Session 29: Vela Takedown - First Attempt

Silver Feather Hits 6th Level

We upped Aranel’s level to 5 and put her character sheet on the ObsidianPortal.


Jan 7, 9:27 PM
Our sage for hire found:
The kenku were once the people of the Phoenix.
He found a kenku statue with 6 wings (2 are arms). He does not want to part with it save for a high price.

Prep for the dungeon crawl. The bosses offer:
Stanasic offers 2 NPC veterans.
Sky Breacher – NPC veteran stats with Kenku extras.
4x Potions of Healing (2d4+2)
1x Potion of Heroism (+10HP temp and Bless for an hour)
Divide up the magical potions.
Silver Feather gets one of Aranel’s magic longswords.

Aranel is more interested in a bow and she does not like magic.
In the cave/tunnel toward Vela’s place.
Behind a bookcase (?) is the entrance.

Party Order:
Silver Feather / Madox
Dalris, a veteran / Toman, halberd man
Caeside / Sky Breacher
Sky Breacher has a short bow and 2x shortsword.
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Light source is torches.
Jan 7, 10:09 PM
Run into a door that is heavy oak banded by iron.

In a 10 foot tunnel in water (difficult terrain).

Something mansized in the light is a blackscaled black dragon horse sized.

17 and 22 saves for spittal 11 HP of damage to Silver and Madox.

Silver Feather shoots an arrow and does nothing because 16 does not hit.

Madox runs and attacks and spends a Ki to get extra attacks.

Madox hits it for 15 HP.

Dalris and Toman run up with their halberds and attack the black dragon. They both hit for 13 HP.

Caeside casts Flaming Sphere on the far side of the black dragon.

Aranel sees the door open.

Sky Breacher has a torch and is watching their rear.

Door opens and we see worm cultists (12ish). Caeside and Sky Breacher are up to the door. Short hallway full of cultists with mail shirts and halberds and crossbows.

Sky Breacher is hit by a scimitar for 7 HP.

Flaming Sphere does damage 4 HP.
Jan 7, 10:31 PM
For last round, Aranel attacks with her bow. She misses twice. They take 14 to hit.

Round 2.

Black Dragon disengage to swim away. Ducks beneath the water. Moves 30 feet away out of the torchlight.

Madox chases the black dragon into darkness.

Caeside casts faere fire on the black dragon.

Madox attacks the black dragon after spending a Ki for 4 attacks. Hits 3 times. For 27 HP and slays the black dragon.

Black Dragon = 450 XP total for the party.

Back to the cultists. They only hit twice. Aranel hit for 6 and Sky Breacher for 4.

Sky Breacher hits once of 3 times for 8 HP and drops a shortsword (1).

Aranel hits with the bow for 12 HP (dead) and attacks the second one (wounded) for 6 HP (dead).

Caeside casts entangle to keep the cultists in the hallway. Entangling 8 of them. They get a Str Save 14. Restrained. 2 of the 6 are free.

Silver Feather leaps up into the doorway, kills the first one and kills a second one he sees, shouts “You’re all going to die!” Tried intimidation at 15 and 3 that were in back run.

One of the cultists slams the door shut leaving Silver Feather on the other side and

Aranel attacks the door, hacking at it.

Silver Feather gets hit twice.

3 cultists get free.

All scimitars.

Silver Feather attacked the cultists. 10 HP 11 HP. They died. Silver Feather intimidated the rest to surrender. 4 cultists surrender.

Caeside asks how many are here? 30 more and 2 masters.
A worm god Executioner man.

Wrapped in dark clothes. If it touches you it can turn you into one like it.
Sister Nania
And the Cadaver Lord.
Jan 7, 11:05 PM
Hello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
John McGuire
wow, gone for a second and everyone is gone
John • Jan 7, 11:06 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Cadaver Lord
Sister Nania
Cadaver Lord
Silver Feather
Sky Breacher
Sister Nania
Cultists reveal:

Vela made them carry treasure to another dragon for its service. 2nd dragon that is bigger than the first one. From the swamps to the south. It’s black.

Trap ahead. Portcullis trap with arrow slits.

Other strategy is to lead north to the worm executioner.

A second team roaming in the dungeon. A dozen cultists with a master.

Lady Vela has a monster (troll thing).

She leaked the information.

Vela is down here participating in the defense.

“Death is coming for you.”
– Eric is the Cadaver Lord.
Jan 7, 11:36 PM
A sanctuary with a flaming bird with feathers and
Beyond the crypts.

Wis Save (14):
Silver Feather – 10
Cadaver Lord – 20
Sky Breacher – 3

Only Nania and Caeside and Cadaver Lord made their saves.

A dread presence is beyond the door. The worm executioner arrives.

Cadaver Lord rises to face the Worm Executioner.

Worm Executioner does 7 to the Cadaver Lord.

Sister Nania tries to Turn Undead. It resists.

With bows:

Silver Feather hits for 14 HP into the Worm Executioner.
Sky Breacher misses.
Aranel hits for 11 and 6.
Veterans use crossbows for 4 HP.

Caeside casts entangle but it does not work.

Cadaver Lord attacks twice for 11 and 9 HP and an opportunity attack for 11 HP.

Caeside is attacked for 5 HP.
Silver Feather hits it for 15 HP. The killing blow. Silver Feather only eats 4.
Cultists 225 XP (9 of them total).
Worm Executioner 1,800 XP.

