Session 32: The Temple of the Phoenix and the Worm, Part 1

Full Party Split (Twice) / Caeside and Madox Reach 6th Level

The party starts in Skjor. An ancient temple to the Phoenix. Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather tonight (Miyah is out).
Baylin and his wife, Anna. Viking mercenaries. NPC Veterans with survival and stealth. 20 GP plus shares of the treasure.
The full party plus vampire plus mercs head several days moving through a rough terrain to the valley.
North end of the valley is a pair of waterfalls with a huge bridge crosses a deep chasm. There are statues of a Pheonix and Dragon.
40 feet wide. Same stonework and style as the ones from the Worm Cult.
Each of us get 20 Good Berries, NPCs get 10 each.
Feb 18, 9:47 PM
Aranel spots people following us. 5 miles back. At least 20 of them. 5 are mounted.

Baylin does not know of any parties that have been hiring to follow.

Caeside transforms into a frog to go spy on the party.

Silver Feather asks Baylin and Anna about the statues and bridge. HIs wife says many OLD ones are in Umbrea.

Closest settlement is in the Blackhawk Barony.

We set up on the other side of the bridge. Vamp takes Aranel up a cliff to a statue and sets up to have the high ground. Vamp will leap down on one. The rest of the party (Silver, NPCs) setup on a high spot on the far side of the bridge. Madox will wait with the party.
Caeside sees:

6 on horseback and heavily armored, rest on foot. 4 have woodsmen cloaks with wolf masks. The wolf in woodsmen cloaks are tracking. 10 who are human thralls. 2 of the faceless ones. 1 tall guy. Wearing various forms of metal masks.
Caeside spies. They are speaking elvish.

The party finds they are within 100 feet of the temple.
3 Dragonborne are in the temple.
1 red flanked by 2 black ones. Heavily armored.
Feb 18, 10:22 PM
Leader wearing elven mask.

The figure in the cloak is made of a patchwork of bodies.
6 HP from Caeside’s spell. 6 more and 6 more. 18 total from the spell to the large creature.

From Aranel two hits twice for 10 HP and 7 HP but does no damage.
We enter the temple.
Silver Feather, Madox
NPCs with torches
Go into the room and see that the waterfall flows into the room.
NPCs have ropes as well.
The party enters a giant room.
Humanoid from the waist up, snake for the lower part, made of fire come out of a fire pit in the giant room.
Fire Snake

It misses Sil but hits Madox for 15 HP and 8 HP for fire damage.
Silver Feather misses with the magic Longsword.

Caeside misses with his target.

Its AC is 15.

Madox does two attacks with a sword (1) for the first one and 26 for the second. Does 9 HP.
Madox takes 4 HP of heat damage.
NPCs attack. 6 attacks for 5 HP 10 HP and 4 HP.
Baylin takes 7 HP and Anna takes 4 HP from heat.
It hits Baylin for 11 HP and 6 HP (heat).
Anna avoids the hit.
Silver Feather hits with a Nat 20 for 21 HP.
Can no longer use its spear two-handed.
Silver Feather took 2 HP of heat damage.

Caeside hits for 8 HP.
Madox does 8 HP.
Caeside and Madox take 6 HP a piece.
NPCs go in. Hits for 6 HP and 11 HP.
Baylin takes 5 HP of heat and Anna 9 HP
Silver Feather shoots it with his bow for 5 HP.
The fire snake disengages.
Caeside does 8 HP.
Caeside takes 9 HP of heat.
NPCs shoot it for 13 HP total.
Madox eats a bunch of good berries.
It takes the dash.
Caesides gets an opportunity attack 8 HP
Caeside takes 11 HP in heat.
Sil and NPCs chase and pop out and shoot at it.
Silver Feather misses with a 1.
Salamander. Baylin hits for 4 HP with a bolt.
Madox throws two darts at it. Hits twice for 5 HP and 6 HP.
Madox killed him.
1,800 XP split 4 ways.
450 XP each.
Library is on fire by the salamander. Put it out. Grabbed several scrolls that were in common poetry.
On the dais, there are large bones (dragons and phoenix) 10 foot tall kenku statues with 6 wings surround it.
All of the statues are the same and made of the same material as the small one we have.
Silver Feather hides among the bones.
4 of the black dragonborne appear.
They are angry.
Perception check from Silver Feather spots a trapdoor beneath him. Slips into a trapdoor (Silver Feather only).
Silver Feather goes down 10 feet and is in a room that is 40 × 40.
Exit to the right.
The room is covered in humanoid bones and 290 SP and 30 GP. Rusty armor and weapons. No signs of violence on the bodies. They may have starved to death.

Hall to the right 30’ hall. Silver Feather is using a torch.
A side corridor to the left with another body whose legs appear to be broken.
Caeside and Madox and the NPCs encounter a few dragonborne and they demand a fight for the test.
Two dragonborne. AC 18 for the dragonborne due to wearing plate.
Madox misses.
Caeside casts flaming sphere.
Anna hits for 20 HP (Nat 20 and non-nat 20).
Dragonborne use Greatswords
Slowly wearing the dragonborne down with flaming sphere and Madox. NPCs missed.
Dragonborne spits acid to do 3 HP each (they both saved) to Madox and Caeside.
49 mins
Leland Beauchamp
They kill the two Dragonborne.
1,400 XP for the party (for Madox, Caeside and 2 NPCs).
41 mins
John McGuire
467xp for each
John • 40 mins
John McGuire
Left is 40’ ft ahead to the a T.
Went ahead straight to the hall and there was a door and behind it and growling with hiss at the door.

At T, to the right 20’ into a wider room.
30 by 30 room with a door and another 30×30 and bodies and a trapdoor.

Up ahead it ends at 60 feet. Inspect and get trapped by a portcolius. 10 × 10′ room now that the portcolius . Try to remove the trigger stone… nothing else Silver can do.
28 mins
The rest of the party finds the trapdoor and come down to find Silver Feather.
When they find Silver Feather, it’s by his torchlight and the hissing growl he’s doing to scare any potential attackers off. But it was the party so it all worked out.

From the body room, 160 GP and a dagger made of not-steel. A human woman wearing some silk. Ruined remains of a book

16 HP worth of Good Berries given from Silver Feather to Madox. Silver has 2 left.


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