Session 33: Scared of Bears!

The Temple Part 2

Dungeon continued.

In another room. More corpses. More broken bones. Broken ribs. Tortured bodies.

“Purple worms!
Purple worms!”

“Who misses with my toys?” A humanoid, vines, tail, wings, crocodile head. Pulls a pitchfork from the shadows.

Initiative. Silver Feather – 10
Croc Head – 6

Silver Feather misses the first time and WASTES action surge to do 15 HP.

Croc Head misses with pitchfork but bites for 5 HP against Silver Feather.

Caeside hits for 7 HP down to 1 HP.

Madox hits croc head for 3 times killing it.
Aranel talking to Vistala. They are talking before descending on the elves and draconians.
Aranel – “Cause you know how we females are.”
Aranel and Vistula face 20 or so creatures.
Aranel takes 9 HP from a claw. 45 HP – 9 HP = 36 HP

Aranel does a nat 20.

It bites Aranel for 5 HP (31 HP left). She has to make a Con save (+4). She got an 11. No update.

“Ok, wolfman, you’re mine!”

Aranel hits for 9 HP and her second attack hits for 11 HP.

He disengages since she’s shredded him. He’s around the corner from her (where the battle is).

Vistula is in the middle of the battle.

Aranel peers around the corner to see where he went.

Vistula has killed one werewolf. She is beset by an elven knight and several others.

The elven knight shoots fire from his hand. And she cries out and flees.

Aranel backs away from the battle. She wants to sneak away. She tries to be stealthy (d20 plus 8 for 15). They do not notice her and the enemies pursue Vistula down another hallway.
Aranel sneaks after the enemy party to help Vistula.

As she sneaks she hears draconic.

“I don’t understand your language!”

She uses her elven bow against 3 draconians.
They have plate (AC 18).
Aranel flees out onto the porch.
She jumps over the edge and crosses the bridge.


Cut back to Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Explore the dungeon room and an ironbound chest. 18 by 9 by 9. Check for traps. Try to pick the lock. Fail Con Save for 5 HP and 1 level of exhaustion. Silver Feather is at 49 HP in total. Silver Feather eats his last two Good Berries for 51 HP total.

Caeside casts Lesser Restoration on Silver Feather.

Chest had 300 CP, 700 SP, 90 GP, 6 gems for 60 GP each.

Caeside casts Detect Magic as a ritual (10 mins) while Madox and Silver Feather go check out more of the dungeon.

Find a 20 by 20 room. On each wall are dark stains. The floors have grooves that make it seem like the walls move and squish what steps out.


Back to Aranel.

She is in a river valley. Three draconians chase her.

She is going to scramble up and shoot at the draconians.
Aranel climbs up and shoots at the draconians.
She hits them but they spit acid back at her.

She takes 9 damage from the acid

22 HP left for Aranel.
Aranel is climbing up the cliff/hill to put more distance between them and her.
She is waiting for them to go away.
They hunt for her for a hour before they give up and depart completely.
She goes back to the temple.


Back to Caeside, Madox and Silver Feather.

Caeside sees a magical aura coming from just outside of the trapdoor where the main bones of the dragon/phoenix are.
All types of magical forms.

Caeside rejoins Madox and Silver Feather.


Back to Aranel.

She heads back to the temple. Coming from the high ground.

Aranel tries to sneak back into the temple.

She follows along to the waterfall and she detects a secret door. She searches around to find a way to open it. She gets a 21 and finds a way to open the stone door.

She reenters the dungeon. She makes it to the second level of the dungeon.

She travels and comes to a door and listens at it. She does not hear anything and opens the door into a arched ceiling room. In the middle of the room is a stone sar-cough-a-cuss.

She checks it out. It’s intricate.

She goes to the opposite side and opens the door.

She continues to bare right. She enters a library.


Back to the Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Alteration Magic from the switch across the room (Caeside). The right hand wall also exudes alteration magic.

Silver Feather runs back to get the banded metal box and copper to put into the room.

Big fight with 4 Dragonborn. Fairy fire lights up all 4, giving us disadvantage
The NPCs are beaten and battered. Baelin is injured badly. but we managed to take down the bad guys.
2800 from the Dragonborne

450 xp for Lurker

Madox enters the room at a full dash – 90 move.
Nothing happens when he runs in.
He touches the button and the wall comes crashing over. It bends the iron banded box.
We hear something. Two figures coming down the stairs with torches. To ambush them, we put out our torches and let them come. Silver Feather has bow, Caeside has a bow. Baylin and Anna are with us. They ready heavy crossbows.
Caeside casts Fairie Fire on them. They are all lit up.

Silver Feather does 16 HP.
Madox does 7 HP.
Baylin does 11 HP.
Anna misses.

The draconian on the right is bleeding badly.
They are 2×2 in the hall.
Armed with great swords.

Mercs attacked (they were the first rank on a knee). Baylin parries and Anna takes two blows for 19 HP.

Silver Feather does 14 HP with his bow.
Madox does two darts for 13 HP.
Baylin and Anna – Misses for Baylin and Anna hits twice (one Nat 20) for 8 and 19 HP (27 HP total).
Caeside hits with a Nat 20 for 2 HP.

