Session 34: How Do You Say "Surrender" in Elvish? OR Ruins & Robots

Dungeon Part 3: We Get A Magic $#%&ing Spear! D@mnit!

Dungeon Part 3.

Caeside, Madox, Silver Feather, and 2 mercs.

The captain’s room with the treasure chest. The party decides to hide and leave it and lock the door. The mercs each take a handful.

The party decides to continue the crawl into a new area (as opposed to the original entrance). To a four-way intersection. Silver Feather goes down the hallway with doors on the left side for sleeping cells (5 × 10). One has a light under it. Idols in the room (phoenix and worm). With a curtain. No one there. Red and black robes. More than 70 sleeping cells on a hall that circles back to where the started. 30ish of the cells look lived in.
The party found 3 PP, 6 GP, 14 EP.
All of the lived in cells have those statues in them. A third have the phoenix on top (2/3rds have the worm on top).
The ones with the phoenix on top look older.
Agatha was a high elf who became a dark elf prior to becoming a banshee.
The party finds:
7 dead dragonborne, 1 dead dark elf in a wolf mask, and 4 dead thralls
Lots of blood. Werewolf and the thralls were human.
The party enters the room.
Altar in the room. Covered in inscriptions in an unknown language. It’s made of obsidian (possibly). Sacrifice altar with channels.

Double doors have blood running under door.

Silver Feather to Madox. “This room, for your vampyress, is like when I find a room with a giant worm god to eat. Yes.”

Werewolf elf has pale, gray skin.

To a new room with candles in it. Pool in the middle of the room. Murals of battles between Phoenix and a Worm. Sometimes they are lying dead at the hands of skeletal-skinny humanoid form.
If slender man appears, he is winning against them both.
Madox inspects the bath. Touches the water. It’s pure water.
The west hand wall has a slender man mural has a secret door. It slides open. We leave one behind to keep the door open.
Several trap floors fall away. Silver Feather avoids them.
Hallway to 30×30 room with a stairwell that goes down 20 ft.
Return and gather the party and head down the hall and to the stairs.
Madox shuts the secret door.
The party makes it down the stairs down 20 and then 20 into another 30×30 room.
Room has open doorways.
Down the hallway to the left that has a large hallway (30 ft wide).
Mining like mine.
The party hears metal grinding on metal. We move toward the grinding sound.
The metal grinding sound is coming closer. The party turns back from the sound to a smaller tunnel.
Something glowing as if with fire, grinding.
From the stairwell room the party sees a burning robot. Arms, chest, head, and tank treads. 15 feet wide.
It rolls past the party.
Its speed is 25 (per the DM).
Going where it came from.
The party hears it sounds ahead and hides from it again.
The party keeps ducking away from the robot.

There is a 50 by 40 room we enter. It has pillars and there is something clanking in the room. The party goes out to the large hall and comes around to sneak up on the thing behind the pillars.
We enter with weapons ready.
The dark elf knight is there and Silver Feather speaks to him. He is Marada. He works for Lord Drasha. He wants to fight so Silver tries to shoot him.

Marsha – 20
Silver Feather – 18

Silver Feather is shot with a short bow for 8 HP
Silver Feather misses twice.

Madox spots a wolf faced one.
Caeside produces flame on the wolf mask for 7 HP.

Madox lights the guy up for a combo of 4 hits for 29 dam, and then 15 more when he tries to get away

Madox hits the wolf 4 times. 29 HP total. He was knocked prone.

Madox gets an opportunity attack for 15 HP. #$%&s him up.

Madox pursues him.

Silver Feather ran out to the hallway but did not enter it. He shouts for the robot.

He attacks twice for 12 HP and 7 HP (19 + 8 HP).

Silver Feather hits him for 20 HP and 14 HP. He staggers back.

Caeside comes to help Silver Feather.

Mercs help Madox. Hit for 7 HP and kills the wolf mask.

He drops his sword and cries for quarter.

High elves are of the phoenix. The dark elves are the middle path between the phoenix and the worm. The slender man is the destructive force between them.

After Marada requests quarter, Silver Feather talks to him and disarms him and agrees to bring him along as Marada wants to talk to the worm. Marada says that you can speak to both Phoenix and the Worm.

Madox loots the wolf mask man. Spear magical +1. Caeside takes the spear. Wolf mask.
1,400 XP

The party and the elf travel westered.
Come to a set of double doors. One with a Phoenix and one Worm.
Silver Feather and the Elf open their respective doors.
Massive cave with crystals and a pond and a waterfall. Phoenix bronze or gold and Worm black iron statues on either side.
Small island with a white dragon with crimson eyes. She looks up and says, “Welcome.”
Silver Feather takes a half bow next to the dark elf while Caeside enters the room to speak.
Caeside has a DC 18 Wisdom save (he makes a 15). He is Frightened.
She asks us to come in and closes the door to keep the robot out.
She leaves her island and turns into a bleach white skin half-elf with red eyes.
She is friendly and the fright vanishes.
She leads us to the shore of the lake and feeds the party. Counts as a short rest.
HD 3d10/1d8 for 26 recovered for Silver Feather and used to recover.
She sat on a rock while the party ate.
Silver Feather is at 44 HP.

Madox is at 45 (has 1 HD left, 2 Luck points left, 6 KI)

The slender man is the third, he is trapped within the temple.
Lots of discussion around the cycle and the evils of the slender man and the need of the other two.
Caeside and Silver Feather go to meditate before the Phoenix while Marada meditates before the worm statue.
The dragon speaks to Madox while the rest commune.

The dragon tells Madox that the Order of the Phoenix may destroy the world.

Silver Feather feels at home where he should be. And has a vision of his people as they flew on the wind and they advised the One-Eyed King. He remembers lore that will help him to find his wings.

Caeside feels and the sees the powers of creation and he makes contact with a powerful intellect. The old orders have fallen to the worm.

Caeside becomes a warlock of the Phoenix.

The meditations takes several days.

The dragon’s name is Felicia. Madox asks about Aranel and the vampire. Aranel is in a library. The vamp won many battles and waits at the surface for our return.

The dragon is here because she was hurt and learned of the balance. She is not aware of the year (she’s been down here for a long time).

2,000 XP for each of us.

We stop here.

Treasure from the treasure chest:
600 CP
10,000 SP
1,500 GP
80 PP
Potion of Vitality (was found earlier)

The mercs get a share of the treasure.

Silver Feather Notes

Fire Bolt
Green-Flame Blade

1st Level:
Burning Hands (maybe)
Feather Fall
Searing Smite (maybe)


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