Session 28: Another Boss Ally
Another Vela Plan Thwarted... that's, like, four of'em...

The party arranges to meet with Stanisic.
Stanisic invites Madox, Caeside, and Silver Feather to his house to get the details of the Emperor’s plans.
Stanisic warns of enemies among the bosses that may want to keep the emperor out.

Madox discusses who could run the city for the empire.
Stanisic feels that the city could be run by someone other than himself. Dimitri, Dobrica, and Alexi (too young in his opinion) would be good choices.
Kvetoslav and Vela are the enemies.
The others are just fighting for territories.
Stanisic asks what is needed to deal with Vela.
Vela arrived from the south 7 or 8 winters ago. She killed a boss and convinced the Lord Mayor to give her his land. No idea what threat or reward she promised.
She originally came from Dar Sum A Tear, the nearest port to the Golden Riders. They have often clashed with the Osarri Marches.
Rumor is that she’s a witch of the Golden Riders.
She prefers liters and carriages.
A few merchants that passed through the
Golden Rider lands are in a inn in Gradimir’s territory.
Omar has been to the Golden Rider Lands.
Vela has some thug tax collectors. She relies on her dark magic.
Madox asks about ways into her territory that are not watched. There’s a tunnel that she has blocked with guardians that would be our best option.
Caeside asks about her magic. Mostly fiendish and demonic allies and summoning. She turns enemies into foes and beasts.

Madox asks Stanisic about creating a citizen’s patrol. Stanisic will train a citizen’s patrol. He approves it within his territory.
Stanisic is also ok with an upgrade to the kenku longhouse. Two crow’s nest tower and wires/ropes between. 20 GP per tower. Upgrades to the longhouse (better doors and thickened wooden walls). Carpenter’s Tools – 8 GP. 100 GP for that upgrade.
10 GP per story (buildings tend to be 2 to 3 stories tall). We purchased two 3-story buildings. Humans in first two floors and kenku in 3rd with the wires.
Stanicek gets 10% of our cut from the Cult of the Worm (475 GP) as a gift.
Jasen Volinin is opposed to Stanicek Romanic due to boating contracts.
Caeside is planning to boost the new religion by preaching it (once we know what it is).
Ren is the main acolyte (kenku druid).
Potential NPCs to join us after we leave the city was discussed.
Ren, a Sister of Solace, and Omar are discussed.
The Sisters of Solace brought back a deceased bum as a Cadaver Lord (Fifth Edition Foes).
Mike named him C. A. Daver.

Meeting with Alexi. Young, impulsive, proud, arrogant, touchy about his honor. He does not believe in an honorable.
Stanicek guarantees the meeting.
Each side brings 5 men.
Madox, Caeside, Silver Feather, Aranel (NPC), and Ren (kenku stats and druid cantrips).
Meeting at the Kite.
Alexi has 3 guys with mail and swords and his 5th guy has a hammer and holy symbol – Church of Law, Lord of the Tempests. Caliner looking cleric.
Alexi is in his early 20s.
The Emperor Onteius Kikarios.
The Cult of the Worm is the enemy and they are on Alexi’s land. Alexi wants to protect all on his land (including the Worm Cultists).
Silver Feather overplays his hand talking to an arrogant Alexi telling him he cannot protect the Worm Cultists.

Cleric is Donavan, lately of Calaine. He sides with Madox over Alexi (his boss).

Alexi accepts a kenku messager to work through any misunderstanding. (Probably do that via email.)

A creature that is blacker than the night emerges behind Alexi and all but rends him limb from limb. It has blue-black skin, no hair, no pupils, long tongue. It grins at Madox as he does that.

Caeside does Moonbeam right on top of that creature.

Silver Feather draws weapons and charges the 10 to 15 feet.

Aranel (NPC) pulls her bow and shoots.

Madox is charging and will save Alexi if possible. Madox hits it to get it to let Alexi go. It lets go.

Silver Feather hits it twice for 20 HP and 7 HP.

Aranel (NPC) misses twice with arrows.

Shadow Thing is in the moonbeam for 7 HP.

It attacks Silver Feather and Aranel. Silver Feather takes 8 HP. 4 HP of radiant.

Madox gives a healing potion to Alexi.

SF – 1 Lose the rapier and misses with dagger. Grabs rapier back and gets ready to attack it from behind.

Aranel attacks it with her +1 Longsword three times for 11 HP, 14 HP, 6 HP (action surge).

Caeside turns into a bear and charges it for 6 HP (bite) and 12 HP (claw).

Donavan the cleric. Sanctuary cast on Alexi. Attacks with a mace for 4 HP.
Ren’s attack does 2 HP with her Poison Spray spell.
New Round.

Caeside Moonbeam’s it for 9 HP.

It decides to move back toward Silver Feather to get through him and to Alexi.

It claws SF for 11 HP and 10 HP and 24 HP. Silver Feather is at 57 HP taken (he’s dead now).

Aranel goes to her bow and hits twice for 12 HP and 7 HP.

Caeside hits it once (misses the other) for 15 HP. He is trying to get it away from Silver Feather so Ren can do Heal (proficiency).

Madox does fury of blows. Three hits for 20 HP total. Madox staggers it away Silver Feather.

Donavan heals Silver for 4 HP (saving his life). He also casts Spiritual Weapon against the creature.

It misses Madox completely.
New Round.
Caeside’s Moonbeam does 9 (but it saved for half).

Caeside hit with the claw for 6 HP.
Aranel hits it with the magic longsword for 6 HP.

Madox uses a Ki to do Stunning Strike. 7 HP and Con Save Against 14 (it made it). 6 HP on another hit.

Donavan Spiritual Weapon misses and he does Sacred Flame for 4 HP.

Silver Feather does Second Wind for 12 (16 total).

Ren does 6 HP from the Poison Spray.

Moonbeam does 11 HP which kills it.
The creature disappears when it dies.

1800 XP for defeating the thing and saving Alexi.

Alexi dislikes Vela.
He agrees to take a kenku messenger.

Donavan heals Silver Feather (17 for 33) and Alexi.
Caeside heals Silver Feather for 11 (44 total). Caeside also heals Alexi.

Alexi takes the party into his house once we get back to his territory.

Alexi asks what is the plan to deal with Vela? Silver Feather says, “Death.”

Ren, due to the fight, is now 1st level druid.

This session ends in a propaganda win – Vela failed to kill a boss.

Assault on Vela’s liar next session.

500 XP for Stanicek talks. (2300 XP total.)

Mike will consider what Alexi may provide for this.

Session 27: Vela's Ambush WAY Backfires
Nat 20 Night!

Caeside and Silver Feather and kenku only tonight.

Madox is building up contacts among boatmen and training kenku.

Sara is likely going to drop out to better help with the kids. Arwen is around as an NPC now.

Mike bumps us to Wealthy Lifestyle cost-wise.

Discussed Kenku Wirelines to connect Kenku buildings and possibly setup wire traps because Mike was ok with Kenku easily walk and balance on wires like regular birds.

Discussed the anti-Worm Cult “agenda of the empire” and how we’re here to take them down. Vela is included in that group of people that follow the worm.

We have 1 or 2 Kenku guards in the inn. They slip in and out without creating a huge fuse going to our rooms (which are down the cliffside).

Spending the night at the kenku longhouse several weeks after the Worm Cult Raid. There is a fire outside of the long house in the middle of the night.

The kenku begin helping the locals with bucketing water onto the nearby houses.

The area on fire is roughly 30 ft by 30 ft. Caeside tries Windwall to block the sparks in. This works but it is not perfect. It requires 2 castings to mostly take down the blaze.

Our code of warning is “Oh, Shit! A Bear!” for the Kenku and the party.
Silver Feather, Caeside and the pack of kenku come back toward the long house.

Slick, slimey skin. Man height and broad shoulders. Eel with arms and legs. Wearing a few leather straps on its body. Throws a spear at Silver Feather for 3 HP.