Front rank draconians try to switch places using disengage.

New draconians come in. They hit Baylin twice for 18 HP (down to 12 HP). Anna does not get hit.
Baylin disengages and trades spots with Madox.
Madox uses a ki for 3 hits (of 4) for 27 HP.
Anna hits twice does 18 HP.
Silver Feather shoots for 15 HP at Anna’s.
Caeside shoots for 4 HP.

The draconians miss everything for the round.

Madox burns another ki. Does 8 and takes down that one. He hits on the next one (does 6)… he’s bad. Does 8 more and he’s down. Madox goes for his 4th attack (Nat 20) for 14 HP.
Madox kills 3 in one round.
One left this round.
Anna and Baylin does
Silver Feather does 24 HP (Nat 20)
Baylin does 14 to wipe out the 1 HP

2,800 XP for Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.

Croc Head (Lurker/Canopy Dragon) was 450 XP for Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather.


700 XP for Aranel (11,033 now but will be 11,733 XP when added).

A figure in dark armor smiles and sits down next to Aranel and says, “Well, this is entirely civilized.”


Weird howling hissing sound from behind the draconians.
Caeside checks to see if he knows the sounds but he does not know it.

Search the draconians for 23 CP, 8 SP, 7 GP, 16 coins the likes of which you’ve not seen before (electrum). Great swords and plate armor. The NPCs take the great swords.
Madox gives Baylin a potion of healing and 20 Good Berries.
Then we move on to the door and use the draconian’s body to block it.
We continue past the door and up some stairs.
We enter a 20 by 20 room with no exits and a secret door to an odd shaped room.30 by 40 L-shaped room and we’re at the bottom. There is a door in the opposite wall. Cots and tables and dicing tables.
We find 33 GP and a barrel with liquid inside.
Only one other door out of here.
Brandy in barrel.

We go through the door into a hallway. Torchlit now but could be some natural light further on.
There are two doors and we listen to the one on the right first. One on the right is a sleeping chamber. But it does not look lived in for a while.
At the other door, we hear two draconic voices. We could ambush them or move passed them.
We decide to ambush them. Mercs in the side sleeping chamber, Madox and Caeside in the L-shaped room. Silver Feather will make noise to draw them in.
We did a short rest when the party did a short rest.

Start. Red and black draconian come in and…

Surprise for the party.
Madox burns a ki and attacks the red one. Hits four times for 29 HP.
Caeside comes in on the black one with staff/shileghie for 12 HP.
Red attacks with a fire breath attack (con saves). Caeside takes 5 HP and Madox nothing. He strikes with his spear and hits Madox for 9 HP.
Black attacks Caeside for 8 HP.
The red shouts at the top of his lungs.
Silver Feather hits for 16 HP.
Baylin and Anna come in and shut the door behind them. Baylin does 4 HP on the red. Anna does 14 HP.
Party first

Madox uses a ki for patient defense. He hits 2 of 3 times for 14 and 5 (19 HP) on the red.
Caeside attacks and misses.
Silver Feather misses.
Baylin hits twice on the red for 8 and 6 (14HP).
Anna misses twice.

Red attacks Madox twice at disadvantage. Hits once for 14 HP.
Black attacks Silver Feather for 6 HP (down to 45 HP).

Anna slams herself against the door as more things come at us. Silver Feather gets Baylin to help her hold the door.
Caeside assumed bear form at the end of the previous round.
The bear’s eyes are glowing.
Madox and Silver Feather are frightened of Caeside (black is too but not red).

Caeside charges the red. The red salutes with his spear to Caeside.
Caeside hits twice and does 8 (bite) and 12 (claw).
Red ramps his spear up and does 19 HP to Caeside bear.
Madox, Silver Feather stare at the black before attacking.
Caeside uses a bonus action to heal up.
Caeside attacks and claw (only) hits for 12 HP. Ripping out his throat.
Madox saves against the fright.
Madox hits 2 times for 12 HP to the black one.
Black attacks Madox takes 19 HP.

The next round, the door shutters, the mercs open it so the two dragonborne will see the bear, frightened and run.
Silver Feather does 13 HP to the black leaving him with one. POS! Silver Feather tries to shoot him but misses. The Black gets away and unlocks the door to release the world’s ugliest chicken shows up. Fortunately, Silver Feather had set a number of things in the hall and some brandy and lit it on fire.

Madox regains 18 HP using his ability.

Caeside chased down the two dragonborne. They got away after he let them go. ;-)

Capt’s room:
Strong box (3ft by 2 ft by 2ft) with thousands (10,000) of coins (mostly silver and then gold in second), silver jug, open gold locket with a painting of a young dragonborne, carved bone statuette of a six-winged kenku, cloth of gold vestments, potion, Capt’s body has a small gold braclet and a pair of bone dice. Each is worth about 25 GP apiece.

2,500 XP

Ending on figuring out what to do with the coins.

1438 xp a piece for Caeside, Madox, and Silverfeather


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