Session 38: To Save a Unicorn

Madox is off to get in touch with the other monk.
The party lays low at Phandalin for a month.
JOHN – For upkeep, spend half money for the month.
Silver Feather sends a message to Ravensgate to see what is going on during the month. Spring trading season has been going on. Zoloto and Sarbryanyi and Zachod trade among themselves (Mimnir is the largest kenku settlement in the Eryee). Ravensgate boss war has yet to happen (but it’s coming). The sent kenku from last session made it to Ravensgate and are settling in.

Mike hints that we need to make Zachod easier for the kenku to deal with.

Kingsreach (ruins) Jillian the druid (bad druid and the highest druidess in Umbra) has taken it over. And Duke of Aramoor wants to be the King of Umbra but Jillian is withholding it BUT also influencing him. In regards to the kenku, he does not officially oppress them and his kenku are in a better position. Aramoor is a rich city.

The line of the Umbra kings died out a century ago. The Duke of Aramoor is the most powerful. Cevorik Duchy is his land. He supports the druids but they keep him at arm’s length.
Caeside is curious about finding someone from the old royal bloodline. No one is left but there are rumors.
JOHN – Caeside asks Silver Feather to get his kenku spies to start looking into the possible royal bloodlines. Sent to Ravensgate as a magic message along with 100 GP to start to look for possible royal alternatives (bastards and minor houses).

Caeside gets Wren to join the party in Phandalin as his apprentice. She joins and Caeside begins teaching her about the Phoenix.
Aranel, for the last month, she went back to her elven village (Kota-Hutan). She is met by Del Saren and tells her that the unicorn of the Aderyn Forest has been captured.
Human wizard with a big, garish hat and a wagon has captured it.

Aranel comes to get the rest of the party and tells them of the unicorn and the kidnapping wizard.
Caeside thinks this wizard is Lee-Lorge. He collects animals. He is from the south and powerful. He captures animals. His garishly, brightly colored wagon.
Lee-Lorge is headed north toward Ravensgate.
Caeside casts Summon Animals to summon hawks to search the road for Lee-Lorge.
Conjure Animal (8 hawks for an hour)… not Summon Animals…
One of the hawks comes back and says that he pulled off at Talleux and doing a show (for a couple of days).
Wren (the kenku druid apprentice) joins the party.
The party strikes through the southwestern corner of the Arrowfell Woods to shave off time. Two days travel to do the trip to Talleux. They rejoin the road south of Thundertree (to avoid the dragon).
Marching order:
Silver Feather
Dead Island Reveal Trailer (North America)Dead Island Reveal Trailer (North America)
My favorite zombie trailer if you can forgive the 2011 CGI.
Apr 15, 10:21 PM
Off in the distance the party hears the howl of wolves.
About two miles away, we hear over a dozen wolves, and maybe two dozen goblins.
We decide to make for Cragmaw Castle.
Western side of the castle. Arrowslit room to the south will be Silver Feather and Wren while the arrowslit room to the north will be Aranel and Caeside.
Caeside casts Spike Growth.
15 wolves and 6 or so goblins.
Silver Feather misses the first shot.
Aranel misses with her first shot and hits a wolf with the second shot and kills one wolf.

Aranel yelling at the goblins – “Hey, your wolves were driving us nuts with the howling! And your breath stinks!”

Silver Feather does 6 HP to a wolf.
Aranel kills two wolves.

Spike Growth on the wolves.
Apr 15, 10:56 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Wolves stop before the spikes.

Silver Feather does 6 HP to a non-wounded wolf.
Aranel does two shots and kills one wolf and then kills another.

The wolves go through the spikes and take 6 HP each (killing 2). They take hits every 5 ft. rest come in to the entry room. 4 more HP. The wolves freeze there.
All wolves are dead.
Caeside sends bears to the north side as the party circles around to attack from behind.
First bear takes 14 HP. 10 HP on the second one.
Bears attack (claw on wolf plus a bite on a goblin). One claw on wolf one (8 HP) and a bite on goblin two (7 HP – Dead).
Goblins continue to stream in for one more round of bear vs goblins.
Bears take damage.
First bear misses. Second bear kills a wolf and does 5 HP to another goblin.
PCs arrive at that moment.
4 more goblin/wolf pairs waiting.
Silver Feather does 17 HP against a goblin (dead).
Aranel does 8 HP and kills a goblin. Second attack does 9 HP.
The remainder run off.
Bears get attacks of opportunity (9 HP and 5 HP and 18 HP). Two wolves dead.

900 XP for the whole party.
257 XP per PC and 128 XP for Ren.
Apr 15, 11:30 PM
Hello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
We miss our goal destination and end up in a swamp.
Aranel dives off of her horse as three displacer beasts with 6 legs attack.
Aranel took a few HP.

Silver Feather shoots one with an arrow for 8 HP.

Aranel misses with the 1st and 2nd does 13 HP.

Wren casts Faerie Fire on the Displacer Beasts. All of the Displacers failed their saves.

Caeside does Witch Bolt for 12 HP.

The other two rush forward.
Caeside takes 8 and 6 HP.
Silver Feather takes 8 HP.
Wren takes 19 HP (17 is her max). Faerie Fire is over.

Caeside does 9 HP with WB.
Silver Feather misses with the first rapier attack but hits with the second for 12 HP
Aranel hits twice for 12 and 14

Caeside 7 HP
Silver Feather 12 HP
Aranel 19 HP

Wren fails the first of three death rolls.

Caeside 9 HP via Witch Bolt.

Silver Feather hits with Green Flame Blade for 18 and 10 (Aranel’s) and the second attack is for 8 HP.
23 mins
Aranel does two attacks and does 13 and 11.

Wren does 10

They miss Caeside both times

Silver Feather hit for 7 HP.
Aranel hit for 8 HP.

Witch Bolt for 3 HP.

Silver Feather attacked for 23 and 9 (Aranel’s) and the second is 12.

Aranel does 14 and 11 and kills hers.

Wren made a save.

Caeside takes 10 HP.
Silver Feather takes 3 HP.

Witch Bolt for 3 HP.

Silver Feather misses the first attack. For the second, it does 19 (killing it) and 10 (and Caeside’s).

Displacer Beast runs. Silver Feather does 9 HP on an opportunity attack. Caeside does 10 HP on its. Killing it.

Aranel is able to heal her and Caeside heals her for 13.

2,100 XP. 700 XP each PC and 350 XP for Wren and Aranel.


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