Session 31: Silvia, Lady of the Wolves

363 Days Since Our First Adventure (1 Year Anniversary)

First full party gathering since early December.

The party – Aranel, Caeside, Madox, and Silver Feather – has left Ravensgate now that spring is coming and are traveling down the Silfrost River via barge. They are near Elfwatch. They are traveling with the vampire, Vistula. She is feeding off of Madox because he can take it. No rumors of Vela in town.
They will be passing the Blackhawk Barony where there are taxes and looters who are working for the baron.
9:33 PM
Tomorrow it will be foggy. So we should be aware.
“Did you say… be a bear?”
Silvia, Lady of the Woods. She lives in the Whitefang Highlands (often on Rema’s Watch). She was kicked of the druid order for interfering with man’s politics.
Silvia gave the Order of Rema the ability to bond with wolves (Beastmaster style).
We decide to get off the barge at a bend of the river, head straight south to Rema’s Watch (we’ll get info then head due west to hook back up with the barge at Skjor). Vistula will stay on the barge.
Barge is 20′×80′. Stealth on barge (rolled 14+3=17) through the fog to avoid paying taxes.
The barge drops the party off at night.
Vistula feeds from Madox again.
Madox takes 13 HP of damage from the feeding.
9:51 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Caeside feeds Madox Goodberrys to heal him.
Caeside provides each party member has 10 Goodberrys each (good for 24 hours). 1 HP per berry and cover hunger.
Caeside is leading the party through the woods. It is foggy through the woods (Lee rolls a 7 to navigate us through the woods). Moving at a normal pace despite the fog.
We see several four legged deer (Aranel spots them). Mike gave Aranel Inspiration for spotting the deer. Caeside uses Speak with Animals to talk to the deer. Deer are terrified at the mention of her name. They have not seen her since before winter. The party continues south.

As the fog disperses, the party realizes they have drifted east.

Humans ahead, lower in a valley. They have swords and have been hunting (2-legs) through this area. 8 to 12 of them. The party is on foot and avoids the hunters as best as possible.
10:08 PM
John McGuireHello World: with Miyah (msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu, msundermeyer1@gsu.edu)
The party sees several figures on horse (6 miles distant) coming from Lake Rybnik. They work to avoid the being seen by the riders.
The party camps in the highlands.

[Miyah leaves at this point.]
The party spots something tarnish/brass or bronze.
Madox digs around it a bit. It is a bronze box buried in the damp soil. No wood. It has rivets.

Caeside casts Detect Magic on it. It is magical. Conjuration magic.
Madox suggests looking around for a body. Silver Feather finds a human femur.
We decide to take it with us.
Box is bronze and 9″ × 3″ × 4″. Caeside ties a rope around it.
Caeside replaces the Goodberrys for everyone.
Nothing attacks the party that night.
The next mid-to-late afternoon, the party arrives at the base of the mountain.
Madox hears bickering from up ahead of you. Caeside goes out to speak to the bickers since he is Silvia’s order and would be known. He circles wide around the guys to come out on the other side (the rest of the party is behind them still).
The two humans have two gray wolves, loose, with collars – leather with gold spikes around them.
Caeside steps out and speaks to them.
Roric and Dagget, the Eyes of Rema.
They are respectful of Caeside because of his order.
They dress the deer that they are dressing dressily.
10:40 PM
They take the party back to their camp.
The party meets the Eyes of Rema’s captain Lysar at their camp. He’s a full-blooded Calavalin.
Silvia will appear when she chooses to.
The Eyes are aware that Boss Vela fled to the west. Possibly at Dorn or beyond. If she reaches the Fallen North, she will be dealt with.
They ask for news of Ravensgate. Silver Feather shares it omitting everything Madox related and other secrets.
Vela has a 500 GP bounty on her head.
Vampires – Ossirri Pikelords. They know the details of them. The Ossirri destroyed a trading town years ago. No one is sure what they are about or why did they do that.
Ask them about:
Emperor – What has he done for us lately.
Kenku – No major problems. They don’t like their petty thefts.
The Magic Box – Saricin (?) in design. Something like what comes out of the Poliola Hills.
Urine, the old man cleric with mace, detects no evil from it.
The party decides to open the box at another time.
The Ossirri March Lords. The Blackstone Clan.
They hate the brother. He hunts and kills women.
Vistila is considered, by them, guilt by association.
Killing him may lead to open war.
Who would lead if he died? Could be a succession crisis.
25 mins
Other Renegade Druids – The order normally deals with renegades.
Phoenix – They are part of the Great Cycle. Calavalin lore about this from the far south and east. Force of… Rebirth? The Phoenix must come after the worm. It’s the Great Cycle.
Silvia rebelled against the druid order after learning about the Phoenix.
Worm – Force of Entropy and Destruction.

We’ll stay one day to see if she shows and then have them escort us to Skjor.
After talking with them, we sleep.
Caeside wakes from a dream after hearing the howling of a thousand wolves. All the rest sleep. One of the wolves is staring at Caeside. The wolf directs Caeside to Silvia outside.
Silvia has yellow eyes like a wolf.
Caeside and Silvia talk about the order and their differences with it.

Vision that Caeside had – Phoenix and Worm fighting and the world being destroyed.

There are some ruins/dungeons she says the party should go to. Her yellow eyes glow and tells Caeside the Phoenix will have a large impact on his life.
To get there, go to Skjor to a tributary of the Silfrost River to the canyon with the ruins/dungeons.

Silvia gives him a necklace. For 2 full moons, the necklace will keep the party from being scryed.
We had slept in the tower.
A temple dedicated to the phoenix. We agree to go there.
The party arrives at Skjor. It’s where two rivers meet with a waterfall to the south.
This are a viking city. To the northeast is Skjor’s Rift.

400 XP per PC.


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