With the Red Brands cleared from Phanadalin and the cellar of the ruins of the Tresendar manor cleared, we move our group from the Stonehill Inn to there. Within the chambers we take advantage of the space and plan to use the left behind supplies for any longer trips we might make and the left over weapons to arm any hirelings we might encounter.

However, it weighs on our minds that we have not saved Rockseeker and we decide that we will go into the liberated town to find what we can about the habits of the Red Brands and other creatures. First, the Sleeping Giant tavern offers us nothing but a drunk owner who hates us for driving out the Red Brands. Second, the town’s leader (Harbin Wester, I think) is terrified of us and pisses himself as we first try to learn more about the Red Brands and second give instructions for how to safe guard the town from a future attack.

With what information we could gather, our best options for finding more about Grunden are to either work on clearing the local forest of goblins or trying to counter the orcs that are raiding the surrounding mines. We opt to supply up and head north about 10 days to where the mines are most likely being raided and set up an ambush to take the orcs and question them. Our goal will be to break them.

With that, we set about buying supplies and mules and hiring some locals to assist with this journey.


WyrdKalamar eggembry

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