Silver Feather wins initiative against Eel guy. Silver hits for 17 HP and 5 HP. It screams and 20 more pop out.

Surprise round.

Silver takes 7 HP with spears and then bites for 6 HP and 2 HP.

Silver has taken 18 HP so far.

Caeside is hit for 7 HP from spear. 2 HP from a bite. 6 HP from another spear.

We have 3 each of the Eels. 14 to the Kenku behind us.

Real Round 01.
Silver Feather

Caeside does Flaming Sphere on the 3 (set behind the Eels).
9:51 PM
Eels AC 12 with spears.

Silver Feather hits 16 HP and 6 HP killing one of the Eels.

Frenzy at the sight of blood.

For Silver Feather, the first Eel bites for 2 HP and second does 3 HP with spear and bites for 3 HP.

Silver Feather has taken 26 HP so far. 22 HP left.

Caeside is attacked for 9 HP with spear, 2nd for 5 HP (spear) and 3rd hits for 2 HP (bite).

Caeside gets an attack of opportunity against 2 and one for Flaming Sphere.

Does 9 HP from Flaming Sphere. Does 9 with staff and another 8 on the second opportunity attacks.

Mike allows the Flaming Sphere to damage one of the Eels Silver Feather for 6 HP.

Silver Feather goes first as Lee looked up a spell. Silver does 14 HP against the one that is already hurt. Doing 7 HP with dagger and killing it. He uses Action Surge to do 9 HP to the Eel that is facing Caeside.

Silver Feather has killed 3 so far, wounded one.
Caeside has wounded 4 so far.

Caeside becomes a jackrabbit to escape and then cast a spell next round.

Caeside moves the Flaming Sphere to act as Silver Feather’s shield to keep 2 off of him. The two that are blocked off decide to break off.

Silver Feather is facing the last 2 of the 6.

Eel hits for 4 HP (spear), 2 HP (bite), other one for 7 HP (spear).

Silver Feather 39 HP taken from the eels.
Caeside does Thunderwave against 3 Eels. 2d8 and pushed 10 feet. Does 9 to one and 5 for the other 2. It knocks one down. Caeside does an opportunity attack against the one down for 11 HP and cave in his skull.

Silver Feather. 15 HP 5 HP and kill one.

4 HP regained from Second Wind.

Eel hits Silver Feather with his bite for 5 HP (nat 20).

One Eel left versus Silver Feather and he’s almost down.

Kenku are down 5 of 16 from the fight and those 5 may not be dead.
Eel have lost 9 of 14 (5 left). Starting to retreat. They are doing a fighting withdraw.
Caeside. Wild Shapes into Dire Wolf.
He attacks the retreaters. Bite with Nat 20 for 15 HP and killing one. 4 eels left.

Silver Feather kills the last of eels facing him with a dagger.

Moonlight hits the eel and it turns out to be a naked human. Like average person, scrawny.

Silver Feather sends half of the kenku to the long house.

2 kenku die, Caeside saves the other 3 with non-magical healing.

NOTE – Ren is the female kenku apprentice.
10:24 PM
Silver Feather goes to the long house. The warriors saved the long house.

The fire is under control and the humans that were fighting it come to see what’s happening and see the dead human bodies. That starts the crowd shouting that the kenku killed the humans.

Silver Feather hears and takes several kenku mimic-ers to start counter shouts in female voices saying that these were monsters the turned into humans after they died.

Silver Feather and the kenku Nat 20 on the Deception check to say they saw what happened.

Caeside Nat 20 on his Persuasion check to tell them what happened.

Gets the crowd to chant “Death to the Worm Cult!” after we seeded that idea into the crowd.

Caeside does Detect Magic and finds transmutation magic caused them to transformed them.

We killed 18 of the 21 of the eel/humans.
400 XP each for the Eels we killed personally and 550 XP each for turning the propaganda attack to our advantage.

Kenku are now blooded so they can be more powerful.
10:39 PM
36 spears taken for the kenku.

Caeside, Silver Feather and 2 kenku go to the Sisters of the Solace in the middle of the night to get Sister Nanya to help identify who was forced to attack us. Sister Nanya is out so another sister will help.

Three sisters comes to see those that fell.

We traveled via canal.

Caeside heals Silver Feather for 14 HP.

Sister Nanya arrives after getting a message. They heal the wounded. Sisters heal everyone for 25 HP.

13 total sisters arrive. They take one of the bodies with them. The kenku are asked to bury the rest.

Caeside accuses Vela to Sister Nanya. Missing for weeks and months ago.

Silver Feather and Caeside are going to give them a funeral pyre due to the frozen ground. Wake with food offered before burning them on the Kite to be seen by all including Vela.
53 mins
Banquet would be 2 SP per person. 20 GP per 100 people.
Pay for 500 people (100 GP) to eat.

The kenku and local poor bearing the dead on liters marching them through Stanisic and Vela’s territory on the way to the Kite. Caeside is leading the march and calling out prayers. 500 mourners.

As we get toward the south end of the territory and Stanisic and Marcus and their men take the lead of the procession.

No one bothers us in Vela’s territory.

Baclavs territory is ok with us.

Food and wine. Stanisic’s men bring even more food and wine. Silver horns with rich red wine. He is Stannis from GoT.

Stanicis does not like Vela. He is descended from the River’s Men (Russians). A longstanding legend of a worm that bores into the bowels of the earth. Worm of Death.
Stanisic knows about a certain mask we are looking for and he offers to put us in touch

He asks about the Emperor’s army moving north. Silver Feather sidesteps the question.

Stanisic asks for a meeting between him and Madox. Get in touch Marcus to set up the meeting.

Silver Feather offers to help Stanisic if he ever needs it because he has been good to the kenku.

He asks Caeside if the druids are coming back to the city.

He feels any assault on the kenku or his favorite druid is an assault on him.

As the pyre goes up, Caeside sends the stench to Vela’s territory.

At the end of the night, 300 people return to their homes (200 had already returned home).
28 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Lee, did you ditch on purpose?
Michael • 11 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
Leland Beauchamp
Nope. Screen went crazy
Leland • 10 mins
Leland Beauchamp
NOTES. The party owes Alexi money (likely next session).
Talk to Marcus about setting up a meeting with Madox and Stanisic.

Bowblade for Aranel.

We are looking for Worm Cult and looking for other missing poor people and blaming ALL missing on Vela and the Worm Cult.

Mike asks us to consider bringing in mercenary help. Lizardfolk are in the swamps to the south of the city. Some dwarves in the city. City is mostly human.

Try to recruit dwarves and get local humans to act as a patrol of their own neighborhood. Citizens on Patrol. In-exchange for weapons.

Hire some out of work veterans and class-less adventurers. To hire for protection. We hire one within a week to help train the kenku. We are looking for a second veteran.

Ancient Treasures of Saracan (a race of wizards) lived in the hills around here. There are ruins up there with stuff and things!

We have 18 blooded kenku left and starting in on the second batch of 20.
30 GP per month for two veterans. One is a captain (Omar) and one is a Lt.

The party is likely going to leave the inn due to it being in Ljuderit’s territory.

We need to meet with the bosses.

Vela has a small human force but it’s her supernatural forces that keep her in power. No one knows why she has not taken over more territory.

Kenku Messenger Service will help the Sisters of Solace as their first real contract.

Session 26: The Worm God Falls!
Part Two of the Dungeon of the Worm God

What’s the next step up from Unseen Servant? Unseen Bouncer?
Picking up from last session – still in the dungeon.
Aranel (joining us from helping with the kenku distraction), Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather with Arwen as an NPC.

Two rooms after the stairwell/dog kennel room. One is full of bones (human). 1 to 1.5 feet high in bones. Has a door to the north.

Silver Feather throws a light stone into the other room and something scurries away from it (like the whole floor).

