Session 14: Orc Cleanup

The Aftermath of the Battle of Conyberry

50 orcs emerged from the woods.
A group of 25 to 30 plus an ogre are coming up the road.
They stop at the leader’s body. The lone ogre stays to stare at the body when we snipe it.

We hit it for:
Silver Feather 15 pts
Arnell 17 pts
Scout 12 pts
Caeside 5 pts

It charges and hits at Ambrosia but misses. She counters and does 5 pts and kills it.
75 XP for each of us.
Jul 16, 10:05 PM
The party decides to chase the 25 to 30 grouped orcs as they are headed back to their camp.

The party targets a retreating party of 23 orcs. Caeside as a brown bear and Madox lead the chase.
Arnel is a bit behind.
The rest are further behind us.
The orcs turn and hurl javalins (8).
4 at Caeside (hit for 14 HP).
Madox (hit by 2 but uses his monk ability to block one. He reduces the damage on one to 0 HP and for the other 9 HP).
Arnel is missed by 2 javalins. She hits one of the orcs for 11 HP.

Caeside 1st
Orcs 14
Arnel and Madox 8

Caeside bites an orc (19 HP) and pulls his throat out. Claw attack does 14 HP to another orc (severally injured).

21 unwounded orcs and 2 wounded.

Orcs attack with their great axes:
Caeside two hits for 19 HP.
Madox two hits but John uses a luck point to reroll and only hits once for 9 HP.
Arnel comes in with rapier and dagger. For two orcs she hits with the rapier for 4 HP. And action surge to do another attack and does 5 more HP.

Madox does a ki point. Does 3 attacks and hits with 3 hits and killed one with a sword and then takes out another (scrambling the orc away).

With arrows we shoot the orcs:
Scout did 9 HP
Silver Feather 19 HP (kill)
Ambrosia does Cloud of Daggers dealing 9 HP to four orcs.

New Round

Ambrosia and Silver Feather and Scout – 17 initiative

The rest of the party saddles up to the existing one.

Ambrosia does her breath attack against 6 orcs for 8 damage max (2 save to take 4 HP).

14 of the 21 remaining are damaged.

Silver Feather rolls a 1 and loses his first rapier and misses with the other.
Scout does 6 HP and badly wounds one of the frosted ones.

17 orcs remain that are engaged.

Silver Feather faces 2 orcs and everyone else faces 3.
Caeside does his bite and does 13 HP (badly wounded). Claw at the next one over and did 16 HP killing him (down to 20 orcs).

Orc attacks.
Caeside – Missed.
Silver Feather – Hit by one for 15 HP.
Ambrosia – Two hits for 16 HP.
Madox – One hit for 6 HP (burned a Luck Point). He drops.
Scout – He takes 20 HP and dies.

Arnel’s turn. She hits twice for 12 HP and kills it.

Silver Feather (defending Madox). Does 13 HP (killing him). 6 HP with the dagger.
Ambrosia – Casts Cloud of Daggers. 10 HP to each. Killing 2 wounded orcs.

16 total orcs with 12 left in the battle.

New Round

Our attacks:
Silver Feather – 17 HP and kills him. Missed with the second attack.
Ambrosia – 8 HP to each. Killing 2 more.

13 orcs left and 9 left in the fight.

Caeside – Bite does 13 HP (kill) and claw does 13 HP (this one is falling back).

5 are wounded badly enough to stop fighting.

Caeside does an intimidation check for 21. The orcs break and run.

Silver Feather – 13 HP on an opportunity attack. Kill.
Caeside – 15 HP on an opportunity attack. Kill.

Madox – healed for 7 HP by Ambrosia.

Silver Feather and Arnel attack with arrows as they run.

460 XP for each player.
Jul 16, 11:12 PM
Hello World: with MiyahLeland Beauchamp
Loot = Nothing.

But there are those that treasure chests back at the camp.

The party takes an hour long rest to regain HP and Wild Shape and Ki Points.
20 townies arrive and we set off for the orc camp.
On the way to the orc camp.

At the camp. Some orcs and an ogre are around. They are eliminated by the archers.
We look at the single treasure chest. Also a red banner with a black sign on it (pi). No other papers or other info.
Caeside does detect magic but finds nothing.

No traps on the chest but not able to open it. Ambrosia does open it.

Inside is:
1000 CP, 500 SP, 20 GP, 3 gems (10 GP), 2 potions and a scroll.
Jul 16, 11:35 PM
John McGuire
Orc scalps – Unknown.

XP for the camp clearing – None.

Next session. Mask hunting for Agatha. Waldroft recommends researching in a major city. Suggested by Arnel is to go back toward Phindelin and then we can visit her people. Then head toward Ravensgate. Or a tower to the north (on the coast) with a sage.

Our plan is toward Phindalin.


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