2,360 GP
130 PP
9 gems (100 GP ea)
Oh, it was 4x potions… not 3
Copper chalice and bone dice (25 GP ea)
Black velvet mask (50 GP)
Cloth of gold vestments (25 GP)
Portrait on a locket (25 GP)
Chain shirt of Adamantine – Chain shirt. No critical hits. 13 + Dex (max 3)
2 Skeletons – 25 XP each
3 Walking Corpses – 50 XP each
2 Wights – 700 each
1,600 XP total.
16 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
John McGuire
After the splits for XP = the PCs got 1112 and the NPCs got 556

Session 28: Another Boss Ally
Another Vela Plan Thwarted... that's, like, four of'em...

The party arranges to meet with Stanisic.
Stanisic invites Madox, Caeside, and Silver Feather to his house to get the details of the Emperor’s plans.
Stanisic warns of enemies among the bosses that may want to keep the emperor out.

Madox discusses who could run the city for the empire.
Stanisic feels that the city could be run by someone other than himself. Dimitri, Dobrica, and Alexi (too young in his opinion) would be good choices.
Kvetoslav and Vela are the enemies.
The others are just fighting for territories.
Stanisic asks what is needed to deal with Vela.
Vela arrived from the south 7 or 8 winters ago. She killed a boss and convinced the Lord Mayor to give her his land. No idea what threat or reward she promised.
She originally came from Dar Sum A Tear, the nearest port to the Golden Riders. They have often clashed with the Osarri Marches.
Rumor is that she’s a witch of the Golden Riders.
She prefers liters and carriages.
A few merchants that passed through the
Golden Rider lands are in a inn in Gradimir’s territory.
Omar has been to the Golden Rider Lands.
Vela has some thug tax collectors. She relies on her dark magic.
Madox asks about ways into her territory that are not watched. There’s a tunnel that she has blocked with guardians that would be our best option.
Caeside asks about her magic. Mostly fiendish and demonic allies and summoning. She turns enemies into foes and beasts.

Madox asks Stanisic about creating a citizen’s patrol. Stanisic will train a citizen’s patrol. He approves it within his territory.
Stanisic is also ok with an upgrade to the kenku longhouse. Two crow’s nest tower and wires/ropes between. 20 GP per tower. Upgrades to the longhouse (better doors and thickened wooden walls). Carpenter’s Tools – 8 GP. 100 GP for that upgrade.
10 GP per story (buildings tend to be 2 to 3 stories tall). We purchased two 3-story buildings. Humans in first two floors and kenku in 3rd with the wires.
Stanicek gets 10% of our cut from the Cult of the Worm (475 GP) as a gift.
Jasen Volinin is opposed to Stanicek Romanic due to boating contracts.
Caeside is planning to boost the new religion by preaching it (once we know what it is).
Ren is the main acolyte (kenku druid).
Potential NPCs to join us after we leave the city was discussed.
Ren, a Sister of Solace, and Omar are discussed.
The Sisters of Solace brought back a deceased bum as a Cadaver Lord (Fifth Edition Foes).
Mike named him C. A. Daver.

Meeting with Alexi. Young, impulsive, proud, arrogant, touchy about his honor. He does not believe in an honorable.
Stanicek guarantees the meeting.
Each side brings 5 men.
Madox, Caeside, Silver Feather, Aranel (NPC), and Ren (kenku stats and druid cantrips).
Meeting at the Kite.
Alexi has 3 guys with mail and swords and his 5th guy has a hammer and holy symbol – Church of Law, Lord of the Tempests. Caliner looking cleric.
Alexi is in his early 20s.
The Emperor Onteius Kikarios.
The Cult of the Worm is the enemy and they are on Alexi’s land. Alexi wants to protect all on his land (including the Worm Cultists).
Silver Feather overplays his hand talking to an arrogant Alexi telling him he cannot protect the Worm Cultists.

Cleric is Donavan, lately of Calaine. He sides with Madox over Alexi (his boss).

Alexi accepts a kenku messager to work through any misunderstanding. (Probably do that via email.)

A creature that is blacker than the night emerges behind Alexi and all but rends him limb from limb. It has blue-black skin, no hair, no pupils, long tongue. It grins at Madox as he does that.

Caeside does Moonbeam right on top of that creature.

Silver Feather draws weapons and charges the 10 to 15 feet.

Aranel (NPC) pulls her bow and shoots.

Madox is charging and will save Alexi if possible. Madox hits it to get it to let Alexi go. It lets go.

Silver Feather hits it twice for 20 HP and 7 HP.

Aranel (NPC) misses twice with arrows.

Shadow Thing is in the moonbeam for 7 HP.

It attacks Silver Feather and Aranel. Silver Feather takes 8 HP. 4 HP of radiant.

Madox gives a healing potion to Alexi.

SF – 1 Lose the rapier and misses with dagger. Grabs rapier back and gets ready to attack it from behind.

Aranel attacks it with her +1 Longsword three times for 11 HP, 14 HP, 6 HP (action surge).

Caeside turns into a bear and charges it for 6 HP (bite) and 12 HP (claw).

Donavan the cleric. Sanctuary cast on Alexi. Attacks with a mace for 4 HP.
Ren’s attack does 2 HP with her Poison Spray spell.
New Round.

Caeside Moonbeam’s it for 9 HP.

It decides to move back toward Silver Feather to get through him and to Alexi.

It claws SF for 11 HP and 10 HP and 24 HP. Silver Feather is at 57 HP taken (he’s dead now).

Aranel goes to her bow and hits twice for 12 HP and 7 HP.

Caeside hits it once (misses the other) for 15 HP. He is trying to get it away from Silver Feather so Ren can do Heal (proficiency).

Madox does fury of blows. Three hits for 20 HP total. Madox staggers it away Silver Feather.

Donavan heals Silver for 4 HP (saving his life). He also casts Spiritual Weapon against the creature.

It misses Madox completely.
New Round.
Caeside’s Moonbeam does 9 (but it saved for half).

Caeside hit with the claw for 6 HP.
Aranel hits it with the magic longsword for 6 HP.

Madox uses a Ki to do Stunning Strike. 7 HP and Con Save Against 14 (it made it). 6 HP on another hit.

Donavan Spiritual Weapon misses and he does Sacred Flame for 4 HP.

Silver Feather does Second Wind for 12 (16 total).

Ren does 6 HP from the Poison Spray.

Moonbeam does 11 HP which kills it.
The creature disappears when it dies.

1800 XP for defeating the thing and saving Alexi.

Alexi dislikes Vela.
He agrees to take a kenku messenger.

Donavan heals Silver Feather (17 for 33) and Alexi.
Caeside heals Silver Feather for 11 (44 total). Caeside also heals Alexi.

Alexi takes the party into his house once we get back to his territory.

Alexi asks what is the plan to deal with Vela? Silver Feather says, “Death.”

Ren, due to the fight, is now 1st level druid.

This session ends in a propaganda win – Vela failed to kill a boss.

Assault on Vela’s liar next session.

500 XP for Stanicek talks. (2300 XP total.)

Mike will consider what Alexi may provide for this.


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