Slithering of something on the floor. Another light stone is thrown and they come at us.
Thousands upon thousands of wormlike creatures with tri-fold mouths.
Caeside casts windwall – Each creature has to save vs str (14) or take 3d8 bludgeoning damage. Does 18 HP.
Silver Feather Con save after eating a worm. He rolls a 1.
Silver Feather collapses from poison (saved with a 1, 2, and a 4) and has a vision quest where Silver Feather sees a bird of flame rise from the ashes.
Caeside casts Lesser Restoration to end the poisoned condition.

Madox hears and Aranel sees 4 people in the robes of the cult. One looking nicer than the rest. 3 shabbier ones have swords drawn.
Madox tries to cut across the room to get at the cultests. But, the lead cultist spots him, casts a spell and freezes Madox.

Silver Feather runs up to get between Madox (frozen) and the cultists.

In the room of bones, a skeleton of some kind of snake (undead cobra) rises up. Aranel has to save against, does.

Oil can… oil can
bowling for cultists – the hit game show!

Party – 12
Cult – 8
Undead Snake – 7

Silver Feather gets between Madox and the cultists. With his bow does 11 HP to the lead cultist (kills him).

Aranel comes out shouting about the undead snake.

Caeside does Flaming Sphere to block the cultists that they come in. He puts it in front of the hallway.

Arwen (NPC) does the support action.

Cultist attack Silver Feather for 2 HP.

Flaming Sword appears and strikes at Silver Feather but misses. However, Madox can move again.

The undead snake attacks Caeside but misses.

Arwen is now called “Wen” by the party for simplicity (due to similar sounding names).
Silver Feather started tonight’s session at 39 HP but is now at 37 HP after the cultist.

Caeside uses the Flaming Sphere on the mage cultist.

Round 02.

Arwen casts invisibility on herself.

Madox goes first. He’s chasing the mage. Does Flurry of Blows.
Does 4 attacks. Hits with 2 swords for 13 HP and another 19 HP with fists and mage has to Dex save or be knocked prone. Killing the mage.

Madox ended his turn in the Flaming Sphere for 5 HP.

Silver Feather misses with the rapier and hits with the dagger for 8 HP (scratched).

Caeside moves away from the snake and into the room with the party.

Bonus action. He moves the Flaming Sphere toward the undead snake.

Aranel backs up Silver Feather with her rapier (1d6 plus 3) for 7 HP. She kills the wounded one.
She attacks again and misses the second cultist.

Undead snake attacks Caeside and hits him for 9 HP. He has to make a Con save (which he makes).

Cultist attacks Silver Feather but misses.
Silver Feather asks the cultist to surrender. He does not.

Round 03

Silver Feather kills the last cultist.

Only the undead snake is left.

Aranel looks at the snake and identifies it as an undead remains of a naga.

She shoots it with her bow and hits and does 7 + 3 for 10 HP on the undead naga.

Aranel and Caeside both make Wisdom saves (Caeside 12, Aranel 16) and both still mobile.
Madox’s turn. He does all fist attacks for bludgeoning with 2 attacks (both miss).

Caeside yells it has poison. No other action other than the Flaming Sphere.

Undead naga has an AC of 17.

Undead naga attacks Madox (using a Ki, Madox puts it at Disadvantage).

Caeside does 8 HP to it with the Flaming Sphere.
Round 04

Silver Feather shoots the undead naga for 17 HP.

Aranel is side-by-side Silver Feather and shoots the naga (crits) does 8 or 10 HP.

Caeside uses disengage.

Madox does Flurry. Hits 4 times for 22 HP of damage and may be knocked prone (Dex save). He knocks it prone.

Caeside does 10 HP with the Flaming Sphere. It dies.

Total XP to divid:
100 Worms
1,100 Naga
450 Cult Leader
25 Cultists x 3 (75)
15 GP on the cult leader.
We leave the captured dagger and scimitars x 3 near the stairs.
We give one to scimitars.

We go through and there is a door to the left and the river/canal.

We wade into the water.
We find where the secret room is and find the secret lever.
Turn the knob clockwise.
7 HP as deadfall falling on Silver Feather.
An alarm sounds.
Room is full of coins and jewels etc.
Arwen casts Detect Magic as a ritual (if we go that route).
Going down to the grate, Silver Feather and Aranel see there are several dozen cultists. They put 3 arrows into cultists. They split into 2 groups with one staying back and one racing to follow our path.
Wisdom save for Silver Feather (resists the Hold Person spell with a 12).
John is getting the inventory for this.
20 cultists got through to try to attack us.
Arwen turns Caeside invisible and he is going into the bone room to cast Thunderwave in the room.
Silver Feather will bar the door so they pile in and let Caeside do the spell. Does 15 HP of damage for 8 of the 20 cultists (they get a Con save). 6 are dead, 2 are shaken up.
Then Silver Feather will pop open the door open and shoot.

Silver Feather

Cultist throw daggers and hit Caeside for 6 points and 2 points.

Silver Feather does action surge and shoots twice and kills two more cultists.

A spiritual weapon (spell) is thrust between the sewer grate at Aranel. It misses.

Aranel shoots with her bow twice and misses.

Arwen finishes her detect magic. The necklace and flask glow due to magic.
13 total cultists left (2 of which are wounded).

Caeside turns into a bear, rolls and 18 intimidation. They flee the room. Silver Feather misses with an arrow.

Aranel does init against spiritual weapon

She rolls a 13 + 5 (18) to hit. And does 6 HP damage to the magical cultist.

He hits her with the spiritual weapon does 8 HP to her.
Silver Feather makes naga bone noises and then pop out and shoots one for 12 points and kills him.

Aranel shoots the spiritual weapon guy (17) and does 10 HP to the guy. Hits him in the arm.

Aranel hears one of the cultists makes it back to the entrance of the tunnels to tell the cult, “One of them, he turned into a bear!”

From the tunnel, the cultists hear Aranel laugh wildly at that. In response, the cult leader’s weapon slashes blindly and misses her. Aranel hears him state “Release the worm god!”

Silver Feather does 10 points with his bow and kills another cultist as the completely flee.

Silver Feather hears something ahead of me.

Madox and ’Wen have the coins and are moving along to catch up with us. Madox calls Aranel.

As Aranel leaves she takes 4 HP of damage.
Silver Feather is at 30 HP at the moment.
Silver Feather sees a giant worm the size of two horses joined together. Has a month with teeth and a dozen tentacles.

Silver Feather shoots an arrow at the creature. Bow string snaps due to a one.

We flee back through the door.
Silver Feather restrings his bow and hits the worm (AC 10) for 8 HP.

Aranel shots it as well for 7 HP.

It’s tentacles strike at Silver Feather and Aranel.
Silver Feather is hit once for 10 HP (now at 20 HP total).
Aranel is hit twice for 15 HP
Both Aranel and Silver Feather are grappled.

Caeside (bear) hits from the side twice for 10 HP total.

Madox hits twice with the sword (twice) for 15 HP total.

Aranel tries to pull free but fails.

Arwen uses her new scimitar to attack but misses.

Silver Feather tries to pull free (fails), drops his rapier but hits with his dagger for 16 HP.

Caeside is hit for 11 HP.

Silver Feather takes another 7 HP of damage. Fails to stop his being pulled in for 3 HP. Now at 10 HP.

Aranel takes 13 HP from it.

Madox gets hit for 5 HP.

Silver Feather misses with his only remaining dagger. And does not pull free.

Madox does 6 HP to a tentacle.

Caeside hits twice for 18 HP total.

Silver Feather takes 2 HP.

Silver Feather Second Winds to regain 6 HP. Total is 14 HP.

Worm pulls back through the door so it cannot be attacked with Silver Feather and Aranel in its mouth.
Swipes at Caeside for 8 HP?

Madox is missed.

Caeside gets an attack of opportunity.

Aranel takes another 5 HP.

