Session 12: That's A Lotta Orcs!

Because we were running through the woods, Caeside and Silver Feather got cut off from Madox and Arnel. We get away from the orcs. After 5 to 10 minutes, Caeside stops to look around and spots a light humanoid footprint. He is aware of orcs in the woods semi following us. We are roughly 20 to 25 minutes from the orc camp in the valley and 4ish hours from Conyberry.
They have crude cages but no one in them.
There is some brush that could be set on fire.
The far wall is easier to climb down.
40 feet down to the main tent. Jumping to the tent is an option but would end our stealth.
It takes Silver Feather and Caeside about half an hour to reach the camp (in a valley that is cut by a stream from a waterfall. Walls are steep and the area broadens out where the orcs are). Orcs are on a flood plain and the stream is 10 feet wide and shallow.
With its back against the valley wall is a large tent (main tent) with a fire inside of it. At the back of the camp.
How many orcs remain in the camp? 100 orcs at the moment. A tent count reveals about 200 orcs total (with 100 out looking for the horn blasts) plus ogres and light treub bu shays. Conyberry has 40 men, 40 women, 60 kids.

Caeside, as a spider, climbs down to scout out the camp. Silver Feather stays up to be a sniper if needed.
Caeside gets down to the bottom. On the ground he hears a magical harp and points toward it for Silver Feather’s benefit.
Ambrosia as an orc is playing the magical harp under a tent and it’s charming the orcs.
Jun 25, 10:13 PM
Caeside spider tries to approach Ambrosia to be seen by her alone. Ambrosia sees a giant spider that is waving at her. She winks at Caeside. He points at Silver Feather up the cliff with his bow. She is surrounded by 30 orcs who are engaged by her charm.
Caeside cannot rescue her from those numbers so he enters the leader’s tent and out of Silver Feather’s view.
Caeside brings Ambrosia orc up to where Silver Feather is. The three take off at a jog.
They hear shouting and anger but they outpace it.
As we’re moving through the woods, we hear the whispering again.
Silver Feather is carrying the cursed gold. Silver Feather hands the 300 GP to Caeside. Caeside hangs it from a spider web. The thing appears and takes the gold.

JOHN – Remove 300 GP from our funds.

We get 150 XP each for overcoming the whispering creature.
For escaping the camp, we get 250 XP each.
Jun 25, 10:48 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Silver Feather asks Ambrosia about the orc camp.
Over 200 orcs in leather, hide, axes, javalins.
7 ogres armed with trees as clubs.
They looked that they’d need another 1.5 days before completing the catapults. There is not a specific path to the town so they’ll build, breakdown and reassemble for the siege. Will be pulled on wheels and pulled by ogres.
They were led by Margraud (Margret) the Orc.
She spelled them with the harp. She befriended an orc.
They had a weapon that was strange. The forged a magical sword that had runes on the blade and colors coming out of it. Two-handed orc sized sword.
“Whomever has this sword can overcome their enemies.”
NOTE – She cannot look ogre size.
They spoke of a sorcerer named Drashac. She never saw him but he might have been half-orc/half-human.
Ogres camp separately from the orcs.

Ambrosia and Caeside hear the sounds of figures moving through the brush toward you before we see them. They hear around 10 of them. 2.5 hours of sunlight left. We decide to run.

Silver Feather – 9 Stealth snaps a twig and alerts the orcs. They charge us.

Silver Feather ducks behind a tree and shoots arrows.

Silver Feather hits one for 14 HP taking one to the knee.

Four orcs return javalins at Silver Feather. All miss.

Caeside spider climbs up a tree with his webbing.

8 total orcs. In two ranks. 100 feet and 150 feet away. They use a bonus action to close to 70 and 120.

Orcs – 13
Silver Feather – 5

Orcs close another 30 feet. They all throw but mostly at disadvantage at Silver Feather and Ambrosia. They all miss.

Silver Feather does 12 HP to one arm of an orc.

Ambrosia does her breath weapon for 9 HP. Fail, fail, succeed. One dies (due to previous wounds), another takes 9 and another 5.

Caeside does a webbing attack against one of the orcs. The one that is least hurt. Caeside spider hits and restrains the orc.

The orcs have difficulty finding Caeside spider in the tree.
Jun 25, 11:37 PM
Round 02
The orcs are staring up to look up for Caeside.
Silver Feather hits one with an arrow to kill it.
Ambrosia heals Silver Feather for 9 HP.

5 orcs moving toward us. 2 wounded, one badly.

Caeside has a 23 initiative.

Caeside spider leaps down to bite an orc on the back. He hits the one and leap bites and kills the orc.

2 closest to the spider go for the spider, the other 2 come at Silver Feather/Ambrosia.

One attacks Silver Feather for 15 HP.
Another hits Ambrosia for 9 HP.

Ambrosia attacks her wounded orc with her rapier (after missing with the dagger) for 5 HP. He dies.

Silver Feather attacks. Did 13 HP with the rapier and killed them.

The two orcs attacking the spider fail. One drops his ax (1) and the other does nothing.

Caeside attacks the one with his weapon. He bites him and hits for enough to take him down.

Orc swings back and misses Caeside.
Round 03 (or 04 or 05)
2 orcs engaged with Caeside. One wounded with an arrow in his knee. One that was held by his web.
Caeside is facing those 3.
Ambrosia heals Silver Feather for 11 HP.
Silver Feather kills an orc with his rapier (15 HP).
With the dagger for 9 HP on another orc.
The remaining orc with his ax. He hits for 9HP against Caeside.
Jun 25, 11:59 PM
Round NEXT
Caeside bites at the orc. For 8 HP and 6 HP. He is still up.

Orc attacks again and misses.

Silver Feather kills him.

Silver Feather chases the wounded orc and he’s 240 feet so it takes 5 rounds to close.

The orc turns to face us and throws a javalin at range at Silver Feather for 4 HP.

Caeside tries to web the orc but it misses.

As the orc is behind a tree and then we run to get on both sides of you.

He throws himself at Silver Feather for 12 HP.

Silver Feather hits back and kills the orc.

That is 235 XP a piece.

Caeside healed Silver Feather for 6 HP and 9 HP and Ambrosia for 5 HP and 7 HP.

We make it back to Conyberry.

Silver Feather healed all damage.


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