Sister Nania


Sister Nania is the Sister of Solace who tended to Maddox after he was nearly killed by the spectral troll.

Sister Nania’s stats are typical for a Sister of Solace


AC: 10 (No armor)
HP: 27 (5d8 + 5)
Spd: 30

Str: 8 (- 1) Dex: 10 (0) Con: 12 (+ 1) Int: 13 (+ 1) Wis: 16 (+ 3) Cha: 14 (+ 2)

Saves: Wisdom + 6, Charisma +5
Skills: Medicine +7, Persuation + 3, Religion + 4
Senses: Passive perception 13
Immunities: Sisters of Solace are immune to disease and take only half damage from necrotic attacks
Languages: Common, Old Umbrian
Challenge: 2 (450 xp)

Spellcasting. The Sister is a 5th level spellcaster (spell save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks). She typically has the following cleric spells prepared:

Cantrips (at will): light, sacred flame, thaumaturgy
1st level (4 slots): cure wounds*, sanctuary, command
2nd level (3 slots): gentle repose, lesser restoration
3rd level (2 slots): speak with dead, spirit guardian

Channel Divinity (up to 3 times between rests). Turn Undead (30’ range, Wis save or flee, destroys CR 1/2 or less) or Preserve Life (heal total of 25 hit points to selected creatures in 30’).

Summon Revanant. When the Sisters discover someone who suffered an especially heinous death by murder, three of them can raise the victim as a Cadaver; thirteen together can raise a Cadaver Lord.

Ritual Knife (Att + 2, Dmg 1d4)

The Sisters of Solace seem grim, foreboding figures at a distance, but they are trained to be gentle and compassionate, even cheerful, so as to bring maximum comfort to the dying. They always try to help those in need, but are too few in number (only about three dozen) to make much of a dint in the desperately poor in the slums of Ravensgate. While they sometimes raise Cadavers to seek justice for their wrongful deaths, those who most deserve it (like the Bosses) are too well protected for this form of justice.


Sister Nania

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