Silver Feather stabs it for 5 HP.

Silver Feather does not take any additional damage. For 8 HP.
Silver Feather is at 6 HP.
Silver Feather is in the worms mouth and Aranel is in the doorway being held by the tentacles.

Madox is going to do an attack off of Caeside’s bear back.

Caeside is hit 3 times in the process of this for 24 HP in damage. This forces him out of bear form.

Just at the bear form ends, Madox leaps off of his back and does fury of blows. 9 sword damage and 8 for the punch and it might be knocked prone and it releases Silver Feather.

Silver Feather backs away through the door and Caeside cures Silver Feather for 16 HP (22 HP total).

Aranel tries to pull away and gets 18 and gets away. And she gets away from it. She is going to put a bow and arrow into it. She misses with her bow.

Silver Feather does 15 HP with his dagger, killing it.

108 HP Total to the worm.

We kill a few additional cultists on

Worm – 2,300 XP
Cultists – 250 XP
Recovered scimitars x 10 from this battle.
All of the cult is gone.

The dead holy cult leader had 11 GP on him. He killed himself after the party killed his god.

We get the kenku up there to chop up the worm and carry out everything.

Alexi’s territory. We may need to pay Alexi for wiping out his cult.

We will need to reach out to Alexi about some form of payment… maybe.


We go up the stairs and learn that they come out in the candlemaker’s shop.

We will get the items identified.
The potion is a potion of heroism.
Necklace of fireballs with 8 gems on it.

While eating the giant, all of the kenku have visions.

4275/4=1069 XP a piece.
All of the kenku and Caeside (in bear form) have the same hallucination about the phoenix.

Session 25: The Caves of the Worm Cult
Part One of the Dungeon

“I won it in a game of dice,” Maddox explains, showing the rest of the party the scrap of parchment. “It shows part of a cave system attached to the The Trickster and Flagon Tavern.”

“So?” asks Caeside.

“So, supposedly there’s a cult that meets down there, and this map shows the way to their hidden treasure room. It looks like a straight run, too. We could sneak in, maybe handle a few guards, raid the treasure room, and be out before they have a chance to stop us.”

“Why . . . would we want to . . . attack some cult?” asks Silverfeather.

“Well, they say that they call themselves the Worm Cul—”

“Let’s go,” said Silverfeather.

It is said that the tunnels where they meet were hollowed out by a great worm. Madox and Silverfeather are going to the Trickster and Flagon Tavern to check the place out. Caeside will change into a rat to investigate the door/entrance to the cult area.
We arrive during the evening, people take some notice of Silverfeather, but given that he’s packing a rapier, they think better of doing anything. They don’t pay any attention to Madox.

Caeside makes his way to the back area, on the left side of the balcony is a set of crude stairs leading down to a cave entrance. Caeside waits there for 2 hours. In rat form, Caeside does see there is probably an illumination. Also sees a bunch of flickering – probably a number of people are moving around. Caeside switches to spiderform to take a closer look. Candles on along the wall. Sees a couple of doors (this matches the bit on the map we have). Chanting behind the very first door. Caeside takes his leave and we meet at the rendezvous.

A woman with auburn hair, grey eyes, dark robes came in, had a drink and then left.

We’re going to use a handful of Kenku to perform for the Inn patrons as a distraction. We also have a couple of kenku on a raft for our eventual escape. We’re taking Rope (20 ft), a couple of sacks, couple of torches… weapons, armor

Stealth check – Everyone seems to have made it through to the back. Madox checks around the corner and sees a flicker maybe being a couple of people. Madox hops into the sewer portion to circle around behind whatever it is.

5 men in faded blood red robes carrying scimitars and are guarding the door at the bottom of the map. The iron bars are too thick and welded together.

Madox and Arwen are going to work closer to the guards. Caeside and Silverfeather working their way down the hallway as best as they can. Arwen casts Sleep. 3 drop. Madox hops up and takes the other 2 out with 3 hits.

We strip the bodies of their robes and then send their bodies into the canals.
Silver listens at the door. From one of the doors behind us someone sees one of the bodies floating down the canal. Silver pops him with a surprise arrow for 14 damage dropping him. No one seems to have heard it go down.

We go into the door. Down the hallway with Arwen’s Light. There is a crack in the cave. Some long slithery thing attacks Silver (who was leading the way). Thick jaws and teeth snap in the air and miss.

Silver 25 to initiative. Critter 13
Silver hits for 5 dam.
Caeside’s initiative… 13

Another Eel attacks Caeside from opposite wall – 3 damage and has grappled/ensnared? trying to pull them in.

Caeside “Melds into Stone” and loses his
Silver kills his eel. Caeside’s Eel now hits Silver.
Madox hits it and finishes it off.
Total XP so far – 150 + 100 for the eels

Arwen finds a level for a hidden door.
We find 1800 cp 1600 sp 50 gp set of thieves tools set 6lbs of spices worth 10 gp 8 × 50 gp gems, 4 × 10 gp gems
from 3 treasure chests in the secret room

another eel hole. Silver goes first and hits it with an arrow for 12 dam
Silver hits the next one 9 dam. and kills it
Madox gets attacked. It missed him, but Madox curb stomps it
150 xp

Work our way to a larger room. Fire a light stone into the room. A statue with a staff and plate mail

Found stairs leading down

Go to the door across the room towards the barking sounds.

The statue opens its eyes and fires bolts of light at Madox gets hit for 11 damage.
A man runs out at Madox, who quickly put him down. Then runs at one of the next ones with a leaping kick for 9 dam. feeling ribs snap and break underneath
Caeside throws a rock while Silver “Dashes” around the backside of the statue.
“Release the dogs!” from inside. Silverfeather mimics “Don’t release the dogs!”
More men come from another entry-way.

Arwen cast Sleep on those 3… 2 of the 3 fall to the floor. The last one clumsily attacks Silver and misses.

Caeside moves around the backside of the statue

Silverfeather kills the one attacking from behind. Silver charges another in the doorway for 7 pts.
“Don’t release the hounds!”
Madox manages to get one of the hounds to go into the light source of the statue


Madox kills one of the dogs, breaks another back, roundhouse kick to another guy killing him
Silver – 39 HP
Madox – 27 HP
Caeside – 35 HP
Arwen – Should be at Maximum

XP is 165 each.

Session 24: Meet Madox's Brother
Madox and Aranel's Second Meeting, Silver Feather and Caeside's First

Caeside meets Sister Nanya of the Sisterhood of the Black Veil or some shit.
These are the sisters that will help to heal Madox after his fight with the Spectral Troll.
Aranel is researching Agatha and the mask with Delric the sage .
Madox finds out about the kenku’s cave on the peninsula.
Some of the caves are linked and there is no master map.
Some caverns are used as tombs and storage areas and likely more.

Ren, a female kenku, takes interest in possibly becoming a druid. She starts working with Caeside to learn.

There has never been a kenku druid before.

Sisters of Solace is the sister’s name.

Silver Feather makes sure that Ren’s family is compensated for her time away from her work to help with Caeside. It’s 1 SP a day.

Kenku use short swords, daggers, clubs, stave as weapons.

Aranel agrees to help train the kenku to use the bow. Silver buys two short bows for 5 GP each (10 total).

Kenku are fighting back more and now not as bullied as they were. Bravos do not seem to be as eager to fight the kenku as they used to.

Vela. Caeside is researching with the poor about her.

Araky (?), the other Sanguine Brother is waiting for Madox in the common room. Aranel sits down with them at the table.

PROPER SPELLING – Enrice’ of the sanguine Brotherhood (the bodyguards/assassins of the Callain Emperor)

Their leader is the Master of Flowers.
Araky (?) of the Brotherhood is after Madox and wants to know about his memories.
Araky has heard of the Spectral Troll attack on Madox. Madox asks Araky about their future. Will they fight or will Araky let him go.
Araky was trained by Madox (according to Araky).