Caeside does a spell to track the cultist and send him with a message.
“We’re coming for her.”
We wait a short rest before we dispatch him.
12:03 AM
After the rest, we release the cultist with the message.

The party puts on the cultist’s robes.

We are heading down the path to the portcullis trap. Cross a bridge and enter a room, check the door and Silver Feather unlocks the door. Enter a room


The cultists let down the ladder after Silver Feather tricks them.

3 cultists.

Up the ladder.
Cadaver Lord
Silver Feather

Cadaver Lord
Bite 7 HP
Claw attack (1)

CL gets hit for 2.

Madox attacks kills the first.

Silver Feather shoots the 3rd one and kills him.

Cadaver Lord finishes and raises the cultist as a cadaver.

Back down the ladder (ladder leads to a slum) the door opens and a cultist sticks his head out and asks what’s going on. Miss and does 12 with the second one.

They miss her and she gets a nat 20 to hit him and she hits him badly with 8 HP. She does her second attack and does 6 HP. Killing him.

“Who needs a saving throw to tell you to fuck off?”
– Mike
Quote relates to Speak with Dead.
12:31 AM
We reach an intersection and look down one way to see that there’s something large and dragon there.
Fireball necklace: 8d6 in a 20’ radius.

Faere Fire
Enlarged Bear
12:50 AM
Silver Feather downs his Potion of Heroism.

Caeside casts Faere Fire and black dragon saves.

Caeside 20
Silver Feather 19
Madox 18
Black Dragon 17
Sky Breacher 15
Vets 14
Aranel 8
Sister Nania 2

Silver Feather shoots his bow and hits for 20 HP.
Madox throws a fireball and hits for 8d6 (22 HP).

Dragon spits and hits Caeside and Silver Feather and Madox for 24 HP each.

Sky Breacher and both vets miss.

Aranel hits for 9 and 11.

The Black Dragon recharges to hit.

Silver Feather does 9 HP on his Action Surge attack.

DC 14
Dalris – 24
Tomlan – 49
Sky Breacher – 24
Silver Feather – 24
Aranel – 24

Dragon spits and backs around a corner.
Silver Feather is healed by Sister Nania and then drinks a healing potion.

Black Dragon moves out and is seen by Aranel. Aranel attacks and hits for 13 HP.

He spits back for 24 on Aranel.

She is down, then healed, then drinks a potion of healing.
Behind Caeside, we follow and charge toward the dragon.
This is a long chase.
Through a door into a vast circular room. This is the worm and phoenix statue room.
Silver Feather sees the ancient script of his people and is filled with rage at the loss of the statue.

Dragon spits acid at CaesideBear for 24 HP. Heals for +15

Arrow fire:
Aranel (x2) – 22 HP
Vet – 7 HP
Silver Feather nat 20 – 19 HP

Sky Breacher missed.

Caeside – 10
Black Dragon – 9
Everyone else has to charge up.
The dragon is in a doorway.

New initiative:
Caeside – 15
Black Dragon – 15 (AC 18)

Caeside hits for 9 HP.
It hits Caeside with bite 11 and claw 13. Leaving Caeside at 9 HP.

The dragon died.
Caeside Bear attacks a statue (the worm statue).
Silver Feather stops Caeside from destroying the statue.
2,900 XP for the dragon.
Back in human form, Caeside casts locate object to find the tagged cultist. He is located…
Down the stairs beyond the dragon is a door that is locked. This room has a huge treasure. Caeside detects magic and finds 3x potions, a medallion, a wand and a set of pan pipes.
Silver Feather, Caeside and Madox each take one of each.
We back track to find Vela.
Aranel hears a weird clattering noise from behind us.
2 skeletons and 3 walking corpses.
Sister Nania turns them (the skeletons collapse and the corpses flee).
1:52 AM
We go through a door and both are

AC 14
Silver Feather 6 HP
Vets misses
Aranel 25 HP
Sky Breacher 2 HP

Left side Cadaver Lord and Cadaver
Right side Madox and Caeside

Madox hits twice for 14 HP killing the damaged one.

The one on the left is still upright:
Cadaver Lord 13 HP
Cadaver 9 HP bite and 7 HP claw

Caeside does 8 HP against the one on the left.
Madox – does 14 HP
Cadaver Lord – does 5 HP and kills it.
They have a purse with 9 electrum pieces.
Cadaver is reduced to 0. It regenerates and will follow later.
We hear a moaning and creaking wood sounds.
Silver Feather, Aranel and the Cadaver Lord go to check it out but don’t figure it out. But we leave it behind.
We come up some stairs and are in the abandoned manor of Vela’s.

Cast speak with dead on dead Chatty Cathy Ghost and he suggests she went into the Realm of Ghosts.
The Etheral Plane may be the Realm of Ghosts.
Vela is GONE.
2,500 CP
8,300 SP
2,360 GP
130 PP
9 gems (100 GP ea)
Oh, it was 4x potions… not 3
Copper chalice and bone dice (25 GP ea)
Black velvet mask (50 GP)
Cloth of gold vestments (25 GP)
Portrait on a locket (25 GP)
Chain shirt of Adamantine – Chain shirt. No critical hits. 13 + Dex (max 3)
2 Skeletons – 25 XP each
3 Walking Corpses – 50 XP each
2 Wights – 700 each
1,600 XP total.
16 mins
Michael Bugg (michael.bugg@gmail.com)
John McGuire
After the splits for XP = the PCs got 1112 and the NPCs got 556


WyrdKalamar eggembry

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