Valifor Fitzborn

A young knight of dubious lineage but firm conviction


This young man, with his short black hair and dark gray eyes, walks with the manner and bearing of the Callain nobility, though his surname and clerical vows mark him as little more than an unlegitimized bastard.

His mail is bright and well-kept and his cloak is clean, though where most nobles wear their house colors he wears gray and black, and where others emblazon their coats of arm he bears only the hand-on-shield symbol of Tiyr. His only ornamentation is an extravagent signet ring borne on a simple leather cord around his neck.

He stands above average in height at around eight and one-third spans1 and appears to weigh a little over fourteen stone2, with a well-muscled physique identifying a life of training and discipline.

As with most Tiyrian clergy, he keeps his right hand perpetually stained black with soot and ink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1 Approximately 6’ 3"

2 Approximately 200 lbs


Valifor is, for the most part, a cheerful and affable fellow. Unlike some of his more legalistic clerical brethren, he does not shave his head or spend his days in perpetual gloom “mourning the hand.” He enjoys ale and wine at the local tavern, though never to excess, and playing games of Three Dragon Ante in the evening.

While his bearing is that of a noble, he displays none of the arrogance or egotism of that class. Instead, he is somewhat soft-spoken and seems oddly loathe to disagree too strongly with his companions and peers.

He has high expectations of behavior and civility, and maintains higher expectations for himself than for others. He holds to the typical Tiyrian beliefs: Honor Tiyr and His Court; uphold truth and law; suffer no evil to harm another; and offer service to the poor, infirm, and abandoned. He strives to live these ideals, and has already shown a willingness to place himself between his companions and the dangers which threaten them.

Aside from those traits, those who observe him closely will note his apparent fascination for the fallen House of Cirill and anyone from the now-ruined city of Verkhivary, where that noble family used to house its seat.

Valifor Fitzborn

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