The rest of the party – Caeside and Silver Feather – enter the inn to see Madox, Aranel, and Araky having a drink.
Caeside and Silver Feather take a seat with the rest.
Araky = Arruki
Arruki: Tailor Level 6
Arruki offers to bring the city of Ravensgate under the empire’s control and put the kenku in charge.

Arruki plans to travel to the Umbrians. Wintering in Air-a-more on the west side of the lake.

Madox believes he can be trusted a bit since he has not outted Madox.
Madox sees the woman who enthralled him in his dreams. Arruki wants her found and returned to the emperor.

Silver Feather will introduce Arruki to Grey Wing and Sky Breacher to represent the kenku.
Arruki returns and introduces Arwen of the House of Dracon.

Dracwn (get it right!)

Arwen will be the emperor’s representative for us.
And then Miyah broke out into a chorus of “Purple worms. Purple worms.”
And Miyah/Aranel became Yoda. This is what John missed when he went away.
Arwen may have an Irish accent. May.
Arwen says she is a wizardress. Mind magic and identify magic.
Silver Feather goes with Arruki to meet the kenku elders. The rest of the party goes with Arwen to cast Identify on a single magic item.
John read in Unearthed Arcana that Identify does not consume the pearl.

  • Faceless Man’s Mask. Enchantment to bind the wearer to the will of someone else.
    No idea on how to find who or what controls the wearer.
    Arwen considers that the mask might be a cursed mask.
  • Carved tusk (now a phoenix talon) with astrological signs. Requires attunement. Augury once per day.
    And only works at night
    NOTE – Retconned from a tusk to a phoenix talon.
  • Dark blade of the Orcs. Great Sword +1. Intelligent sword. Once attuned, on a successful hit, it gives the wielder 1d6 additional HP (temporary HP). Does 1d10 normally and 1d6 extra of Necrotic damage (the points that transfer).
    Temporary HP goes away last. Standard HP goes first. [Worthless.]
    Temporary hit points go away after the fight is over.
    Runes on it from the ancient kingdom of Calavala.
    The intelligence is covered by a sadness.
  • Arwen identifies 7 Unknown Potions.
    [Mike uses the 1e spell chart to find what potions we have.]
  • Levitation
  • Shrinking x2
  • Gaseous Form
  • ESP
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Aranel’s long sword is a +1.
    A jeweled eye piece from an orc is not a magic item.
    The elders of the kenku meet Arruki.
    Silver Feather returns after the identify.
    Mike expanded Augury to be for up to a day (for the question).
    For Caeside’s Nothic armor, Lee rolled a 15 + 5 (20 total).
    Studded Leather +1 (in bear form) with Resistance to Necrotic Damage.
    AC is 12 + Dex Modifier + 1.

500 XP for everyone for the role-playing tonight.

Session 23: Sara's New Character, Arwen!
Lee Misses His Second Session! Punk...

Giant centipede is 18’ long 1.5 feet in diameter wandering through the woods. It’s on the road.
Our rouse plan is 5 miles out and 5 miles back (road to hills to road).
Giant centipede is in the trail.

Our plan is for Silver Feather to go up a tree and shoot at it. Madox will hit it from behind. However, the GC (AC 14) makes a B-line for Madox.

Silver Feather shoots an arrow into the GC for 17 HP.

It continues for Madox.

Madox moves around the tree to make his attacks after the GC misses. Madox does 9 HP with his sword and another 7 with his fist.

Madox has to make two DC 12 Dex saving throws (from its razor sharp spines). Madox makes both.

GC stinger attack does 15 HP and DC 12 Con (Madox saves).

Silver Feather’s arrow does 17 HP on GC.

Silver Feather

Silver Feather’s arrow does 17 HP on GC.

Madox does Patient Defense and the GC misses.

Madox hits it twice with the sw0rd and does 6 HP and 9 HP. Madox fails one save (for 8 HP).

GC dies.

550 XP for Madox and Silver Feather.

In terms of what can be harvested from the GC, there are spines on the GC are about the size of bucklers. It has a stinger as well (large).

Madox (with a GC head chopped off) leaves Silver Feather and the body of the GC for the night as Madox goes to get 4 or 5 kenku and a cart to bring the carcass back.

As Madox enters the city, he sees a woman carried by 4 men in a sadan chair. She glares at Madox and they carry her off into the bazaar. Madox follows it.
He sees a beautiful light and fails a Wisdom saving throw. When he comes to she is gone.

He goes to ask a guard who ignores him. A passerby tells Madox it was Boss Vela’s chair.

He meets the kenku who quickly arrange to get the carcass the next day via cart.

Madox returns to the inn, goes to sleep but is awakened when a hand slams into him, burning him and throws him. He takes 22 HP.

Madox gets into a fighting stance and sees a decaying troll. Decaying troll is dead silent and has some intelligence in its eyes.

Madox tries to get away from the creature. He scrambles up the stairs. He’s trying to get to the open inn area. He slams the door behind him. Said into the common room, “Run!” The drunks laugh until a black substance comes under the door and it resolves itself into the troll (under the door).

It reforms and stalks toward it. Madox asks what it is but it makes no noise.

They move into the street and into a crowd. Guards are coming but the crowd is blocking him in.

Madox is going to do Patient Defense and attacks the creature.

DTroll 12
Madox 6

DTroll hits Madox for another 14 HP. That takes Madox down. The guards come through the crowd to face the creature. The city guards attack and one is killed immediately. Their weapons have no effect on the creature.

Madox does a death save 18 (made it).

Sara’s character [debut] sees Madox’s fight with the troll.

Sara recognizes this (via arcana check) as a spectral troll (undead troll raised by magic). They do not like light.

It kills another guard in the meantime.

She decides to turn Madox invisible and she casts Light on a guard’s armor and the creature hisses. It looks around and sees it’s quarry is gone. It flies over the crowd.

Madox makes all 3 death saves in a row.

Sara’s character takes Madox to the Abby of the Sisters of Solace. They usher them in. They heal him for 15 HP.
Madox uses up all Hit Dice and is only down 2 HP now.

He awakes in a cubicle in a comfortable bed. He thinks he’s near the inn still.
Madox pokes his head out of the room and sees Sara’s character. He thanks her for saving him.

Her name is Arwen.
A wizard. A helping wizard.
He asks about the creature and where it went.
She tells all she knows about the DTroll (Spectral Troll). They believe that it was sent after him.

[Sara had to leave to help with her son.]

The next day, Madox comes to get Silver Feather with the kenku and tells him what’s going on.
The kenku feast that night and Madox stays despite how nasty the food is.

Silver Feather and Madox consult Grey Wing about Vela. He tells of the attack 14 year in Vela’s area. Plague to rats to men attacking them.

Stanicek and Kvetoslav are Vela’s chief rivals.

Grey Wing suggests we seek out a man, Marcus, to parlay with Stanicek. He lives in a manor, south of the docks.
Marcus is retired and living the high drinking life. He was Stanicek’s father’s man and Stanicek’s as well.

Put to the kenku hive mind to find a use for the carcass.
Two days later, Madox and Silver Feather have learned Marcus’ ways and go to talk to Marcus.

My Lord Madox Spiro of the Crimson Brotherhood.
Silver Feather introduces Madox but Marcus wants a show so Silver Feather offers a demo from Madox.

The dagger man pulls a poisoned dagger (x2) for:
5 HP / Con save (Nat 20)
7 HP / Con save (17)

20 GP wager.

Dagger man has AC 15.

Fury of Blows (4 attacks). Madox hits him 3 of the 4 times for 24 HP.

The dagger man misses twice.

Fury of Blows (4 attacks). Madox hits him 3 of the 4 times for 19 HP.

The dagger man hits one of the three times for 6 HP.

Fury of Blows (4 attacks). Madox hits him 2 of the 4 times (1 is a Nat 20) for 21 HP. And dagger man needs to make a Dex save or get knocked prone.

