Session 30: Leaving Ravensgate

No Silver Feather So It Was A Meaningless Session!!!!! MEANINGLESS!!!!!

Sage’s placed locked up. No one has seen him in a couple of days (since the riots at least). No forced entry, the Kenku statue with 6 wings gone, he’s torn apart, no footprints in the blood – makes us wonder if an animal might have done it, but something is off… scraps of paper that have been thrown in the fire – it was a book at some point.

Caeside casts Detect Magic – potions, books, some other things that are buried. At the center of the carnage is a strong lingering of Necromancy. Caeside sees a grouping of the books that appears to be pointing away… to the Kenku statue

Caeside pockets the statue. Madox gets Dimitri’s guards and after a slightly tense minute they declare it a crime scene.

Dalric was the sage’s name

We show the statue to Grey Wing and Skybreacher. Grey Wing recalls the old legend of 6 wings – their 2 current wings, the 2 that could fly, and the other 2 was for travel between worlds. Caeside tries to study it, but can’t tell who might have crafted it.

Omar is sought out…

Omar knows about the random masks – used by females to attend events they are not supposed to. We end up showing him the Faceless Man’s Mask which he had heard of but never seen up close.

With the Kenku statue it seems that it might have been an Idol crafted by Maeliki, they arrived a couple of hundred years ago, sailing across the seas and took over a island.
Madox is going to get Silver’d Brass Knuckles

The next night we meet with Vistula, an envoy from Ossiri, who is unhappy that we have somewhat destabilized Ravensgate. After some back and forth – Madox is a TERRIBLE LIAR, but really good at telling the TRUTH… Vistula is bored and her father is a noble and basically we make the deal to let us travel with us south (better to keep her close than not – plus she might be able to open some doors – before her sudden and inevitable betrayal!)
Elfwatch, just west of Grey Mountain, where we’ll meet them on the way down south

We gather up the goods we’ll need (off-line) – we’ll figure out what exactly gets silver’d, and all of that as well.

We do a time jump through the end of winter.

Madox leaves a message for Arrakai giving him the highlights of what happened in Ravensgate, let him know we MUST travel south to Blackstone Gate

Meet up on the barge 1 1/2 weeks later. Vistula is waiting. Stay at the Old Bridge Inn the 1st night. Then on through the Black Alder Swamp for the next couple of days. Fairly peaceful. Ruins of a village on our left (slowly sinking into the swamp)… apparently undead live in the sinking houses. Caeside definitely detects some Necro-magic from within. After another day, we reach Elf Watch – walled town, we stop to stretch our legs and resupply. The swamp lands have become farm lands. about 1000 people, stone castle, well built road to the south-west. Elfwatch is getting a bit of elvish bows showing up for sale. Even the druids will get involved in the upcoming war/battle.

Vistula appears to use her “boredom” and “drinking problem” as a way to put others at ease and listen in on conversations.

After many drinks with Vistula, find out her brother has the mask. Seem’s like he’s a stand-up fellow… flaying, killing, maiming, then draining them, possibly eating them.

Vistula apparently needs to feed and looks to Madox to fill that need… Madox ends up agreeing as it seems like a random villager might just die.

600 XP


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