A bane-sidhe who haunts the Arrowfell Woods


Agatha appears as a spectral figure, beautiful save for the arrogance and hatred that mars her face and a left hand that appears as if stripped down to the bone. She regards herself as the queen of her corner of the Arrowfell Woods, keeping out the goblins that infest much of the rest of the forest and taking tribute from nearby Conyberry. Though dangerous and evil, she is not unreasonable if approached with a suitable gift and due courtesy and deference. For these reasons, the druids have never challenged her claim to this domain, and have occasionally even sought her out with gifts to learn from her vast store of knowledge.

The forest grows dark and still as one approaches Agatha’s lair. Heavy vines and thick layers of moss drape the branches, and the air is noticeably colder. One rounds a bend in the trail, and discovers a screen made from the warped branches of trees standing close together, woven into a domelike shelter in the shadows. A low doorway leads inside, where one finds a home of sorts sheltered within the dome. It is sparsely furnished with chests, shelves, a table, and a reclined couch, all of it old and of high elven craft.



From Caeside: “In what fashion did you come by that name? After a moment to commune with the Knowing Spirit, I believe you speak of the ancient Elven spirit Auglathla. I’ve heard the name actually translates to “Winterbreeze”. Stories go that she had a magical mask which was stolen from her by some cunning, foolish, thief, about a century ago. Every 5 – 10 years, you hear a tale told around the fire of travelers going to or from the northeast on the Triboar Trail, claiming to have been attacked by her. I believe she seeks the mask which was stolen in her."

From Arnelle: While the enmity between the Seelie and Unseelie has continued for thousands of years, there are those who cross boundaries. Agatha is one such example. Born and raised as Alindariel, one of the High Eldain, she was a powerful sorceress and warrior, and led campaign after campaign to try to reclaim the Whispering Hills from the scourge of the orcs. When the High Court withdrew their support, she made an alliance with the Dark Court, took the name Auglathla (Agatha, as it is pronounced in Umbrian Common), and received her new face—some say from the Unseelie Empress herself. Agatha campaigned against the orcs for two centuries, nearly driving them completely from the Whispering Hills. She set up her house in the Arrowfall Woods with a court of Unseelie backing her.

About a century ago, a human man of extraordinary beauty discovered Agatha’s home. He charmed Agatha with his words until her guard was down, and then stole her mask and fled to a boat that was waiting for him to carry him across Lake Umbra. She sent a mighty storm to drown him, but legend says that he made it safely to Ravensgate, where he disappeared. Having lost her face, Agatha lost her supporters, and was left to dwell alone, consumed by her rage and bitterness.

If Agatha were to regain her mask, she would certainly regain much of her standing in the Dark Court along with whatever magics were invested in the mask. What is unknown is what she would do with it. Would she go back to making war on the orcs of the Whispering Hills, making the region safer for everyone? Would she decide to take vengeance on the race of Man for stealing her mask in the first place? Only time will tell.


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