The dagger man hits one of the three times for 5 HP.

Fury of Blows (4 attacks). Madox hits him 3 of the 4 times for 24 HP.

The dagger man goes down. Marcus pays up the 20 GP and is willing to speak with Madox.
Marcus confirms that Vela sent the Giant Centipede (this peaks Silver Feather’s interests) and the Spectral Troll. Marcus is impressed by Madox surviving her. Madox asks Marcus to put him in touch with Stanicek.
Vela is the youngest of the bosses. She was installed 7 years ago and took Stanicek’s territory. She relies on her own power and not an army of thugs. She is likely a Warlock.

Marcus knows about Caeside and us. And the training is something that they know about and that the fact that Stanicek has not spoken is a sign of favor. He suggests that we need a wizard to defeat her.
XP 400 for the fight and negotiation.


After the fight, Madox and Silver Feather go to meet sage and he has answers in Mike’s newoldearth.blogspot.com
Madox and Silver Feather talk to Omar and present him with a kenku style mask. Omar plans to winter in Ravensgate.

Omar comes with Silver Feather and Madox to train with the kenku. During it he proves that he is trained as a fighter.

Session 22: Ravensgate - Demetres' Bizarre
FailedAmbush & Diplomacy. Madox Reaches 5th Level!

After some economics discussion that threatened to drive Silverfeather to act VERY lawful good to everyone around him… we decided to go to see the Priest at the temple – he believes that the Black Orc sword isn’t “evil”, but there is a “sorrow” associated with it. We decide to go to see a Wizard about Identifying a bunch of magic items we own. However, on the way there a bunch of thugs decide that we didn’t pay the fee. The chase us in an alley, but they pause at Caeside shifting into BEAR form. Three crossbow bolts rain down on us from the rooftop above hitting Silver and Caeside. When Caeside tries to give Madox a boost up to the roof. One of the thugs charges, takes an arrow from Silver (11 dam from an arrow). He hits Caeside for 3 dam). Arnel fires an arrow at one for 10 dam. Madox finally scrambles up and takes 16 damage. Madox uses Flurry of blows to try and stuns one of them (5 dam).
Arnel decides to drop some elvish f-bombs
John • Oct 15, 10:33 PM
Demetres’ thugs attack us for a cross territory tax. As we ask them about it, they attack first with crossbows from the roof.

Silver Feather takes 4 HP from a crossbow.
Caeside (bear) takes 11 HP from two crossbows.

Silver Feather hits the thug with the composite bow for 11 HP.

The wounded thug hits the bear for XX HP.

Aranel shots a thug and does 10 HP.

The two on the top are trying to prevent Maddox from climbing to the top of the wall (bear pushing him up).

He is hit 3 out of 4 times with clubs. Maddox takes 16 HP in damage.

Maddox pulls himself up. He hits several of them for XX HP.

Thug shoots at Aranel but misses.

3 of the 6 that are in the alley depart to try to outflank us.

Aranel misses with her long bow (natural 1). And the string snaps on her.
Oct 15, 10:34 PM
John McGuire
She’s tries to fire another arrow, but the string snaps (nat. 1). Caeside attacks with tooth (6 dam) and claw (11 dam) – guy is badly bleeding, but not quite dead – he attacks for 6 damage on Caeside.
John • Oct 15, 10:35 PM
Caeside attacks the thug in front of him. Does 11 HP with his claw. With the bite he does 6 HP.

Thug takes a swing at Caeside for 6 HP.

The one behind the thug steps up and swings but misses.

Silver Feather tosses Aranel his composite bow. He leaps off of the bear’s back and strikes one thug with the rapier (mid-air) for 16 and lands in front of the other and hits with a dagger for 6.

Two thugs hit Silver Feather each for 11 HP.
Maddox is facing the thugs on the roof alone.

A thug clips Maddox for 4 HP.

Maddox counters and tosses the thug off the roof for 5 HP (hit) and does 6 points from the fall.

Maddox hits a thug with a Nat 20 for 14 HP (short sword). Last attack is a punch (Nat 20) for 8 HP (fist).

Thug swings back and misses.

Aranel shoots with Silver Feather’s bow but misses. The thugs shoots back for 3 HP.
Maddox and Aranel have to do perception checks. Aranel rolled a 1. Maddox got a 9.
Oct 15, 10:48 PM
John McGuire
Apparently we like to randomly look up at the sky Arnel and Madox keep failing Perception checks
John • Oct 15, 10:49 PM
Hello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
Aranel is hit by the 3 thugs around the back. They hit her for 3 and 4 HP.
Caeside hits for 10 HP on the thug beneath him (bite).
Caeside strikes another with his claw for 8 HP.

Two down. One left.

Silver Feather hits him for 13 HP.

Thug hits twice for 9 HP against Silver Feather.
Oct 15, 10:53 PM
John McGuire
Arnel is soaked in the blood of her enemies!
John • Oct 15, 10:59 PM
Maddox did 9 HP with his sword and misses with the second attack.

Thug swings back but misses twice (one with a one). Maddox grapples with him.

Thug that fell off of the roof and attacks Caeside and does 6 HP to Caeside.

Aranel uses her rapier and attacks a thug for 4 HP. For her hand ax, she tries to attack and does 7 HP.

The two thugs attack Aranel and she is only hit once for 3 HP.

Crossbow man shoots at the bear. He misses.
Next Round

Caeside first. Claw then bite. Misses with claw. Hits with the bite for 5 HP. Takes him down.

Silver Feather takes out the final “front” thug with 17 HP.

Maddox hits for 9 HP and 8 HP against a thug. Taking him out.

Crossbow guy drops his crossbow and pulls out a club.

Aranel goes for another attack and gets a 9 (misses).

Thug takes two swings at her for 8 HP.

The last thugs take off.

Aranel gets an opportunity attack against the thug. She crits for 5 HP.

Maddox intimidates the last one on the roof to surrender.
Silver Feather, Direwolf and Aranel chases the last 3 thugs. Caeside casts long strider on Silver Feather.

Aranel is trying to keep them in sight (she’s chasing the disarmed guy). She is closing on him.
Silver Feather grabs his composite bow as he’s giving chase.
Aranel hits the thug with her dagger for 7 HP.

Thug keeps runnings for the quote “scary elf”. Aranel says.
He hits Silver Feather for 5 HP.
Silver Feather hits him for 11 HP. Killing him.

Direwolf runs past Silver at a move of freaking 50 and we’re looking for the last thugs who are out of sight.
Silver, Caeside, and Aranel lose the final thugs.
Maddox interrogates his thug.

Demetres is in-charge of the gangs around here. He says that Demetres will be glad to figure out the message.
The thugs (far away) that was killed had some tattoos but nothing meaningful. 16 SP on him.

Using Caeside’s Wander feature we get back.

“We didn’t know you were bringing a bear to a sword fight.”
Oct 15, 11:24 PM
John McGuire
They didn’t know we were bringing a bear to a sword fight.
John • Oct 15, 11:24 PM
Bizarre sector is Demetres’ sector.
Maddox slips one of Caeside’s tracers on him (Nat 20).

The party decides to trace the loosed thug at a 1,000 feet. From the far side of the bizarre.
Oct 15, 11:35 PM
John McGuire
The thug stops at one of the large manor houses that overlooks one of the canals.
The party waits at the tea house.
After an hour, there is no activity going in or out of the manor house.
Healing up to 47 HP for HD recoup.

Maddox changes into his crimson gear and a sword and the Calaine (?) holy symbol. As Maddox puts it on, he feels right wearing it.

Black casock (?) with thread of gold and a sash. He looks made to where it.

Nobody messes with Maddox on his trip back to the tea room.

This is his uniform from his past.

