Session 36: Chateau de Vampire Part 2

Dungeons & Ambushes - On April Fool's Day 2017

The party plans out their attack.

After midnight, the vampire and men arrive. They opened the door, and Silver Feather called out (in a servant’s voice), “Help me!”
They rush in, the 5th man through is the vampire. Caeside drops the portcullis. Madox throws a fireball from his necklace. The fireball does 27 HP total against the 5 men.
Madox throws a second fireball (tries for past Valeric) and the fireball does 30 HP.
Three of the men are down but not dead. Two are trying to put themselves out. Valeric is charging at Madox with his great sword.

As Caeside leaves, he sees 30 or more horsemen charging down the road toward the chateau.

Among the men already there, he sees 2 women with the men.

Valeric gets initiative over Madox. Valeric hits Madox once and does 12 HP.
10:11 PM
Leland Beauchamp
Aranel attacks and hits twice (one a crit).
Valeric – “You fools, the horsemen are upon us all!”

Aranel laughs derisively – “You fools are the ones who are biting people and stealing their blood!”

We all laughed.

Silver Feather hits Valeric for 20 HP (magical damage) with the Long Sword.

One of the mercs attacked and missed.

Valeric attacks Madox for 12 HP and misses with his bite.

Two guards come up and attack Silver Feather and Aranel.

Aranel gets hit for 4 HP.

Silver Feather gets hit for 11 HP.
Next Round.

Aranel is at 41 of 45 HP.
Silver Feather is at 48 of 59 HP.

Caeside casts Witch Bolt against Valeric and does 5 HP.

Valeric – “The Golden Bastards are upon us!”

Silver Feather does Green-Flame Blade for 25 HP on the first and 11 HP on the second.

Aranel does 6 HP on the first one and the second (she crits) and kills him via decapitation!
Aranel (to the dead men) – “Never mess with the elf, bastards!”
Madox attacks for 12 HP (magical dagger). Nearly dead.
Mercs both go. One hit does 4 HP.
The men trying to force up the portcullis succeed. 6 men come in.
Caeside does 6 HP with his Witch Bolt.
Valeric tries to break about but Silver Feather and Aranel stop him.

Madox does 18 HP (magical) to Valeric and kills him. Silver Feather grabs the mask. Caeside and Silver Feather stake and behead Valeric.

Madox does another Fireball against the 6 coming up the hall. 30 HP. It kills one outright (Mike rolled a 1) and 5 take 30.
They retreat.
Caeside – “Your master is dead!” He tosses in the lord’s head.

Aranel laughs. “Look what we got, monster mash.”

They surrender (Mike rolls a 1).
Girls. One is a Golden Riders female and one is Umbrian.

Valeric has a NICE great sword +2 of incredibly high quality and 50 GP and 60 PP.
40 mins
John McGuire
As the rest escape down the stairs, Silver Feather pulls the Golden Rider female to the side and asks if she wants to go back to her people. She is surprised by the offer. “Please, just give us time.” She consents.

Going to the dungeon, we get the rest of the men to go to the dungeon to free their allies. They do that and we decide to escape.

10,000 XP total. 2,500 XP apiece.

Mask. Formed in the face of a beautiful person. Neither male nor female. Caeside casts Detect Magic (Illusion, Enchantment and Necromancy).

The party (with the mercs) escape across the fields and rivers and travel at night to Rema’s Watch.

Caeside sends a message to Lady Silva thanking her for the advice. Caeside does not get to talk to her but leaves her a carved phoenix so she can reach out to him if she ever needs him.

The Eyes of Rema give the party advice. The Golden Riders are attacking all along the Greensward. The party decides to travel to the east side of the Whitefang Highlands.

Madox leaves a pouch of 50 GP for the Eyes of Rema.

Madox and Caeside (without Silver Feather and Aranel) discuss if something should be done about Agatha. Cause they’re evil.

Caeside asks Aranel if she has a way to contact the dark elves. Aranel has a magical whistle to contact the falcons that can deliver the dark elves.

Caeside writes a letter to Marada (to be sent via Aranel’s falcons via a magical whistle).

At Palin’s Field, the party angles east and – Perception (17) reveals to Madox and Aranel realize that they are being surrounded by kenku.

Kinnique of the kenku. He is from the Wastlelands of Cavala. 7 warriors and 8 women and hatchlings. They look ragged.

The party and the kenku talk. Silver Feather gives them information about Ravensgate and where it’s safe and then more about the Phoenix. Silver Feather gives 100 GP to the kenku. Silver Feather also sends a letter with them to Greywing. Caeside sends one to Ren.

Silver Feather pushes them to go to Ravensgate and settle there. Silver Feather Persuasion check 16.

Kinnique share this:

Renewed war between Ma-La-Kai-Tsu (Kenku’s original island) and Westernlin. Ma-La-Kai-Tsu are winning.
The humans there have pushed a lot of kenku out of their island to Ravensgate or Griffon’s Eyrie or Mimnir.
Galadan and Callain are warring. Galadan is winning.
Ancient forces coming out of the desert (home of the humans).
Migrations are happening.


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