Crimson Brotherhood. Emperor’s personal bodyguard and assassin core. “My Lord” is the honorific.
Oct 15, 11:53 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside is a mouse in Maddox’s pocket as we approach the manor. We go to the front door and knock.
A woman in her mid-40s answers the door. We merely ask to speak to Demetres about taxes.
After a few minutes an older gentlemen, portly Russian.
We offer to pay a tax.
He offers friendship for a silver.
Demetres used to sail when he was younger. Caline is Maddox’s homeland.

Demetres gives them a gift, Laric’s head.

We part as “friends”.
XP for defeating the thugs (9 total) we get 475 each.
16 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
We upped the tax to a gold to make a point that we are worth more than a silver.
Thugs had (on top of the 16 SP), 10 GP and 36 SP.

Madox reaches 5th level.

Session 21: Ravensgate - Day 1 in the Big City
A Duel on the Kite Leads to 5th Level!

Wake up in the Sword and Amulet hill. Silverfeather “White One” is from Kasons. We meet a Kenku who takes us down to a Longhouse. One OLD Kenku “Greywing” sits down with us. .

There was a curse where they didn’t fulfill their Obligation.

Caeside, Maddox and Silver Feather are in the Sword & Amulet Inn. Aranel has not arrived yet from the elves.

In the spring, we can take a boat from Ravensgate to the cities we need to go to.

The party (Caeside, Maddox, and Silver Feather) heads toward the poorer section of town (north of town) to meet the local kenku. They pass a cave network seems to show where the kenku live.

We meet a kenku “Sky Breacher” and he invites me to a long house with several kenku. Spoke with the elder, Storm Wing but now called Grey Wing.
Silver Feather (Cau-Ca-Cak) is from K-sans, a Kenku village.


Long ago the kenku lost their wings due to not fulfill an obligation. (cursed)

Only hatchlings really dream of FLYING.

Palric is a sage who might know about Goblin gods. Is on the southern side of the city near/in the Bazaar.

Very few Kenku left in Ravensgate. Lord Mayor Eradin Durevan

Crimson Brotherhood may have some spies here, but not a known presence. Callain Emperor has been dealing with Malikisou and Galadan Empire. Some Ossiri come to visit the Mayor and City. The Kenku who escorted us in, “Skybreacher”

Kenku, Sky Breacher. The kenku that does not like Silver Feather. We will duel to establish the pecking order. At The Kite at night.
20 good berries (1HP each).
Enhance Ability (from Caeside).

Protection from Poison (advantage on saves against poison/resistance to poison) 1 hr duration

Questions for the sage:
Flight/Curse of the Kenku and how one might go about restoring flight to one of them.

Agatha’s Mask – Any more details we might be able to get – Silver is willing to speak in HER voice in partial exchange for such information.

Goblin gods and the Grix. Kazamarlok have Grix. There may be a working gateway to Barsoom there.

We paid with Golden Sensor (from Cragmaw) for the initial deposit. We will owe 200 more upon delivery. There are some other items we might eventually be able to “trade” with him down the road.

Head to the Kite for the dual with Sky Breacher. They both pray to Ka-Sa-Ka, the primary Kenku god (Migration/travel)

Initiative – Silver 1st, then Sky Breacher
Silver attacks – rapier (20) – 10 dam, dagger (nat 20) – 12 dam
Sky attacks – (18) & (20) – 18 damage
Everyone loves the early bloodletting.
Silver – Rapier (12) – Miss, Dagger (15)- just misses. Silver regains 11 points with 2nd wind
Sky – (14), (12) – misses
Silver tries to keep Sky off-balance – Rapier (17) – 12 dam, dagger (14) – miss
Sky tries to close in (20) & (25) – 15 damage
Silver – Rapier (nat 20) – 14 dam, dagger (25) – 7 dam

Silver wins! Then provides Sky Breacher with Goodberries – “bird style”

Greywing’s granddaughter was among the Kenku – Silver gives her 5 gp.

NOTE – After defeating Sky Breacher, Silver Feather reached 5th level (Rogue Swashbuckler 3rd / Fighter 2nd).

Session 20: Ravensgate, At Last!

The party (Caeside, Maddox, Silver Feather, and Aranel… Ambrosia is leaving the party, escorting Rockseeker back to Phandalan) goes to the elven town. They report to Sassafrass. He rewards the party with:

Silver Feather got a composite bow that is effectively a long bow plus 1 to hit (and 20 extra feet of range).

Aranel gets a dagger 1/1.

Caeside goes his magic armor created. It shapechanges and is effectively Leather Armor +1.

Aranel got an audience with the queen.

She asked about Agatha. She said that in life, centuries before the queen’s birth, Agatha’s elf clan was dedicated to battle against the orcs (and the faceless ones). She died in battle against the orcs where she died.

The queen feels that there may be danger in finding the mask. Agatha is content within her domain. The queen thinks that giving her the mask may cause her to find peace and pass on from this world.

She lost the mask after she died and became a banshee.

Sassafrass explains that Agatha became a banshee because they only have a soul-body and when she was slain that they don’t have an afterlife. For an elf of great power (this becomes their nature) and when she died angrily she transitioned into a banshee at death.

Faceless ones are spies and assassins for the fey. Associated with the dark strain of elven history. They tend to be lackeys.

Magbulibiet is the demon of the goblins and when the high elves needed servants they summoned Magbulibiet to create goblins. They also made hobgoblins (house goblins).

The grick may be from the red star, Barsoom.

On the way to Ravensgate, the party comes to the Black Alder swamp and they have an inn where the party stays.

Omar approaches the party in the inn. He overhears our discussion about a mask. He offers to buy us a round of drinks and joins us.

Omar tells Silver Feather that he has met a Kenku in his use. From Kasamarlalok. The kenku fought with his father on the walls of Ebon against the shadow.
He is very friendly.

His lord “Faras” has bought 3 silver masks with runes inside. Wolf, Man’s face (with glass eyes unable to be seen – elvish looking), and a blank one. (These were from the Umbrian lands) – hence why he’s come here

Pays with gold that is not local nor imperial stamped

Khazarmarlok is a land that guards against the dark lands (fortress cities). Militant. Lawful. Well respected by the pirates. Fierce warriors who are battle tested. His people have fought battles against the Ossiri from time to time.

Omar’s opinion on the Pikelords – organized, fearful, sheepish, don’t recognize their own worth or strength and see themselves as an extension of their lords. He believes everyone is the same when they man the Wall. – The people were nervous after dark.

He heard a rumor of a mask while there – one of the lords of Blackstone Keep – has a silver mask in the form of a woman’s face kept above his fireplace

His lord sponsored him – sent to University. Seems a man of science more than perhaps a man of god(s)

His scimitar is well used, but not chipped. Says that he has been in tight situations, but handled it.

One companion went to Darsumatar and one to Erramor

They will meet up at blackstone keep in six months time

Left – bazaar, straight to a chasm-spanning bridge

Sword and amulet inn – Jeremy Irons from Batman/Superman is the Innkeeper. Aldrif
expensive mages near the citidel. Hedge wizards on the island to the east
Kenku stick to the fisherman’s wharf

Church of St. Benvolio deal with the impoverish – There is a Great Cathedral in the city

Flashback conversation:
Rockseeker has been looking for a magical forge that might have forged the weapons of the gods. He is obsessed with finding it. Feels like this could be the turning point for these lands. Wants to forge something of LAW!!!

When the Faceless man showed up started interrogating him. Whoever is behind the Faceless man is after the forge.

Session 19: Assault on Cragmaw Castle
Rockseeker Sought Out

Caeside has changed into a rat and scampered into the other room while the rest of the party takes position for the oncoming onslaught.

10 Goblins burst into the outer room searching for the potential noise. One of them is very nervous about the opposite door, as if he doesn’t want to disturb whomever is behind it.

Arnel and Silverfeather fire an arrow at the first goblin through the doorway; however, both arrows just miss his head and he ducks back out to argue about what the goblins should do next.

Ambrosia casts Cloud of Daggers focused on one of the Goblins and two of his buddies are instantly shredded by the knives.

One of the goblins runs off shouting something in goblin (clearly a call for reinforcements).

Once the dagger cloud disappears the Goblins slam the door shut. Silverfeather shoots again, but misses and we are left alone in the room.

In the hallway, another 2 goblins come in with a Bugbear and 2 hobgoblins, before sending 2 goblins away. Now a weird cat and mouse game of the Bugbear trying to get us to come out of the room and Ambrosia speaking in goblin trying to convince them to come in.

The two goblins who circled around have decided to come in through the hole in the rubble and fire two arrows at Madox, but miss. Madox throws a dart at one killing it.

A guttural goblin scream is echoed by Silverfeather’s mimic ability. 2 Hobgoblins charge the door and slam it open.

Caeside rolls a nat 20 so that no one notices him shapechange back

Silverfeather rolls two "1"s causing his bow to snap.

Arnel fires, but it bounces harmlessly off the hobgoblin’s shield.

Ambrosia throws her dagger at one of the hobgoblins (“23”) and does 5 damage to a hobgoblin. He sneers before yanking the dagger out.

The goblin up high fires again at Madox and misses.

Caeside unleashes his Thunderwave 12 damage – Bugbear goes flying across the room and slams against the opposite wall dazed (the wolf does the same). Goblins are dying or mostly dead from the spell (3 dead and 2 mostly dead?)

The surviving 4 goblins attack Caeside, only one hits for 4 damage.

Bugbear swings with a morning star at Caeside and misses. Wolf attacks as well and…
hits for 7 damage knocks Caeside to the ground prone.

Hobgoblin attacks Ambrosia and slices for 3 damage.

Madox rolls a 1 and apparently took a small effect from the Thunderwave the door slams into him (1 damage bruised).

Silverfeather moves to assist Ambrosia, misses with his sword, but hits with his dagger – 9 damage killing hobgoblin.

Arnel jumps over the barrier and attacks the other hobgoblin but clangs off his mail.

Caeside’s second Thunderwave hits 2 goblins killing them, wolf is dead, and Bugbear does not go down and swings morning star… nat 20 for 17 damage nearly killing Caeside. Barks order to goblins to finish him. One of the goblins missed so bad he actually kills his buddy. Seeing what this path has caused him to wrought, he flees hopefully seeking to better himself in another life.

Hobgoblin hits Arnel for 7 damage.

Now everyone gangs up on the Hobgoblin, Silverfeather decapitates the hobgoblin.

Madox misses the goblin up high with a dart. The Goblin fires back at Madox and misses before fleeing.

Caeside stands and step back and transforms into the FORM OF A BEAR!

Madox runs in punching and slashing the Bugbear hitting for 7 damage. The humanoid is nearly dead, his wounds taking a toll.

Another Cloud of daggers, this time centered on Madox kills the Bugbear!

XP… DM Says: 1072 for this session and the previous 2 sessions.

We decide to go into the north tower with a stone altar where one main shaman and two acolytes are praying… a tentacle reaches for Madox but misses…

Combat round
Initiative – Monster 20, Shaman and crew 17ish, Caeside 25, Madox 9, rest of our crew is waiting to get into the room

Caeside attacks the Monster slug… thingy – hits for 12

It attacks back for 5 damage with a tentacle and bites for 4

Madox gets hit by the acolytes for 8 damage, Madox rolls 2 14s which just misses

Arnel attempts to get by the bear and is grabbed and bit for 15 total damage, dangling in mid-air

Silverfeather attacks one of the acolytes for 16 damage killing him

Arnel attacks the monster with her dagger rolling a 1 – a tentacle slaps it out of her hand

Ambrosia manages to get into the room.

Monster attacks Arnel again, but she catches the tentacle holding it away from her eyes.

Caeside moves to attack the Old Goblin allowing for an attack of opportunity which does 7 damage. The Old Goblin is praying, apparently for something to smite a giant bear who claws him for 11 and goes to finish him with a bite. The old goblin grins, touches Caeside, “Magbulbiet”

Silverfeather fires an arrow at the monster, hits for 11 damage. The thing screams and starts flailing

Arnel tries to slice it with a rapier… hits for 8 damage and kills the thing dropping Arnel for 2 more points of damage in her fall onto the ground.

Madox finishes off the acolyte

XP – everyone gets 120 more

Silverfeather starts devouring the monster worm and apparently harvesting

Searching the castle, listening at the doors, until we come upon an unconscious dwarf… ROCKSEEKER!!!

Caeside detects something… alien behind the other door. Silverfeather and Ambrosia check and Cure Rockseeker

This other thing disappears around the corner, Caeside and Madox rushes into the room. Silverfeather and Arnel tries to head the thing off. Shadow is nowhere to be seen.

The shadow runs towards the forest, Silver fires and hits for 11 damage

Underneath the things cloak is the glint of metal. It runs. We give chase.

Tracking the creature/thing… Silver and Madox manage to find him, the thing attacks Silver for 21

Attacks again for 8 damage

Madox uses Step of the Wind to close on the guy

Madox attacks but misses

Silverfeather attacks for 9 damage

Madox burns a luck point but still takes 9 points of damage

The creature is wearing a gray/green cloak with silver mask with red eyes. Uses only fists

Madox uses Flurry of blows and hits twice for a total of 14 damage

Silverfeather attacks for 13 damage

Silverfeather uses second wind and recovers 4 point

Madox uses Flurry of blows and hits twice for just enough to snap it’s neck. We remove the mask and find the thing has NO FACE!!!

Silver isn’t convinced it isn’t another worm

In his possessions are a rolled up scroll in a scroll case with a map and a potion.

Map shows the location of Wave Echo Cave

220 sp 160 ep and 2 more potions

xp 230

After a Short Rest…

4 hobgoblins and 2 wolves are approaching the castle

Silverfeather and Arnel use the arrow slits to start peppering the hobgoblins. Silver kills one immediately.

Plus we find out there is an owlbear in one of the rooms we didn’t search

Caeside transforms into a dire wolf and we go hunting

Hobgoblin fires and misses Madox

Silverfeather fires at the hobgoblins hits one for 19 points

They return fire but miss Madox and Silver

int – caeside 23, madox 21, then wolves

Caeside knocks one to the ground

Madox uses Flurry of blows and deals 14 damage

Wolf attacks back but misses

1 wolf down

Caeside attacks the prone hobgoblin, but it’s shield is blocking the dire wolf’s teeth

Arnel attacks the other wolf and hits for 9 and 4 damage

Hobgoblin hits Silver for 8 damage

Caeside and Hobgoblin struggle on the ground. Hobgoblin does 3 damage, Caeside misses

Arnel attacks the hobgoblin on the ground for 6 damage and kills him

Silver goes and hits the other hobgoblin for 10 damage

Then gets the last hobgoblin to surrender

Which he does

Rol, the bugbear, was this one’s leader. He followed orders

The worm is a Grik… megloubiet is a demon the goblins worship

Paid to take the dwarf

A woman wearing a mask paid them to take the dwarf. Possibly an elf. Mask was a hunting cat mask.

Had rockseeker for a couple of weeks. Got him from goblins.

Faceless one came to buy the scroll. “They can devour your face and wear it for their own.”

These are their woods. “Elves are invading our forest.”

The elf woman said her people are returning and taking back what is theirs. They wanted the map back which would take them to something they wanted. She spoke goblinish.

Silver really needs to know more about the Grix. It might be a demon worm.

Hobgoblins have settlements in the northern portion of the forest.

Hobgoblin’s name is Targor of the Bloodsoaked Clan

Elf woman came out of the swamps.

Targor returns to his village to deliver our message to stay away from this place. He has a family. He uses the sword to earn his keep.

xp 200 for rescuing Rockseeker

xp 120 for the battle

Cargor is released and he leaves…


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